Business Ideas For College Students

Best business ideas for college students

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Will see lots of business ideas which all list will all be based on my vast business experience.

I have started dozens of businesses in my life. And have earned lakhs of rupees from that business. I did my education at Harvard Business School, where I did MBA.

Small Business Ideas For College Students

I have run not only big businesses in my life, it includes many types of small businesses and many mostly online businesses that I started before going to business school (before MBA) and o still running today Which includes blogging.

And one more thing I have learned in my life. What work has to be done in business. And also learned what not to do in business! I have seen in my life. What are the good business ideas in India? And I have experienced this too. To be successful in your new business. Choosing a good and interesting business idea is very important. We will look at the most important business ideas here. And this may be one of your decisions.

Somewhere in India people, unfortunately, due to lack of experience, get the business idea wrong and that is not profitable! Read about such business ideas and start. And they stumble upon the same thing. Maybe they don’t know about any particular business.

And they leave a hot tip for a business. This new approach to finding your business ideas is risky. I see many such people. Those who waste too much time and money on the bad business idea. We have given some business ideas below.

1. Blogging business is perfect ( Blogging ) Business Ideas For College students


I am one of the best bloggers in my life. I started my blog in 2017_2021. Initially, it took me 1.5 years to learn to blog but after one year, I earned some good money blogging and still earn.

When it was 2019, at that time I earned more than $ 1000 by blogging. And today, I am earning more than $15,000 every month with blogging. There are millions of people in India, Russia, Spain, America, and all over the world who earn $500 to $25,000+ every month in blogging. And that’s what has built a big business!

This business idea is a perfect option for those who are looking for a low investment business idea. You can start your blogging business by investing less than 5000 rupees in the blogging business.

There are many great ways to earn money from blogs. You have these ways in which you can earn through Affiliate, Google Adsense, and Guest Posting.

2. Parking Business Ideas For College Students

best business ideas for college students

Vehicles are now a part of everyone’s life in this world. Because of this, traffic and parking are major issues facing us today.

By starting a parking business you can provide a good solution to the parking problem.

Starting a parking company in a busy area with limited parking is an opportunity.

The cost of opening a parking business depends on the value of the property you have purchased and the amount of work it takes to convert it into paid parking. (local business ideas in  You can start your home-based business tomorrow with a very low start-up cost.

For this, you need a ticketing system with timestamps so that you know how much customers have to pay.

You can charge the entire parking fee at once, otherwise, you can charge for an hour.

3. wedding venue and place of marriage Can be the Best Business Ideas For College Students

Do you think that you can help people find their ideal partner if you have this quality then you can start your wedding site,

Where you can help people to find their partners and you can earn money from that business.

Matrimony sites have a high responsibility as you will get different profiles and it will be the responsibility of protecting you from hackers.

You can achieve this by setting the registration fee on their website.

4. Library

The library has become a science. There are three types of functions of science – providing general services to readers (such as exchanging books), technical work (recording books, making or indexing books), and administrative work (enhancing related facilities or performing related work). Organizing) Libraries: Liaising with senior officials and books. Shopping etc.

By providing all these features you can start your library.

Apart from selling books, you can collect registration fees and monthly fees from customers.

5. Ladies Gym This Can Be Done by College Girls Can Start the Business

best business ideas for college students

Three things are special, including the business of the gym. Firstly, it is a one-time business.

Secondly, there is no slowdown and thirdly you can start it on a very low budget.

Today’s new generation is very conscious about their health, they want to join a gym and maintain their health. (local business ideas in The most important and good thing is that they are ready to pay a lot just to be fit.

Keeping this situation in mind, the gym is the best business option that you can start.

The initial investment required for the gym is very high but it requires a one-time investment and if you stay in the market with passion, you will get back the capital gains in 1-2 years. will get.

To start a gym, some initial setup is required, which includes a small plot or shop, gym machinery and if possible a good choice of parking.

You will need a Basic Shop Act license to start your gym.

6. Juice shop

In the modern era, juice has become a necessity in the daily routine of people. Starting a fruit business with an understanding of the present situation and future is not a losing proposition.

There are many types of juices, which can be changed according to the season. And they should also be changed so that different types and flavors of juices are available to the customers in one place.

Juice is always good for health. This business can be started as a single business or with different fruit juices.

Juice shop business can be started easily at a very low cost of Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000.

It costs 12 to 15 rupees to make a glass of juice. Profits range from Rs 6 to Rs 10 per glass.

7. Government form filling center can also be the best business idea for college students

Today’s youth are focusing more on government jobs than private jobs.

Government exams are the only way to apply for a government job, but most people don’t know how to govern.

If you have good knowledge of computers and the internet, then you can start form filling business for government jobs.

For this business, you will need a computer with a good and secure internet connection.

You can grow your business by providing Xerox and printing services in your store.

The fee for filing the form depends on the form. Initially, you will get less profit, but when you start promoting your services you will get a better income.


8 . Chef Business Ideas For College Students 

It’s not just restaurant chefs who are on the menu. Seasons change, especially when high-end restaurants take notice of the area they want to feed.

Menu planning business is a very low-cost idea,

But it is perfect for those who prefer to work without being directly involved in preparing or serving food. (local business ideas in  Many places are ready to hire a consultant to design their seasonal menus,

So visit the local restaurant and make them aware of your set of culinary skills.

9. CCTV Business could be the best business idea for college students

can provide many benefits to the building in which it is installed, as well as the text and occupants. Camera Business is more concerned with the current technology and technology is always in the upgrade mode.

To start this business, you must first learn about the operational part of CCTV.

It is advisable to work as an apprentice for a CCTV camera installation company for a few months or years before starting your venture.

To start this business, you need to know the parameters like CCTV camera, which camera has the biggest market.

In addition, you also need to manage finances and investigate the market to promote your service.

You can also take help on online business channels and social media platforms.


10. Chalk-making business. For College Student 

Chalk making is a lucrative small business, developing countries still need chalk to write on boards in schools. (local business ideas in There is no market for chalk for educational purposes

Because it is used in the furniture market, construction work, in addition to school chalk in Taylor School Institute. By starting this business, you can earn from 1.8 lakh to 2 lakh rupees per month.

A license is required to start this business.

Initially, you need to determine the ownership pattern of your organization and register the ROC of the company.

Also, to open a current bank account with your company name you need to apply for a trade license and PAN card and you can register your business as an SSB entity.

The original basic material in making chalk is plaster of Paris, the chemical or scientific name of POP being calcium carbonate.

Also, you should have ceramic, white cement, grease, and different colors.

You also need a chalk-making machine, using an automatic chalk-making machine you can get 120,000 to 150,000 pieces of chalk.


11. Bread making business ideas For College Students

These manufacturing projects can be started on a small scale and do not require large licenses.

This requires wheat flour, yeast, sugar, salt, water, and shortening agents as raw materials. The plant, machinery, and technology required for making roti are available all over India.

The target market of the bread bakery business is those who have some reasonable income.

Almost everyone eats bread in one form or another, but people need some discretionary income to buy specific artisan or sandwich bread.


12. Online Exam Form Filling Service for College Students

PF Updates and Withdrawals An internet cafe is a place where food and drinks are usually served.

To start this business you must have some license and investment is also required, you can take a loan from a bank.

13. Cyber cafe business ideas that can be run by college students

Internet cafes, often referred to simply as cyber cafes, are places that provide customers with high-speed Internet access, other computer services, and various PC games.

In the current situation, the cyber cafe is the most profitable business. To increase revenue, you can offer some more services in your cafe, they are:

  • Provide online train tickets, flight tickets, and hotel booking services.
  • Provide all types of insurance for Car, Bike, LIC, etc.
  • Caste. Certificate of caste, employment, life, birth, and death.
  • Credentials. Credit card payment service.
  • Xerox Printing, Scanning, Lamination, Bookbinding, and Fax Services
  • Online Payment and Transaction Services
  • Visa Services and Passports

14. Xerox Shop business ideas For College Students

A Xerox shop is a place that provides Xerox copies of any document.

This is the most lucrative business in the current situation. To increase revenue, you can provide some more services in your shop, they are:

Provide online train tickets, flight tickets, and hotel booking services.

Provide all types of insurance for Car, Bike, LIC, etc.

Certificate of caste, employment, life, birth, and death.

  • Credit card payment service.
  • Printing, scanning, lamination, bookbinding, and fax services.
  • Online payment and transaction services.
  • Visa Services and Passports.
  • Online examination form filling service.
  • PF update and withdrawal.

To start this business you must have some license and investment is also required,

You can take a loan from a bank. (local business ideas in Xerox machines are the most important requirement in this business, try to rent this machine to Begum because as your business grows, you can buy your machine.

15. Ice Cream Shop or Ice cream parlor best business ideas For College Students

best business ideas for college students

The ice cream business is one of the most lucrative in India. Nowadays, the concept can f ice cream parlor is rapidly gaining popularity, where people can enjoy ice cream in comfort.

There are two ways to start this business, start your own business or take a franchise of a popular brand.

While starting this business, you have to check the investment and the area required to open that business and decide.

Also, objections play an important role here.

You should also pay attention to the store type of equipment and the list of equipment needed for the menu.

As ice cream comes in food form, all required licenses are the same as QSR-shop establishment license, FSSAI license, local municipal authority license, and fire licensing license.


16. Game Parlor is the best business idea For College Students

If you are thinking of starting your own business, then you can consider starting your own video game parlor as it is a good idea to start without the hassle of stress and tension. There are various options to consider in this context;

You can start with a console gaming parlor or computer gaming station.

If it makes sense to you, you can start a parlor that will offer both options.

Also, check the license and investment required to start this bus as it plays an important role here.


17. Packing and shipping services are the best business idea For College Students

It is a rapidly growing industry and can be beneficial to both independent businesses and franchises.

Starting a shipping business involves learning how to properly pack items, choosing the right method of shipping, and completing the paperwork required by the shipping company.

To start with, do some market research to get an idea of ​​the current packers and the prices they offer.

After that, plan your strategies and find a place where you can start your office. It may not be limited to Business licenses and Retail Licenses.

Check with your city government for a complete list of appropriate licenses and permits.

If you hire employees, obtain a taxpayer and owner identification number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

At a minimum, you’ll need shipping and packing materials, a bar code printer and scanner, labels and a label printer, computer and credit card readers, and a vendor account with shipping companies.

Now, start promoting your service, also provide some special offers in the initial stage to get the potential customers.


18. DJ Sound Service Could be the best business idea For College Students

Bringing people together through music, being around crowds, and owning your own mobile DJ business is a rewarding career if you’re ready to be your boss.

As a DJ, you spend your day playing music and interacting with people.

Do some market research first and find out what kind of DJ you want to be.

Examine the market, your competitors, required investments, business permits, licenses, and insurance you need.


19. Vehicle Washing Could be the best business idea For College Students

Opening a car wash business can be a fun, interesting, and profitable business for anyone smart and persistent.

With the right location, good marketing, and excellent service, you can attract many customers who need a car wash quickly, efficiently, and at a good price.

However, opening a car wash business also requires significant investment, good planning, and attention to detail to make your business profitable.


20. Breakfast Corner Could be the best business idea For College Students

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.

Starting a breakfast business can allow busy travelers to have a satisfying breakfast on their way to work or at their desks.

Offer to families through breakfast, delivery services, or other businesses.

First, check the licenses required to start this business, find a location, and start your breakfast corner by organizing the necessary equipment.

Decide which food to serve for breakfast, set prices, and focus on marketing.

21. Mobile Repair Business Could be the best business idea For College Students

Nowadays people believe in repairing instead of replacing their smartphones, it is beneficial for the cell phone repair industry.

You can choose to become a mobile phone repair technician and become a professional and earn more profit.

For this, learn in mobile repairing and get a certificate. Is. (local business ideas in  Once you have done that, choose an ideal location and check the investment and required licenses.

22. Internet connection provider Could be the best business idea For College Students

When you connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you become part of their network.

ISPs can then connect to larger networks and become part of their network.

The Internet is just a network of networks. Many large communications companies have dedicated backbones that connect different areas.

Evaluate the area: Make sure your area is a good candidate for a wireless Internet network.

Find a fiber provider: Locate a building where you can purchase a fiber connection and use the roof to start your wireless network.

Find relay sites: Make your network reach your customers wirelessly.

23. Cable Providers Could be the best business idea For College Students

First, decide whether there is a market for your cable company’s services. Review research reports published by state governments or universities in this area.

Read technology trade publications and local trade magazines to learn about population growth, consumer rates, and spending on television entertainment.

24. In-house contractor Could be the best business idea For College Students

A domestic subcontractor is any subcontractor, other than a nominated subcontractor, that the main contractor performs some of the subcontractor’s work.

The main contractor is responsible for the contract between the main contractor and the customer.

This usually refers to the company accepting the contract rather than the service contract of the other. (business ideas in, For example, Company ABC contracts the services of Company XYZ.

Company XYZ is a contracting company. You can become a home contractor and start your own business.

25. Trash business Could be the best business idea For College Students

Opening a Business of Junk Paper Buyers Owning a good, stable business is your ticket, but it is important to plan in detail before starting a business.

Waste paper buyers buy a reusable newspapers, cardboard, office paper, and other products from a network of local businesses and non-profit organizations and then sell them to a large number of paper recycling plants.

The paper recycling industry is profitable. Paper is the most commonly used material in the world.

The good news is that the near and historical average prices for recycled cardboard, paper aluminum, and rigid plastics are above processing costs and are therefore beneficial to recycle.

26. Insurance consultant Could be the best business idea For College Students

Insurance consultants are sales agents whose main function is to provide information to the public about various insurance plan options.

They consult, discuss fees, and establish insurance agreements with clients.

Insurance consultants may act on behalf of a single insurance company or multiple companies.

The Business Owner’s Policy Cost for Consultants combines general property insurance with commercial property insurance, especially at a rate lower than if the policy was purchased separately.

A BOP protects your own business from damage to third-party property, including injury and property damage.

A business consultant has the skills and knowledge to help you plan, make decisions and grow your business.

The “market rate” is the average price and price range that a typical client will pay for their type of consulting service. You can even define your charges and your working hours!

27. tattoo artist  Business Could be the best business idea For College Students

You can take advantage of the popularity of tattooing by setting up a tattoo shop.

Unfortunately, not being good at drawing makes you a tattoo artist.

In most states, you are required to obtain a license before you can get a tattoo or body piercing – and you will be expected to gain some experience before getting a license.

28. Mineral water supplier Could be the best business idea For College Students

Packaged mineral water business can be profitable, as many mineral water companies sell bottled mineral water at expensive prices and these companies do not supply mineral filter water. (Business Ideas in  This is an evergreen business and there is a place for all those who want to step on this opportunity.

There is a difference between this packaged water and mineral water plant, the difference is:

And Packaged Drinking Water or Bottled Water Plant – In this plant we process borewell water and with the help of the RO process, we reduce TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in borewell water i.e. reverse osmosis process. Packaged drinking water does not contain minerals.

Mineral Water Plant – In this plant we use water from natural sources like spring water and mountain water.

This water contains minerals that are beneficial for human consumption.

In a mineral water plant we process and if necessary add minerals to the water.

The minerals found in mineral water are sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. are doing.

To start this business you need Business Registration, AOA and Business MOA, etc. A similar license is required.

29. Textile Industry or Garment industry Could be the best business idea For College Students

To trade with the textile industry (manufacturers of cotton, wool, fur, and synthetic fibers) with the textile industry (manufacturers of cotton, wool, fur, and synthetic fibers) with the textile industry (cotton, wool, fur, and synthetic fibers) Textile industry or textile industry and second-hand clothing to do business, Summary of types of industry

High profit with low investment is a big advantage of this business, you can start it locally or from your home and start growing your business as soon as you start getting good results.

To get more sellers, you need to keep your area updated about fashion trends and use that concept while selling.

30. Blacksmith business Could be the best business idea For College Students

The blacksmith’s job consists of heating metal by fire to forge, repair and weld.

About two-thirds of blacksmiths work in construction, but if you’re more artistically inclined, you can use your skills to create decorative railings and gates, furniture, and sculptures out of metal.

One must have the physical strength to become a blacksmith, but there must also be proper training and development of the necessary skills.

31. Leatherwork Could be the best business idea For College Students

A leather hobby became a business. Seth Cummings never thought of himself as a creative type – until he was inspired by regular work hours.

To Start This Business Find A Leather Supplier And Required Items Like Industrial Sewing Machines, Leather Needles, Patterns, Extra fabrics, Sewing Tools, Buttons & Watches, Items, Stamping Tools, Cutters, Measuring Tools, and Tracing Tools Get more tools. (business ideas in  Tailoring film and modeling equipment and products to your needs.

To promote this business, you can print your business card and also find online stores where you can promote your products.

32. Carpentry business Could be the best business idea For College Students

The Carpenter Business builds, maintains, repairs, or renovates residential and commercial buildings.

Structural carpentry, such as frameworks, contributes to the safety of the community by ensuring the structural integrity of homes and businesses.

The carpentry business is ideal for those who like to work and make things by hand.

It is ideal for those who have preserved and restored historical generations as well as created new ones for future generations.

Carpentry business makes money by charging customers for the time, skill, materials, and labor required to complete various construction projects.

Prices are calculated based on the level of skill and experience, as well as the quality of the material.

33. Slipper manufacturing business Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Slippers are considered a durable item for home consumers and are used by men, women, and children.

Chappals are lightweight footwear made of rubber. The process of making slippers is quite simple. You can make slippers from a small unit.

The main raw materials are rubber sheets and straps. You will also need to purchase packaging consumables.

In addition, you can buy this raw material from the local wholesale market or directly from the manufacturer.

The sleeper-making process is rubber sheet → sole cutting → drilling → strap fitting → finishing → final inspection → packing.

34. business of making rubber toys Could be the best business idea For College Students

The toy manufacturing business falls into the toy, doll, and game manufacturing industry and is made up of companies that make dolls, doll items, action figures, toys, games (including electronics), hobby kits, and children’s vehicles…

Making a Rubber Toy Anyone can undertake a project to make a rubber toy with a simple mechanism and readily available raw materials.

In addition, the production process is not complicated and the product is in good demand.

35. Business making rubber stamps Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Rubber floor mats find daily household use in cleaning dirt off shoes and slippers.

Rubber mats are also essential items on the protected floor around electrical panels to protect the life and limbs of workers due to possible leakage of current and short circuits.

It also provides oil-resistant bottom covering. Industries use oil-resistant rubber floor mats near heavy machinery.

Thus, the product has good market potential. In addition, making rubber floor mats is a profitable investment opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

To start the business of making rubber floor mats, various registrations and licenses from various government authorities are required.

To start this business you need initial capital, raw material, machinery, and a place to make goods.

36. Making a Rubber Floor Mat Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Rubber floor mats find daily household use in cleaning dirt off shoes and slippers.

Rubber mats on protected floors around electrical panels are also essential items to protect workers’ lives and organs from possible leakage of current and short circuits. It also provides oil-resistant bottom covering.

Industries use oil-resistant rubber floor mats near heavy machinery. Thus, the product has good market potential.

In addition, making rubber floor mats is a profitable investment opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

To start the business of making rubber floor mats, various registrations and licenses from various government authorities are required.

To start this business you need initial capital, raw material, machinery, and space to make goods.

37. Latex rubber thread business Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Latex rubber thread is one of the various processes obtained from rubber processing. The main use of rubber thread is in the textile industry. The thread is usually covered with a variety of fabric fibers in a special covering machine.

The covered thread is then woven into the foundation fabric, with other types of wear.

Rubber Elastic Band is made from the finest quality fabrics, reinforced with natural rubber threads.

Colored rubber threads for elastic bands, sofa elastic webbing, headwear, socks, gloves, etc. are used to make toys such as kush balls and doll hair.

To start the business of making rubber floor mats, various registrations and licenses from various government authorities are required.  To start this business, you will also need initial capital, raw material, and machinery.

38. bangle business Could be the best business idea For College Students

best business ideas for college students

Women across the country wear bangles. These bracelets are important and must-have for women.

The person who wants to start a bangle business should understand the demand and what type of bangles most women prefer and which is the lowest selling bangle.

If you are thinking of starting a bracelet business, then analyze all the types and designs of bracelets available in the market.

Market trends are always changing, you have to update yourself daily to catch the trend. To meet the demand for bangles, one has to depend on bangle-making machines that can make bangles in less time.

39. Brick making business Could be the best business idea For College Students

A brick is made of wet clay that has been pressed into a mold, which forms blocks.

To start this business, you need some basic things, knowledge and training, necessary equipment, and a market for sales.

The brick-making process usually consists of the following steps:

– Collection, transfer, grinding, screening, and mixing of raw materials for brick making

– setting, drying, firing

Packaging and inventory is the final process of producing bricks.

40. Printing Business Could be the best business idea For College Students

Few pieces of equipment are required to run a printing business and can be operated as a home-based, storefront, or online business.

Types of printing business include vinyl sign printing, screen-printing T-shirts, printing business cards, brochures and documents, and election ballot papers.

Modern digital printing equipment is smaller and more affordable than ever before, and practically anyone with the capital can buy and operate digital printing equipment from a home office.

41. Sweep production Business Idea

The technical process of broom production is simple and the project can be undertaken with proper planning and investment of moderate capital.

Brooms have been used for centuries to clean dust and dirt from and around homes and workplaces. A broom is a household item.

A broom is a cleaning tool usually consisting of a rigid filament (often plastic, a material such as hair or corn husks) and a connected cylindrical handle,

which is attached to the broom. Thus it is a variety of brushes with long handles. It is usually used in conjunction with a dustpan.

42. Incense stick business Could be the best business idea For College Students.

The scope of this business is very wide and every small-scale manufacturer is making a profit from this business.

Small commercial producers are supplying raw incense sticks to medium growers and adding fragrance to the raw incense sticks and selling them at higher prices in the market.

You can make incense sticks (incense sticks) by taking the mixture on a wooden board and placing it on a hand-wrapped stick.

The process involves mixing raw materials like saw powder, coal powder, and gum powder. With the help of this raw material, a paste is made and then the paste is wrapped in bamboo sticks.

This is a very lucrative business and you can easily earn Rs 500-700 as profit from 1 machine per day.

43. Mulberry cultivation Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Mulberry leaves are the only food for the silkworm (Bombyx Mori) and are grown in a variety of climatic conditions from temperate to tropical. Turmeric leaves are a major economic factor in silk culture as the quality and quantity of leaves produced per unit area directly depend on the cocoon being harvested.

Bombyx mori, or mulberry silkworm, is famous for the production of valuable textiles.

Use rich, clay, and drained potting soil that is slightly acidic or neutral in pH.

The mulberry tree prefers fertile and rich soil with the addition of compost or manure.

44. Dry Fruits Business Could be the best business idea For College Students

The business of dried fruits and nuts can be profitable as the healthy snacks industry is booming.

Starting a dry fruit and nut business requires a proper business plan, in-depth knowledge of food laws and regulations, and proper kitchen arrangements.

Before you start your own dry fruits business if you want to start your own business as a business owner or want to take a franchise, make sure that it makes your life easy and stress-free. will make

When you start a dry fruit and nut business, it is important to establish your business legally.  With a small home business such as a cottage food business, many people start a sole proprietorship.

Once you can set up your business, start producing your dry fruit and cashew product, implement your marketing strategy and sell your product

46. Candle-making Business Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Candle making is the most popular business for beginners as it is very easy to start. This is largely due to the reasons given below. Easy high demand in low investment production.

There are mainly two types of candles that you can make at the beginner level,

A plain white long candle of various heights and sizes. There are other decorative candles including colored, scented, spiral, birthday type, fall, spiral, flute, LED, and pillar candles.


If you are thinking of starting a candle-making business from home, then a business license from the local authority will suffice.

Raw Material:

The two major raw materials used to make candles are paraffin wax and wick, you’ll need yarn, different colors, molds, decorative items, and even fragrance. Pay special attention to packaging for gifts or decorative candles.

In addition to the raw materials, you need some equipment to make candles.

These are melting pots, thermometers, pouring pots, weighing scales, hammers, and an oven for melting wax.

You can start making candles by using various candle-making machines in the market or by checking youtube videos.

Once you are ready with your candle samples, contact the nearest wholesaler and seller and offer your candle items.

Handicraft fairs, home decor stores, gift stores, and grocery stores are potential customers of candles.

If you want to sell online then you can advertise your business and create an online store using social media platforms to showcase and sell your goods.

47. Hairdressing salon Could be the best business idea For College Students.

According to research by Statista, the current global child care market is valued at ₹87.7 billion and will cross ₹100 billion by 2024.

A haircare and salon business is a business that can be started even with a small budget.

This is a mistake made by most entrepreneurs due to which I mention a medium budget.

Due to the high profitability of the salon with a low initial budget, it brings a lot of competitors to the market.

So if you start with a low budget, you may not make enough goals to survive.

To get good money, you need to move your shop to a better location where rent will be higher and customers will come to you or not but you are responsible for paying rent every month. And the rent leads to more and more unsuccessful salons.

48. Home Renovation Could be the best business idea For College Students.

If construction is in your blood and you think you’ll enjoy making your client’s home renovation dreams come true, why not turn it into a business.

A home renovation business is ideal as it has the potential to make money regardless of the overall economy.

A state permit is not required to perform one-handed home repair work and property repair work but must be registered with a home improvement contractor.  If you do any structural work,

For example, to renovate an existing home or a large construction project, you will need a construction supervisor’s license.

49. Furniture Business Could be the best business idea For College Students

The furniture business is an evergreen business idea that has been around since ancient times and will continue to grow in a growing world.

At the very least we should always sleep, rest, and think about how advanced we are.

Take a look at the trends of the furniture market over the past five years and you will see how stable the market is.

The office furniture business currently has a market capitalization of US ₹ 406 Billion, and the overall furniture market is growing at a CAGR rate of 4% as per Technavio.

Automation has given new wings to the furniture business and this business is fast turning into an internet-based business.

50. Tea stall Could be the best business idea For College Students

While the entire tea industry has performed exceptionally well over the decades, small tea stall owners are certainly reaping the benefits of their overall success.

A cup of tea costs around Rs. You can easily sell a cup of tea for 8 to 10 rupees.  In the business of tea, you can get a profit of around Rs 3 to 5 per cup of tea.

If you can sell more than 400 cups of tea per day, you can earn Rs 40,000 per month.

51. Clothing boutique owner Could be the best business idea For College Students

If you dream of building your fashion empire, why not start with a local boutique?

Build a network with effective window displays, and drive social media accounts, and community engagement.

If you are opening a boutique, your permitting requirements may vary from state to state and city to city.

You will need certain permissions for the legal operation of your business,

For example, to collect the business licenses and sales tax, you need to register.  If you are selling with any marketplace website then it saves a lot of time and reduces your processing cost.

Another great advantage of selling online is that you don’t have to pay extra for marketing. Everything will be managed through the Marketplace website.

52. Opening a restaurant Could be the best business idea For College Students

There is no doubt that the restaurant industry is difficult to succeed in.

However, if you have an exciting career, have unproven hours, and allow you to meet the needs of your community, opening a restaurant would be a good idea.

You, get ready to work hard to stand up.

For this, you will need some licenses like a shop and food license.

For this you will also need capital,  If you have capital then it is really good or you can also take a business loan from a bank.

53. makeup artist Could be the best business idea For College Students

In this growing industry, makeup plays a vital role in showcasing beauty.

This makes makeup artists more in demand now. If you love doing makeup and you can help other people to enhance their beauty through makeup then this will be a great business for you.

You can build your client base and offer makeup services for events, photoshoots, or special occasions.

Makeup artists bring out the cosmetic “best” in their clients, creating wedding days and photography events.

Makeup retail businesses can count on a steady stream of customers,

Whereas makeup artists work alone. Use professional-grade makeup products while practicing your art.

54. Start a Mechanic Business Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Maybe you’ve been working on a car in your garage for a few years now.

Don’t just write off your passion as a hobby; It can make a great small business idea.

If you have the skills and experience to deliver your goods or services to customers, you can start a small business, let it grow, and create your niche.

55. Home cleaning business

If you’re naturally tidy and enjoy keeping the space clean,

So consider starting a house cleaning business. It is very easy to get started, it does not require training or certification,

And it can play to your strengths if you detail it.

Residential cleaning is a much easier business than cleaning the house you are cleaning.

Large clock companies dominate the market for cleaning office buildings and the like, and this amount of cleaning requires equipment and work hours that require a large initial budget.

56. Sewing Specialist. Sewing specialist

People always like to combine hemmed dresses and buttons and you can do it.

If you love sewing, start with the simple services mentioned above and expand your store into dress dressing and design as you build a customer base and demand.

By providing services such as clothing repair, custom tailoring, and button replacement, you can earn a steady income along with business with returning customers.

If you make your designs then the profit margin is high and you can earn moderate profit with the normal tailoring and sewing business.

You can start this business from home and then expand it.

57. Travel guide Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Many tourists like to visit new places with a guide.

This allows them to ask all the questions they want and get a real local experience of the place they are visiting.

If you know a city like your backhand, why don’t people charge for a tour?

You can create packages that include:

– to walk

– Taxi service to and from their hotel

– Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner at a local restaurant

58. Courier Service Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Businesses in busy areas often use local courier services, as they can offer more flexible pickup and drop times.

If you have a reliable vehicle and cell phone then you can start a courier service.

This business is easy to start and operate, so you don’t need a lot of money to get started.

The basic business model of courier service is to receive a fee for each item that is delivered.

Courier companies can pick up and deliver your shipment on the same day by solving last-minute delivery needs.

Couriers are delivered via ground service, so standard driving time must be considered for reaching the destination on the same day.

To earn more income, start delivering on the same day and try to charge more shipping charges.

59. units of storage Storage units

Self-storage (shorthand for “self-service storage”, and also known as “device storage”) is an industry in which,

Including storage space (such as rooms, lockers, containers, and/or outdoor space), also known as “storage”. goes.

Units are “leased out to tenants, usually on a short-term basis (usually monthly).

The self-storage industry is a thriving business throughout North America,

In which more volunteers settle down, the size of the house owner shrinks, and the general tendency of people is to accumulate more and more wealth.

And like storage, reality shows are.

Why do people need storage units?

Suppose you have a lot of clutter in your house and you want to live in a clutter-free house then you can keep old things like vehicles, toys, and unnecessary furniture in a safe self-storage unit.

Many products are doing good business with this product too

When moving an office or any other renovation you have a short period of storage that can be useful at that time and move your office soon.

How much budget will be or will be required to provide a self-storage facility.

The cost of storage you need to install self-storage depends on the size of its self-storage.

The amount of time you spend on a startup is called sunk cost. These include advertising, renting the hosting cost for the website, etc.

How to make money through self-storage

If you want to make money from personal storage, you will have to work very hard and follow a completely different game plan.

Buy low and sell high

In Self storage, some people buy when the price is low and then sell when there is a high price and demand.

We must be able to buy at a low price and sell at a high price.

Steps to Self Storage Business The keys to success in the self-storage business are:

Provide safe and convenient cleaning facilities.

Maintain a good relationship with the customer, which should require a temporary stare.

Learn about changes in the market and the reasons for copying accordingly

60. Sunflower Cultivation Business Could be the best business idea For College Students.

This cultivation can be very profitable for business.  is a good oilseed crop, which is giving better profits, and people also know this crop by the type of cash farming. The growing mass of sunflowers provides more quantity edible oil! Because of this, there is a demand from outsiders, which is why it will also bring foreign exchange to a great extent, they get huge benefits by consuming sunflower oil and its seeds.

Sunflower cultivation comes in Kharif, Rabi, and most of the three seasons. But in Kharif season, sunflower is attacked by many disease pests. Flowers are smaller than that, and grains are also found in small quantities in them. Sunflowers can be grown well in Zayed.

Seed rate: For sunflower cultivation, 12 to 15 kg of healthy complex species can be found in a one-hectare area, otherwise 5-6 kg of hybrid species. The seed is suitable for every hectare. However, if the seed deposition is less than 70 percent, then the quantity of seed should be increased accordingly.

Seed treatment: Putting sunflower seed in water for 12 hours in the shadow and then drying it for 3-4 hours helps in quick coagulation. Before planting the seed, it is necessary to purify 2 grams of Carbendazim or 2.5 grams of Thiram per kilogram of seed.

Local Business ideas | New Business ideas

Want to start a local business but need new ideas?

Businesses said that there is a big misconception among the people that only those with crores of capital do business and need more money. List of important business ideas in will start planning your business in 2020~21. Business can be done with less capital.

I don’t have money how can I run my business without money

You need more money to start a small business.

If you are going to trade with no money, the first step is to maintain what you are currently doing.

Then look at the customers of your business, and analyze the market and potential challenges. After seeing all this, you will know how much money you will need.

And this money can be raised through crowdfunding platforms and investors. And you can take a loan as last resort.

61. teaching centers

It is probably one of the most cost-effective businesses to start, due to its zero initial cost requirement. Most tuition teachers take classes in their own homes, thus eliminating any expenses on rent and supplies.

Tutors do not require a teaching license, but you should consider registering your business. Starting a tutoring business does not require a lot of start-up costs. The bare essentials you need to buy are pencils and paper as well as a few books, all of which will cost you less. Teachers can usually charge fees according to their level of education and experience.

62. Tax Consultant

Companies big and small pay money to prepare their taxes for them. This gives them a chance to focus on the everyday tasks of their business. If you have suitable experience, you can establish yourself as a freelancer; However, by starting with a tax preparation franchise, you will receive courses, seminars, and training.

A Tax Consultant is a financial specialist with training in tax laws. A tax professional should be up to date on current tax regulations, which change every year. Tax advisors are regulated by the IRS, which also determines the types of professionals who can practice before the IRS.

63. Homemade Spice Business

Spice is used to refer to foods such as curry, thyme, and cayenne pepper, which are usually in high demand in food stores and supermarkets. Take advantage of this and do your processing and packaging of spices. The spice powder-making business ensures a decent return at less. investment, any person can start this business, even home-based spice making business is profitable.

If you plan to sell the seasonings to the general public, rather than selling wholesale, you’ll need a reseller’s license. The collected sales tax is remitted to the state. Some cities require that you obtain a separate business license from them. Spice processing and packaging is considered a profitable business. Any person can start a spice business as per his investment capacity on a small, medium, and large scale basis.

64. Namkeen Manufacturing Business

Your mouth waters when you take the name of the nankeen. Nowadays many people are earning good money by doing this business.  This business runs a lot in every big to a small city. Products like bhujia, chana-chur, and lentils are famous in other countries as well. A fast-paced lifestyle has led to a lot of development in this area.

To start this work, you will have to invest 40 to 55 thousand rupees. You will need a space of 1030 sq ft, for this business you have to register in advance! You will need two types of machines, in them – a save machine and a fryer.

However, this business is quite challenging as you may experience ups and downs due to changing consumer tastes and multiple branded and unbranded products in the market. However this thing, as the food business is growing rapidly and growing at a faster rate, profit margins are high, and the demand increases during the festive season, you can choose it as a startup business.

65. Tiffin Service Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Tiffin is a business that deals with offering catering services. This business has good potential for growth and expansion as it is very profitable. Apart from this, you will also need good planning and management skills. Flexibility as to successfully handle any last-minute changes required by customers.

They usually have a main meal such as a sandwich or salad, a snack such as cookies or chips, possibly some fruit, and a drink. Starting a box lunch service requires very little startup capital. While the production and sale of processed foods are governed by state and federal regulations, you will need a food license.

66. papad making business Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Everyone is well aware of that brand which starts with the motive of women empowerment whose first benefit is RS 1 and now it has become the most popular brand in the industry of making papad and that brand is Lijjat papad.”Today In the time of the famous “Lijjat Papad” business started with only 80 rupees. Now 800 crores is a lot.

You will not even need expensive machines to make papadManufacturing Process for Papad Making Business Papad can be manufactured from different varieties of pulses with the hand press machine developed by CFTRI. With an automatic papad-making machine, you can make 40 kg papad per hour. You also need a dryer machine. Only through this, your made papad will be sold in the shops of the whole city. If you give good quality at the right price then your business will be running in few days and you can earn a lot of money.

67. Paper Bag Making Business

You can make and sell a wide variety of paper goods, from cards and envelopes to books and magazines. You can also make bags from a variety of sources and materials and then sell them to consumers or businesses to use for packaging.

Paper bags are made from different types of paper that are both bleached and unbleached. Although for making paper bags for general use, kraft paper and invention kraft paper are the most common paper. Papers used for commercial and office envelopes include manila, brown wrapping paper, or white paper.

The paper bag-making business can survive for a very long time if you will focus on the quality of the bags produced. Make sure you choose the right methods of manufacturing and do regular inspections of the quality of the bags.

Listed below are some of the areas where paper bags are used:

– party bag

– luggage bag

–  for food items

medical use

jewelry packaging

– general-purpose bags

68. homemade foodservice business 

The home canteen is one of the most important meals of the day. Starting a canteen business gives you the chance to grab a satisfying breakfast for busy commuters to eat on their way to work or at their desk. Provide quality food to families. delivery service or through other businesses.

First, check the licenses required to start this business, find a location, and start your canteen by arranging the required equipment. Decide the amount of food you’ll provide daily, set up pricing, and focus on marketing. Also, always take suggestions and reviews from your customers and follow them up.

69. dance classes

Dance is a historical tradition and art. If you are good at creative skills like dance and music, it makes sense to pursue this as a full-time business opportunity. Your chances of success in this industry are directly related to yourself. skill and talent. And the best part is, the work will never feel like an obligation!

You can start it from your home first, as soon as you get good results you can open your dance school and teach different types of dance under one roof. In the future, you can add some more options like music classes and some other art classes as well.

For this you can open a class in your own home, also you do not need much investment in this business. In this business, even if you take 500 to 800 rupees from one of your students, then you can earn good money in a month.


70. Garment & Footwear Franchise Business

Nowadays Fashion Market has been a very rapid change which is taking on the most Impact clothes!

Therefore, if you take a franchise of a big famous brand in the clothing business and market it in a good area and where the competition is less, then you can earn a lot of profit from it.

71. Digital marketing business Could be the best business idea For College Students.

Digital marketing business is the trending business in India right now and there are a lot of opportunities in digital marketing.

You can start a digital marketing business agency, and you can start a new freelance business or else launch your start-up, you can promote different products through your digital marketing business. and can earn good money.

When you start a digital marketing business, you need to know about digital marketing. Before starting any business in digital marketing, you need to have good digital marketing skills and knowledge. You can learn digital marketing online from YouTube and Google or join the training center after paying the fees.

It is very difficult to find good digital marketing training institutes in India. Most of the people that most training centers provide are not skilled themselves.

72. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the growing business areas among our internet generation.  is Affiliate Marketing which enables users to earn commissions by marketing or sales of any other site of the product on your blog or website.

how to do affiliate marketing

To do affiliate marketing, it is necessary to have your website or YouTube channel!

You are paid a commission for every product/service you have purchased through your given link!

Pay your share for CPA (cost per action) affiliate programs

By doing Affiliate Marketing within Small Business Ideas, you can get more than 40k rupees by selling you per month.

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