Business ideas with low investment and high profit In 2021

 Friends, if are you also thinking of doing Some Business Then here are Some Latest Business Ideas For 2021 with business ideas with low investment and high profit? So you are thinking right because there are lots of opportunities to do business this year. 

Money is the most important thing in life. Nowadays everyone wants to fulfill their dreams by earning money. Today’s youth believe in doing more business than jobs. But due to lack of correct information, they suffer loss in business. Friends, if you also want to make your business successful and profitable then you should definitely read this post of ours.

Before starting any business, it should be prepared well. Without proper planning and strategy, your millions of crores of rupees can be wasted in business.

Best business ideas in 2021 with business ideas with low investment and high profit

If you are short of Budget and Assets, then you can do business with a low budget. At the starting of any business, we should not drown in investment debt. If you have a budget and money, then you can do business with a high budget. The more your investment, the higher will be the profit.

In today’s post, we will explain to you both types of business models. We are giving you the latest business ideas according to your budget.

Latest business ideas in 2021:-

India currently remains the first choice of businessmen all over the world. People from abroad come to our country to increase their business. Business Opportunity in India is high because both Manpower and Technology are available here at a very low price.

Low budget business ideas in 2021:-

If you also want to earn your name in the business, then you can follow these business ideas mentioned by us. All the business ideas that we have told you here, all they have been tested and successful and people are also earning a lot of money from it.

1. Solar plant 

Business ideas with low investment and high profit In 2021

Solar business is the business with low investment and have high profits in this year 2021

We all know how much demand for energy and power is in today’s time. In such a situation, people are increasingly attracted to Solar Plant. The power supply of Solar Plant is more than inverters. That is why people like to install Solar panels in their homes.

To start this business you will need only three people:




You can start this business both offline or online. You just have to get a contract from people. If you cannot do your own Solar Panel business, then you can earn a commission by transferring customers to any big company.

2. Earn millions by doing Bakery business:-

Business ideas with low investment and high profit In 2021

Bakery Business has business ideas with low investment and high profit

In today’s time, Bakery’s business is very successful and full of profit. You do not have to invest a lot of money in this business. In this business of Bakery Plant, you can do Wholesaling by making Bread, Toast or Biscuits.

You need only 60 to 70 thousand rupees to build this business plant. This business can be made in the village or in small cities, to make a lot of profit.

In this business of bakery, you have to pay most attention to its distribution. You must have at least 10 Distributors who cover different areas.

You can wholesale your Bakery Products at the shops or send them to cities or villages in the morning. You will need a Rented Vehicle to do this.

In this business, you can earn at least one lakh of the month very comfortably.

3. Earn millions by doing business of Mobile Shop

Business ideas with low investment and high profit In 2021

According to an Oxford survey, most phones are being sold in India after 2016. More than 44% of the people of India today own a smartphone. In such a situation, if you start a mobile shop business, then it can be quite profitable for you.

You can open this business in a nearby town or city. You do not need to buy all the phones to sell, you can sell them on Contract Base. When your phone starts selling, you will pay money to your Wholesaler.

You can buy these phones from online e-commerce websites like Flipkart or Amazon and sell them by increasing the price by about one to two thousand rupees. In this mobile shop business, you can earn thousands or even millions of rupees a month.

4. Candle making business

Candle business has business ideas with low investment and high profit

Candles are mostly used in decorations and parties. Candle making is very easy and you can make its plant in a small place in 20000 only. In today’s market, the demand for candles is very high, while the supply is not in that way.

You can do this business of Candle Making with the help of internet, in this you will need only two to three workers. Candle is very expensive in the market and the smallest candle costs 5 to 10 rupees.

You can get these candles delivered in big restaurants or hotels or you can also sell them directly at the shop.

5. Business of Motor Parking

If you have some space in the city then you can start the motor parking business. You can open this business close to the railway station or bus station. Many people park their cars at these places and go out.

To start this business, you just have to make a card or slip of your stand, in this, you have to keep some two to three guards who secure the vehicles.

In this business you can charge money by the hour or by the day, one hour parking in cities costs around ₹ 10 and 1 day is about 40 to 50 rupees.

6.The work of making incense sticks

Business ideas with low investment and high profit In 2021

Incense Business has business ideas with low investment and high profit in 2021

The industry of making incense sticks is a less profitable industry. You can earn good income by purchasing the machine at a cost of 50,000 to 60,000 rupees. A mixture of charcoal powder, wood powder rolls, incense and other aromatic ingredients can be prepared by preparing it. It is used for worship.

7. Pickling Industry

Picking Business has business ideas with low investment and high profit

Everyone likes salty food. Skilled women can make snacks and sell them at a reasonable price in the market. Various types of pulses like urad, moong, gram, etc. are used along with gram flour to make Namkeen. The business of making snacks is developing at a rapid pace, so you can earn good profits.

Big-budget business ideas

If you allow a good budget and want to earn strong profits by starting your business from a big level, then we have listed 5 such best business ideas for you, you will read it carefully.

1. Opened Petrol pump and earned millions

Business ideas with low investment and high profit In 2021

Petrol Business has low investment and high profit in 2021

If you have up to 1 crore rupees to invest, then the petrol pump business can be very profitable for you. You can open the petrol pump on the side of the highway or any busy road.

To start a petrol pump business, all you have to do is to take the license and NOC from the government. The government conducts its survey every year. Competition is very low due to high investment in this business but earning is very high.

2. Tourist hotels business

Tourist Business has low investment and high profit in 2021

Big cities which are tourism hubs like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, or Agra, millions of tourists from these countries come to visit every year from abroad.

Tourists pay from 5 to 15 thousand rupees for staying the night, in such a situation, if you open a tourist hotel in these places, then you can earn millions of rupees a month.

If you do not have any property in these cities, then you can rent any good property on Rent or Lease. You can connect your hotel with websites like Oyo, MakeMyTrip that will bring you, customers.

COVID Cases are happening now and the tourism business is about to resume. That is why in 2021, this hotel business can be very good and successful.

3. Earned crores by doing production house work

If you talk about New Big Business Ideas in Hindi, then the business of Production House can be the highest profiter. To open any production house, all you have to do is create an online portal where you can offer your production service.

The job of a production house is to invest in films or songs. When you invest money in any film or web series, share production houses get the highest amount of money after release.

It is not necessary that you can invest in Bollywood films from the beginning, you can invest in any regional industry. Producers earn the most from films.

4. Jewelry shop business

Jewelry  Business has low investment and high profit 2021

The business of a jewelry shop is considered to be the Best Business Ideas in 2021, as the savings are the highest here. The price of gold and silver is very high today and people are still buying them.

Jewelry is sold the most in India as it has the culture of giving and taking jewelry at the wedding. A lot of money can be made from this business in the Wedding Season. You can open your jewelry shop in a good showroom anywhere in the city.

Profit of Margin is very much in the business of jewelry shop and shopkeeper can earn 5 percent of its price by selling 10 grams of gold.

5. Become a billionaire by doing business as a Property dealer

Business ideas with low investment and high profit In 2021

We all know that investing in property is considered the best. Investments made in the property give us long time profit and the share of profit is also very high.

If you have a Decent Amount to invest, you can buy or build property in big cities and sell As A Dealer. In this work of Property Dealer, you can earn up to 5 to 10 lakh rupees on each property.

In starting, you can sell it Individually, when you have a good hold in the market, then you can start a company of your own. There is no fixed salary in a property dealer but there are very few loss channels in it.

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