How To Start a Plastic Injection Moulding Business

How To Start a Plastic Injection Moulding Business

Friends, if you look around you, you will see that you are surrounded by things made of plastic, and every day you buy some items in which plastic has been used. This means that the consumption of plastic is very high and it is increasing day by day. Suppose plastic is harmful to the environment and plastic bags are banned but it is not possible to ban every plastic thing, it will continue to be used until there is an alternative solution or means.

That’s why there are immense business possibilities in the plastic Moulding business because with plastic Moulding you can produce and sell many useful things in the market such as the Plastic Injection Molding Business 

  • Vehicle Plastic Body Parts
  • Body parts of Home Appliances like TV, Fridge, Cooler, Aisi, Fans, etc.
  • Household products like tanks, buckets, tubs, mugs, various plastic containers, etc.
  • Electric switches, boxes, pipes, fittings, panels, etc. are used in homes.
  • Various things are used in medicine.
  • Many kinds of toys.
  • Plastic furniture like chairs, tables, benches, cupboards, etc.
  • Bottles, containers, packaging materials, etc. to pack the products of companies.
  • And many more things. Plastic Injection Molding Business 

So, friends, you must have understood how big is the market for you and how much demand is there to export at the national or international level. So if you are looking for self-employment then the business of plastic injection Moulding is very golden, and many people are making good money by making various types of plastic products.

Let friends tell you how to do a plastic injectionMoulding business and become a successful entrepreneur by taking care of what things.

Business Startup Cost – Initial capital investment required

Friends, the initial cost in this business is very high, so you should understand it well and start this business only when you feel that you are ready to work very hard in it and you will sell your product, otherwise you will also suffer a huge loss. could.

  • Space cost – First of all, you will need at least 3000 sqft of space, in which you will have to arrange for the storage of raw materials and finished goods, apart from the production room. Along with this, you will also have to open a small office here. This place of yours should be in an industrial area only so that you do not face any problem in getting a license and other permissions. The cost of making this place can come up to about 2 lakhs, as well as the cost of the rental month will be above 30000 rupees per month. Plastic Injection Molding Business 
  • Cost of Injection Moulding Machine – Although the cost of an injection Moulding machine starts from around Rs 8 lakhs, machines of good production capacity come only above 15 lakhs. You can buy the machine according to your plan.
  • Cost of Design Mold Tool – In an injection Moulding machine, products are made by pouring liquid plastic into mold tools of different product designs. A mold tool will produce a product of the same design and size. For different designs and sizes, you will need to apply a different mold. The cost of a mold starts from as low as 50,000 depending on the size and complexity.
  • Expenses of Shrink Packaging Machine – Friends, there may be some products that require packaging, then you will have to pay the initial cost of the packaging machine accordingly. Packaging machines start from around Rs 50,000.

So if we look at the fat, then the setup cost of starting an injection Moulding business is about 20 lakh rupees. Apart from this, your monthly expenses are fixed on your production apart from rent, and salary, which includes the cost of raw materials, cost of electricity, cost of packing materials, cost of transportation, etc.

The good thing is that if you have a good plan, you can also take a loan on easy terms for your business through various government self-employment promotion schemes. For this, get information about various government self-employment schemes from your nearest government bank. Plastic Injection Molding Business 

Decide what product will you Manufacture 

As you have been told that you can make countless things with plastic injection Moulding, so the first thing you have to decide is what products you will be manufacturing. Success in the plastic injection Moulding business is achieved when the same type of product is continuously produced and the demand remains.

To finalize your product, you can do research in the market to know which products sell more, which products have more profit, which products have less competition, or which products are more in demand. Or you can start making your product with something new.

You can become a sub-contract supplier of an already running plastics manufacturing company and supply your goods to them, which they will sell under their label. Or you can start a good business of supplying a company’s products such as plastic body parts of vehicles, TVs, fridges, coolers, etc. or paint company’s boxes or other products to their factory and later I can do the same with other companies. You can also make your customer.

Start with such a product or plan, in which you do not have to make products of more variety, that means in the beginning, make only 1-2 products. And once your business is well set up then you can start making a range of other products as well.

Decide Raw Material And Suppliers 

Friends, whatever product you make in the plastic Moulding business, then you have to keep in mind that it should be made of the same type of plastic which is suitable or approved for that product. There are many types of plastics are available in the market like PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, etc. So by contacting the plastic granule or raw material supplier of the plastic you need, you can supply the raw material for yourself at the cheapest prices. Plastic Injection Molding Business  Make sure 

Build your distribution And Selling plan

Making your products and reaching them to the customers is very important work and it also involves paying money and commission. You need to know who will be the buyers of your products and how you will reach your product to them. There are many ways to do this, such as through a distributor, or retailer, by selling in your shop or online, directly to the customer, or by becoming an OEM supplier of a company. For this, you will also have to have a team of sales and marketing. Whatever method you go with but make sure your product reaches and is used by the customer Plastic Injection Molding Business 

Value of your product and profit margin

Although the profit margin in plastic items is good, it depends a lot on the supply and demand in the market and also depends on who are your customers, so keep your profit margin right while making your business plan.

Company Registration 

To do an injection plastic Moulding business, you need to register your company as well as you have to get other types of licenses and clearances. States may have different policies for this, so for more information about this, you can contact a professional like CS / CA or a firm providing the service of registering a company.

Do marketing of the company

Once you have started your company, then along with production and distribution, it is very important to do marketing of your company so that you can reach new customers and people buy your product automatically.

For this, it is most important to keep the quality of your products the best and the price right.
Second, keep a team for the marketing of your company, who reach the customers and make new customers by reaching the information of your product to the customers, or strengthen the reach in your distributor and retail.
Make sure to build your company’s website because nowadays people see more information on online websites only. Plastic Injection Molding Business 
Strengthen your company’s brand based on good quality products.

So, friends, this was a self-employment method for you in which we told you how you can start an injection plastic Moulding business. If you run your business with hard work and understanding, then understand that it will not take long for you to become a millionaire.


How Does Injection Moulding work

Many of my customer friends always buy me: “Jason, I would like to know more details about plastic injection Moulding technics. How does it work? I should understand more for my task”.

Here today I would like to post an article on how the injection Moulding machine is working.

Process below:

1) We fill plastic resin in the injection Moulding machine, plastic resin will be heated on the Injection Moulding machine nozzle with a temperature sensor and controller. Different materials have different melting temperatures in general. As for PP resin, the melting temperature is always between 150° to 200°.

2) Injection Moulding machine will close the injection mold with clamping force and wait for material filling, the clamping force can also be controlled by the sensor.

3) Rotate material with high speed for screw and shot part. here there is a lot of sensor for injection, such as injection speed, injection pressure, injection position, injection temperature, and mold temperature

4) After filling the material into the mold, we need to stop the material filling and start holding pressure. This grip pressure will help the part with less shot and shrinkage marks with stable dimensions.

5) After the hold pressure, the injection Moulding machine will start to cool the part which is inside the mold, as we know the melting temperature when we fill the material into the mold, is too high and we need to cool is required. Acceptable level to get the share.

6) To prevent cooling, the Injection Moulding machine will open the mold and the parts will be de-molded by the ejector system. Now we can get the fraction we want.

7) In One-step 6, another small production will come to the injecting machine in step 1.

Asia Billion is a Hong Kong and China plastic injection Moulding and equipment manufacturing company. We have great advantages for low-cost injection tooling and Moulding, precision injection mold and Moulding, 2k or more molding project as well as precision metal CNC machining parts.

Our main advantages are as below: Plastic Injection Molding Business 

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2) Quick response with good customer service

3) Initial project mechanical research includes the capability of new product development

4)Short lead time Strong engineering team for mold design, mold simulation, and quality assurance (DFM, full mold drawings, and mold flow simulation report can be provided)

5) All requirements of the certificate can be provided

6) Good details for resin, steel, and mechanical product design, we can help you optimize your project

7) Highly educated management team with long working experience and all companies can speak English

8) High precision injection mold and over-mold have big advantages compared to others (minimum tolerance for production can be +/- 0.02mm, mold tolerance and metal CNC machining part tolerance can be 0.005mm)

9) Good experience and understanding of the classification of SPI class 101 to 105 medical injection mold making

10) Small to medium-size manufacturing and the high-quality customer only service, we are easy to work with customers and smart enough.

11) We are fast-growing and smart or flexible for different demands or some emergencies.

12) Good supply chain experience with medical device, automotive, electronic, or other industry OEM companies.



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