How To Start A Nail Making Industry. How To Start Nails Manufacturing Business

 How To Start Nail Making Industry (Material, Cost, Marketing, Machine price)

How To Start A Nail Making Industry. How To Start Nails Manufacturing Business


The nail manufacturing industry is a long-lasting industry. This industry requires some big events. This requires a special kind of machine. Full information about its raw materials and machinery is being given here. Apart from this, here is also being given about how to start this industry.

Nail Making Raw Material

Nail wire is among the necessary materials used for this. Various types of nails are made using it. These wires are found in different cross-sections. So buy the wire according to the nail you make.

Where To Buy The Necessary Materials For Nail Making (Nail Raw Material Supplier)

Mainly, this wire factory is in Durgapur in West Bengal and Raipur in Chhattisgarh. From here, this wire can be purchased at your address in stock. You can visit the following link to order it online.

Nail Making Machine

A “nail making machine” is a bit expensive, but once this machine is seated, then the nail can be made for a long time. This machine is fully automated, which can be easily controlled and regulated. Nails are mainly made of two types of machines. Nail is made in one and in the other machine it is polished. Both these machines come in a set.

Where To Buy A Machine For Nail Making ( Nail Making Machine Buy Online)

There are many showrooms for nail-making machines. From where it can be purchased. If you want to get this machine online, then visit the link given below.

 Nail Making Process

With the machine being automated, the process of nail making becomes very easy. The wire dial is set in front of the machine in such a way that it can rotate. A part of the wire is put into the nail-making machine. When the machine is running, the nails start to be formed automatically by that wire. At least 250 to 300 pieces of nails are made in a minute.

Nail Polishing

The nails made after this have to be put in the polishing machine. Nails start appearing new with polishing. The wood husk is used in this. After this, any type of lubricant can also be used.

 Nail Manufacturing Business Cost

The cost of the nail wire used in it is Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per ton, and the price of the machine set is at least 4 to 5 lakhs. In this way, at least 10 lakh rupees are required to start this business, which includes everything like electricity set up machinery, etc. It costs at least Rs 2 to leave one raw material to make one kilo of the nail. You may need a 1000 square fit to start this trade.

Nail Manufacturing Business License

It is very necessary to get the necessary license because in this industry complete machinery setup is required. The application can be given to your local authority for the license. You will get a license from here very soon.

Nail Packing

Jute sacks are very good for its packaging. Nails are sharp, so there is a fear of plastic bags breaking. Keep in mind the quantities offered at various hardware stores in the market at the time of packaging. Prepare packets of the same quantity of 5 kg and 10 kg.

Nail Manufacturing Business Profit

At least 500 to 600 kg nails can be made in a day by running the machine for eight hours daily. If all types of manufacturing cast are omitted, then there is a profit of 5 to 6 rupees per kilogram. In this way, up to Rs 60,000- 70,000 can be earned in a month.

Nail Manufacturing Business Marketing

It can be marketed in the hardware market. Therefore, it is right to sell at a very cheap price in all major and small hardware shops in the city. Once the market is caught, your product can be sold again at the market price.

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