Disposable Syringes Manufacturing Business

By Disposable syringes, we mean the needle used by the doctor to get the medicine into the patient’s body. The biggest advantage of doing this business is that the replacement demand for disposable syringes is very high. Therefore, in any month of the year, there is always an extraordinary demand for them in hospitals and other medical institutions. The same syringe is used on a single patient to avoid diseases caused by infection. Apart from this, the re-use of Disposable syringes has almost been dispensed due to the threat of AIDS all over the world, which is why it is discarded once used so there is always a very large demand in the market. 

    Disposable Syringes Manufacturing Business

    What is Disposable Syringes Manufacturing Business:

    Disposable Syringes are manufactured using plastics as raw materials. The process of curing or resecting using them can be termed as the intracellular method of curing/resection. Disposable Syringes are mainly developed by adopting the injection molding method, the most widely used manufacturing method adopted in the plastics industry. Replacement Demand of Disposable Syringes is several times more than the prevalent Glass Syringes due to their availability in the market or hospital etc., as it is non-bacterial, ready to use, always cheap. These types of Syringes are available in various designs and sizes in the market with capacities of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 ML. Therefore, we mean the process of earning through Disposable Syringes Manufacturing Business when an entrepreneur is manufacturing Syringes of various sizes and designs and selling them to hospitals and other medical institutions.

    Market Potential in Disposable Syringes Making:

    Say the glass syringe due to its gradual disappearance or glass syringe in many ways like price, bacteria-free, always ready to use, whatever the reasons but the truth is that Glass syringe has almost disappeared with the introduction of disposable syringes. That is why the demand for Disposable Syringes is always present not only in the country but also with the view of exporting abroad. If we talk about East India, there are very few units in Eastern India to make such items or not. Apart from this, the unit of manufacturing Disposable Syringes in India is already present in cities like Faridabad, Ahmedabad, Indore, etc., which are successfully earning their business by exporting their products in the country and abroad. There are some units in India whose entire business is based on exports only and only. As we all are aware, Disposable Syringes are a common item used in the medical field, that is why the Government of India is also a very big customer for buying this kind of item. In view of its increasing use and the government’s special attention to the health sector, it can be said that the future of the Disposable Syringes Manufacturing business is bright.

    Required Machinery and Raw Materials:

    Raw Materials are polypropylene grains mainly used in the manufacturing of Disposable Syringes. Apart from this, some other auxiliary raw materials like rubber gaskets, needles, packing material, printing ink are also used. The following is the list of machinery and equipment used in the Disposable Syringes Manufacturing business.

    • Injection molding machine
    • Screen printing machine
    • Sterilization plant (Ethylene Oxide)
    • Packing machine
    • Automatic Assemble Machine
    • Scrap grinding machine
    • Weighing machine (electronic)
    • Air Compressor
    • Water pump
    • Chilling Plant
    • Molds of 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, & 50 ml including Barrel & Plunger (with different size mold barrels and plunger)

    The following is the list of Raw Materials used for the Disposable Syringes Manufacturing business.

    • Polypropylene (Plastic Grain)
    • Ethylene oxide
    • Packing Paper
    • Packing boxes (boxes for packaging)
    • Rubber Gaskets (Rubber Gaskets)
    • Needle
    • Printing ink

    Manufacturing Process of Disposable Syringes:

    Disposable Syringes Manufacturing Business requires an injection molding machine specially designed to manufacture Disposable Syringes. These types of machines are being manufactured by many companies in India or even imported from outside countries, this type of machine can be called. In Disposable Syringes Manufacturing, polypropylene grains are injected into the hopper mounted in the injection molding machine. After that various production-related processes like Clamping force, Temperature, Raw Material quantity, and Injection Pressure are controlled automatically by the machine. This is done so that the chances of interrupting the production are greatly reduced and the amount of wastage can be reduced. Talking about the main two parts of Disposable Syringes, the cylinders and pistons are shaped when the mixture produced from plastic bags is in cold condition. Scrapes produced by this process are separated from the molded parts ie cylinders and pistons. The cylinders and pistons are filled in a plastic container or a bag for a couple of days to fit the required measurements and placed in a room where AC is installed. After the shrinking process of the product is completed, their quality is inspected and their capacity, etc. is printed on it. The cylinders are then inspected for their tightness by applying pistons, and the cylinders are assembled with pistons. After that, the whole assembled products are used in the sterilization plants using ethylene oxide to carry out the sterilization process. After the completion of all the procedures, the Blister Packing of Disposable Syringes is done and earned by selling it in hospitals and other medical institutions.

    Since the Disposable Syringes Manufacturing Business is a business connected to the medical field, the entrepreneur starting it may need to get a Drug License. And it is mandatory to manufacture the Disposable Syringes as per the specifications laid down by the Drug Control Department.

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