How to start a pen making business (Raw material, machine, price, cost)

How to start a pen making business (Raw material, machine, price, cost)

Pens are one of the most useful things of all time. It is required everywhere from home to school and from school to office. Its business can be started with very little money. In particular, the use of ball pens is very popular among people in every field. The most important thing about a ball pen is that its ink dries up as soon as possible. These days ‘Use and Throw’ pens are also being used a lot. The industry of use and throw pens or ball pens can be started very easily in your home.

How to start a pen making business (Raw material, machine, price, cost)

Raw material list required for making pens

The following materials are required to make a ball pen.

  • Barrel – A barrel is the part of a pen in which ink is filled. You can get it for Rs 140 per 250 pieces.
  • Adapter – The adapter is the part between the barrel and the tip. Which can be found at Rs 4.5 per 144 pieces.
  • Tip – Tip is the part of the pen from which the ink comes out regularly while writing. You can get it from 28 to 35 rupees per 144 pieces.
  • Lid – This is used to cover the pen. Its lid costs 25 rupees per 100 pieces.
  • Ink – This is the most important material for a pen, which can be found in 120 to 400 rupees per liter.

Where to buy the necessary materials for making pens (Raw material)

Pen-making things can be found in a big hole cell market. Or they can also be found online, which will deliver all these things to your home. To order it online, go to the website given below.

Ball Pen making machines

To start this industry, at least 200 square feet of space is required. About five machines are installed in this place. Below is the topic of the five machines.

  • Punching machine: The punching machine is the machine from which the adapter is set in the barrel.
  • Ink Filling Machine: With the help of an ink filling machine, ink is filled in the barrel.
  • Tip fixing machine: With the help of the tip fixing machine, the tip is attached to the adapter of the pen, which is helpful in writing.
  • Centrifuging machine: With the help of this, the extra air left in the ink is filled with the ink, filling the ink inside the pen.

Total cost for pen making business

Generally, the cost of a cheap machine is Rs 25,000, these machines are fine for starting a small business. Many big hardware stores sell it. You can check the website for ordering it online:

It can take between 30 to 40 thousand rupees to set up the pen-making business for the first time with all the above-mentioned things. Of these 40 thousand rupees, 25 thousand are of a machine only. Therefore, it can be estimated that once the machine is seated, this business can be run with the least amount of money. Apart from this, if you want to start a big business, then an automatic machine is required for this, which can get you up to 4 lakh rupees. The total cost for this can be more than this.

Ball Pen making process

The process of making pens is easy and minor. Full details of this process are being given here.

  • First of all, the barrel has to be installed in a punching machine. This machine already has an adapter. Looking at the barrel adapter, the adapter is set in the barrel as soon as the punch is put in place.
  • Once the adapter is set, there is a process of filling the ink in the barrel. An ink filling machine is used for filling ink. The ink filling machine is pre-filled with ink. While filling the ink, it is important to keep in mind that the ink should be filled according to the size of the barrel. By filling more ink, it can also come out, which can also affect the quality of the pen.
  • After this, place your hand on the top hole of the barrel, then it is applied to the tip fixing machine. With the help of this machine, the tip is placed in the ink-filled barrel. After that, it turns into a barrel pen.
  • After this, this pan is put in a centrifuging machine so that the excess air inside it is removed.
  • Now, this pen can be used comfortably for writing. Similarly, you can make more pens with the help of machines and can market your brand of pens in the market.

Manage the place (Land & Building for Pen Manufacturing):

With this, the Pen Manufacturing Business entrepreneur can start from anywhere, from any such location. From where he could sell the manufactured product, easily, in the local market. And can easily buy raw materials. But apart from this, the entrepreneur will also have to keep in mind that there is also the availability of electricity, water, roads, cheap laborers, etc. As far as the business is concerned, how much space will the entrepreneur need? Is a question of It depends on what level the entrepreneur plans to start a business. Because the entrepreneur starts this business on a large scale, he will need more land, more machinery, more manpower, more raw materials, etc.

While the entrepreneur may need about 700-800 square feet of space to set up such a small-scale industry. If the entrepreneur does not have his own property, he can rent a place or building.

Manage Finance for pen Making

Before managing finances, the entrepreneur needs to prepare a project report of his business. In which all the details of the project cost, from the estimated future earnings, are mentioned. But keep in mind, the project report should be practical. That means anything imaginary in it, Not to be mentioned. After preparing the project report, the entrepreneur becomes aware of the estimated cost. And only then can he manage the finances for his Pen Manufacturing business. To manage finances, he can take help of his personal savings, government subsidy loan schemes, bank loans, etc.

Licensed and Registration (Required Registration for pen Manufacturing):

Initially, the entrepreneur can register his Pen Manufacturing business as a proprietorship. When the entrepreneur’s business is given a statutory nature. Then after that, he can also do GST registration. So that it is able to run the billing and invoice process smoothly. The entrepreneur may also require a trade license from a local authority such as a municipal corporation, municipality, etc. Apart from this, Aadhaar Aadhaar registration and MSME data bank registration can also be done by the entrepreneur, to take advantage of various government schemes.

Start the business first and register your brand once the business starts running at a fast pace. You can register your company LLP, OPC, or PVT. LTD. You need to get a trade license from your local authority. It is also necessary to have a current bank account and PAN card in the name of the company. It does not require a ‘Pollution Control Board’ license. This is very important for starting a big business.

Ball pen making business marketing

Many small big companies are trading pens in the market, in such a situation, it is necessary to take some special steps to expand their business. Maintaining the quality of the pen is the first condition of marketing. To maintain quality, firstly the ink of the pen will have to be of better quality. In addition to this, the quality of the tip should also be good so that the handwriting can be good. You can use big posters and hoardings to promote your brand. Get hold of your brand in advanced places of the city so that more and more people can see your brand.

How to package a pen (Ball Pen packaging)

While packing, prepare such packets, which look attractive. This means that at the cost of five pens, put one more pen in the packet as an offer. This will attract customers to your brand. Generally, 5 or 10 piece packets can be made to sell pens. You can also sell it openly.

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