How to start a fruit stall business

 How to start a fruit stall business 

 To start a fruit stall business you need a plan Do you want to do such a business with less money, with a daily income? Come, if you want to do business in less money, then you can do fruit business. 

So  to start a  Fruit Stall business keep something in mind like 

Often do not pay attention to the fruit business thinking it is a small-scale, wasteful, and low-profit business. Do not consider it a small business. If it’s done properly, you can earn lakhs of rupees per month from the fruit business.

How to start a fruit stall business

To start a fruit business neither a major degree is required nor much capital is required. Those with less education and less capital can also start fruit business. Fruit business can be done in two ways. Wholesale and retail.

Let me tell you a real story before proceeding. From this, you can estimate how much can be earned in the fruit business.

Santosh Kumar, a resident of Mashed village in Bhind district, used to run his old cycle around three years ago and sell fruits. He was able to earn around a hundred rupees in a day, according to the weather, by taking a hawker, like a mango, guava, banana, grapes, apple, etc. After some time, he collected some money and took a carton rent, and started setting up a fruit shop in the bus stand.

Gradually, his business grew. He started earning a good income. Now he has earned millions. Santosh has bought his house in Gwalior. His children are studying in a good convent school.

Today, Santosh has four fruit shops in the city. Apart from this, he also started wholesale trading of fruits. Recently she started a juice shop, which is also doing well. Santosh wants to give franchisees to start more such juice shops in the city.

Santosh’s story is not a fictional story. By knowing the story of the illiterate Santosh who has earned from the fruit shop, you can easily guess how profitable the business of fruits is.

Similarly, Abdul Ghani, who saved fruits in Bhopal city, says that I have been doing this business for the last 20 years. My children have also joined this business. My experience is proving very beneficial for them. My sons have many shops in the city. Now we have started selling foreign fruits too. It also makes very good profits.

Just keep in mind that the fruit business is a raw material business, if it is not sold in time, there is a fear of spoiling it, so it is important to sell the goods quickly.

Suresh, who runs a fruit business in the Bandra area of ​​Mumbai, says, I started this business 5 years ago for just 500 rupees. Today I save 1000 rupees daily. My gardener condition has become very good. I think this business is a very profitable business with less capital. The best thing in this business is that one does not have to wait long for its benefits. Sit with goods in the morning and get your profit by selling goods by evening.

Now the Main Point Begins Here Where to get the fruits for the business??

There are wholesaler of fruits in every city. Like mandi there is also fruit mandi. You can bring fruits from there. How to sell goods purchased from the wholesale market in retail, it is the wholesalers who tell it. Despite this, there are different rates of fruits in different areas of the city.

The rate of fruits depends on its quality, packing, maintenance, goods kept in showrooms, sale of fruits in the open, cheap and expensive areas of the city, etc.

Profit in fruit stall business

There is a savings of 20-30 percent in the fruit business. It also depends on the shopkeeper how much profit he can sell to the customer.

There are two ways of earning in this business. Fixed-rate and bargain. Most of the big shopkeepers keep rate fixes for fruits. At the same time, small shopkeepers tell the customer by increasing the rate a bit. After this, they are ready to deduct some rupees from the stated price. Customers also get happy and buy fruits.

Know this, fruit business is hard work. One has to bring goods from the mandi in the morning, decorate fruits at the cart or shop, clean the fruits and serve at the shop from morning till night. Fruits are very fragile and require proper care. After closing the shop, the remaining fruits have to be kept properly, so that they can be sold again on the second day.

Things to note while opening a fruit stall 

  • – If you want to do a fruit business, first you have to learn about the quality and care of fruits. Because if you do not sell the fruits in time, then there can be loss. So do not start a fruit business without experience.
  • – Keep in mind the quality of fruits. Keep only good tasty and fresh fruits at the shop.
  • – For good earning, remove stale fruits from the shop. Keep the fruit rates right.

Always treat the customer well. This has an effect on the shop being abusive.

By doing fruit business according to the season, you can get more profit in less time.


So you must have got some ideas how profitable is fruit stall business if it’s done properly always keep in minds fruits must be fresh and clean so that customer  would get attracted towards your shop  because the first impression is always the last so always keep fresh fruit so that 

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