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 Small Business Ideas in India

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Friends, in today’s time everyone wants to start their own business by investing less money but those who want to start a business do not have any idea how to start a business with low investment. People think that we will need a lot of investment to start our business but there are many people who are making very good money today by starting a low cost industry. You can get complete information about Small Business Ideas  by reading this post.

People who want to do business have many business opportunities but they are unable to start their business due to not having the right idea. It is said that if you have the passion and passion to do something then you can do anything. The biggest example of this is Dhiru Bhai Ambani, who started his business by selling pakoras and later he increased his business and so much growth. The world of Pai kept on watching and today you are seeing yourself where Mukesh Ambani is.

So friend, you should know one thing that business is always started from a small level. You will also have a dream that you want to fulfill, but you cannot fulfill the dream that you want to fulfill by doing someone’s job. You also want that you have a good house, a car, good clothes, a good lifestyle. Many people started the business with a small level to fulfill these dreams and today, by becoming a successful businessman, earn good money. Have been.

Many industrialists chose New Business Ideas instead of starting Big Business Ideas. I am going to tell you about this new Small Business Ideas in this article, which you can also become a successful businessman by reading. In this article, I will tell you about 68 Small Business Ideas, out of which, by starting a business, you can also earn good money and fulfill your dreams.

1. Spices Business – Spice Industry

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In the machine that you will buy for the spice industry, you can grind any kind of standing spice, which can be packed and supplied in the market. This business can be started from a small place. To start this business comes a machine with different capacities whose production capacity is also different, yet you can start it at Rs 15 to 20 thousand. . This is a small business ideas in India for  2021 business.With this machine, you can grind turmeric, coriander, chilli, cumin, celery, cloves, cardamom etc. in addition to many spices and also you can grind flour and supply it in the market if you want.

2. Fruit Stall Business 

Eating fruit is very beneficial for our health. You can start this business at a low cost along the road, you get some kind of fruit in every season, which you can sell and earn a lot of profit, you can start this business in any small city. .Along with selling fruit, you can also remove fruit juice and give it to your customer, keep in mind that your fruits should be fresh and sweet in this business.

3. Sweet Box Making – Sweet Box Making Business

Sweet box is in demand in every hotel, restaurant, any woman or man can start it, for this you will need glue and paper to make the box, which you can buy and start your business. This is also a Small Business Idea that can be started at a low cost.After making the box, you can bench on hotels, dhabas, restaurants etc. You can start this business in just 10 to 15 thousand.

4. Carpentry And Plumbing Business – Carpentry And Plumbing Business

Many people need a table, chair, couch, door to house, window, drawer, etc. for their house, so people have to go to a carpenter as well as someone’s house. If the water is not coming in, then someone’s mess is spoiled, water is overflowing from the washbasin then Carpenter and Plumber are required on these occasions. If you can start this business then you can earn a lot more money.

5. Motor Cycle Repairing Center – Motorcycle Repairing Center

After this the bike repairing center can be opened. Labor charges from 120 to 200 rupees for the service of one bike, the rest of the money is charged separately, so if you only serve 10 bikes in a day, then you can earn 1200 to 2000 rupees daily. He can also earn more profits by keeping an automobile part in his shop. It is a Best Small Scale Business.

6. Home Canteen or Tiffin Service – Tiffin Service

Friends, many people have to go to office, they do not have time to cook. The number of offices is increasing day by day due to which people are not able to go to any hotel or restaurant for lunch because they get less time there, in such a way, people ask for food from Home Canteen. It is a business with Home Business Ideas with Low Startup Costs. You can send lunch to the office of the people by opening Tiffin service and instead you can take good money from them.

7. Graphic Design – Graphic Design

If you have an interest in graphic design and your mind is creative, with the help of Graphic Designing, you can sell people by making posters, charts etc. and earn good, because its demand is increasing in the future.

8. Matrimony Website – Matrimony Website

You can make a Matrimony website to get people involved in marriage couples or you can do the pious work of introducing them to their favorite partner, for this you need good contacts of people. To use your website, you can take fees from them and earn good money.

9. Cats Farming – Cats Business

Friends, if you live in a big city, then you can start a cat farming business. This is a new business. You can raise cats and sell them online on OLX. On OLX, you have to add your phone number, the person who has to buy the cat will contact you. People of cities are very fond of raising cats. On selling a cat you can get 10 to 15 thousand rupees. Thus, this business can prove to be very beneficial.

10. Tuition Center – Tuition Center

Today, every man wants to provide good education to his children, that’s why people send their children to private schools. Some children are very weak in some subject and for this they join tuition class. If you are also aware of a subject, then you can also open a tuition center and give tuition to children, for this you can take fees from people and earn your money monthly. This is a Part Time Work.

11. Travel Service – Travel Service

You can earn good money by giving travel service to people, people think that you will have to invest crores in travel service, but not only you have to rent a room. After this, you have to contact the BUS Transport Service and Hotel people to tell you the whole thing that you have started the work of providing travel service, I will continue to book your hotels on the day after which you can advertise your travel agency.

You have to keep in mind that you provide good service to your customers and also keep sending them messages of offers from time to time. To message, you have to keep the contact number of the customer with you.

12. Coffee Shop – Coffee Shop Business

There is no shortage of coffee drinkers in our India, so if you open a coffee shop, you can earn a lot of profit. To start a business of a coffee shop, the place should be clean and tidy, there should be proper seating where people can spend some time with their friends, even if there is a disturbance when they come to your shop.

This is a low investment business ideas. In coffee shops, apart from coffee, you can have sandwiches, fast food etc.

13. Silai and Peeko Center – Sewing and Peaco Center

Anyone can do this business whether it is male or female. If you come to sewing embroidery in a tremendous way, then you can start this business from your home. You can make sewing benches for others, or you can give sewing training to others and you can take the fees for it, as well as you can peco women’s saris and earn well. Nowadays it is the fashion phase, in such a situation this business will do well. This is the best business for women.

14. New Small Business Ideas

Now-a-days new technology is being developed, in such a situation, people sell old and bad things to the trash, you can start this business at a very low cost. In many homes, old electronic items such as fridges, coolers, fans and many things go bad, which makes the person upset by the construction and finally gives them benches in junk at very cheap prices.

Before starting this business, find a recycling center in your area where you can bench the junk you have purchased and earn money.

15. Readymade Cloths Business – Readymade Clothing Business

The business of Readymade Cloths is counted in Small Scale Business. Who does not like to wear new clothes People are buying readymade clothes instead of getting clothes from Taylor. Therefore, High Profit can be earned in this business.

This is a long term business, its demand can never end, so its scope is also high. You can target such large Garments Industry where you can get goods cheaper and the quality of clothes is also better.

16. Dairy Business – Dairy Business

Milk is a product that has become a necessity for every household, it is a business of Best Business to Start in Rural Area, which can also be started in the village. With milk, you can make ghee, paneer, butter, and sell. Its Demand lives in every house throughout the year. Especially when the festival season arrives, the demand for milk products is very high.

You will not need to cost much to start a dairy business. You can also start this business in the city and make a profit.

17. Catering Business – Catering Business

Friends catering business can be the best Small Business Ideas in india  for 2021 for you in today’s time because nowadays people find Caters in every function, the main reason is that people do not have enough time to manage themselves for cooking if If you have the ability to cook delicious and different types of dishes then you can try this business.

To start this work, you have to keep a menu card so that you can show that list to people. For this, you can open an office where you can put a banner outside as well as print a visiting card and give it to people, so that your business will be publicized and your business will also grow and you will be able to earn money too. You can not do this business in inida for 2021 alone, so keep your team.

18. Toy Shop – Toys Business

Toy Shop Business is one of the Top Business Idea in India for 2021 which is very easy to do business. Children are always demanding toys from their parents and the parents also give them new toys for their happiness so that their children will be happy.

So this Business Idea in India for 2021 can be the best Business Idea for you. You can open Toy Shop in a crowded area and earn more than double Profit.

19. Nursery Business – Plant Business

To start the business of plants, it is very important for you to have land where you can plant nurseries. This business is also one of the Small Investment Business Ideas in India for 2021 . Nowadays, people plant plants in their homes to enhance the beauty of the house. These plants provide oxygen, which keeps the environment pure.

You can also keep pots with different types of plants in your nursery as people will definitely buy pots for planting plants. While planting the nursery, keep in mind that proper water supply is in place.

20. Virtual Assistant Business ideas –

Big companies have a lot of work, such companies need a virtual assistant. The job of the Virtual Assistant is to prepare the company’s Schedule Plan. If you have knowledge about computer and internet, then you can become a virtual assistant of any company and earn money.

For this, you will have to find such companies in the Internet or cities, after this you will have to apply, then you can manage this work sitting at home.

21. Handy Craft Business – Handy Craft Business

If you have the skills in your hands to make things like handicrafts, then you can start this business in low investment. This field usually consists of items made of wood, stone, glass, bamboo etc. With which sculptures, piggy banks, table tops, flower pots, photo frames, baskets, paintings etc. are made. Such items are very expensive in the market. You will not have to face competition in this business mainly, so this is a No Competition Business Idea in India for 2021.

22. Online Marketing- Online Marketing

Although there are many ways to earn money online, but under it, selling more and more products through the Internet to the global market is called online marketing. In today’s time, there are many ways with which online marketing can be done with the help of. Such as Social Media, E Commerce Website, Google Adword, Indiamart etc. You can earn a lot of money by marketing your product online on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc. Online marketing also comes under Small Scale Business.

23. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing

There are many Youtubers and bloggers who earn more money from affiliate marketing than their Google Adsense. In this, you have to sell the products listed on online websites like Amazon, Flipkart, instead of which the company gives you some% of it. This is one of the best platforms of Online Business Ideas in Hindi. By which a lot of money can be made. Get complete information about Affiliate Marketing Program from here.

On such a website, you have to create your account, after this, copy the affiliate link of the product you want to sell and give it on your blog or YouTube channel. Commission is given.

24. Online Selling Photos – Make Money

If you are a Photographer and specializes in taking good photos, then you can earn a lot of money, just to do this work you have to show some creativity. You should have a good mobile or camera, after that you can sell that photo online on Shutterstock, istock photo, Alamy etc. website.

25. Write Quality Article – Earn money by writing articles for others’ blogs

Friends, if you are fond of writing and you have a laptop, then you can earn money by writing a quality article for others. For this you must have Writing Skills. Keep in mind that you do not have to copy-paste other content, you have to write Genuine Content from your mind only then you can earn money.

There are many bloggers who do not have time, in such a situation, they give an article from Rs 200 to Rs 3000. Now it depends on how much Word your article is and how good and Genuine it is. This can be a very good business idea for you.

26. Technical Support – Technical Support

Friends, not only do you also know how much the scope of the Internet is increasing. What is it that today millions of websites are created during this internet era, in such a situation, if you come to Web Programming and Designing, then you can become a Technical Supporter for others and take their charge by fixing their damaged work. .

You can solve technical problems within their websites and earn online money.

27. Jan Aushadhi Kendra – Jan Aushadhi Center (Best Small Business Ideas in Hindi)

Friends, if you have done B Pharma or D Pharma then you can open Jan Aushadhi Kendra, for this you should have 120 square feet of space. The applicant should have a pharmacist’s certificate and Aadhaar and PAN card. After this you can apply by visiting the official website of Online Jan Aushadhi Kendra.

People think which business is best in India. So let me tell you that for opening Jan Aushadhi Kendra, the government provides you with the help of Rs 2 lakh and separate assistance of Rs 50 thousand for installing computers and other machines. With this business you can earn 10 to 15% profit.

28. Coconut Hair Oil – Coconut Hair Oil Business

This is a Small Good Business Idea. People use Natural Oil to apply in their hair because 40 to 70% of Mineral Oil is found in other hair oils which gives rise to deadly disease like cancer, hence this Small Scale Business Idea is a tremendous business plan for you. is. You can start this business for around 1 lakh rupees. If you do not have that much money, then you can also take a loan under PM Mudra Yojana.

29. Envelops Making – Trade of paper envelopes

Friends, the demand for paper envelopes has increased since polythene has been banned. This business is a low cost and homegrown business. You can buy trash newspapers and make different size envelopes at your house and sell them in the medical shop, ready ones, grocery shops etc. in the market. In this way they can earn good money by starting Small Business.

30. Footwear Shop – Footwear Shop

Shoe Slippers shop can also be one of the Best Small Business Opportunities for you because there is a lot of demand for footwear in the market and secondly you can start this business by putting the entire stock for Rs 50 thousand to 1 lakh. . You can offer some extras to the customer for more sales, which can increase your sales. This is a Small Business Idea that can be started in any small big city.

31. Animal Feed Business – Animal feed business

This is a low competition business idea. You can start Animal Feed Business by staying in your area. In this you can keep chicken feed, fish grain, cat grain, and cattle feed for cow buffalo. First of all, you will have to find out in the nearby area, which people do what farming, you have to make contact with them and from other people, try to give them 5 rupees 10 rupees cheaper. This is a Small Business Idea With Low Investment Business.

32. Smart Gadgets Shop Business Idea

Friends, the business of selling smart gadgets is in vogue these days. With the passage of time, people are also making changes in themselves, that is why many people in our country are buying smart gadgets today. You can start this business at a very low cost, that is, at a cost of only 5000.

You can keep a lot of unique items in your shop like – Smart Door Alarm Lock, Smart Watch, Portable Mixer Juicer, Trimmer, Sun Glassess, Flame Lamp, Racing Car, Video Amplifier, Lighter, Magic Mug, Mini Sewing Machine, Dummy Security Apart from Camera, Slap Chop, Water Dispenser, Roti Maker, there are many other products that you can keep inside your shop. If you want, you can also buy all these items from Amazon online for your home use.

If you want, you can keep Home and Kitchen, Sport and Fitness, cosmetic items, electronics ke items, beauty and fashion products in your shop. This is a small business idea with a small business plan with 200% to 300% in this business. Can get profits up to Rs.

33. Fly Ash Bricks Making Business

Friends, in today’s time, people give more importance to strength while building a house and the biggest thing that you would have seen is that most people have started using cement brick in the present time. Therefore, the brick demand of cement is increasing day by day. You can start this business initially with a manual machine. This business requires Fly Ash, cement, sand, dust and water. This is the best business for Small Business Ideas in Hindi for Village.

If you start this business (Small Business Ideas in Hindi), then you can make bricks with just two machines in a manual machine. One Bricks making machine and the other Mixer machine. You can start this business at a cost of just Rs 1 lakh, but before starting a business, take all the information about this business only then start this business. The cost of making a brick in this business is about 4 to 5 rupees and a brick is sold for 10 to 12 rupees and also you can change the size of different sizes and different types of bricks on customer demand. Can.

34. Jaggery Plant (Jaggery Business)

Friends, as you may know that jaggery is used as a panacea for many diseases. Also jaggery is consumed when you feel tired, jaggery is given special importance on many festivals, so there is always demand for jaggery in the market. If you start this business then you have to buy some machines in it.

In this business, you will have an investment of 1 to 1.5 lakhs. If you talk about the area, then you can start this business in a space of 200 to 300 square feet by installing a small machine. If you want to get more information about this business, then I have written an article on this business, how to start the business of making jaggery? You must read this, this is a post of New Business Ideas in Hindi.

35. Besan Manufacturing Business (Besan Manufacturing Business)

The main raw material for making gram flour is chana dal. Also you need a pouch to pack. Friends, you will see that there is a lot of need for gram flour on all the restaurants, hotels, Dhaba etc. Also, to make any dish related to gram flour in the house, gram flour is required. If you are thinking of setting up a gram flour plant then you will have to buy some machines. Such as Automatic besan plant machine, weighing machine, sieving machine expiry date mohar machine etc.

You will need 800 to 1000 square feet of space to start this business. Also, there should be water and electricity in the area you are going to start. To start this New Business Ideas 2021, the machines will run on 3 phase connections and in this you will have to take GST registration, trademark registration and food license and you will be able to start this business in about 2 to 2.5 lakhs.

36. Namkeen Bhujiya Making – Namkeen Bhujia Making Business

It is a profitable business started in Small Business Ideas in India. The business of Namkeen Bhujia can be started at a very low cost. Its demand is also very high. To start this business, you will need to get a food license and GST Number. After this you will have to take save making machine, fryer machine and mixer machine as well as a packing machine which will be available for up to Rs 1000. If we talk about total investment in this business, then it will cost about 50 to 60 thousand rupees.

It is a food item that sells a lot in the market, it is a business related to Food Business Idea In India, in which you will never have to face recession.

37. Bindi Making Business – Bindi making business

This small scale industry can be done as a domestic industry. Women can easily start this business. Gum, velvet cloth, various types of stones such as rubies, sapphires, crystals, pearls etc. will be required to start the business of Bindi.

To start this business some machines have to be taken which can be started in 15 to 20 thousand and make a profit of about 40 to 50%.

38. Agarbatti Making Business – Agarbatti Business

It is also a profitable business in the Small Scale Business List. In our country people keep worshiping in temples or in their homes, hence the business of incense sticks can prove to be a very profitable business for you. To do this business, you can get all the information from the internet, after that you can start your own business.

39. Computer Training Institute – Computer Institute Training Center

Today, people are more eager to know about Online Business Ideas In Hindi, the main reason is unemployment. People think that if I also have knowledge of computers, then I too can earn money online or teach my children computers. People are sending their children to the Computer Training Institute in the villages except in the cities, if you have information related to the computer, then you can earn money by opening a Computer Training Institute Center by staying in your area.

40. Trading Business – Trading Business

In this, I will tell you about a Small Trading Business Ideas in which you can get almost double the profit by investing. Many people are withdrawing money by trading in the Share Market, there are many websites like Zerodha, Expert Option, Angel etc. You should have some knowledge in this, only then you will be able to earn money because it is a Risky job, many people’s money is drowned in it. To get more information about this trading business, there are many videos available on Youtube which you can also trade by watching.

Friends, let me tell you that if your financial situation is right then only you invest in it and that too 5 to 10% of your income because in the lack of information many people lose money and are unable to earn anything but if If you are aware of this then you can earn money from it.

41. Vegetable Shop – Vegetable Store

Vegetable is the diet of a human being that is always sold. People buy it everyday. Many people think that I have very little money to invest. We are Business Kaise Start Kare. Which business to start? So my friend, you don’t have to be desperate, you can earn a good income by opening a vegetable shop. You have to keep fresh vegetables inside your shop, there should be variety in the vegetables, plant the vegetables properly so that it can look attractive from a distance and open your shop in a place where there is more gathering.

Initially, you provide vegetables to people with a low margin. Do not sell bad vegetables at all. In this business, you can increase your business in another way, like many people do not have time to go to the market, then you can make contact with such people and also give them the facility of home delivery so that your business also Will increase and earnings will also increase.

42.  Mobile Shop And Mobile Repairing Business Idea – Mobile Shop & Repairing Business

See for yourself, friends have become the need of mobile people. I was going to Delhi to shoot video. On the way I came to know that I have forgotten on my mobile home, then I had to return home and after taking the mobile from home to Delhi Out. If you have a budget of up to Rs 1 lakh, then you can easily start this business, keep new brand new Smartphones inside your shop as well as keep mobile, cover, simcard, recharge coupons etc.

Along with this, many people take expensive mobiles, if their mobiles ever fall into the water or the display, touch is broken, then they can also serve repairing within their shop, when the people get both the facilities at the same place, the customer will himself Will come later It is a business with the most profitable business in India with low investment, whose demand will never end.

43. Wedding Planner – Wedding Planner

In the wedding ceremony, people hire people who know how to manage, this is a Zero Investment Business. People who can work in a crowd who can plan in everything from invitations to farewells. If you have all these skills in you, then you can become a wedding planner. You should get to know all the things in the marriage, it should be known how to treat people. If the art of doing all these things well is in you, then you can start this Home Business Without Investment here.

44. Video Graphy Business – Videography Business

Nowadays, if you go to any party anywhere, you will see videography people doing it there because it remains a happy moment. People hire people who do videography to get videography done at parties. This is a new Small Business Ideas that you can start and earn good money for this, you should have a good camera only then you can start this business.

45. Gift Shop Business – Gift Shop Business

Nowadays the trend of giving gifts on the occasion of Birthday Party, Wedding Party, Anniversary Party etc. is very much on the trend, even children like to give gifts to their friends, so if you open a gift shop and start your business. You can earn good profits from this business. 

46. Tea Business – Tea Business

If you are looking to start with Small Investment Business Ideas then this may be the best business for you. Nowadays people are earning thousands of rupees per day from Tea Business, but while some people think that I will do business of tea only a little, then let me tell you that no business is small. The cost of making a tea in the market is only 2 to 3 rupees and it is sold for 10 rupees, from this you can estimate how much profit can be made in this business.

47. Papad Making Business – Papad Business

Many people have many questions before starting a business, people think how to start a Business Ideas From Home, but Papad’s business falls under the category of Home Laghu Udyog which can be started from home. You can start this business in just 20 thousand. After making papad, you can sell them to your mall by contacting the retailer and Whole seller in the market, but keep in mind that your product should be better than others, only then your product will be able to strengthen its hold in the market.

48. Bakery Business – Bakery Business

A bakery business is a product that has a lot of sales, you can also start it from your home. You can start this business in two ways, first by opening your shop and second by producing bakery products. If you are opening a bakery shop, you will have to order the goods from another place, in which you can start this business by putting at least 10 to 15 thousand.

If you are planning to do the manufacturing yourself, it is necessary to have at least 1000 square feet of space where you can install the machine and also keep a little raw material, to start this business you can start with a small machine. If you want to start this business on a large scale, then click on the link below and get complete information.

49. Screen Printing Business – Screen Printing Business

This business is the business of Small City Business Ideas In Hindi, that means you can start this business even if you live in a small city. On the day there are many events of the people, in which people get the cards printed for inviting you, besides wedding cards, mundan, bhandara, birthday, anniversary, etc., bill book, cash memo, Visiting Card and on the occasion of election Can print ballet paper, steaker, poster etc.

If you have a computer or laptop, then it will cost 15 to 20 thousand rupees to start this business, so that you can start business with a little bit of goods. To make a Matter, you will need a laser printer. To make a Matter, you must also have knowledge of some computer. For more information, you can go to our YouTube channel and watch the video, in which I have shown the whole process by myself.

50. ATM Machine Franchise – ATM Machine Franchise

Today, many companies are giving franchisees to install ATMs. People who are pensioners in your city or village have to go 6 to 7 kilometers away, then you have to put a line in the bank then money can go out.In many people’s homes, when the husband goes out, there are only women in their homes, they have to go to the bank to withdraw money. Therefore it is a Best Business. You will not need much space to start this business. In this, the company will give you some percent commission from which you will earn.

51. Candle Making Business – Candle Business

This business is a Small Profitable Business Ideas that anyone can do. Candle Making Business can be started in a very small investment. It is used in birthday party, wedding party, and in many festivals to burn or enhance the decoration. You can also sell online by creating good design and colorful candle. In the market, such Colorfull candles are sold at very expensive prices. It can be made a lot of profit by starting in Best Profitable Business India. This is the best Small Business Ideas in Hindi for you.

52. Soap Making Business – Soap Business

Many people are doing soap business from their home, that too in the domestic way. However, the machinery that comes to make soap is very expensive which not everyone can afford. Hand Made Soap is also sold in the market. Soap is a product that we always use daily, so its demand is never reduced in the market. 

53. Beauty Parlor Business Ideas – Beautylar Business

If you are a woman and you have time left after cooking at home, then you can fix a time and start the business of the beauty parlor during that time. If you have taken a beautician’s course then this may be the best business ideas for you. There is a wedding party happening everywhere in the village or city and in today’s time every woman wants to look beautiful, in such a situation, you must have seen that if a woman goes for marketing then she definitely goes to beauty parlor. This is an ongoing business for years.

54. Chips Making Business – Chips Business

Chips business is a very demand-able business. Its demand is everywhere whether it is railway station or bus station, school-college or any crowded area. This business is one of the Small Business Ideas. To start this business (business ideas in Hindi), there is no need for much space nor much investment.

55. Dance Classes – Dance Classes

Dance Classes is also one of the Trending Business Ideas. If you are expert in teaching dance then you can open Dance Center for children because in today’s time many parents want to teach dance to their children. Nowadays dance competition is done on T.V. People who want to teach dance to their children, they can learn by talking to you, instead of which you will be able to earn money and you will also be entertained. This is a home based small business ideas in Hindi business.

56. Popcorn Business – Popcorn Business

You can start this business with very little capital as soon as you hear the name of village or city popcorn. You can make small packets of popcorn and sell it at retail price or you can open a shop, you can start this business from around 20 thousand rupees, in which both the machine and some raw materials will be available.

57. Become a Freelancer – Earn From Freelancing

Nowadays there are many companies that make people work online and people take money from the company in exchange for online work, there are some such companies through which you too can work from home. You can also become a freelancer if you know how to work on any of Website Designing, Article Writing, Software Development, Photo and Video Editing, You tube Thumbnail etc.

The biggest benefit of working here will be that you can do this work whenever you want, and secondly, you can determine its own price. I am giving you the names of some companies like Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, Guru.com etc. You can start Own Business Ideas by creating your account on these websites.

58. You Tube – YouTube

Many people are printing money sitting at home online. For the first time people who are hearing that money can also be earned from You tube, this is new business for them. You only have to create and upload videos on You tube, if you complete 4000 hours of Watch Time and 1000 Subscriber within a year, then your videos become worth earning. This business is for both Business Ideas For Women and Men. .

You have to keep in mind that money cannot be made from Youtube in the short term, but if there is a talent in you that you can deliver via video on Youtube and you feel that I can do it for the long term then your welcome Is in this field. You can learn from making channels on YouTube, making videos, Google Adsense, video editing and more and make money.

59. Blogging Business Idea – earn from blogging

Friends, if you want to earn money online from blogging, then it is important to have information about blogging under Online Business Ideas in Hindi. If you have the talent to write inside, you know a lot about the internet and you have a mobile and laptop, then you can earn millions of rupees a month. The website that was started 2 years ago today is now 70 per month. Earning 80 thousand rupees a month.

For this, you will first have to buy your domain name, after this, if you are building a website on word press, then a hosting will be required. Before starting blogging, see that in which field you will feel comfortable, which means you will choose the topic of which field to write. Friends, if you want to get more information about it right now, then you can take the support of youtube, with the help of which you can become your carer in Blogging.

60. Interior Designer – Interior Designer

If the skill of interior decorator is hidden inside you, then you too can earn a lot of money. People hire the Interior Designer to decorate their houses, so that their house looks good and looks attractive. In big cities, people decorate their offices and shops in addition to their home, instead of which they give you a lot of money.

61. Electronic Repair Shop – Electronic Repairing Center

Friends, if you know how to repair electronic things, then you can start Electronic Repair Shop Business in your city. In this business you can earn good money by repairing cooler, fan, TV, fridge, washing machine, AC etc. You keep your charges low from other people and if you do the work properly then the customer will come to you. Home Laghu Udyog You can also start from your home.

62. Yoga Classes – Yoga Classes

Friends, if you know about yoga then you can give people training to do yoga. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, people do not get free time to work and in such a situation, many people suffer from obesity, pain in one’s knees, waist, etc. In such a situation, you can meet people around you and run yoga classes, And can charge 300 to 400 rupees per person per month.

There will not be much space required to run yoga classes and you will not have to give a full day, so if you start teaching yoga to 20 people, then you can earn 6 to 8 thousand rupees a month by teaching 1 hour daily, with this number increases. If you have more time, then you can earn more money.

63. DJ Service – DJ Service

On the occasion of any function, people make a booking of DJ, whether it is a Birth Day Party or a Wedding Party, if you are providing DJ service to the people, then a lot of good profit can be made in it. To start DJ Sound Service Business, you have to buy a complete set of DJ, after that you can run this business smoothly by keeping 2 people near you. This may be the Best Business of Small Business Ideas in Hindi 2021.

64. Stationery Shop Business – Stationery Shop

Stationery Shop Business also comes under a Small Investment Business Ideas. You can open a stationery shop near any school, college. This is a business that will never stop. You can keep books of various classes, keep copies, pens, pencils, erasers, and many more things as well as keep taffy and chocolate for the children to eat. You can start this business from 30 to 35 thousand.

65. Grocery Shop Business – Grocery Shop

This is definitely a small business but very useful. Whenever we think of doing a new business, first think about the Small Business Plan and the grocery shop is a part of Small Business. To meet the needs of the house, we go to the grocery store, but first of all we see that if there is a shop near us, then go and get the goods. In this way, if you also want to start this business, then first of all you will have to see around who has invested so much.

People like to go to the same shop where there is no place to set foot in the shop, that means your shop should be full of the same, no customer should be able to return empty from your shop, though you can start this business for Rs. 50 thousand. It depends on your area whether someone is opening a shop in that area or not. It is also a Village Based Business Idea which can be started in the village as well.

66. Open Breakfast Shop – Morning Breakfast Shop

Breakfast is a High Profitable Business Ideas because nowadays people do not have time to prepare for breakfast, so people think that they are able to have a breakfast outside, one of the reasons is that people often come out of their office. And wake up late in the morning, those who live alone in different cities i.e. from the village have no time at all and they have breakfast almost outside.

People who go to office in big cities hurry and take a bath and have breakfast outside. There should be enough space to start this business, where people should also be seated, as well as you have to keep in mind that your breakfast should be tasty so that people keep licking fingers, if your breakfast is tasty then you also have the customer More will come.

To start this type of business, you will also need to have some utensils and one or two skilled artisans, you can start this business for about 25 to 30 thousand rupees. You can earn millions of rupees from this Low Budget Business.

67. Electronic Shop Business – Electronic Shops

If we talk about Electronic Shop Business, then it also comes under a Small Scale Business Ideas. Today every household has electricity. People buy coolers and fans in summer and heaters in winter. People keep getting wiring in their homes every day, so people buy coolers, fans, bulbs, wires, boards, pipes for wiring, and many more products. You can start this business anywhere, even if it is a village. These business plans are a low investment business plan that you can earn a lot of money by starting.

68. Real Estate Business – Real Estate Business

Real estate business is a business that you can start both in the village and the city. In this type of business, you can earn money as a commission by opening a real estate agency.

Many people want to build their own house by buying a plot and they contact real estate agency owners to buy property, real estate agency people contact people who want to sell their land and by selling their land 1 Commission takes up to 5%.

For this, you have to keep in touch with such property owners who people contact you to sell their property.

For this, first you can open your Office by taking a room at Rent, after this, make a list of the property seller where you have opened your Office, in that show how much land is being sold and then the customer will be buying it. Will contact you if that person buys that land, then you get your commission instead.

This was the 68 Great  Business Ideas For Small Business for 2021

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