How to start a matchmaking industry? Match Box Manufacturing Business.

 Who would not be familiar with Match Box or Matching? Yes, due to its various uses, it is used in every household. As it is seen, the main function of match-match mechanics is to ignite the fire, so it is used by the people in the stove burning, smoking, and various tasks which need to be ignited. Even smoking enthusiasts like to keep the matchmaker in their pocket so that they can use it for smoking when needed. However, here we make it clear that smoking is fatal, so our aim is not to encourage smoking but to make people aware of the use of matches or Match Box. This is to say that matchmaking is a common and common item used in our daily work, so its demand remains constant in the markets. So today we are going to talk about how an interested and capable person can start his own matchmaking industry through this article of ours. But before that, let us know what is this match?

How to start a matchmaking industry? Match Box Manufacturing Business.

What is Matching? (What is Match Box):

A matchstick or matchstick is a box made of cardboard or thin wood and is designed to hold matchsticks. On both sides of this box, a surface is prepared in which fire ignites when rubbing the front part of matchsticks. Keep in mind that a Safety Match Box only ignites a fire when a piece of matchsticks on the surface of its edges are burnt. The rugged surface available in the edges of the matchstick is made from sand, powdered glass, and a chemical called red phosphorus.

Matchbox sales potential

As we have said earlier, matchmaking is a very useful tool and it is used mainly to ignite a fire. Its main use is for burning gas in the kitchen, lighting in the temple, burning incense sticks, etc., burning beedi, cigarettes, etc., and lamps with earthen oil lamps, etc. Other uses of the Match Box include burning a chimney, industrial burner, campfire, or light candles. Matchsticks are made of wood or cardboard strips. Matchsticks are used to ignite a fire in a controlled state. They are also used in industries when heat and energy are required, in addition to industrial waste. They are also used to burn or destroy. According to one figure, India produces around 40 million matches daily at the cheapest in the world, which is probably why every third match used in the world is an Indian matchbox. The Indian matchmaking industry produces about 90 million match bundles a year, each bundle having about 600 matches and each Match Box has 40-50 match sticks. As we all know that matchmaking is a fast-moving consumer item, so branding activity may be needed to get market share.

How to Start Match Match Manufacturing?

Entrepreneurs desirous of starting a matchmaking industry need to invest lakhs of rupees as all the construction work from matchsticks to matchboxes has to be done in-house. Which requires not one but many types of machinery and equipment. Therefore their value can be in lakhs of rupees, therefore this industry can also start only those for whom the investment in starting a business does not matter much. That is, for a willing entrepreneur who is thinking of starting his own business by investing several millions of rupees, it will be possible to start such a business. Let us know how an interested person can start his own matchmaking business.

Ground and building

It is not necessary for entrepreneurs to set up their units in a crowded place or local market to start a matchbox manufacturing business. Rather, to do this business, the entrepreneur can acquire and purchase any non-arable land anywhere. By the way, in the initial stage, it is better for the entrepreneur to start this kind of business by renting a building built somewhere. Since the entrepreneurs in this complex need not only space for manufacturing matches but space for building storerooms for raw materials and finished goods, Space may also be required for power utilities, space for generators, etc., and for setting up offices. Thus, the entrepreneur may need about 1000-1200 Square Feet of space to start his own matchmaking industry.

Fund Arrangement for Match Box Manufacturing:

Entrepreneurs may need a large investment to start a matchmaking industry, so it can be easy for a financially affluent person to manage such a large amount from his personal savings. But even if the person is not able to manage the costs involved in starting the Match Box Manufacturing Business from his personal savings, he should not invest his entire personal savings in this business but only invest some part of the personal savings in it. needed. And the rest of the finances should be managed through sources such as government-linked loan schemes, bank loans, venture capitalists, etc.

License for Match Box Manufacturing:

The entrepreneur can register his business as a private limited company or a one-person company. GST registration may also be required for billing and invoicing, besides opening of the current account, etc. in the name of the business. Since wood and flammable chemical are also used in this business, it is very important to get a No Objection Certificate from the Fire Department. And maybe due to the use of wood, the entrepreneur may also need to take permission from the forest department. For Match Box Manufacturing, a local authority such as a municipal corporation, municipality, etc. can be contacted for a factory or trade license. And if the entrepreneur wishes, he can also register the industry base of his business.

Necessary machinery and equipment

The following is a list of the major machinery equipment used in the Match Box Manufacturing Business.

Chain Saw:

In this industry, it is used for timber harvesting, pruning, etc.

Log Debraker:

This machine is used to remove its bark from wood.

Veneer Peeling Machine:

This machine is used to convert a thick branch of wood into a sheet of a certain thickness.

Veneer Chopping Machine:

In Match Box Manufacturing, the work of this machine is to convert the sheet of wood made into matchsticks, sticks, or other required dimensions as per the requirement.

Rotating Drum Dryer:

It is a dryer to throw hot air, which slowly dries the material by the flow of hot air.


It is used to store and hold essential goods.

Feed Hopper:

It is used to deliver the raw material to the required unit i.e. the raw material is put into it after which it moves to the required unit.

Perforated Belt Conveyor:

This conveyor belt has holes so as to separate unwanted liquid from the material.

Open Chemical Tank:

This type of tank is used to store the chemical.

Match Making Machine With Coating Unit

It is an automatic machine used to make Match Boxes in which matchsticks are placed.

Matchstick Filling Machine:

This machine is used to fill matchsticks in the matchbox box.

Counting & Packaging Machine

This machine is used for calculation and packaging.

5. Raw Materials and Employees

The entrepreneur may need a skilled and experienced machine operator to manufacture the Match Box from the above-mentioned machinery. In addition, a helper may be required to move the material from one workstation to another workstation and may also need to employ educated and skilled staff for office work. In this way, the entrepreneur may need to hire 7-9 employees in his match industry at an early stage. The list of major raw materials used in this business is as follows.

  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Chemicals such as red phosphorus and other materials
  • Paper and packing material

6. Start Match Box Manufacturing

The Match Box Manufacturing Process can be divided into two parts matchbox making process and matchsticks.

Making matchsticks:

In this process, the wood is first to cut into suitable lengths with the help of chain saws and then the wood bark is removed. This wood branch is put into a sheet of wood thinner or a peeling machine to be converted. This wooden sheet is then cut and then this sheet is divided into thin and necessary rods or matchsticks by means of a chopping machine.These matchsticks are then soaked in a solution of ammonium phosphate and then dried with the help of a dryer, then these matchsticks are put into a feed hopper which carries them forward to be filled in the compartments.

Matchbox manufacturing

In this process of making Match Boxes, the printed sheets brought from the printing house are cut and folded and attached with the help of glue by the paper box making machine thus they are manufactured.

When the work of making matchsticks and cartons is complete, then the work of filling the matchsticks in these empty compartments with the help of an automatic filling machine is started. In the finishing process, chemical coating machines apply the chemical to the sides of the compartments. After that, they fall directly into the tray and from there, the work of counting and packaging of Match Box starts.

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