11 Highest Paying Corporate Jobs

 As far as the job or job is concerned, every student starts worrying after completing his studies. But as far as school education is concerned, usually in India till the tenth standard, the child studies without any rest. After this, he has to choose a section such as art, science, commerce, or any professional course according to the plan of his future career. And it has often been seen that in general, parents want to choose a career for their children, which brings happiness and prosperity in their lives.

And there are no two opinions about it. When there is talk about the good of a career, it is only on the basis of the salary you get after working in that career. That is, it is a real truth that in this world, there is hardly any tool to give motivation more than money. A direct example of this is that even today, we keep seeing the days in our lives. When many students choose their careers on this basis. Because in that particular career one gets more salary than others.

Today, the real purpose of writing this article of ours is that students or people, who are searching for the highest salary job. Through this article, they could get information about it. Although this is also true, the list of highly paid jobs varies depending on the time and situation.

For example: When the Internet was not so much publicized in the world. So at that time, there will not be a single job related to the internet on that list. But due to the change in time and situation, it may be that the job related to the Internet is also included in the list of a higher salary. This rule applies to every sector.

Highest Paying Corporate Jobs

Worth noting

Salary or salary in any industrial sector depends on the information, experience, training, and educational qualifications of the employee. That is, someone who has more educational qualifications has more knowledge, has more experience, has also received training, So he is considered eligible to get that much salary. But there are many industrial areas in which it becomes difficult to increase salary after one level. And they also have lower starting salaries. If you ask a job seeker about the best job, then perhaps his good job will mean a good salary.

But a good job does not only mean getting a good salary, but there are many other factors too. There should be growth in career, job security, and reputations of the person, etc., are also assessed while assessing a good job. But in all of these, a good salary is the only one. There are no two opinions in this. This is the reason that people are often searching on the Internet through keywords like Highest Paying Jobs In India.

And it is also true that every industrial sector has a different salary. Therefore, it would not be right to compare the salary of the individuals connected to any of the different sectors. Although here we are talking about some such profession, which offers a lot of salaries.

1. Doctor and Surgeon Highest Paid Job in India:

Medical professionals, such as doctors and surgeons, are offered good salaries by hospitals, and other health institutions. And this is the reason why doctors and surgeon professionals still get a good salary in India. Since India is a large country in terms of population. Therefore, people here are struggling with various health problems. The profession of doctors and surgeons comes in the profession of good salary in India also, because here the ratio of doctors is very less on the basis of population.

Specialization areas within this domain are also in high demand in India. In addition to becoming surgeons etc., one needs to be more efficient. And this is the reason that they are given more salary. Currently, professionals in the medical field do not like to go to work in rural areas. Due to which health facilities in rural India are absolutely negligible.

  • Starting Salary of  Doctor and Surgeons: 10-12 lakhs per year
  • Medium Salary Doctor and Surgeons: 24-30 lakhs per year

2. Data Scientist

Currently, companies are investing a lot in big data. That is why today, called Data Scientist, this profession is included in the list of the most demanding professions. To address consumer complaints, and increase product or service performance, big data is extremely important. This is why companies want to make data-based business decisions. And they have to take the help of a data scientist in this work. That’s why companies are employing data scientists in a big way.

Due to all these reasons, in the coming years even in big companies, there is a possibility of hiring a data scientists. And that too, they are also likely to get 36-40% more salary as compared to other professionals associated with the analytics industry. After acquiring various degrees and experience in data science, the data scientist’s salary may increase further.

  • Starting Salary Of Data Scientist – Rs 7-8 lakhs per year
  • Medium salary Of Data Scientist: 12-15 lakhs per year
  • Senior Level Salary: 21-25 lakhs per year

Educational Qualifications For Data Scientist 

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics
  • Data science certificate
  • Project experience

3. Investment Banker:

If we talk about an investment banker, they work with the Financial Organization to raise capital through equity financing or loan management, etc. The investment banker has to work in a very fast-paced, environment. And the decisions taken by them can also make any financial organization, and also spoil it. Due to such an important responsibility on them, their demand is also very good. And they are counted only in jobs with good salary. Their job is to check the steak and deal with it. This profession is also included in the job of a good salary

  • Starting Salary Of investment banker: 9-10 lakhs per year
  • Mid Level Of investment banker: 15-16 Lakh Per Year
  • Senior Level Of investment banker: 25-26 Lakh Per Year

Education and skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Economics, Mathematics, etc.
  • Master in related field
  • Analytical skill
  • Deep knowledge of the market
  • Good communication skills
  • Leadership skills

4. Software Engineer (Software Engineer)

Although no two opinions in this, in the case of software engineers, our country has been very popular in India. And here, millions of software engineers are produced every year. Those who are offering their services not only in India but also abroad. But despite this, this market is so big that all software engineers are employed here. Currently, large tech companies are investing in India. And the number of software engineers that are being outsourced and sent abroad from here has never happened before.

India’s famous tech city, Bangalore alone, has become a major city employing software engineers. International projects in the country and abroad, and a stable domestic market ensure that money will always remain in this area. And a 4-5 years experienced software engineer, can easily earn 10-12 lakhs per year

  • Starting salary of software engineers: 5-6 lakhs per year
  • Medium Level Salary of software engineers – 12-15 lakhs per year
  • Senior Level Salary of software engineers – 22-28 Lakh Per Year

5. Commercial Pilot

By pilot, we mean a pilot flying an airplane. The pilot has always been counted among the best profession. This is a profession which is considered a profession with a good salary and not only in India but all over the world. Many big airlines provide very good salaries to their pilots. Not only salary but many other facilities are also provided. However, flying and traveling for long periods of time is not an easy task. Therefore the pilot is required to remain physically fit, always. Commercial pilots can get salaries of 16-24 lakhs per year. 

6. Charted Accountant:

Chartered accountants are known more than their short names, ca. Their job is to look into the financial problems of the company, organization, small and large industrial units, and make them compliant with the tax rules. However, many companies employ chartered accountants in their finance departments. And auditing companies employ them on a large scale. Without this. Experienced CAs are solving problems related to various companies’ finances by not working in any company, as a consultant.

But CA takes many years to become experts and master them in all kinds of domains. This is why, naturally, a seasoned CA is provided with a hefty salary in return for his work. In the initial stages, this salary can be Rs 6-7 lakhs per year. And with increasing experience and expertise, it can be up to 15-20 lakhs per year.

7. Artificial Intelligence Professional (Highest Paid Job)

Artificial intelligence professionals, if we talk, their task is to enable artificial intelligence in the machine, or artificial intelligence in the machine. Their profession is to make machines having artificial intelligence, capable in every way. His major works include understanding, creating, and programming algorithms of artificial intelligence. And as far as India is concerned, there has been a huge reduction of such professionals. And no two opinions in this, if the demand is more, and the supply is less, then its demand has to increase. This is the reason, thick salary is being offered to such professionals in India.

  • In the initial phase Salary of Artificial intelligence professionals – 10-12 lakhs per year
  • Medium Level Salary of Artificial intelligence professionals – 15-17 lakhs per year
  • Senior Level of Artificial intelligence professionals – 22-26 Lakh Per Year

Education and Skill

  • Graduation in Computer Science, Mathematics etc.
  • Course in Artificial Intelligence from a recognized institute
  • Programming skill
  • Analytics skill
  • Robotics
  • Statistics

8. Marketing Professional

We will publish a separate article about how important marketing is for any business, soon. Only now we know that marketing is very important for every kind of business. That is to say, marketing is a major tool for any business strategy. And since the marketing platform is currently digitizing at a rapid pace, Which is opening more new routes in this area. That’s why companies are looking for marketing professionals who have a good knowledge of new marketing policies. So for those people who have creative thinking, and their creative thinking looks better to the brand-building company, then it can be a way for them to get a good salary.

Currently, digital marketing professionals are in good demand. This is the reason, it is also very popular among marketing students. And currently, MBA in Marketing and Digital Marketing courses help people seeking jobs to get good jobs.

  • Starting Salary of marketing professionals: 5-6 lakhs per year.
  • Medium level salary of marketing professionals – 8-10 lakhs per year.
  • Senior Level of marketing professionals – 15-25 lakhs per annum.

Education and Skill

  • Bachelor Degree in Business, Marketing, Advertising, Communication, etc.
  • Certificate Course in Digital Marketing.
  • Interpersonal communication skills.
  • Creativity and Imagination.
  • Information Technology Skill.
  • Negotiation and Influence Skills.
  • Market analysis

9. Cyber ​​Security Professional

Today, if we talk about the Yankee present, then the online presence of almost all types of business is available. This is to say that, currently almost all types of businesses are available online. And so there is a fear of loss to their online property. Of their valuable digital wealth,  Nearly all businesses take the help of cybersecurity professionals to protect them. Whose responsibility is to protect the company’s digital assets from any kind of damage. According to the current report, cybersecurity professionals earn up to about Rs 30-40 lakhs per year, both at the experienced and senior level.

  • Salary at the starting level of cybersecurity professionals – 5-6 lakhs.
  • Medium level salary of cybersecurity professionals – 10-12 lakhs per year.
  • Salary at a senior level of cybersecurity professionals  – 30-40 lakhs per year.

Education and Skill

  •  Graduate in Mathematics, Computer Science etc.
  • Certificate of Cyber ​​Security Course.
  • Problem Solving Skill.
  • Technical information.
  • Computer Forensic Skill.
  • Security information.

10. Machine Learning Professional (Machine Learning Highest Paid Job In India):

Machine learning, if we talk about it, has created a storm in this modern age, by designing more solutions for consumers. Machine learning professionals are helping brands and companies to make decisions based on data. And according to the data, the decisions are tailored to the customers. So that business risks can be reduced to a great extent. This is why, machine learning specialists, for companies, Proved to be a valuable resource. And in companies, their demand is increasing year after year. A certificate, or degree in machine learning can play an important role in your career growth.

  • Starting Salary: 5-7 lakhs per year
  • Salary at Medium Level – 15 -17 lakhs per year
  • Salary at senior level – 20-25 lakhs per year

Education and Skill

  • Bachelor Degree in Artificial Intelligence or Computer Science
  • Certificate Course in Machine Learning
  • Computer Science Information and Programming
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Software Engineering & Systems Design
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis

11. Cloud Computing Professional

According to one figure, India’s cloud computing industry has crossed the figure of $ 4 billion in 2020. And currently in India, there is a huge demand for companies like Cloud Computing Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Cloud Software Engineer etc. And this demand is also being expected to grow continuously And, Alam has become that the demand of qualified, candidates in this field is not being met. And the price of the thing, which is more than the supply, the price of it increases. Therefore, in cloud computing, a degree can increase one’s salary, even more than 60%.

  • Starting salary – 6-8 lakhs per year
  • Medium Level Salary – 12-14 Lakh Per Year
  • Senior Level Salary – 28-32 Lakh Per Year

Education and Skill

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Applications, Computer Science
  • Certificate Course in Cloud Computing
  • Programming skill
  • Database management skill
  • Linux skill
  • Knowledge of artificial intelligence or machine learning
  • Serverless architecture knowledge

In the above, we have presented a list of some such jobs, in which good salary is being offered to the candidates. However, this trend varies due to change in technique, time etc. Therefore, it is not necessary that the job by which employees are earning the most salary today, in future also the same job will be in the list of highest paying job.

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