How to Start a Plastic Recycling Business Ideas in India

 If we talk about Plastic Recycling, it is the process of converting plastic waste materials into new materials or items. As we know that even before and even today, most of the people throw away the plastic waste or consider it as the disposal of that material only to throw it out of their house. Therefore, this process is an alternative to traditional waste disposal, which can save the material as well as save the environment from contamination.

The recycling process of any material, not just plastic materials, proves to be helpful in preventing the waste of potentially useful materials. And it is also helpful in reducing the consumption of fresh raw materials, which can reduce energy use, air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution etc. Plastic recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction and is the third component of the reduce, reuse, and recycle hierarchy.

Not only are plastic materials recyclable, but many types of glass, paper, cardboard, metals, plastics, tyres, textiles, batteries and electronics are also recyclable. In clear words, if we try to understand the recycling process, we will find that a new form of the same material can be obtained through the recycling process of a material.

However, it is also seen here that it is slightly more expensive than manufacturing products from fresh raw materials, which is why many products or materials are used in separate production instead of recycling them. Therefore, in the Plastic Recycling Process, only new materials are manufactured by recycling old plastic materials.

    Benefits of Plastic Recycling Business Ideas 

    Some of the major advantages of Plastic Recycling are as follows.

    Plastic recycling helps in saving energy and natural resources. Saving natural resources like petroleum, water etc. also helps in maintaining the balance of nature. Therefore, it can be said that plastic recycling is helpful in conserving energy and natural resources.

    As we all know that plastic is considered a threat to the soil and the surrounding environment. The reason for this is that when plastic waste is thrown on the ground, it decomposes rapidly and after a certain period of time emits dangerous toxic fumes. And this dangerous smoke

    It is extremely harmful to the surrounding environment, which can cause various types of lung diseases and skin diseases. Therefore, there is also an advantage of plastic recycling that it helps in saving both nature and man from this danger.

    Market analysis:-

    Not just Plastic Recycling If we talk about the entire recycling business then Innovative Business Model like Deposit Return Scheme, Secondary Storage of EV Battery and Retail Take-back for Hazardous Waste Management through disruptive applications like Composite Plastic Separation etc. Waste recycling is likely to drive the market.

    As disclosed in a study, this Waste Recycling & Recovery Market study that took place in 2019 provides an overall update on the sector i.e. the global recycling market. According to this, the value of this market was $ 354.7 billion in 2018, which increased to $ 376.9 billion in 2019.

    Now not only the people but the governments of different nations are also seeing the benefits of recycling, so the government is also encouraging to set up such businesses.

    How to Start Plastic Recycling Business:-

    There are also some ISO standards like 15270:2008 available to start Plastic Recycling Business, so this kind of business should be done according to these standards. Apart from this, even to start this kind of business, the entrepreneur needs to take all the arrangements and steps that any other business can do. So let’s know how a person can start his own plastic recycling business.

    1. Land Management:-

    To start a plastic recycling business, the entrepreneur not only needs a workshop space but also a space to store inventory, power utilities and to set up a small office.

    In this way, the entrepreneur may need 700-800 Square Feet space to start this kind of business. To start this type of business, it is not necessary that the entrepreneur should set up such a unit in any local market, but wherever he is getting non-cultivable land at cheap price or rent, he can set up this type of unit. may plan to install.

    But the entrepreneur has to keep in mind that he needs plastic waste as a raw material to run this business and the plastic waste will come out only from residential colonies or industrial areas, so the plant is far away from the sources of raw materials. Should not happen.

    2. Management of Finance:-

    Although the entrepreneur may need a huge amount even more than 30-35 lakh rupees to start this project. Therefore, it is almost difficult for any person to manage such a huge amount on an individual level.

    Therefore, the entrepreneur can gather information about the schemes issued by the government to encourage plastic recycling. And if there is a scheme related to providing subsidy loan in these schemes, then the entrepreneur can try to take advantage of it. That is to say, the entrepreneur can also manage finance by taking loan from the bank or through venture capitalist etc.

    3. Required License for Plastic Recycling:-

    Firstly the entrepreneur will need to register his business with the Registrar of Companies. And when the business of plastic recycling of the entrepreneur acquires a statutory form, then the entrepreneur may be required to obtain a trade license or factory license from the local authority. GST registration, No Objection Certificate from Fire and Pollution Department, Udyog Aadhaar Registration etc. may also be required in the form of tax registration.

    4. Purchase of Machinery:-

    To start a plastic recycling business, different types of machinery are used, whose prices can be in several lakhs of rupees. Therefore, it is very important to act very carefully and wisely while buying machinery to avoid any fraud. Entrepreneur before purchasing machinery The company should call for quotations from various machinery suppliers and then select the supplier after comparative analysis. The list of some of the major machinery used in this business is as follows.

    Grinders of different motor capacities:-

    1). Dust cleaner

    2). Conveyor belt

    3). Round washing machine

    4). Hydro dryer

    5). Mixer machine

    6). Agglomerated Machine

    7). Recycling

    5. Buying Plastic Waste:-

    However, people who collect plastic waste from people’s homes and other places automatically reach the nearest Plastic Recycling Plant to sell them. But if this is not the case, the entrepreneur can buy plastic waste by contacting the scrap collectors located in that area.

    6. Start Plastic Recycling Process:-

    In the Plastic Recycling Process, the plastic material is passed through various stages before it is recycled. So that after it is recycled, it can be used to make various products.

    1) Sorting Process:- 

    First of all the plastic waste is sorted on the basis of its make and type so that it can be processed according to the machine.

    2) Making small pieces of plastic:- 

    This process of making small pieces of plastic is also called shredding. In this, plastic waste is loaded into different conveyor belts and then with the help of different shredders, these are converted into small pieces.

    3) Grinding Process:-

    After that the grinding process is carried out. The grinder is used to remove the waste from the small granules of plastic.

    4) Dust Cleaning: –

    After grinding, the dust cleaning process is completed, this process is done to remove dust etc. from plastic waste. However, it is not required for hard plastic waste.

    5) Conveyor Washing:- 

    In this type of process plastic waste is thoroughly washed in clean water.

    6) Drum Washing:- 

    In Plastic Recycling Process, drum washing process is completed after conveyor washing. In this a large round shaped drum is used to wash this material.

    7) Dryer Process:-

    In this process hydro dryer is used to dry the material, the material is directly poured from the drum into it.

    8) Agglomeration Process:- 

    In this process a mixture of materials is prepared using agglo-process machine for hard plastic. For example, aglow-process machines for buckets, mugs, etc. and normal machines for soft plastics such as poly bags, etc.

    Recycling Process: In this process the recycled plastic is melted so that it can be taken out in the form of plastic granules from the extruded machine. These plastic pellets or granules are used to make various plastic products.

    What is the Cost of recycling business Ideas

    The start-up cost is around 1 lakh 30 thousand, although no one will deny the fact that the cost can increase according to the business. Along with this, your cost will also depend on what kind of product you are recycling. Apart from this, you will have to spend some money in the registration, license and other documents of your firm.


    Not only in India, the business of recycling is increasing rapidly in all countries, because in future due to this it will be possible for mankind to survive. If we talk about business, nowadays many companies are earning billions of rupees. The investment from above is also very less. If you want, take up this business because nature benefits you and all the people in it. Apart from this, the business of recycling is growing well all over the world, so it is safe for you to invest money in this business.

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