Best 101 Business Ideas | low cost small business idea


    Best 101 Business Ideas / low-cost small business idea

    Even today, there are so many business ideas that can be done in low investment that you can start sitting at home.

    And the good thing is that there is no risk in it, but the profit is very high.

    Best 101 Business ideas | low cost small business idea

    Table of Contents

    1. Spice industry

    Best 101 Business Ideas / low-cost small business idea

    Spice is such a thing without which the color, aroma, and flavor are not made.

    so Spice is very important to use spices to make it tasty.

    Its demands are increasing day by day not only in our country but all over the world.

    You can guess the demand of spices business from this figure, our country has exported $ 2.57 billion spices from April 2020 to November 2020.

    These figures are only of these four things: chili, turmeric, cumin, and cardamom.

    Apart from this, there is a lot of spices, whose demand is very high.

    From here, you can really design your business ideas by taking complete information about the spice business.

    2. LED Bulbs Business

    In every business idea that I have given in the article of Best 101 Business Ideas, the business of LED bulb is another important business.

    Because you can do business of LED light in many ways and do not need much money to start it.

    But the advantage in this is quite good. Given its increasing demand, you can start this business.

    Under the Ujala scheme, the central government is also providing loans along with training to promote this business.

    If you are interested in this business but do not know how to do this business, then read this article, how to do business of LED Bulb?

    3. Sports Shop

    Any sports is very beneficial for our health. That is why everyone older than a child does not want to play a little game, that is, to exercise the body.

    And they need a lot of sports equipment to do all this work.

    In such a situation, you can have beneficial business ideas in a sports shop.

    4. Cloth store

    The clothes shop can be done anywhere in the village or city.

    This is another low-cost high-profit business idea.

    You can start a business from a major city or at a lower rate than a textile.

    5. Paper Plate Making

    Out of the low-cost small business idea, paper and plate making business and a good business idea can definitely be made.

    Its demand is in India and all over the world. That is why you too can start this business.

    6. Gardening Business

    There are many ways to earn money by doing business gardening.

    For example, plant cells, seed cells, fresh and dry kitchen ingredients, medicine plants, etc. can be done in many other ways.

    7. Driving School

    For those who want to learn new driving, they can also start a business by starting a driving school.

    To start a school you need to do without registration.

    8. Bag Making Business

    Bag-making is one of the low-cost small business ideas of the business.

    There is a lot of demand for this business in the country. Therefore, the business of making bags can also be a good option.

    9. Juice Shop Business

    This trade will also do very well in cities. This business can be started between ₹ 2 thousand to ₹ 5 thousand.

    10. Goat Farming

    Goat husbandry is quite popular in the village. Because there is no expense but profit is very high.

    So if you have free space then you can start a goat business.

    11. Medical Store

    The medical store is such a long-term business whose demand will never decrease.

    The good thing is, this business will run anywhere in the village or city. Because, today, humans cannot be healthy without medicine.

    As long as there is a human being on the earth, there will also be a demand for the medicine business.

    In such a situation, if you have some capital to invest, then you can invest in it.

    There are two ways in which you can do pharmacy business. The first is by franchising a retail pharmacy (Apollo, Med-Plus, Frank Ross).

    In this case, there will be some limitations, according to the company you will have to do business.

    The second and best way is to start your own business.

    If you start your own business, then you can run on your own.

    The pharmacist’s registration number and drug license will be required to start the business.

    For this, you can talk to a pharmacist and appoint them.

    When the registration is found, go to the Drug Controller’s Office and get a drug license.

    Now you can run your own medical pharmacy business from good.

    Medical Store is a small business idea, but with this, you can easily earn millions of rupees every month.

    But keep in mind, start this business only if you have good information related to the claim.

    Otherwise, you can start the business by appointing an experienced pharmacist.

    12. Automobile Repair (Business of Automobile Repair)

    You must have seen, today most of the time there is a motorbike, four-wheeler in the house. In a few years, this figure will increase manifold.

    In such a situation, the business of automobile repair will definitely prove to be a profitable business idea.

    It does not require much money to start this trade, can be started within ten to twenty thousand.

    But before starting, one has to invest some time training to learn how to repair it.

    After this, by starting this business easily, you can earn a lot of money and gradually make it big.

    13. YouTube Channel

    Best 101 Business Ideas / low-cost small business idea

    This is one such business idea that do not require a single rupee to start. This work can also be started from mobile.

    If you have knowledge about anything, then you can earn a lot of money by uploading that knowledge on YouTube channel through video.

    There are many ways to earn money from YouTube channels. Such as Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsors, etc.

    And you can also make your own brand with it. Not a single penny will be required for branding.

    Especially for this business, you do not need to go out of the house (home business ideas)

    You can earn millions of rupees just by sitting at home. But it takes some time, for that you have to be patient.

    14. Wedding Planner

    Everyone wants to organize their wedding in a good way, but due to their lack of time, they take the help of the wedding planner.

    The job of a wedding planner is to plan for how the wedding will happen and arrange all the needy things.

    In return, they get a good amount of money. To be a wedding planner, you must have a small team of 2 to 3 people, otherwise, it will not be possible to handle.

    At present, the business of wedding planners is going on more in city areas but gradually it is becoming prevalent in the village as well.

    If you have time, then you too can try your hand in this business because there is no need for a single rupee in it, but the profit is immense.

    15. Social Media Manager (Social Media Manager)

    The work of a social media manager is one of the best options in the home business idea. Because there is no need to go out of the house to do this work.

    There is no need to invest too much in it. If you have a laptop and mobile then this work can be done easily.

    In this business, you have to manage the social media accounts of other people/companies like a Facebook page, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, etc.

    If you have good knowledge about social media, then you can start your own business by registering for it on any freelancing site.

    In this work, you get money according to every hour. If you do this work honestly, then you can earn a good amount every month from here.

    16. Coaching Center

     Government job demand in India is at the peak. But the coaching centers that get you ready for the job are very few.

    If you have good knowledge in any subject and know about your competitive exam, have good knowledge

    So you can earn a lot of money by starting a coaching center business.

    You can hire a specialist teacher in any subject. This will help the student to read in a much better way.

    This business needs some publicity. But once you have publicity, you will not have to think for a student.

    The easiest way to do publicity for a coaching center is to start a YouTube channel.

    Due to this, you can reach millions of people without any expenditure.

    And later you can earn a lot of money by monetizing your YouTube channel.

    17. Educational Brokers / Agent

    You must have seen such a banner somewhere that it would be written that with any such person on this number to take admission in the course,,,, BBA, MBA, Pharmacy, MBBS, etc. Contact.

    The people who have to do the course make contact with the person so-and-so.

    And according to their qualifications, they take admission in the favorite course. In return, such a person gets a substantial commission.

    There is no need for a single rupee to start this kind of business, but you must have an office.

    For this, more and more contact with the college and people will have to be maintained.

    If you do this business honestly then you will be able to earn a lot of money. Because in India people spend the most money on education.

    And you can benefit from this by becoming an amateur agent. So it is definitely a good small business ideas 

    18. Nursery School

    Childhood education is most important for the bright future of any child. Meaning the base must be strong.

    If you like to read to a small child, then you can start a nursery school. And with this, you will be able to earn money along with your passion.

    To start a school, you have to join the affiliate program of any board  State Board or CBSC Board, etc.

    According to the board, different documents are required, after all the verification is done, you are allowed to start school.

    After this, after starting school, you can start your business and gradually increase the standard of the school.

    19. Catering Business

    The catering business is another good option in small business ideas. A team is required to operate this business.

    It is the job of caterers, to take care of the responsibility of drinking food in any ritual.

    In today’s time, people do not have much time for any festival or religious ceremonies, eating and drinking and giving all the work to the catering people in contact.

    To start this business, we have to invest five to ten thousand rupees with a small team (5 to 7 people).

    In return, you can earn a good amount of money. But it also needs some publicity.

    For publicity, you can place posters in the place and you can also make a visiting card with it.

    20. Fast Food Business idea

    The business of fast food is a business idea that can be done blindly anywhere in the city and village.

    As the world is moving forward, so is the trend of eating fast food.

    You can take advantage of this by opening a small fast food center. But you have to learn before starting the shop.

    You can take Google and YouTube for a new idea. There you will find a way to create a new item absolutely free.

    This is a great home business idea for women that you can start from home.

    21. Cyber ​​Cafe (Cyber ​​Cafe)

    Who doesn’t know that most of our work is happening online in India? Be it studies, exams, banking, or any other official work.

    Gradually, the influence of computers is increasing. And the time to come is going to be on the computer somewhere.

    In such a situation, you can start a business by opening a cyber café. It requires only a computer and the Internet.

    This business can be started by renting a small room in any marker.

    After starting the shop, if you give a small amount to the customer first, then it will definitely prove to be better for your business.

    22. Yoga Training Center

    Good health is the dream of every human being. But instead of such chemically mixed food and a dormant environment, people are not able to live a normal life.

    Therefore, people keep doing yoga exercises to keep themselves healthy and yoga is also a surefire way to keep healthy.

    If you have knowledge about Yoga, then you can really transform your small business idea by starting a Yoga Training Center.

    There is no need to invest a single rupee for this. First, you can start on your own.

    23. Blogging 

    Best 101 Business Ideas / low-cost small business idea

    Blogging is the best and safest way to earn money online. There is no fraud in this

    If you like to write and enjoy teaching people, then this blogging may be the best option for you.

    Blogging is an online business idea as well as a home business idea.

    Applying two to three thousand rupees to start blogging, you can earn millions of rupees a month by sitting at home from your mobile or laptop.

    But it also requires a little time with patience, otherwise, you will never get success in this field.

    24. Grocery Shop

    The grocery store is an Evergreen small business idea. It can be started anywhere in the village or city.

    But before starting the shop you need to keep a few things in mind.

    For example, if there is not a big grocery store nearby, people have to come for more, it is only good if the road is nearby.

    You can start this business by investing 10 to 20 thousand rupees.

    25. Tea & Coffee Cafe 

    Who does not drink tea and coffee? Nowadays it has become a habit of people.

    You can take advantage of this opportunity by opening a tea or coffee shop.

    Tea or coffee can be run very fast in a cafe school, college, office, or any market.

    26. Affiliate Marketing

    It is one of the best business ideas. But before starting, affiliate marketing has to be understood.

    I have written a dedicated article about “what is affiliate marketing and how to make money with it”, you can read it and get full information.

    Even if you do not have any product, you can earn millions of rupees every month sitting at home by doing this business.

    The best and cheapest platform for affiliate marketing is Blog and YouTube.

    Apart from this, affiliate marketing can be done on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    27. Remote English Teacher/tutor 

    English being an international language has a lot of demand for it. But many people have difficulty speaking and understanding.

    In such a situation, if you have good knowledge about the English language then you can take offline or online tuition.

    To teach online, skype, indeed, learn4good,, etc. There are many online sites where you have to register.

    In this way, you can learn English by connecting with people from all over the world sitting at home.

    28. Gym Center

    Today, people spend more money to build a body than before.

    The gym is one way in which your heart is healthy along with your health.

    If you like to do a gym and can also teach it to people, then you can earn money by starting a small business as a gym center.

    29. EBook Sale

    EBook selling is a great home business idea for online listening at home.

    To start the business of selling an e-book, you have to create an e-book about any topic.

    If you have good knowledge about that topic, then you can make an eBook yourself or you can also write it by hiring someone.

    One has to invest something to write to another. If you write yourself then there is no need to invest.

    But once an eBook is published, you can earn a lot of money by selling it online on e-commerce sites/websites / social media without any public attention.

    30. Freelancing

    In modern times, freelancing is one of the best business ideas. No qualification is required for freelancing.

    If you have any skills like web designing, web development, translator, software development, etc. there are many more.

    If you are a student, housewife, or if you have some time, then you can start a freelancing job part-time.

    After this, gradually you can grow this business by making a team.

    Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc. are the best-trusted site for freelancing work.

    Read this article to know how to make money from freelancing.

    31. Interior Designing

    Who does not like home decoration But people do not have time to decorate the house or they do not know the right way?

    Therefore, they hire or hire other people to decorate the house.

    In such a situation, if you have knowledge in this matter, then you can start the business of interior designing.

    You can do YouTube and Google for a new idea because Google knows everything.

    32. Recycling

    Plastic is a loss factor for the environment. The government is also gradually prohibiting plastic.

    And the demand for slowly recycled products is increasing.

    But due to the lack of more recycling companies in our country, more and quality products are not being made.

    If you have money to invest, then you can start this business without any hesitation.

    Because with a bright future in this business, profit is also very good.

    33. Accountant 

    This is also a small business idea sitting at home.

    If you are a student of commerce or if you have good knowledge about an accountant, then you can work as an accountant.

    Accountant work can be done offline or online.

    To work online, you can register on any reliable freelancing site like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Upwork.

    You must be honestly responsive in order to work as an accountant.

    34. Rent Your Car

    Do you also own a car? And thinking that it would have been good if a little money had come from it.

    Do not take tension, I am here to give you a small business idea with less capital.

    To earn money from a car, you can rent your car on rent. This work has become even easier due to the Internet.

    By searching your location on Google, the company or people taking rent will be found out.

    After this, you can earn money from a car by renting it to a reliable company.

    You can do this work offline also. For this, you will have to place posters everywhere.

    35. Flower Decoration Business

    Our country is a secular country. People of every religion live here, and their rites are also different.

    Therefore, you must have seen people decorating festivals, religious ceremonies, or public places somewhere.

    In such a situation, you can also become a flower designer and start the flowering decorations.

    You will easily find the work of decorating a festival, a religious ceremony, or a public place in a contract.

    You can take the help of Google or YouTube for an idea of ​​the new design. Here you will get a new idea for free.

    36. General Store

    Think one thing, if you get most of the shaman in one place, would you like to go to another place?

    No, so you can start a small business at a low cost by starting a general store.

    It is a long-term business, you do not even need to invest much money in it. But the profit is quite good.

    37. App Development (App Ready Business)

    Another best business idea to earn money sitting at home is app development.

    Before starting this business, one has to learn how to develop apps.

    For this, you can take the help of Google, YouTube, and Udemy or take a paid course (paid course is not preferred)

    After creating an app, you can earn millions of rupees by putting it in Google Play Store or Apple Play Store or by selling the app to any other people.

    38. Beauty Parlor

    Our India is a country of youth, more than 65 percent of the youth live here.

    According to 2019, the market price of a beauty parlor in India was 80,370 crores. This figure is going to increase rapidly in a few years.

    By looking at the above two figures, you will have come to know how much potential this business has in India.

    This is a business where there will never be any shortage of customers. Because everyone wants to be beautiful, be it, girl or boy.

    And 65 percent of the 139 Korod people in India mean about 90 Korod Yuba.

    If even 2 percent of them come to the parlor, then there are more than about 2 corps people.

    Seeing all these figures, you must have realized that the beauty parlor business is a small business idea, but how much profit is there.

    In such a situation, you can earn good money by opening a beauty parlor.

    But before starting the parlor, if you do a training course of 3 to 6 months from any institute, then it will be very good.

    39. Virtual Assistant

    Big businessmen hire virtual assistants to handle their business.

    And the virtual assistants do their work sitting at home. With this, they get money according to work.

    You can do all this work online. To do online, you can register in Hubstaff Talent, Brickwork India, Ossisto, etc.

    By gradually forming a team, it can be converted into a business.

    40. Vehicle Repairing Business

    No qualification required to start a vehicle repair business.

    You just have to give some time to learn and invest some money later.

    In return, you will be able to do a low investment long-term business and earn a good amount of money every month.

    41. Public Speaker

    You would not know how much a public speaker could earn.

    To become a public speaker, it is necessary to have good knowledge and with this, it is also necessary to have good communication skills.

    If you have both these arts then what is the matter, will sleep on the bed. You can try your hand in this business without any delay.

    42. Voice Over Talent 

    Voices over artists are needed in all cartoons.

    Apart from this, a voiceover is also needed to dub a South Movie or English Movie.

    If you have some peculiarity in your voice, why waste time thinking?

    You can chase for Voice over Artist. Its demand in India is very good.

    It does not require single money, only your talent has to be shown.

    43. Computer Repair

    You know the importance of computers today. Without the computer, there would be no work.

    You can take advantage of this opportunity. To start the business of computer repair, training will have to be taken.

    The scheme launched by the Government of India for training can be taken by Prime Minister Kushal Vikas Yojana or can also teach in a private institution.

    44. Book Store

    Who does not read the book? Everyone, from child to old, has books.

    In such a situation, a bookstore can be a good low-cost small business idea.

    A good business can be done if a bookstore is in the vicinity of a school, college, or an institute.

    And the commission is also available in bookselling.

    45. Computer Training Center

    As the computer is progressing, so is the desire to learn computer. Therefore, the demand for computer training centers is also increasing.

    In such a situation, if you have knowledge about computers, then start a training center and try your business idea.

    Otherwise, you can also work on hiring someone. To start this business some computer with a room will be required.

    When more students become, then it will be better to read through the routine.

    46. Event Management

    India is a country of never-ending festivals. And now,

    Most of the people are busy with their work and hire an event manager to manage any festival and they do their job well.

    If you also have some information about how to manage events, then you can start this business.

    And if there is no knowledge, then you will have to learn a month or two.

    47. Build Software

    The business of making software should not be for everyone who has knowledge about it.

    If you are a software engineer, then the business of software building is another great small business idea.

    But if you are not a software engineer, you can take the help from Google or you can also take help of any paid course.

    When you feel that you have a little knowledge about this business, then it will be better to step into it.

    Profit is very high in the software making business. But to understand this business, you have to give some time.

    48. Child Care

    Nowadays, in the same family, both mother and father have to go out of the house for work.

    In such a situation, someone is needed to handle their child.

    You can start this opportunity as a business.

    For this, you can use your brain to earn a good amount of money.

    But keep in mind, this work will not do much in the village. Because the village still did not develop like the city.

    Therefore, it would be better to do this business in the city.

    49. Tower Installation

    Tower installation is another great business idea. In this, you do not need to invest single money, all the work is done by the company.

    But you need to have a suitable place to place the tower. Where the tower will be installed.

    In this, the company rents your place for a few years and towers in it.

    In return, you give a good amount. Apart from this, towers also employ two men to look after them.

    But keep in mind that, in the name of tower installation, it is very fraudulent, avoid it. The company does charge for erecting towers.

    50. Car Washing Business

    Currently, this business village and city can be run anywhere.

    You do not need any knowledge or training for this and this business can be started with very little money.

    51. Photography Business

    If you enjoy taking photographs and want to make a career in it, then it can be a small business idea for you with less capital.

    There is no need to invest much in it. Even if you have a camera or a good mobile, this work can be done easily.

    Right now, photos can also be sold on many sites online. You can sell your photos by creating an account there.

              52. Social Media Marketing

    People who promote their product or through any service social media or website are called social media marketers.

    On most levels, these people run campaigns and create social media popularity for a company.

    It takes some time to establish this business, but there is no shortage of rupee after the establishment.

    If you want to make a career online, then social media marketing can be a good business idea for you.

    53. Popcorn Making

    There is no need to impose a high cost on this business. Between 2 to 5 thousand UPAs can start this business.

    The business of popcorn can be near any cinema hall, market, school, college, etc. in a good way.

    According to my, you can take it as a side business, that is, you can start other businesses with it.

    54. Tour Guide

    If your house is in the vicinity of a tourist place. And if you like communicating with people, then you can also earn good money by becoming a tour guide.

    To become a guide one must have good knowledge about the history of the tourist place.

    Because you have to tell the tourists in detail about that place.

    55. Home Tutor

    Everyone wants their children to be good at writing. So they never depend on school or college studies.

    Therefore, by paying more money to home tutors, they hire.

    If you have a mastery of a subject, then you can try for a home tutor.

    56. Handicrafts (Handicrafts)

    The handicrafts business is a small business idea.

    There is almost no investment in it.

    Here only you need your time and talent.

    57. E-commerce Reseller

    Everyone in the company like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. can sell. In such a situation, if you have a product, then you can sell it through the entire site.

    >> Earn money sitting at home by becoming an Amazon seller

    But if you do not have any product, then you can buy from any other place for less money and sell it on the e-commerce site.

    This can prove to be a low-cost high-profit business idea for you.

    58. Program organizer (event organizer)

    The program organizer does not require much money to do business.

    All it has to do is to maintain contact with the program party. A lot of good money can be made from this.

    59. Travel Agency

    Who does not like to roam? Everyone loves to hang out.

    Therefore, you can take advantage of this by opening a travel agency. In this, the client has to help in case of rotation.

    For example, clients have to give advice about a travel destination, their transport, lodging, entertainment, etc.

    60. Fashion Designer

    Fashion design business is another high-profit business idea.

    There are many courses available to become a fashion designer. After the course is completed, you can earn good profits by starting the business of fashion designing.

    61. Stock Market

    Most people irrigate, investing in the stock market means exposing them to the dangers.

    This is true for those who do not know much about the stock market.

    There is only one reason for more loss in it, investing money without any knowledge.

    There are some people who, by investing in the stock market, are earning lakhs of crores of rupees.

    For example, you can learn about Warren Buffett (one of the richest men in the world), a king of the stock market.

    Before investing money in it, one has to understand how the stock market works.

    62. Pop-up Shop

    If you are doing some work and still want to start another small business, then a pop-up shop can be a good business idea for you.

    Because it does not require much time. You can run it according to your time.

    63. Buy & Sell Domain

    For the past decade, domain business has been a great low-cost high-profit business idea.

    Because to buy the domain, a maximum of ₹ 200 to ₹ 700 rupees is required.

    This ₹ 200 Rupee domain can be sold in millions of crores of rupees.

    A domain named went on sale for $ 16 million dollars.

    But before buying the domain, you must take care of some things, such as trademarks, easy to use, etc.

    To know more about the domain, read this article: What is a domain name and how does it work?

    Read More> How to choose the best domain for a blog?

                >> How and where to buy domains?

    64. Sell ​​Used Electronic (Used Electronic Business)

    As electronic goods are becoming cheaper, the use of electronic cells is also increasing.

    In such a situation, you can buy used electronic goods and refurbished them and sell them in olx, quikr, etc. in a good amount of money.

    This may be another small business idea in Hindi for you.

    65. Insurance Agent

    LIC is an organization on which any person blindly trusts.

    And everyone wants to do some insurance for themselves or their family so that their family is safe.

    In such a situation, you can earn a lot of money by becoming an insurance agent. For this, you have to give an exam.

    After passing the exam, you would be given a license to become a LIC agent.

    In this, you get some salary every month and with it, you will get a commission for every LIC holder you make.

    66. Candle Making

    Candle Making’s business is a good home business idea, especially for women. It does not require much cost.

    The demand for candles in our country is also very good. Because it is used on Bhirthday or Diwali  festival. 

    Hence the candle-making business can prove to be a low-cost, high-profit business.

    Everyone likes to live in their home. Therefore, they are looking for a place or building to building a house.

    And you can take advantage of this by becoming a real estate agent.

    To start this business, an office will be needed, where the person buying or selling will be able to contact you.

    By becoming a real estate agent, you can earn good profits by starting your business.

    This can prove to be a good business idea for you.

    67. ATM Installing

    If you have an empty area in a crowded area, then you can earn money by installing an ATM there.

    In this business, the company bears all the expenses. You do not have to invest much.

    If you want, you can earn millions of rupees by growing your business by joining the franchise model of the ATM business.

    68. Handmade Jewelry

    Everyone likes jewelry, especially girls. Finding such a girl who does not like jewelry is the same as searching for water in the desert.

    Hence the business of handmade jewelry may be the best small business idea  for you.

    To start this business one does not have to invest much money but it takes a little time to learn.

    69. Mobile Repairing

    Today, no one can have such a mobile. And being mobile means it will also be bad.

    In such a situation, the business of mobile repairing can prove to be a very good business idea.

    It takes about 3 to 6 months to learn the work of mobile repairing.

    70. Podcast

    If you have mastery in a career and your communication skills are good, you can earn a lot of money by doing podcasts.

    You can also make a small business idea bigger by creating your own brand through podcasts.

    To start a podcast, you can start via Google Podcasts, CastBox, Podcast Go, SoundCloud, Podcast Addict, Spotify, Scout FM, etc.

    71. Courier Service (Courier Service)

    The courier service provider is a small business idea, but it has very good growth.

    In this business, you can charge money by the hour. Courier service usually requires packages to be delivered.

    You can earn more money by becoming a courier service partner of a company.

    To become a partner, you must join the franchisee program of that company.

    72. Ice cream Making

    From baby to old, Ice cream is everyone’s favorite food.

    This business school, college, cinema hall or fair will do very well.

    73. Canteen (Canteen)

    A low-cost canteen business can be a great small business idea.

    Canteen’s business school, college, office will be loud in Tire.

    For more sales in the canteen, you can sell in the morning breakfast and lunch can be prepared for lunch.

    74. Fish Farming

    If you lived in a village, and you have a pond, then the fisheries business could be a good business idea.

    There is no need to invest more in this and do not have to invest too much time.

    With fisheries and other businesses too, you can earn a lot of money.

    75. Bakery

    Bread is a food used in both Lunch and Dinner. Its demand in India is very good.

    Business can be easily increased by preparing bread and other types of food products in the bakery.

    76. Vehicle Washing

    Within the coming few years you will get to see a car in every house.

    And you already know that those who start the business by sensing the scope of business beforehand, they benefit the most.

    The special thing is that it does not require much cost to start the business of vehicle washing.

    You can operate this business very easily by starting from ten to twenty thousand rupees.

    Therefore, the business of auto washing can be a good business idea of ​​low cost.

    77. Poultry Farming

    Out of low-cost high-profit business idea, the poultry farming business is very famous.

    Because this business takes a very short time with low cost.

    So you can start any other business with it.

    78. Saloon (Salon)

    What to say about the business of the salon, is the most profitable business idea at the lowest cost.

    This business can be started from 5 thousand to 10 thousand rupees in a good way.

    79. Mobile Fast Food Van

    Be it children or old, nowadays everyone is going crazy about fast food.

    In such a situation, a mobile fast food shop will be a good business.

    If you like to cook, then it will prove to be the best business idea for you.

    80. Gift Store

    As we are getting modern, the gift is progressing. Especially on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc., the demand for gifts increases over a period of time.

    This business school, college, or fair will do well.

    81. DJ Sound Service

    Every day some festivals are celebrated in India and a DJ is played in it.

    Apart from this, there is high demand for DJ music without a party.

    Therefore, according to the side business, you can start the DJ sound service business.

    82. Mushroom Cultivation Business

    Mushroom is a high protein-rich food item. Its demand is very high in India.

    In such a situation, the business of Mushroom Cultivation can be a low-cost small business idea.

    With this, you can easily start any other business.

    83. Animal Feed

    Rough animals are seen in almost every house. In such a situation, you can earn money by starting the trade of animal feed.

    You can keep fodder for cows, buffalo, Goat, fish, birds, etc. inside the feed of animals.

    84. Pickle and Papad Making

    Spicy and salty food is famous in India and all over the world.

    Therefore, the business of making pickles and papad Business can also grow very fast.

    85. Laundry Service

    Laundry service is also a small business idea. If you live in a big city, then this business will prove to be good for you.

    86. Incense Stick Making

    Agarbattis are used in every religious ceremony and our country is a secular country. Therefore festivals are also celebrated more here.

    In such a situation, you can start this business. This business can be a very good small business idea for women at home.

    87. Dairy Business (Dairy Business)

    India ranks number one in the world in milk products. In such a situation, you too can start this business.

    In the dairy business, the business can be easily enlarged by making more products relevant to milk.

    88. Card Printing

    Card printing shops are a good business idea at a low cost.

    In this, you have to print a card for a wedding, birth, death, or a festival.

    89. Security Agency

    If you are living in a city, then you can also start the business of a security agency.

    Only one office is required for this trade.

    90. Auto Spare Part

    Demand for vehicles is increasing day by day. In such a situation, the shop of spare parts of vehicles will definitely prove to be a small but highly profitable business idea.

    91. Trading of Dried Vegetables.

    92. Tailoring Shop

    93. Betel leaf business

    94. Petrol pump

    95. LPG gas agent

    96. Mobile showroom

    97. Electronic showroom

    98. Rice Mill

    99. Honey Trade

    100. Hardware Business

                              List of 101 Business Ideas


    Spice industry


    LED Bulbs Business


    Sports Shop


    Cloth store


    Paper Plate Making


    Gardening Business


    Driving School


    Bag Making Business


    Juice Shop Business


    Goat Farming


    Medical Store


    Automobile Repair (Business of Automobile Repair)


    YouTube Channel


    Wedding Planner


    Social Media Manager (Social Media Manager)


    Coaching Center


    Educational Brokers / Agent


    Nursery School


    Catering Business


    Fast Food Business idea


    Cyber Cafe (Cyber Cafe)


    Yoga Training Center




    Grocery Shop


    Tea & Coffee Cafe


    Affiliate Marketing


    Remote English Teacher/tutor


    Gym Center


    EBook Sale




    Interior Designing






    Rent Your Car


    Flower Decoration Business


    General Store


    App Development (App Ready Business)


    Beauty Parlor


    Virtual Assistant


    Vehicle Repairing Business


    Public Speaker


    Voice Over Talent


    Computer Repair


    Book Store


    Computer Training Center


    Event Management


    Build Software


    Child Care


    Tower Installation


    Car Washing Business


    Photography Business


    Social Media Marketing


    Popcorn Making


    Tour Guide


    Home Tutor


    Handicrafts (Handicrafts)


    E-commerce Reseller


    Program organizer (event organizer)


    Travel Agency


    Fashion Designer


    Stock Market


    Pop-up Shop


    Buy & Sell Domain


    Sell Used Electronic (Used Electronic Business)


    Insurance Agent


    Candle Making


    ATM Installing


    Handmade Jewelry


    Mobile Repairing




    Courier Service (Courier Service)


    Ice cream Making Business


    Canteen (Canteen)


    Fish Farming Business




    Vehicle Washing


    Poultry Farming


    Saloon (Salon)


    Mobile Fast Food Van


    Gift Store


    DJ Sound Service


    Mushroom Cultivation Business


    Animal Feed


    Pickle and Papad Making


    Laundry Service


    Incense Stick Making Business


    Dairy Business (Dairy Business)


    Card Printing Business


    Security Agency


    Auto Spare Part


    Trading of Dried Vegetables


    Tailoring Shop


    Betel leaf business


    Petrol pump


    LPG gas agent


    Mobile showroom


    Electronic showroom


    Rice Mill


    Honey Trade


    Hardware Business


    Copy Past Business


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