How to start a furniture making business

How To Start a furniture-making business

To start a furniture business, first of all, you should be aware of this work, you should know how to make and sell furniture. Furniture work can be started from a small level to a very large level, but to start from a small level, a little more investment is required and at least 250 to 300 square yards of space is needed. Because to do this work you need many things and means which are as follows.

How to start a furniture making business

Types Of Furniture Business:-

 1) Bamboo Furniture Business:-

Bamboo furniture is decorative due to which its demand is very high in the market. The most beautiful thing about this furniture is that it is very light in weight as well as being beautiful. Its beauty is enhanced by applying cans and bamboo, due to which it looks quite attractive. Therefore, if you want, you can start this type of furniture business in which you can make many things like sofa sets, chairs, tables, etc. by giving them to the customer.

2) Leather Furniture Business:-

Let us know here that this type of leather furniture is preferred by those who want to give a modern look to the living room and dining room of their home because this type of furniture looks very beautiful as it is modern. is. Apart from this, leather furniture is also used in offices very much, due to which its demand There is never a shortage. Therefore, if you start the business of leather furniture, you can build a successful business with great speed. But keep in mind that you should make designing of your furniture quite attractive because in today’s modern era no one wants to take furniture of simple and simple design.

3) Plastic Furniture Business:-

These days the demand for plastic furniture is also increasing rapidly in the market, the main reason for this is that such furniture is attractive and beautiful as well as it is very cheap and light in weight. Apart from this, it is also very easy to maintain and that is why people use plastic furniture according to their budget to beautify their homes. If you start this type of business, then you will also have to reduce the investment and every month will also become a source of good income.

4) Steel Furniture Business:-

If you want to do business with steel furniture for less money then it will definitely be very profitable because people use steel furniture for their homes and offices in large quantities. Steel furniture such as shelves, various rakes, chairs, etc. is used a lot to beautify homes and offices. In such a situation, if you start a steel furniture business, Can be much more profitable than. But when you start this work, one thing is kept in mind that you have to make designs out of others and the quality of your furniture should also be good.

5) Rot Iron ie Iron Furniture Business:-

The business of rot iron ie pitted iron can also give you a lot of profit these days because people now use this type of furniture very much for decorating their homes. This furniture is beautiful, attractive and very strong in view, due to which it keeps on beautifying the homes and offices of people for a long time. Please tell here that this kind of furniture is used in a lot more in big cities as well as in small towns and villages etc. So, therefore, doing business of it will not be a loss deal at all. Let us know that this business can give you a lot of profit if you start it properly.

6) Wooden Furniture Business

Wooden furniture i.e. wooden furniture has been used to decorate the homes of Indian people for years and in present times the demand for wooden furniture is very high because it is very beautiful, attractive, and durable to look at. If you do not have a shop or you cannot invest more then you can start this business from your home very comfortably. Inside it, shelves, sofa sets, chairs, wooden rakes, tables, beds, etc., a lot of furniture remains in the demand of people for years.

Workshop and warehouse

To start the work of furniture, first of all, you need a workshop to make furniture, in the workshop, you have to make a variety of machines according to your needs, which comes in at least 1 to 2 lakhs. Along with the workshop, there should also be a warehouse where you can keep raw materials like (wood, plyboard, mica, etc.) and also read-made furniture. 

Shop or showroom for Furniture 

You need a shop or showroom to display and sell furniture, depending on your investment, what kind of furniture, and how much furniture you start working with. If you start from a small level, You can open a small shop or shops or start from a big level, then you can also open a big showroom.

If the shop or showroom is on the main road then it is better because more people get to know about it in your showroom, this makes marketing easier.

(Note: – Here we would like to advise you to start this work from a small level because at the beginning of any business, there is a lot of difficulty in increasing sales. Initially, you have to do many ways of marketing for the business. There are discount offers and there are other tax-type problems which cost a lot of money, so if you make a big investment in the beginning then it can be very difficult later. I can expand slowly)

GST number for Funiture making Business

If you want to work legally, then you have to apply for a GST number, in addition, if you need a license, then you can also apply for it, you can take the help of a professional person for their information.

How to increase furniture sale

After starting any business, the first requirement is that there should be a sale in the business. Therefore, by knowing some things, we can increase the sales of our furniture business, which is as follows.

1) Keep your furniture down

The price of furniture is a huge factor for selling any furniture. If the price is low then the probability of selling anything increases greatly. But when we keep the price of furniture high in order to earn more money, then the probability of it being sold is very less, or it is sold after a long time. So we should keep the price of furniture down. Keeping in mind some things, we can keep the price of furniture down, which is as follows: –

2) Keep the profit margin low

We can reduce the price of furniture by keeping our profit margin lower in the price of furniture, eg if the cost price of a table is Rs 1500 and we want to sell it at the price of Rs 3000 then it will be sold for 3 to 4 months or even more It may take a long time but if we keep the price of that table at Rs. 2000, then it can be sold in no time because everyone likes the cheaper thing. And in the next 4 months, we can also make and sell 10 such tables, in this way our hard work will be more, but we will gain more than selling one table and our products and our shop will also be promoted due to our 10 tablespace. We are more likely to get more orders in the future. So we should keep the profit margin on furniture low.

3) Buy good quality goods at low prices

We must buy cheap and good quality raw material to keep the cost of furniture down. There are many shops of furniture goods in the market, but all the goods are available at different rates, some shops get expensive goods in the name of a good brand and good quality, while the same quality goods are available at cheaper prices in some shops, so we By doing research in the market, you can find out where the cheapest goods are available.

We should also keep in mind while buying furniture that we should go on our own to buy goods, do not buy goods with anyone or anyone or using any middleman because many shoppers also give commission to the customers who bring or send them. , And this commission is met by selling us expensive goods, so if we buy goods through contact with a middleman, then it can happen That he has already talked about the commission to the shopkeeper and when we go to buy goods, we get expensive goods, so we should buy our own goods without contacting anyone. This is how we can work the cost of our furniture by purchasing cheaper items.

4) Buy second-hand furniture

Nowadays, second-hand furniture is very easily available on the internet, people sell their furniture for very many reasons, such as there is no place to keep it in someone’s house, someone is transferring it, somebody There is no need for that furniture, someone wants to buy new furniture. Due to many reasons, people sell their furniture on websites like OLX, QUIKR at a very reasonable price, but very people buy furniture from them because most people are new Want to buy furniture

We can buy second-hand furniture to reduce the cost price of the furniture as these are cheap. When we make a piece of furniture from the beginning, it costs more and takes more time, but second-hand furniture is very cheap, on which we can make a little work and sell it. Like if we buy a second-hand dining table set, then there is nothing bad in it It is either just a bad polish or a bad mica or needs a little repair, but when we fix it and change its mica and polish it, it becomes new (this process is called restoration. )) In this way we can produce furniture at a very low cost and can also earn good profits by selling it at a lower price.

Note: – When purchasing second-hand furniture, we must check its quality and condition.

In this way, we can reduce the cost price of furniture by taking care of some things, which helps us to keep the price of furniture low.

5) Focus on the manufacturing process

It is very important for you to know the furniture manufacturing process in the furniture business, this helps you a lot. You should pay attention to the furniture manufacturing process itself. This work should not be left to anyone else. You will get raw materials like (wood plibike mica etc.) Should be used in such a way that it can be used as much as possible and nothing goes to waste so that you will not have to buy extra and unnecessary material and this also reduces the cost of your furniture.

To make furniture and make full use of materials, you can also take the help of designing software like Autocad. In this type of software, the entire furniture can be seen in the computer by pre-making and the color of the furniture, design, etc. By changing the type, we can make beautiful looking furniture, thus we can also estimate the raw material used in the furniture in advance and we can get the cost of it in the computer before making the furniture. 

Using this type of software and modern technology, we can show customers the design of furniture on the computer itself and according to them, they can make furniture by changing the design color, etc. In this way, customers also get the furniture of their choice and we Also, there is a facility to make furniture at low cost.

The course of Autocad is for 3 to 4 months which can be done from any computer institute and can also be learned online.

6) Make ready to go furniture

How to start a furniture making business

When people come to the showroom to buy furniture, someone likes the furniture, no one likes the design, but no one likes the design but does not like the color, because the choice of all the people is different, thus we all According to the choice, we cannot make different furniture because it increases our expenses a lot. So we can keep ready to go furniture at our showroom (Furniture that is almost complete, the only color, mica, polish, and other minor work is called Ready to Go Furniture) When customers come to our showroom, we show them the Ready to Go furniture and in the catalog Mica, You can give the furniture made according to their choice by choosing the accessories and color and you can take 6 to 7 days or more time to prepare the furniture or you can also make the complete furniture according to the demand of the customers.

In this way, when the furniture is made according to the choice of the customers, they are very happy and they also praise your showroom to their visitors, which also promotes our showroom.

7) Focus on design and quality

Design and quality have the most importance in furniture. If the furniture is beautiful in appearance, it can be sold easily, so in today’s modern era, furniture should also be modern according to modern and modern needs. Of furniture Special attention should also be paid to the look and color combination and the design of the furniture should be such that it can meet many needs simultaneously. You can make furniture of space-saving, folding and multi-purpose design, this increases the usefulness of that furniture and customers buy such furniture happily by paying a higher price, so this type of You have to be creative to create a design. Nowadays the Internet is available to think about this type of creative idea, using which you can create many types of designs, apart from this you can be so creative that you can also design different kinds of designs yourself. So that we can make thinking

Apart from the design, the quality of your furniture should also be good. Your furniture should be so strong and durable that it can be used for many years. Apart from this, you can also give 4 to 5 years warranty or guarantee on the furniture in order to assure the quality of the customers, this will strengthen the confidence of the customers in the quality of your furniture.

Market your furniture showrooms and products

To promote any work, it is very important to promote it, marketing and contacting the people, you have to inform the people that the furniture at your showroom is cheap, better design and of good quality, for this, both online and offline. We can promote through methods which are as follows: –

Online ways

  • You can send information about your products to many people simultaneously using WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, etc.
  •  You can easily sell your products on online sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Quikr, Olx.
  •  You can sell your products and promote them by creating your own website.

There is little cost in marketing and selling through these online methods and through these methods you can reach the detailed information of your products to the people and you have access to many people and your products are sold very quickly. is.

Offline methods

  •  You can distribute catalogs of your furniture to people, print pamphlets, and place hoardings.
  •  You can advertise in a newspaper.
  •  You can get your products and showroom leaflets printed in the newspaper.
  •  You can also give ads on a local TV channel.
The cost is more on these offline methods and through these, the information collected can be passed to the people and the reach of these methods is also limited.

Other ways of marketing
  • You can run a variety of offers to attract people to your furniture showroom.
  •  You can free home delivery on purchases above a certain price.
  •  You can sell on all festivals and offer discounts.
  •  You can set up your furniture stalls in the exhibitions held in your city or you can distribute the leaflets of your showrooms and products in the exhibitions.
8) Stay in touch with your old customers

How to start a furniture making business

You should keep in touch with each of your customers, for this, you can take their customer address and phone number on the sale of each of your products and maintain an address book. Using this address book, you can send a greeting message to your customers at every festival and can also give information about your offers, the customers will also remember you and will contact you only if you need any more furniture.

In this post, we have written detailed information about how to start furniture-making business and how to increase this work in easily understandable terms. Thank you for reading this post in full.

Q: What is the furniture business?
Ans: There are various types of tables, cupboards, chairs, show cases, etc. used in the decoration of home, shop, or office.
Q: How to start a furniture business?
Ans: First decide which material of the furniture you want to do business and accordingly you start the business through various useful tools.
Q: Is it beneficial to do the furniture business?
Ans: Yes, of course, because its demand is very high in the market.
Q: How much does it cost to do a furniture business?
Ans: Around 5 to 6 lakhs for opening shop and Rs 30 to 40 thousand for making business.

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