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Top 1 cottage industry ideas. Most profitable small business Soap Business

How to Do Soap Business??

Soap is one such thing, which has a very important place in our daily life. Whether it is bath soap, washing clothes or washing utensils, we all need these every day, so the demand for it is always there in the market and its business is also increasing rapidly.

Which new soap is coming in the market, many people take care of it. People expect a lot from the new soap that there will be something new in it. You can attract customers by doing something innovative in packaging, fragrance and colors. So, let us see the process of this small scale making bath soap.

The machines Require to start Soap Business 

* Raw material mixing machine starts at around 35 thousand rupees.

* Price of milling machine starts from about 40 thousand rupees.

* Soap printing machine prices start from around 70 thousand rupees.

* In this way the total expenditure will be about 1 lakh 45 thousand rupees.

Apart from this, automatic soap making machines of modern technology are also available in the market. Its set includes all the necessary machines, which cost around Rs 2,50,000. Its price may vary according to the company and production capacity.

Location and staff expenses

* At least 800 snare feet of space is required for soap business.

* Electricity bill may vary from city to city.

* Electricity bill – about 3 thousand rupees.

* Other expenses – about 1 thousand rupees.

* Administrative expenses – about 4 thousand rupees. (Excluding rent)


To make 2500 soaps daily, you will need about 5 employees.

* Every employee gets Rs. 200 per day

200 × 5 = 1000 rupees, then one month’s salary will be 1000 × 25 = 25000 rupees.

raw material

Soap noodles are prepared from palm oil and coconut oil. Readymade soap noodles are available in the market. Apart from soap noodles, caustic soda, olive oil, coconut oil and many other types of oils, colors and fragrances are required. Sandalwood, rose, lemon, neem, aloe vera, lavender, mogra etc. are options for fragrance. The price of raw materials can vary in the market and on online sites.

Soap preparation process

Here we will keep the ratio of raw material according to making 2500 soaps daily.

* 250 kg soap noodles will be required for this.

First of all, put soap noodles in the raw material mixing machine.

* After a while mix seven and a half kilos of soap stone powder.

* Mix two and a half kilos of favorite fragrance and color.

* Soap noodles, soap stone powder, color, fragrance are mixed well, then put them in the milling machine.

* The mixture is mashed 5-6 times in a milling machine. To prepare the mixture, add half a liter of water to it.

* In about 20-25 minutes, 500 soaps weighing 100 grams are prepared from 50 kg of raw material in one go.

* To give soap the desired shape, put this mixture in a soap printing machine. The soap of the desired shape will be prepared.

Always remember this

* Take care of the fact that the use of soap does not have any side effects on the customers’ body.

* Pay special attention to the quality of soap.

* Raw material used for soap should be of good quality and grade.

* While making soap, keep in mind that the size of the soap should be such that it comes easily in your hand.

* There are many brands in the market, so your soap packaging should be such that it attracts people.

* Mostly, there is a complaint about soap that it melts quickly, so you should make a soap that lasts longer.

Soap packing

The soap may be of excellent quality, but if its packing is not good, then it will not be able to attract people. Keep these things in mind for packing.

* While packing, take special care that the soap and packing do not deteriorate quickly.

If possible, use a paper box or paper wrapper for packing soap.

* The soap pack should be colorful and attractive and your soap should have a beautiful photo printed on it.

* Make sure to print the complete information on the soap box, such as – soap name, ingredients, company name, address etc.

Production sales

* To start selling soap, you will have to work hard. You can prepare soap and keep it in big hotels or shops in the city.

* You can tell them about your soap by going to government and private institutions in the surrounding areas.

* For business promotion, you will be able to promote to maximum people by making a visiting card, pamphlet or banner.

* Can take support of Newspaper, TV and Website.

* Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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