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Hello, Today in New Business Idea I am giving information about Chapati or Roti making business. How can you start a Chapati or Roti making a business? How will I do complete business planning, I will also give information about the cost of doing business and government license. Also, I will tell you where to buy the machine for business. For all this information, watch the video till the end.

In our country, Chapati or Roti is the main food. All the people living in the city from small to big villages like to eat roti or Chapati. From home to hotels, hostels, hospitals, canting, tiffin service places, etc., there is a need for Chapati or roti. Because of this, the demand for bread suppliers is increasing day by day in small and big cities. Considering the demand for roti, today it is a good option to adopt it as a business.

The manufacture of roti or chapati has been prepared by hand for centuries. But today science has made a lot of progress. New technology is being developed for the convenience of the people. This technology has led to the invention of the bread-making machine. By the way, making roti or Chapati is quite easy. But making roti or Chapati with the help of machines has become even easier. With the help of the machine, you can make more Roti or Chapati in very little time and earn more profit. The machine is easy to operate, seeing a couple of times, anyone can prepare Roti or Chapati with the machine.

Roti or Chapati Making Machinery Roti or Chapati Making Machine

Roti or Chapati Making Machine comes in many sizes, designs, and types. Both automatic machines and semi-automatic machines are available in the market. In the automatic machine, from making roti to kneading and rolling the dough, the work can be done simultaneously with the help of a single machine.

The second type of machine is the semiautomatic machine. There are two other machines with it. In which a mixer machine for kneading dough. By mixing flour and water, you can knead it well. And the second machine is the ball cutter machine. With its help, the thickness and diameter of the roti can be set. Due to this essay, the roti is prepared of one size and thickness. In this way, from kneading the dough with the help of a machine to rolling and baking the bread in less time, it gets done in no time. With the help of this machine, 800 to 1000 pieces of Rotis or Chapati can be prepared in 1 hour.


Roti/Chapati Machine Price Chapati Making Machine Price

The semiautomatic machine is available for around Rs. 2.50 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs. According to the rate and capacity of different companies, there is a lot of difference in their rates. Therefore, before buying the machine, check it thoroughly and buy it only after that.

The cost of an automatic machine is much higher than that of a semiautomatic machine. For those who have less budget, Essay can run their work with the old machine also. The cost of the old machine is much less than the new machine. To buy a new or used machine, you can contact on the given number.

Location Required for Roti or Chapati Making Business Chapati Making Business Places

The space for this business is required according to the machine. If the machine is big then a large space will be required, if the size of the roti or Chapati making machine is small then work can be started from a small space also. By the way, generally according to the size of a medium-sized roti-making machine, you need 1000 square meters of space to sit the machine, store, and package the prepared Chapati or Rotis.

To start the roti-making business on a large scale, at least one thousand square feet of space and three to five lakh rupees will be required. If you have space then it is a good thing or else you can start roti making business by taking space on rent.

Roti or Chapati Business Packaging Chapati Packaging

Roti or  Chapati business is a catering business, so special care has to be taken of cleanliness during its packaging. Use foil wrapping paper for the packaging of rotis. Due to this, the rotis remain fresh, soft, and soft. While packaging the rotis, it is also necessary to keep in mind that the roti is not damaged in any way.

Raw Material for making Roti / Chapati

  • Main raw material
  • Flour
  • Clean water
  • foil wrapping paper

Wheat flour and clean water are required in the raw material for making roti, foil wrapping paper is required for packaging. The raw material will be available in the retail or wholesale market.

Marketing of Roti or Chapati Chapati Making Business Marketing

You can start a roti or chapati-making business from home or around the market. In the beginning, you will have to do some hard work for selling roti. Cantings, hospitals, call centers, hostels, hotels, and restaurants, employed by nearby government and private companies can supply bread to the employed people.

For selling roti or chapati, you can also meet small and big tiffin centers running in the city and can also supply rotis to them. Nowadays food service is being provided online in small and big cities. You can also get roti orders online and sell them rotis.

Apart from this, you can also earn good money by renting the machine. You can earn extra money by renting machines for various types of events such as wedding ceremonies and Bhandari in Satsang. On rent, you can give the machine 2000 to 3000 rupees per day.

– You can also contact those places in the city where bread is needed in large quantities like canteens of different places like hospitals, offices, call centers, hostels, colleges, etc. They can be supplied on a per roti basis.

– Hotels running more, restaurants where the demand for bread is high, you can order and supply from them.

You can also do this business by renting a machine to those doing business of catering in marriage.

Profit from Roti or Chapati Business Roti or Chapati Making Business Profit

There is no fixed limit on profit from the business. Anyway, it depends on the supply of Rotis given in the city. In which city are you doing this business, and how many rotis are you supplying there every day. The profit from the business depends on how many orders you get in a month, how much you are selling every day, at what price you are selling bread in wholesale and retail, etc. Depends on supply marketing. The better your marketing, the more will be the quantity of bread supplied.

You can make a simple profit like this. The cost of the business is Rs 1000 and the raw material and the wages paid to the workers come on a day’s basis. The cost of machine-prepared roti is around Rs. If you make 1000 Rotis by working for one hour, then it can make a profit of at least 1000 rupees by taking out your cost per hour. In this way, you can earn 8000 rupees by working 8 hours a day.

Keep in mind, in big cities the price per roti ranges from Rs.25 to Rs.15 in small towns. On selling wholesale, the price of rotis goes down a bit. In this way, you can get an idea of ​​how much income you can earn every day by selling wholesale and retail.

Roti or Chapati Making Business License

To do any business definitely and to earn profit regularly, it is very important to register your business. With this, you can easily get the benefits of the aid given by the government. First of all, do not forget to register your business under MSME under Udyam Aadhaar. This is a foodstuff-related business. For this, it is necessary to register it. For this, the Food and Health Department of your city will have to take an FSSAI license. There are different rules for a license in different states of the country and find out about this by going to the office of the Food and Health Department of your city.

Things to note while starting a Chapati Business

This is an item related to food. Take special care of cleanliness while preparing it.

Use good quality clean flour for making roti. So that the taste of bread is good.

Pay special attention to bread packing. Use foil wrapping paper for packing the roti so that the roti remains fresh, hot, and soft for a long time.

– License for Roti Making Business

Friends, you must have liked the information given to start the business roti. Today that’s all, we will meet again with new business ideas Hello.

To buy or sell new or used machines, contact the given number.

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