Barber Shop Business Plan. How to start a barber shop?

Barber Shop You will all be well aware of a barbershop or a hair salon because everyone must have got their hair cut by visiting these types of shops. Yes, man has been associated with barbershops since his childhood when the hair on his head starts growing. That is why it can be said that the identity of man, especially men, is recognized by this occupation in his childhood. Barber Shop Business is a traditional business, it is running since ancient times.

That is why many times the mention of barbers are also found in the accounts of kings. Where earlier due to the spirit of cooperation prevailing in the rural areas, if one villager knew cutting hair, he used to cut the hair of all the men of the village without any fee. But at present, neither the spirit of cooperation is left in the rural areas nor such people.

The truth is that now the time has changed, so people have to change according to the times. Well, whatever be the case, along with the changing times, this type of business ie Barber Shop has started spreading towards rural areas because the people there need it. All these above-mentioned things only mean that Barber Shop Business is a business that can be started from any corner of the world. So let’s know what is this business after all?

What is Barber Shop Business (What Is Barber Shop Business ):

In simple colloquial language, a barbershop is meant to be a place where one or more barbers are working. This means that a Barber Shop is a place where one or more barbers are doing haircuts, shaving, or massaging their customers.

Most people usually go to the barbershop only for hair cutting and shaving. Therefore a place where at least two of the above-mentioned works are cutting and shaving can be called a Barber Shop. Since the income of the barber concerned is being earned in exchange for cutting shaving etc., hence it has also been termed as business i.e. business.

Requirement of barbershop business:

Every man, whether in rural India or urban, definitely goes to the Barber Shop to get his hair cut and shaved. Therefore a barbershop can be opened in such colony streets where the number of men is decent. In rural India, where earlier men’s hair was cut free of cost by someone from the village, this is not the case at present.

Therefore, this type of shop has become a necessity in almost every local market. In a local market, more than one Barber Shop can easily run according to the population there. The meaning of saying is that like other shops are necessary for a local market, it is necessary to have a barbershop so that the local people can go there and get cutting and shaving done. The entrepreneur should choose a local market to open a barbershop.

How to Start Barber Shop Business:

Although this business called barbershop has been considered a good business to earn included in the list of very low investments. This is a business that runs for twelve months of the year without any interruption. And it is said that starting a Barber Shop business is a very easy task but getting skilled employees and getting a good location can be a challenge for this business. Nevertheless, through this article, we will try to know about the step-by-step process of opening a barbershop.

1. Select Business Location:

Although its location is very important for all types of business, the success or failure of a Barber Shop depends only on what is the business location of the entrepreneur. That is to say that if the entrepreneur wants his business to move forward on the path of success, then he has to choose a perfect location for his business.

An entrepreneur can open his shop in a local market, or near such residential colonies where the male population is more. Because most the men come to the barbershop for haircuts and shaving. Keep in mind that the Barber Shop should be in such a place where the customer can reach it easily i.e. either it should be on the side of the road or its distance from the road should be walkable.

2. Estimate the Expenses:

Although opening a barbershop means that there is no need to spend a lot in starting a Barber Shop business. Even if the person himself knows how to cut hair and make a beard etc., then he can easily start this business between 60 thousand to one lakh. But despite this, the cost of starting a Barber Shop business depends on many factors. This includes location, staffing, facilities provided to customers, etc.

If the entrepreneur has his own shop and his own experience in this work, then the cost can be even less. Here we are giving below the details of the cost of opening a barber shop on rent.

  • Refundable security may be demanded by many shop owners before renting out the shop. However, this is not an expense as the amount is returned to the entrepreneur by the shop owner at the time of leaving the shop. This type of security deposit can be 40-50 thousand rupees.
  • The rent of such a shop in a good location can run as Rs.8-12 thousand.
  • The salary of an experienced staff can range from Rs.12-15 thousand.
  • One thousand rupees per month electricity bill can be considered.
  • Twenty to twenty five thousand rupees can come in buying furnishings and equipment.

3. Know the local regulations:

Although till now license and registration is not mandatory to start a small scale barber shop business. But even then, the entrepreneur should take information about the local rules that there is no such rule on that particular location that he needs to register his business. For this, the entrepreneur can find out by going to the office of the local authority. If the rules require him to take some license etc., then the entrepreneur must take it.

4. Set up Barbershop :

The next step of the entrepreneur should be to get the fixing and furnishing done in the selected shop. An entrepreneur may need mirrors to set up a barber shop well. Entrepreneur can contact an experienced carpenter to perform all these tasks. Who has already done the work of fixing and furnishing of Barber Shop.

5. Buy the necessary tools and equipment:

After the barber shop is established, that is, after the installation of mirrors, chairs and carpentry work is completed, the next step of the entrepreneur should be to buy the necessary tools and equipment for the Barber Shop. Or if the entrepreneur wants, he can do this work even before fixing and furnishing, that is when the carpenter is not giving the glass and chairs to the entrepreneur.

Apart from mirrors, chairs, the entrepreneur may also need scissors, trimmers, shaving machines, various types of cosmetic creams, hair brushes, combs, talcum powder, electric machines such as hair shortening machines, etc. Apart from glass and chairs, all these items are small and cheap items, so not much investment is required in Barber Shop Business. You can buy all required tools and equipments from IndiaMart

6. Hire Experienced Staff:

If the entrepreneur himself is involved in the work of hair cutting, shaving, massage, etc., then he may need one employee but if the entrepreneur does not know this work then he may need to hire more than one employee. In an average city experienced barbers can be available for 12-15 thousand monthly salary.

Initially, the entrepreneur can either run the Barber Shop alone or he can learn the work by hiring an assistant at cheap rates. With this, the employee will be available to the entrepreneur at cheaper rates for some time and by the time his business picks up, his assistant will also learn the job.

7. Do Marketing & Earn:

However, getting customers in the initial days for barber shop is very difficult and the truth is that not much marketing techniques can be used to encourage this business. Because when people have to cut their hair, they themselves reach the nearest barber shop provided they should know where the barber shop or barber shop is located near them.

Therefore, if the shop of the entrepreneur is in a local market or residential colony, then the people around him will automatically come to that shop for haircut, beard and other work, but keeping the customer engaged with his business is one of the entrepreneur’s efforts in this business. There is great responsibility. That’s why the entrepreneur should do his work with full dedication and honesty and treat the customers well so that people come again and again to his own Barber Shop for haircut, beard, massage etc.

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