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What Is Poultry Farming & How to do Poultry Farming Business

How to do Poultry Farming Business with Low Budget

Farmers’ houses say that after raising livestock, mainly cows, buffaloes, goats, and poultry are taken care of at home and they supplement their income from agriculture.

Poultry rearing is a very simple business with low cost, less space, and less effort. Among them, cattle breeders have shown more enthusiasm than broiler chickens or backyard poultry farming. Gavaran egg production, which is a regular income, is also a sub-business or a side business. This article is for many farmers who are asking for information about this.

Below are some of the Gavran crossbreeds available today in a short period of time.

    Breeds of hens for egg production

    When we think of Gavaran egg production, certain species come to our notice

    RIR (Rhode Island Red) (the best layer to produce 220 to 250 eggs in a single cycle, starting egg production after 6 months of slow weight gain)

    Black Australopithecus (Best Multipurpose Breed Grow up to 2 kg in 3 months and produce 160-200 eggs in a cycle)

    Grampriya 180 to 200 eggs

    Dehlam Red produces 200 to 220 eggs per year

    Giriraj (1 kg weight gain in 2 months and production of 150 eggs in one egg cycle)

    Vanraj (1 kg weight gain in 2 months and production of 120 to 160 eggs in one egg cycle)

    Kadaknath (Indigenous variety known for its medicinal properties, slow weight gain, but nutritious. 1 kg increase in 5 months and 60 to 80 egg production in one cycle.)

    These breeds are very hardy and have good immunity.

    How to do Poultry business:-

    Basically, this business can be done with cows and buffaloes in open herds, there is no need to do anything different for that. Indigenous or Gavaran crossbreeds are very sharp and well resistant.

    When raising poultry, the choice of breed depends on the market for which you want to do business.

    Egg and meat production by the main can be the goal.

    Poultry: Deep litter method and free circulation method:-

    It has many benefits if farmers adopt an open communication system.

    100 birds can be started with very little time and capital if it is taken care of in an open manner. You can start by buying one-day-old chicks.

    Leaving the hens free reduces the cost of production per egg and per chick. For the first few days, for example, 3 weeks old chicks are cared for. Are brooded. And as soon as their wings begin to form, they are left to roam freely in the backyard.

    Advantages of free poultry Business rearing:-

    1 There are savings in labor costs and food costs. The only protection from natural enemies, foxes, dogs, mongooses.

    2 Improved breed hens can naturally find their own food and fill their stomachs. These birds roam the area and feed on insects, weeds, and wastes.

    3 improved breeds of hens, Giriraj, Vanraj, RiR hens start laying eggs early and lay more eggs.

    4 In a free circulation system, hens come to the shed only for shelter at night, so cleaning is very easy.

    Construction of shed for starting a Poultry business:-

    About 1 to 1.5 square feet per bird should be used to build a permanent shed according to your needs.

    10 to 12 feet high in the center and 8 to 10 feet high on both sides.

    The shed should have a wall 2 to 3 feet high.

    The shed should be closed with the help of a chicken mesh net.

    The floor should be paved or cobbled.

    The hens should have an open compound netting adjacent to the shed for free movement.

    Expenditure in Poultry Business:-

    Farmers should start with one-day-old puppies. It costs about Rs 120 to Rs 150 for a day old puppy to hatch.

    About 60 to 70 out of 100 hens are expected to lay 40 to 45 eggs per day. The price of this egg in the market is Rs. 5 to 8. It costs 2 to 3 rupees to make one egg here.

    Along with the income from selling eggs, you can also get good quality chicken manure. The cost of production can be further reduced by using wasted food, vegetables, grains, or maize taken as intercrop.

    These birds should be slaughtered after taking the product for 72 weeks. At this time they are usually sold for 150 to 200 rupees. This leads to extra income and extra profit.

    Providing clean water, a proper diet, and timely vaccination can make home breeding a very good business. And many farmers are currently earning such income. Poultry rearing is proving to be very profitable with the aim of producing Gavaran eggs. Village eggs have always been getting good rates.

    Finance arrangement for Poultry Business

    Since you have prepared the plan for your Poultry Farming Business. So now you must have come to know how much it will cost to start a chicken farm business. So the second step will be to arrange money for your own Murgi Farm Business.

    Bank Loan for Poultry Business:

    If you have finance for your Poultry Farming Business then it is fine but if not and you are thinking about Bank Loan. So to start your Murgi Farm Business, your fourth step should be to apply for Bank Loan.

    Land Selection for Poultry Business

    The third and most important step is to choose the land for Poultry Farming Business. While selecting the land, you have to analyze both the Murgi Farms available in the local market and the customers. If you want to sell chickens somewhere far away from your city, then you also have to keep in mind the transportation system. It is very important to have a proper amount of drinking water for the poultry farm business. Therefore, you have to keep all these things in mind while choosing the land for your Murgi Farm Business.

    Managing thatch and equipment For Poultry Business

    If you have a bank loan or your own finance has been arranged. So now your fifth step should be to establish a Murgi Farm for your Poultry Farming Business, by buying Shedding and Equipment. While setting up Murgi Farm, which one you want to choose between Conventional Chicken Farm and Free Range Chicken Farm. Have to take care.

    Bird selection for Poultry Business

    The selection of your chickens. Choosing chickens refers to what product you want your chicken farm to produce, eggs or meat. If you want to produce eggs then you have to make Layer Murgi a part of your poultry farming business and if you want to produce meat then Broiler Murgiyo. Broiler and Layer Murgiyo have their own pros and cons, so be sure to check them out before making a choice.

    Find A market for Poultry Business

    Since you have also selected chickens for your poultry farming business, now the next step, as long as your chickens are of market size. In these 35-45 days your duty is to find the market to sell your chickens or eggs. First of all target your local market. Because if your product is sold in the local market only then the transportation cost is reduced.

    And you can easily deliver your product to the customer safely. First of all, it is important to know the consumption of meat or eggs in the markets around you. When you will know the consumption of meat or eggs in the markets near you. After that, it becomes important for you to know from where people buy most of the meat or eggs. I think for meat you can look at local meat shops and hotels available as your future customers. And as we all know, people also buy eggs from grocery stores.

    After that, you have to analyze the product potential of your Poultry Farm. Is the production capacity of your Poultry Farm more than the purchase of meat and eggs from local markets, if yes, then you will have to market your poultry farming business in other cities as well.

    Know your customers and Consumers

    To do any business, it becomes necessary for a businessman/businesswoman. That he should know the customers and consumers of his product.

    Difference Between Customers & Consumers :

    A customer is a person who buys your product. And (consumers) consumers are all those who are consuming your product. A customer can also be a consumer. But not everyone can be a consumer. Example: Suppose a person named A bought 10 Murgiya from you for some event in his house, then A became your customer. But after going home, he distributed the meat of those 10 Murgiyo among 100 people. So all those 100 people became the consumers of your product.

    Keep records of accounting and trading activities

    You can maintain books for your Poultry Farming Business.

    Cash Receipt:

    Through cash receipt, you can keep the details of the customers who have given cash. If there are three copies of each page of this Cash Receipt, it will be correct. To give a customer, one copy to calculate your daily cash balance, and keep one copy in your Cash Receipt Book, so you can analyze it anytime in the future.

    Follow local rules (Run your poultry business under Local Laws):

    It is certain that if you will start your own Poultry Farming Business. So you have to take the land at such a place, which is favorable for poultry farm business as per the local/state rules. That is, the people living nearby should not have any objection to your poultry farming business. Apart from this, while keeping manpower for your Murgi farm, while growing Murgiyo in your Murgi farm, you have to keep in mind the local and state rules even while transporting Murgiyo.

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