How to start a business of making Bubble Sheet

Bubble sheet-making business by analyzing our everyday habits. We may have thrown the bubble sheet after removing our goods, but have we ever thought about the contribution of bubble packing paper in delivering the goods that we had ordered from any seller to us safely without breaking it. Yes friends, whether we ask for a phone online or some other device, when it reaches us, it is wrapped/packed with a bubble sheet.

That is so that it can reach us safely, after getting our goods safely, the cost of this bubble sheet/paper may be zero in our eyes, but the truth is that it is used by all the big, small companies to do their product packaging. is bought by | That’s why many entrepreneurs in India are earning money by doing bubble sheet-making business.

At present, given its usefulness and due to the increase in the number and interest of people in online shopping in cities, its demand has started increasing in every type of shop, from small to big companies. Although with bubble sheets, the entrepreneur can prepare and provide bubble sheet bags, bubble rolls, etc. to his customers according to the demand of the customers.

What is the business of making Bubble Sheet:

A bubble sheet is a flexible and transparent plastic wrap used in wrapping/packing, in which tiny air bubbles are made. Due to the formation of bubbles on the plastic sheet, this sheet becomes padded, so that even if any item wrapped in it falls on the ground, due to the bubbles, no part of the goods hit the ground.

Due to this, there is less chance of breakage in the goods or it does not happen in the low-weight goods. Before starting the bubble sheet-making business, the entrepreneur should also know that the size or shape of the bubbles on the sheet depends on the weight of the goods. For example, the bubble sheet used in the packaging of a TV and the bubble sheet used in a phone may have a difference in size.

Traditionally, where earlier hay chaff, shredded wood shavings, shredded paper pieces, etc. were used for packaging, these were later replaced by Corrugated Pads, and thereafter for more ease, ease, and security, various types of Plastic Foam started being used in the packaging industry, but now most of the packaging material is made from Polystyrene. By Bubble Sheet Making Business, we mean the same process of earning, when an entrepreneur is earning his money by making it.

Selling Potential of Bubble Sheet:

The bubble sheet-making business is a business related to the packaging industry, and this industry was started in 1950 as soon as the constitution came into force in the country. And since then this industry was progressing slowly but in the 70s and 80s there was an extraordinary boom in materials, yet the growth of the packaging industry remained at 4-5% in the 80s. After that in the 90s, due to the creation of brand awareness, this industry reached a growth rate of 15-20%.

According to one figure, the packaging industry in India had a turnover of 11500 crores, which is growing at the rate of 18% annually. As far as the market potential of the bubble sheet-making business is concerned, it is important to understand what type of bubble sheet is used in large quantities to pack items.

Fragile Items ie Perishables, In Packaging of almost all types of Electronics Items, Plastic in Packaging of Machinery & Equipment, Packaging of Precious Antiques, Medicine Bottles and other items made of Glass, Certain types of Chemicals Bubble sheet is also used for packing. Apart from this, Bubble Sheet is also used by E-Commerce Companies and their associated Business partners for packaging almost every item.

Apart from being industrial use, it is also likely to be used by the general public, small businessmen, and shopkeepers in the future. Entrepreneurs who have already entered the packaging industry are facing the challenge of meeting the demand of customers, so it can be said that opportunities are opportunities for any new entrepreneur in the bubble sheet-making business.

Required raw material and machinery for bubble sheet business:

For Bubble Sheet making business, the entrepreneur needs an Automatic Bubble Sheet making machine. In which there are sections like Resin, Extruder, Die, Chiller, etc. in a single machine, it may be that the entrepreneurs of India have to import this machine from outside, which can cost 25-40 lakhs. And as far as Raw Materials are concerned, the main raw material used in this Bubble Sheet making business is Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE Granules).

The sheet made from this, where water is resistant, is also atmospheric resistant. This type of sheet can completely cover any object and also protect it from insect moths like white ants, and termites. Almost all types of acids and bases also appear inactive on it for some time. The weight of this type of sheet is less, along with it can be used to attract and wash in appearance.

Machines for making bubble sheets:-

1. Ocean International Plastic Air Bubble Sheet Pant, 80 – 300 ( Kg/Hr ), 108.5 To 178.5 ( kW )

Bubble sheet making business

2. Air Bubble Sheet Lines, Capacity: 80 Kg/Hr To 250 Kg/Hr

3. Air Bubble Machine

How Bubble Sheet is Formed:

LDPE i.e. Low-Density Polyethylene grains are put into the hopper of the extruder, where they are passed towards the extruder. The LDPE granules melt in the extruder, and under pressure turn into plastic. The plastic is taken from the extruder towards the die, where the layers of the plastic are converted into a ring, on which the adjustment of the measurement of the width of the bubble sheet etc. is done. In dying the thickness of both the layers of LDPE Sheets is formed together.

After that, both these LDPE layers are forwarded to the three-roll finisher. By the way, they are generally made of Stainless Steel, so they are also called Stainless Steel Rollers, where air bubbles are being thermos formed on one roller, and air bubbles are also getting laminated due to an increase in pressure in the second layer.

At this time, many processes such as bubble vacuuming, lamination, cooling of the outer surface, etc. are carried out simultaneously by these rollers. After the bubble sheet is completely ready, it is cooled through cooling rollers i.e. chillers, and they are arranged and winded.

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