How to start a wood carving business Wood Carving Business in India in English

 Even if you are aware of, or not aware of, Wood Carving Business, you must have seen different types of design made on the furniture used in places like houses, buildings, offices etc. Yes, we are talking about the same flower, leaves, etc. Which we see on different types of furniture such as doors, windows, beds, cabinets, tables, chairs etc. Beautiful carving on wood increases both its attractiveness and value, it requires skill and experience to do this kind of work.

Wood carving or wood carving is usually done by working on the wood with the help of cutting tools like knife or chisel, hammer etc. With the help of these small tools, people who have mastered this task can easily design on wood,The sculpture, figure etc. are easily made. Although wood carving involves all the activities that range from making any kind of personal wood sculpture, carving wood through molding or manually carving wood through knives, chisels, hammers etc. Everything is included.

If we talk about wood carving, then the practice of making sculptures out of wood was practiced on a large scale, but it was not as popular and successful as stone and bronze sculptures. One of the main reasons for this is that the risk of wood decay is higher than that. Because there is a higher risk of an attack of wood from various types of insects and fire.

By the way, it has been seen that such idols made of wood, which need to be kept outside, are not able to remain safe for a long time. But it is also seen that most of the sculptures in China and Japan are made of wood. This is probably because wood is lighter and it is easier to carve than stone. Apart from sculptures, simple furniture has also been carved, So today we are talking about Wood Carving Business in this article of ours.

Wood Carving business History:

Wood Carving Yankee Wood carving is one of the most ancient arts of mankind. Because from time to time there has been evidence that thousands of years ago, humans have been using utilitarian wood to perform various tasks. Therefore, it is speculated that perhaps the beginning of the craft in the world was done through artifacts, etc. on wood. Therefore, the use of wood in human culture is universal, because both of its applications are also as a means of creating, enhancing, and creating technology.

North American Indians carve their wooden fish hooks or pipe stem in the same way as Polynesians pattern their paddles. Also, the natives of Guyana can be seen adorning their own cassava grater with a fine concept of a carved scroll. If we talk about architecture, it also includes wood carving.

Types of Wood Carving:

There are various types of wood carvings, the following is a list of some of the major types.

1. Chip Carving

Chip carving is also known as Carbschin by the German people refers to the type of wood carving that is largely carved using chisels. The purpose of a chisel is to separate the wood chips from it to form a shape on the wood. Typically some artworks or designs are made by working on a wooden surface through a chisel.

2. Relief Carving

This type of wood carving is usually done by engraving figures in a panel of wood that is usually flat. The shapes that are then etched can take a slightly approximate shape from that background. Relief Carving can be broadly divided into High Relief Carving and Medium Relief Carving.

3. Chainsaw Wood Carving

If we talk about this type of wood carving, then it is one of the fastest-growing art in the world. This is because it combines modern art with the use of modern technology. This combination of technique and carving serves as one of the keys to truly amazing carving.

4. Treen Carving

This type of wood carving also includes carving of household objects with wood, although it is also important to note that it will not only include household objects, chairs, cabinets, or household furniture.

5. Vitalising

This type of wood carving is usually a shape from wood and the use of tools to create artwork. The tools used in this type of carving can be either a knife or a chisel, or both. But keep in mind that long knives are used instead of normal knives because they come with long handles that maintain a strong grip on the knife and work more effectively.

What type of wood is carved?

As we have mentioned in the above sentences, methods of wood carving include chip carving, relief carving, and Scandinavian flat-plane. Wood carving is done in both soft and hardwood, mainly oak, mahogany, walnut, Elm, Limewood, Chestnut, Ebony, Boxwood, Cedar, Cypress, Olive, Teak, and Cedar, etc. Wood carving has various advantages, one of these advantages is that it can be more easily and accurately carved than stone or animal bone.

For larger compositions, two or more pieces of wood can also be easily added by carving. Softwood is extremely easy to shape but is less durable than hardwood. No matter what the wood is, but it is not as strong, pesticide, weatherproof as a stone, so Wood Carving is mainly used for indoor works.

How to start a wood carving business? (How to Start Wood Carving Business):

If we talk about Wood Carving Business, a wood carving business, it should be started by a person who knows this art and has proper experience of it. But a person who does not know this art, if he also wants to start this kind of business, then he can also start it. But he must appoint such people, who know this kind of art as an employee or operate an automatic machine used in this business.

So further in this article, we will try to know that if a person wants to start his own wood carving business, what machinery equipment, etc. will he need.

1. Place and Building Management

To start any business, the entrepreneur needs to manage the proper place and building at the appropriate location, this is the place from which the entrepreneur wants to run his business. Therefore, an entrepreneur wishing to start a Wood Carving Business will also first need to manage a place and building at a selected location. In the initial phase, the entrepreneur should avoid buying a place at the selected location, but should try to find a built building on rent.

The appropriate location can be interpreted by the availability of power, water, roads, skilled workers. In the beginning, the entrepreneur can start such a business even from a small place.

2. Required Registration and Registration (Required Registration for Wood Carving Business):

To run this business successfully, the entrepreneur may need to get the following licenses and registrations.

First, the entrepreneur may need to register his business under proprietorship.

Tax registration such as GST registration may also be required.

Since it is wood-related work, it is possible that the entrepreneur may also need a license from the local forest department.

If the entrepreneur wants his enterprise to benefit from government schemes as an MSME, then he may also need enterprise registration.

In addition, if the entrepreneur wants to carry out Wood Carving Business under his brand, he may also require trademark registration.

3. Machinery and Raw Materials

The entrepreneur may require the following machinery and equipment to successfully operate the Wood Carving Business.

1. Wood Chemical Treatment Plant

2. Seasoning machine

3. Planer machine

4. Joining machine

5. Buffing machine

6. Belt sander machine

7. Wood lathe machine

8. Band saw machine

9. Other Tools & Equipment

The entrepreneur must choose a good supplier before purchasing machinery, equipment, and raw materials. If you want to choose a supplier, then entrepreneurs can take the help of websites like IndiaMart, TradeIndia. The list of raw materials used in the Wood Carving Business is as follows.

1. Natural wood

2. MDF

3. Paint

4. thinner

5. Sealer

4. Appoint Employees

Keep in mind that wood carving can be done manually only by someone who knows this art well, so the entrepreneur may need to hire skilled and experienced employees in this art. And even if the entrepreneur does carving from machines etc. through molding, he may still need to appoint skilled and experienced machine operators. In addition, the wood carving business may require transporting wood and other supplies from one work station to another.

Therefore the entrepreneur will have to appoint some helpers as well, and there may be a need to appoint skilled and experienced staff to handle the office work, thus the entrepreneur may have to appoint 6-7 employees.

5. Start Wood Carving Work

In the Wood Carving Business, the process of wood carving is first designed according to the customer’s choice and the wood is selected according to the design. If the design is very complex or difficult, then softwood is used because the hard design can also be easily engraved on softwood. And this type of carving is mostly used as a decorative item. On the other hand, hardwood is used in household furniture such as chairs, tables, beds, doors, windows, cupboards, etc.

According to the design, cutting, and shape of the product, about 20% MDF (medium density fiber) is also used in it. The wood carving process involves carving according to the design of the products and then all the wooden parts are joined together. After joining, the accessories can be added to the product as per the customer’s choice, after which the sealing and petting work is completed and then after final checking of the product is given to the customer.

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