How to start a flour mill business in India? Machines for Flour mill business.

Mini flour mill business can be started in India with low investment. Today we will tell you through this post how you can start your Flour Mill. By flour mill, we mean that business, in which wheat and other grains are ground to make flour, maida, semolina/Rava, etc.

In rural areas, in simple words, a Mini flour mill is also known as a flour mill. The word mill has been associated with flour since then. Until technology was so dominant, people used two stone-powered water-powered mills to grind flour.

Introduction of a flour mill:-

Generally, flour is used to make many food items in India. Out of these, the main food items made from flour are roti, puri, naan, etc. Semi-hard wheat is mostly ground for the production of flour. This wheat is also known as Durum wheat, and this wheat comprises up to 90% of the total wheat crop in India.

Gluten, which is a component of protein, is found in very high amounts in this type of wheat. This brings a little flexibility to the dough, that is why by adding water to the flour, we can make it flexible.

Business  :

Perhaps it is not necessary to mention that flour made from wheat is mainly used in our country to make food items like roti, puri, naan, paratha, etc. And there will probably be only one such house in India, in which all this food is not cooked. Apart from this, flour is also used in making sweets, pakoras, pudding, etc. There is also a belief among the people that milled flour is healthier and cheaper than the flour available on the market. Just these features generate market potential in a big way for the flour mill business.

How to start a flour mill business in India:

Before starting Flour Mill, you have to complete many small and big activities like Area Analysis, Land Selection, Project Plan, Registration, Financial Arrangements, Purchase of Machinery, Electrical Fittings and Installation of Machines, and other formalities. Let us step by step try to give information on the above-mentioned topics in some detail, which is given below.

1. Area Analysis:

By area analysis, we mean the analysis of the area in which you are planning to set up your mini flour mill. Did you analyze the habits of the people living in that area while buying flour? Did you have any discussion with the people living in your area about the price and quality of flour available in the market? Have you analyzed yourself that if I do flour mill business in this area, then I will be able to give flour to the people at a slightly cheaper price than the market price?

If not, then you have to do it. Only then will the foundation of your flour mill business be formed. And most importantly, if wheat is grown in that area. So you will get raw material ie wheat easily. Together people will come to your flour mill to grind the wheat produced by them. Therefore, it is very important to do an area analysis before doing this business.

2. Land Selection:

However, for this to work, you need a room of 18×15 in the name of Land Selection. It can be your own, or you can rent one. But still, before starting a Flour Mill, this place must be available to you.

3. Project Plan:

Some people must be thinking that when they are investing capital in their project from their pocket. So what do they need for a project plan? A project report has to be made to get a loan from a bank. But maybe they think wrong. Because in a project plan, we already get the idea of ​​our expenses and earnings. Which helps us to make some decisions and not take some. Apart from this, in a business project plan, we can set a target for the future of our business. Which will help us to grow our business.

4. Financial Arrangements:

Now that you have prepared the project plan for your business. So you must have got an idea of ​​the cost involved. Now the next step is to make financial arrangements. Arrange finance for your business as per your project report.

5. Flour Mill License & Registration:

According to the national, state, and regional rules, the registration of business is very important. But according to us, it is not necessary for small-scale Flour Mill businesses in rural areas. Still, you must check your state or regional rules. If you are thinking of packing and selling flour under yours? brand name, then you may also need FSSAI License and Trademark.

What is Fssai License or food license in India

6. Machinery Purchasing for Flour Mill:

Shop now for your Flour Mill related equipment and machines. And keep in mind that buy the machine only from those who are registered to do this business. And before purchasing machinery, you must analyze your need. What actuallyreading what happens is that different flour mill machines have different capabilities of milling per hour.

7. Electricity Fitting and Machine Installing:

Now that you have purchased machines to start your flour mill business. So now the next step will be the installation and electrification of the machine. The thing to be noted in this is that the installation and electrical fitting of the machine should be done by the artisans associated with this business. Do not try to do this action yourself.

List of machines for flour mill business:-

1)  3 HP to 150 HP Flour Milling Plant, 200 kg/Hr To 4000 kg/Hr

₹ 3.99 Lakh  Get the Latest Price
Capacity 200 kg/hr to 4000 kg/hr
Motor Power 3 HP to 150 HP
Power Consumption 3 HP to 150 HP
Operation Mode Automatic
Material of Construction(Contact) Mild Steel
Electricity Connection Three Phase

2) Single Phase Stainless Steel SSC1 SS304 – Flour Mill Price 1 HP – 10 kg/hr, For Commercial, 220v

₹ 16,400       Get Latest Price
Product Video  Product Brochure
Capacity 25 Kg/Hr
Motor Power 1 HP
Material Stainless Steel
Usage/Application Commercial
Operation Mode Automatic
Motor Type Single Phase

3) Fully Automatic Flour Mill Plant

₹ 17 Lakh Get Latest Price
Product VideoProduct Brochure
Capacity 0 to 5 Ton/Day, 5 to 10 Ton/Day, 10 to 20 Ton/Day, 20 to 40 Ton/Day, 40 to 100 Ton/Day, > 100 Ton/Day
Warranty 7-12 months
Power rating 16-30 HP, 31-100 HP, > 100 HP
Brand Shree Viratra Engineeing
Operation Mode Automatic
Certifications CE, ISI, ISO 90012000

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