How to Start Slipper or Sandal Making Business.

How to Start Slipper Making (Manufacturing) Business Plan  (License, Cost, Profit, Packaging, Marketing)

A Slipper or sandal is a comfortable slipper, which people use indoors. However, some Slippers or sandals can be worn outside the house as well. Different types of slippers or sandals are sold in the market. Many small and big companies make a lot of profit by making it. You too can be successful in earning a lot of money per month with the help of this business. All necessary information related to setting up this business will be given.

Start Slipper Making Business Plan

The business of making slippers gives a profit of lakhs of rupees, know what benefits you will get by doing this business –

Slipper Making Raw Material

The raw materials required are air rubber sheets (Rs 350 per sheet), strap sheets (Rs 4 per meter), packing material (Rs 15-40 per unit), etc.

Where to Buy Raw Materials for making slippers

This raw material can be ordered through these online websites.

Slipper Making Machine

The names of the machines required for this business are as follows.

  1. Hand Operated Sole Cutting Machine
  2. Hole Making Machine
  3. Finishing / Grinding Machine
  4. Die Cutting Machine for 4 Different Colors and Sizes
  5. Hand Operated Tool

Where to Buy Slipper Making Machine

You can easily get all the above machines, by contacting the link given below.

Slipper Making Machine Price

In the business of making slippers, it is necessary to buy all the machines in one set. For this, a total cost of Rs 35,000 to 40,000 is incurred by the trader.

If the business is of large scale, then the price of the machine:

Sole Cutting MachineRs 1 lakh
drill machineRs 12000 – Rs 14000
strap machineRs 7,000
grinderRs 8,000
DyeRs 700

Slippers Manufacturing Process

First of all, you need to cut the rubber sheet with the help of a sole cutting machine. Keep in mind that you cut the entire sheet with a single die.

  1. If the machine is of high quality, then there are holes in the slippers instead of lace during cutting. After cutting, with the help of a grinding machine, the rough part around the Slipper or sandal is leveled.
  2. After the sandal is cut, it needs to be printed. It costs very little.
  3. Once the sandal is printed, it is left to dry for some time. When it dries, it is enlarged with the help of a drilling machine, the holes made at the required places.
  4. After this, with the help of a strap inserting machine (hand open rated tool), the laces are inserted into it.
  5. In this way, you can prepare slippers or sandals and send them for sale in the market.

License for Slipper Making Business

If you are starting this business on a small scale, then you have to first register your business under Udyog Aadhar or MSME of the Government of India. Apart from this, you have to register your brand under ISI. To run the business smoothly, you also need to prepare a trade license, current bank account of the firm, PAN card, etc.

Slipper Packaging

You can use cartoons for its packaging. You need to get the cartoons according to the size of the Slipper or sandal you made. To make your sandal packets attractive, you can apply different types of colorful stickers. Apart from this, you can do packaging by pasting your brand sticker on the cartoon.

Marketing Plan for Slippers

You can market your Slipper or sandal in all the big and small sandal shoe shops in the city. You can grow your business very easily by taking your Slipper or sandal to various big shopping malls also. Also, you can promote your slippers through radio, newspaper, billboards, posters, etc.

Location required to set up sandal business

You need a little more space to start this business. Since different types of machines are employed to run this business, so for this you need a minimum of 300 square meters of space.

Slipper Making Business Cost

The scale of your business decides the total cost to run this business. Here we describe the total cost for the business at both the small and large scale.

  1. To set up this business on a small scale, an amount of at least 1 lakh rupees is required.
  2. If you want to do this business on a large scale, then you may have to raise 5-6 lakh funds.

Slipper Making Business Profit

Generally, the total cost of making one Slipper or sandal is 30 to 40 rupees. This Slipper or sandal is sold in the market for a total price of Rs 90-100. If you make a Slipper or sandal with the help of this machine for 12 hours a day, then 100 dozen at a small level and about 250 dozen i.e. 3500 to 4000 Slipper or sandals can be made at a large level in a day. Therefore, with the help of this business on a small scale, about 10000 per month, and on a large scale around 30,000 to 40,000 rupees can be earned.

Slipper Making Precautions While Making Slippers

The first caution in this business should be related to quality. Rubber sheets are also available in the market at low prices, whose quality is not good. If you make slippers with their help, your slippers will not be well marketed. While cutting the Slipper or sandal from the rubber sheet, it is necessary to keep in mind that the Slipper or sandal is cut in a better shape. Apart from this, make a safe arrangement of electricity at the place where you have to make Slipper or sandals.

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