How to start mobile app development business? Mobile App Development Business.

 At present, when smartphones are available in the hands of most of the population in India, hardly any person will be unfamiliar with Mobile App. Yes friends mobile app is a software program and it is developed for use in mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, etc. It is generally used for the purpose of carrying out various activities with flexibility in a specified time. Mobile users can easily download mobile apps on their smartphones through these. 

Most of the mobile app developers like to register their app in Google Play Store and Apple Store after developing their app as both of them have a huge share of mobile app users. Apart from this, some developers offer their users to download their mobile apps through their own websites. The main objective of companies behind creating mobile app applications is to make their service or product known to people around the world.  It is very easy to change, deploy and maintain mobile apps on different platforms, hence these are seen as the major advantages of using the application. But there are some challenges like platform integration, loss of flexibility, security, and customized design among the major challenges.

At present, the world and India are moving towards digitization, and coding is being used as a popular tool, a popular form of this coding is to build applications. More such applications are being made which run in devices like mobile phones and tablets etc. Today, a smartphone is not only equipped with one app but with many mobile apps, that is to say, at present every smartphone user keeps a series of different apps installed in his mobile phone. If we talk about India, Android apps are the most popular and they are created through Java coding language and Android software development kit which run on Mac, PC or Linux operating system, etc. An IDE such as Eclipse is also required to use them. There are other mobile platforms like Android but currently, only Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone are included in the list of popular platforms. This is the reason that most of the mobile app development is focused on these platforms. 

Service and its applications

If we talk about the present times, the demand for custom mobile apps is increasing continuously, according to a reliable report, by using custom mobile apps, about 7.5 hours per employee can be saved per week. This means one day salary per employee can be saved in a week by using the custom mobile app. This is the reason why more than 82% of merchants believe that using custom mobile apps has helped them earn extra revenue. Talking about custom mobile apps, these can vary according to the business requirements of different merchants. These types of apps are designed as per the requirement of the merchants and not to address a particular audience. Therefore, this type of app fulfills the business needs of the merchants personally, that is why Custom Mobile App Development is continuously gaining momentum. And it is proving to be an attractive option for businesses. Therefore, this type of app fulfills the business needs of the merchants personally, that is why Custom Mobile App Development is continuously gaining momentum. And it is proving to be an attractive option for businesses.

Industry Outlook Of Mobile App:

There is no doubt that Mobile App has contributed significantly to the growth of various businesses in various industrial sectors. It has been considered an alternative to the efforts made for the development of marketing and business development. But today it has become a necessity of any business, that is because mobile apps help in creating brand awareness and increasing sales. Due to all these reasons, the development of mobile apps is in full swing and according to a figure, more than 250 billion free mobile apps were downloaded in the year 2017 and it was also expected that this growth will remain the same for many years to come. . Because these days almost all types of businesses whether they are small, medium or large can be seen taking advantage of Custom Mobile App, because it has become necessary in present times to stay competitive and increase productivity. .

Benefits of Custom Mobile App:

There are many benefits of Custom Mobile App, some of them are described below.

Improve Efficiency – As we all know that business applications are designed keeping in mind the business needs of the merchants so they act as a comprehensive application to perform various tasks. Since these apps are tailored to the working style of the entrepreneur, they are helpful in improving the productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Provides High Scalability – If we talk about regular apps, they are built with the aim of handling limited resources and processes. But when the business grows, these apps may not be able to bear the load. Keeping all these parameters in mind, custom mobile apps are created so that they can be easily increased if needed.

Protection of App Data – If we talk about normal business apps, it may or may not have special security features. This may put the security of business data at risk but custom mobile apps are built with special security features.

Can be integrated with existing software – Normal business apps may also be unable to work smoothly with existing software. But custom mobile apps are built keeping in mind the current business software and hence can integrate well with the existing software without any flaws.

How to start a mobile app development business? (How to Start a Mobile App Development Business):

To start a mobile app development business, the entrepreneur should not only have the knowledge of application development, but should also have proper knowledge of sales and marketing. That is to say, if the entrepreneur has knowledge of marketing and sales in addition to mobile app development, then it can be an added advantage for that business. To start this type of business, the entrepreneur also needs office space, license and registration, employees, power utilities like UPS, inverter, generator etc. Let us know how an aspiring person can start his own mobile app development business.

1. Office Management

An entrepreneur who wants to start a Mobile App Development business first needs to arrange an office for his business i.e. workplace. An entrepreneur can rent space for his office in a commercial building and can complete the work of fixing and furniture in it. Although the entrepreneur will need a small space to start this type of business on a small scale, but this type of business can be established in a metropolis where hundreds of traders are available. Since it is a business related to software development, it does not emit any kind of pollution. Therefore, this type of business can be established in an area where there is the availability of electricity, road, employees.

2. Required Registration for Mobile App Development Business

By the way, if the entrepreneur wants, he can also start his business by registering it as a private limited company. For information related to registering a company in India, an entrepreneur can read this article written on company registration. But if the entrepreneur wants to avoid a lot of formalities in the initial phase, then he can start his Mobile App Development Business as a Proprietorship. Apart from this, tax registration, current account with the bank, trademark registration etc. is required. The entrepreneur will have to create a website in the name of his business and give detailed information about his services in it and also provide the facility of making online payments to his customers by tying up with any payment gateway or buying his plan.

3. Purchase of Computer Software

To start this type of business, the entrepreneur will need to buy not one but many computers and related materials. Keep in mind that the computers purchased should be equipped with the latest operating system. That is to say, to start a mobile app development business, the entrepreneur may need four or five computers with the latest operating system and hardware. Apart from this, advanced software is also required for application development. And entrepreneurs also need to buy network installation devices and entrepreneurs can easily buy them from any local market.

4. Appointment of Software Developer and others

To start his own mobile app development business, the entrepreneur may need to hire many employees. In this, the entrepreneur will need two or three software developers who can do coding in different languages ​​like PHP, Java etc. At least one employee may need to be hired as Tech Support to manage server data and hosting. Another two employees may also need to be hired for sales and marketing and official documents. In this way, the entrepreneur needs to appoint 6-7 employees in the initial phase itself.

5. Start Development Process of Mobile App:

As far as Mobile App Development is concerned, software developers are available with the entrepreneur to develop it. But keep in mind that it is very important to make the application keeping in mind its target customer because clear vision towards the target customer helps in increasing the success rate of the mobile application. Keep in mind that the mobile platform and device should be selected based on hardware performance, battery life, ruggedness and required peripherals before building a mobile app. Apart from this, coverage, device support, performance and other features also need to be taken care of while choosing a mobile platform.

FAQ on Mobile App Development Business

Q: Who can start this business?

Answer: By the way, Mobile App Development Business can be started by any person who can bear the cost of this business. But a person who has good knowledge of sales and marketing along with application development is more likely to run this business smoothly.

Q: What is the business model of this business?

Answer: If we talk about business model then entrepreneur can work on two types of model in this one is creation of mobile app for his customers, and second one is creation of own mobile app which will solve any problem of a group of people. Do you do

Q: What will be the revenue model of this business?

Answer: Where Entrepreneur’s team is developing Mobile App for their customers as per their requirement, there they can earn direct from the customers. And where they are making their app and putting it on the platform like Google Play Store, Apple Store etc., they can earn through paid applications, app freemiums, advertisements, subscriptions, pay per download etc.

Q: How much will it cost to start a mobile app development business?

Answer: How much it will cost to start this type of business will depend on how many computers, employees and what form of organization the entrepreneur starts it with. If the entrepreneur starts it as a one-person company then he may need to invest 7-10 lakh rupees in the initial phase. However, the quantum of the investment may vary depending on the time, position, location etc.

Q: How to run Mobile App Development Business smoothly?

Answer: In order to run this type of business smoothly, the entrepreneur has to provide good after sales service to his customers. Because maybe a non-technical person has made a mobile app from the entrepreneur, but now he is facing a lot of problems, in such a situation, if that person contacts the entrepreneur, then he must help him as much as possible. Due to which the confidence in the business of the entrepreneur will increase among the people, and they themselves will be helpful in speeding up his business. Apart from this, target customers, supported devices, mobile platforms, application performance, marketing, etc. are also factors influencing the business.

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