How to start a cricket bat making business or How to start a cricket manufacturing business

How to start a cricket bat-making business is being done successfully by a few entrepreneurs in India for a long time back. But since this business can also be started from anywhere with low investment, and given the increasing popularity of cricket among the youth, it becomes necessary to talk about the cricket bat manufacturing business. At present, hardly any youth will be ignorant of cricket

Cricket bat manufacturing business process or How to start a cricket bat making business  

An entrepreneur starting a cricket bat manufacturing business should either take training from somewhere to understand this process completely or understand this process by meeting with any existing entrepreneurs who are already involved in this business. Cricket bat manufacturing business is done in Meerut and Punjab of Uttar Pradesh, so future entrepreneurs can also find entrepreneurs associated with this business there. This process of making a cricket bat can be divided into the following four parts.

1. Process of Cutting and Shaping Wood:

In the cricket bat manufacturing process, first, the available raw material i.e. wood is cut into the shape of the bat and it is given the shape of a bat. To make a plain cricket bat, such wood is selected, which does not have any marks. Marked wood can also be used to make cricket bats, as it does not look ugly. According to the type of cricket bat, wood is selected and given the shape of the bat.

2. Fitting the Handle:

Cane is a type of wood that is used only in making the handle of cricket bats. The cane handle is made and fitted into the groove on the cricket bat using synthetic glue.

3. Clamp to harden the wood:

If we play cricket with ordinary wood, then the ball used in playing cricket will not be able to go as far as the cricket bat because of the strength of the cricket bat. When playing cricket with a weak wooden bat, the marks of the ball are visible on the bat. And when the ball hits such a bat, it does not get momentum. To overcome this problem, the cricket bat is pressed into the machine. so that it may become hard and stiff.

4. Covering :

Some plain cricket bats are still bleached with hydrogen peroxide and liquid ammonia, even after being pressed into the machine. And linseed oil is applied to the bats that are not bleached so that the wood can be strengthened. Apart from this, in Cricket Bats made of wood with stains, spots, and marks, Duco Paint is done by covering Poplin Cloth.

What is the business of Cricket Bat Manufacturing:

Cricket is a very popular and popular sport not only in India but in many countries of the world. In this game, an attempt is made to hit the cricket ball with the help of a cricket bat, if the ball comes in contact with the cricket bat and turns its direction to the other side, it may go away in the air. But the creeping should go outside the Boundary. It all depends on the player who is betting.

Since the cricket bat is made of wood, so after some time it can either break or get damaged, in this situation there is always a need for a new cricket bat. By Cricket Bat Manufacturing Business, we mean that process of earning, when an entrepreneur is making his income by manufacturing and selling cricket bats keeping in mind the above requirement.

What is the Potential for selling a cricket bat in the Market? 

If you are young then maybe you do not need to tell me how popular cricket is in our country. And when the game is popular, it is not possible to play without a bat. Although in cities, the entire cricket kit is bought by the youth, children, and cricket lovers. But the children, youth of rural areas, while playing regular cricket, at least work with the ball and a cricket bat, yes they also need a complete cricket kit in a tournament or big match.

Children and teenagers have such a passion for cricket that today if the cricket bat is broken or damaged, then tomorrow they need a new cricket bat. Children and young people feel better playing cricket, which they do not want to lose due to a break or damage to the bat.

There was a second time when parents also used to scold children or teenagers for doing sports, today’s parents help because they know that a bright career can be expected in cricket too. This is the reason that the Indian market is ready for the Cricket Bat Manufacturing business in India, along with the entrepreneur can also export his product to outside countries.

Machinery and Raw Materials for making Cricket Bat

As Raw Materials in the Cricket Bat Manufacturing business, many types of woods like mango wood, applewood, cane wood, willow clefts (a tree found in Kashmir), etc. are required, which we list below separately. will broadcast. Although cricket bats made from English willow cleft are of higher quality than other woods.

But this wood is expensive as compared to other wood, due to which the price of cricket bat also becomes high, and the access of this type of cricket bat is limited to professional cricketers only. Following is the list of machinery used to start the Cricket Bat Manufacturing business.

Raw Material list for manufacturing of cricket bat

  • willow clefts
  • cane
  • applewood
  • mango
  • Salix Purpurea
  • Twine
  • synthetic glue
  • rubber grip
  • Duco paint,
  • Terry cloth,
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • Nylon strap
  • Polythene sheets.
  • Cricket Bat Band Saw Machine
  • Cricket Bat processing machine,
  • Cricket Bat finishing machine
  • Woodworking lathe
  • Some other tools and equipment

Profits For Making Cricket bats or total profits in manufacturing a cricket bat:-

The cost of one MRF bat is ₹6000

So if you sell 5 bats in a day that means ₹6000*5 bats= ₹30,000/day

so profit behind manufacturing cricket bats would be ₹9,00,000/month


Cricket bat making machines Cost:-

Cricket Bat Pressing Machine ₹ 1.1 Lakh/Piece. Get Quote. Cricket Bat Handle And Choke Cutting Machine 2 In One ₹ 1.85 Lakh/Piece. Get Quote. Smart Knock Cricket Bat Knocking Machine ₹ 2.6 Lakh/Piece

  1. 220 Volt 3 Phase Cricket Bat Handle Cutting Machine

  2. 2 Hp KS Polished Wood Bat Surface Planer Machine

  3. Cricket Bat Knocking Machine

  4. Blue GAMA Cricket Bat Automatic Knocking Machine with Touch Panel



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