How do you start a blog online

Friends, in today’s online world, blogging has become very popular, every person is aware of blogging and thousands of people are also making money by blogging, friends because it is money sitting at home. A very good way to earn. You can earn money sitting at home by starting blogging, but many people do not know how do you start a blog online? How to Start Blogging So in today’s post, we will take information about this, so let’s talk about How do you start a blog online

How do you start a blog online

 What is required for Blogging Or To Start a Blog Online?

What is required for Blogging

 Actually, You do not need anything to start blogging. Nor do you need to invest a lot of money in this blogging, if you want, you can do it without spending any money, it is also absolutely free, yes you can start blogging for free too. Just something you need to have Only then you can do blogging. To start blogging, you must first have these things.

  • Laptop / Computer Ya Mobile
  • Basic Internet Knowledge
  • Internet
  • Patience

Friends, if you have all these things, then you can start a blog Online for free and if you want to invest money in blogging, Then even you can invest a small amount of money.  you just have to buy a domain and hosting and you can start blogging.

 To start a blog online Do we need to do Any Course

Bogging Course

This question is very famous, a lot of people ask do we have to do a course to learn to blog or to start a blog online, It is not necessary to start a blog online by doing a course. you do not have to take any course for this, if you want to do that thing is different but yes if you do the course Or take information from them that if you are blogging, then you will be able to learn and do this work faster and better. And the thing is about the course of blogging, so many people are teaching it for free, you do not need to spend any money on this, you can learn everything for free, apart from this, if you have any problem or  If you have questions, you can ask me, I will try my best to help you.


To start a  blog online do we need to invest?

How do you start a blog online

 Friends, as I just told you that blogging can be done both ways with investing money, and without investing single money, you can do blogging.  if you are just new  In the world of blogging or if you want to learn blogging now, then you should learn blogging without investing, do blogging without investing money when you feel that you should invest money in this work, then you can also invest money in this work later. . But blogging can be done both ways.

 How do you start a blog online Step by Step Guide?

 Find Your Niche  (Topic For Blogging)

 Friends if you want to start Blogging. So the first and most important thing is that you have to choose a Niche. Meaning that a Particular Topic will have to choose a particular Category, on top of which category you want to create a blog.

 Like if you want to make a health blog or If you want to make a blog of technology or you want to make a blog related to education. Whichever category you want to write above. You have to decide this. 

 How to Find a Niche??

Now the question comes, how do we choose this Niche? Friends, it is very easy to write that thing about that topic, make a blog about the topic that you like. You can also write about it and you will enjoy it. You Should not get bored talking about the topic you like to talk about. You should make a blog about it only. Now, what is this blog? it happens. So let’s understand. What is a blog?

 What is a blog?

Friends Blog is like a website. Where we keep the content. People post articles to our content and come to our blog. Like you are reading this article right now. You are reading this on my blog. This is called a blog.  on this you can write your posts, articles, you can reach the world. 

 How do you start a blog online?

Friends, before starting a blog, you should choose your topic, on which topic you want to create your blog, only then you create your blog. Friends, there are many ways to make a blog, where you can create a very good blog on your own, without any coding knowledge. There are many websites where you can create a free blog, such as,,, these are some famous websites and many more. Where you can create a blog for free, but I will suggest that if you want to create a blog for free, then you can create your own blog with the help of

 How do you start a blog online: A Step by Step Detailed Guide

 Hello friends, welcome all of you to my blog, today we are going to talk about What Is Blogging and how do you start a blog online – how do you start a blog online, what things we will need to start a blog – What is  Domain?, What is Hosting? There are many other things that are important for you if you want to start a blog. We are going to understand all of them today.

 Pick Your Blog Name

Friends, first you have to decide the name of your blog. What would be the name of your blog?  we also have to name our blog. By which our blog will be recognized. You can name this anything. It’s up to you It should only be unique and it should be small and not too big.

 Buy a Domain to Start a Blog online

How do you start a blog online

Friends, if you have considered the name of your blog. You have decided what you want to name your blog. So now you need to buy a domain of the same name. Now, what this domain Is For?

 So let’s understand.

What is a domain in the Internet world, this is the address of your blog. If someone needs to access your blog. So how will it reach you, think to yourself that there are so many blogs on this website? So he can access your blog through this address. Let me give you examples of some websites.

For example:,,, etc ..

 Buy a Hosting To start a blog online

Web Hosting

 Friends, after purchasing the domain you will have to buy Hosting. Now, what is this hosting?

 What is Hosting? 

Friends Hosting is the place. Where we keep our blog or website. Like if we want to open a shop, then we will need someplace for it too, where we can open our shop and keep our mill. In the same way, Hosting is where we keep our blog.

 Create a Blog

 Friends, if you have purchased Domain and Hosting then you can use any mediums to create your blog now. You can make this through many mediums. But if you have purchased Domain and Hosting. So Now you create your blog through WordPress. WordPress creates a blog or website through a very good medium. In this, you will get many features, tools for many tasks, through which you can make a very good blog very easily.

 For this, you do not need any coding information. You can make your own blog very easily. And if you do not want to buy Domain and Hosting. And you want to create a blog for Free. So you can also create your blog through

 Design Your Blog

 Friends, after creating a blog, You Should design your blog. Your blog should be Mobile Friendly, Responsive. And should also be good in appearance. Your blog should work properly on tablets on computers on mobile. Your blog’s UI needs a good UX. Now the point is, how to do all this?

 So friends, for all this, you get a lot of themes (Templates) in Blogger in WordPress or through whatever means you will make a blog. Through which you can design your blog very well.

 Free Blogger Templates

 Friends, today we are going to talk about the Top 3 Free & Premium Responsive Blogger Templates. You will also be able to use all these templates for free and if you want to buy them, you can still do this. It is available in all Templates Free and Paid Versions and you also get Responsive and SEO Optimized (Search Engine Optimization). Also, we will also know whether we should use Free Blogger Templates or Themes or Premium Themes? What kind of templates are perfect for our blog created on and how you can download these templates and how to apply them to your blog, we will know all about them.

 Friends, I am also a blogger and I also use So many people ask me every day that we also use, we have also created a blog with the help of Blogger and we want to use Templates or Themes other than Blogger. Some people ask about Free Responsive Blogger Templates and some people ask about Premium Blogger Templates or Themes. So today we will take information about similar templates that you will be able to use for free and you can also buy them. I have used and used some of these templates myself. So, let’s first do some important things about these Templates or Themes, then we will understand all these Templates about their features in detail.

 Which Templates is Best For Blogger?

Friends first of all talk about which Template is Best For bloggers? Which Templates will be the best for Blogger, which Templates we should use in Blogger. Should we use Free Templates in Blogger or Premium Templates? Which Themes Will Be The Best For Our Blog?

 So friends, if I tell you myself, I always use Premium Templates or Themes, I am not asking you that you too, I am telling you about both, you should use what you feel is right, but I always use Premium I use it and I would also recommend that you also use Premium Templates only.

 Because you think yourself a Template you get around 500..600 rupees which you can get in Free also, but you have many features which you do not find in Free Template which are very important. For that, you have to buy Premium Version. So think for yourself if something is necessary for your blog and you get around 500… 600 rupees, then what should we use?

Now it is your choice whether you use Free Responsive Blogger Templates or you use Premium Blogger Templates, I will tell you about both here. So let’s first get information about those templates, then we will know how to download Free Blogger Templates? – How you can download these templates and use them in your blog.

Top 3 Free / Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

 1. SuperMag – Responsive Blogger Template

 SuperMag Blogger Template is a very powerful and professional theme. SuperMag is very fast and optimizes, allowing your website to get the best results on search engines. SuperMag is fully compatible with mobile devices and is also Adsense friendly.

Super Mag Blogger Templates

                      See Live Demo, Features & Free Download This Template

 SuperMag Blogger Template is also fully customizable, allowing the user to create several different designs in a few clicks, using the customization tools of the platform itself, without having to edit even a line of code.

 2. Gamfay – Blog & Magazine Gaming Blogger Template

How do you start a blog online

                         See Live Demo, Features & Free Download This Template

 Gameify Blog & Magazine Gaming Blogger Template is a professional blogger / Blogspot theme. Gameify has advanced and totally exclusive features that will take your website to the highest level of excellence compared to other templates available for bloggers.

 Gameify Blogger Template is very fast and fully optimized for SEO, which can help you to significantly improve your website results on Google search engine and other services. And, of course, Gameify is compatible with AdSense and is also optimized for mobile devices.

 Gameify Blogger Template is perfect for gaming blogs, videos, tech news sites, and other diverse niches, as it is fully customizable, allowing you to create your own unique design in a few clicks without editing any line of code.

 3. TechMag – Responsive Blogger Template

How do you start a blog online

                         See Live Demo, Features & Free Download This Template

 TechMag is an awesome free & premium blogger template. It is fully customizable so that you can create your own amazing design using the newest blogger / Blogspot tools. TechMag is a clean and very fast blogger template. Its design is totally exclusive and is perfect to take your website to another level.

 TechMag Blogger Template is fully Optimize and delivers incomparable results when it comes to Google Lighthouse. It is sure that you will not find any blogger templates with similar results.

TechMag Blogger Template is perfect for anyone looking for a simple, fast, customizable, and mobile-friendly blogger template. If you are looking for some of these features, without a doubt TechMag is the ideal blogger template for you.

 Write Your First Blog Post

 Friends, now you need to write your first post or article. Now your blog has started. Now you have to work on it regularly. Regular posts, articles have to be written. Promote your blog. And try to make it better than better. And remember one thing you do not have to go wrong or shortcut. If you want to blog for a long time. Do not do any work in shortcuts that will harm you in the long term. You have to think about the Long Term.

 Write Articles

 If you have designed your blog well then now you need to write articles through which people will come to your blog. Now, the more articles you write, the more people will like your blog, the more people will come to your blog, but remember one thing you should never give the user wrong information to any person, you never have to do this to earn money, that you give wrong information to people in the direction of money in the traffic. There are many other right ways, you can earn money even by giving the right information.

 Build audience

Build Audience

 Friends, in order to bring traffic to your blog in the beginning, you have to do marketing of your blog, which is very important, as long as people do not know about your blog then how can anyone access your blog? You will be able to market your blog for that It is very important to do what you can do through social media or if you want to do it through advertisement, you can do that too. There are many ways to do marketing of blogs, some are also free, in some, you have to invest money.

 Make money

 Once your blog is ready well, people start coming to your blog, after that your blog is now ready, with the help of which you can earn money. Now it depends on you how you do it and how much you take it further because there is no limit to it, you can earn thousands of millions of rupees with the help of this, thousands of people are also earning.

 How to Earn Money  From Blogging  

 Friends, the topic that we are going to talk about today is How to earn money from Blogging today we are going to get step by step information in detail.  we will learn about how to make money from blogging, as well as how you can make money through blogging in other ways, and also what we need to make money from blogging – We will also think about what to do. Friends, if you are a blogger or you are thinking of starting blogging then let me tell you that blogging is a very good and right way if you want to earn some time online by sitting at home.

  Friends, if you do blogging or you want to do blogging, then you too would definitely want to earn some money from blogging too. Everyone will definitely want that if he is working hard in some work and is giving his time in some work, then he will also want that he can earn some money from that work as well. In today’s time, every person wants to earn money because in today’s time Money is Life  

 Money is very important in today’s time, so if you are thinking of making money too, then there is no harm in it, every human wants that he can earn money. So today we are going to talk about this topic that How to earn money from blogging, so let’s talk about how to earn money from blogging?

 How to earn money from blogging

 Friends, there is not one or two but many ways to earn money with the help of blogging, there are many ways with which you can earn money from blogging. It depends on which category of blogging you are doing. But here I will tell you all the famous ways with which you can earn money from blogging, no matter what topic you are blogging on any category, you can earn money with the help of some method and the best thing is Is that with the help of these methods you can earn good money.

 There is no limit to this, you can earn up to thousands of millions from here, it depends on which level you do blogging, how much traffic comes to your blog, how many people come, you can earn according to that. People are earning up to lakhs of rupees with the help of these methods, then why you? If you can not earn, you can earn at all, then let’s talk about the ways with which you can earn money from blogging.

 How to earn money from blogging – Top Ways

 1. Adsense

Google Adsense

Friends, Google Adsense is the first and most powerful way to earn money with the help of blogging. It is a platform of Google that gives you a chance to earn money. Now the thing is, what is Google Adsense? And how can we earn money from blogging with the help of Google Adsense. So let’s get information about this.

 What is Google Adsense?  we have learned that with the help of Google Adsense we can earn money from blogging, but what is it? So, friends, this is an advertisement network of Google, with the help of which you can apply ads on your website or blogs. You must have seen on many websites or blogs that there are many types of ads on them, as you may be able to see on my blog, then whatever advertisement comes, it all comes with the help of Google AdSense.

 How will you earn from Google Adsense – Friends, now you are wondering how it will earn with the help of it, friends, whenever you put ads on your website or blog with the help of Google Adsense, whenever someone clicks on those ads. So you get his money which you can get transferred directly to your bank account.

 2. Affiliate Marketing

How do you start a blog online

 Friends Affiliate Marketing is also a good way to earn money through blogging. Blogging can also be earned through Affiliate Marketing. In today’s era of e-commerce, many e-commerce websites give you the opportunity to do affiliate marketing, with the help of which you can earn good money.

 Affiliate Marketing Happens – Friends Affiliate Marketing is the process where a person earns a commission by promoting products. In this you neither have to buy the products nor do you have any problem of keeping the products, you just have to promote the products, which the company gives you a good commission.

 How to make money from affiliate marketing – Friends, now it comes to how to earn money by doing affiliate marketing through blogging. So, friends, you must have seen many such blog websites that give information about the products in their blog, and along with that, they also provide a link to buy that product as soon as any person buys the product through their link. If they do, then they get a good commission.

 3. Sell Online Course

 Friends, you must have seen that many people provide you online by making many courses like digital marketing, programming, web development, mobile app development, etc. And many people also buy all those courses.


 If you have this ability inside you, it is a talent in you, you have good knowledge about a subject that you can give to people by creating a course, you can teach people something, then you can also sell online by making a similar course. 

 4. Sponsorship

How do you start a blog online

 Friends sponsorship is also a very good way to earn good money, but to do this job, you have to be a little popular, you should have a good and target audience only then you can do this work, but yes if you use this method If you adopt, then you make very good money Can earn by doing, now what would it be? mostly in videos on YouTube, you must have seen that in their videos, they tell about the product of another company and give information about it. This is called sponsorship.

 5. Premium Membership

How do you start a blog online

 Friends, you must have seen many places on YouTube channel on many websites, they provide you a subscription for some time for some money so that you can use their premium content which is their premium thing. If there is some content in your blog that is premium or if you feel that you can do this work in your blog, then you can also earn money through it.







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