How to Start Sweet Shop Business in India. Steps to Start a Sweet Shop Business in India

 Who would not be aware of Sweet Shop i.e. sweet shop, yes, in every street, we get to see more than one such type of shops? In the present scenario, a sweet shop does not only sell sweets. Rather, many sweet shops sell Chole Bhathura, Idli, Sambar, Dosa, Pav, Bhaji, Lassi, etc. to people on the lines of Haldiram, Om Sweets, etc. 

That is to say, presently big sweet houses offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. to the people in addition to sweets. But it all depends on the plan of the entrepreneur, what food items he wants to make and sell to the people. By the way, in the initial phase, the entrepreneur should make only sweets a part of his Sweet Shop. 

As far as the use of sweets is concerned, people in their country India, in almost every small and big happiness, sweeten themselves and their loved ones with sweets. And in festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid, etc., there is so much demand for sweets that even fulfilling this demand becomes a challenge. Apart from this, it is also a custom for people to take sweets when they go to some relatives, this is the reason that at present more than one Sweet Shop can be easily seen in every small and big local market.

Possibility of running a sweet shop

As we all know very well that at present most of the people like to distribute sweets to their acquaintances on festivals and happy occasions. Apart from this, people also like to distribute sweets on many occasions like buying a new thing, birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc. Moreover, at present, companies also provide sweet boxes to their employees etc. on many occasions as a gift. 

This is the reason why the importance of Sweet Shop has increased a lot in the present scenario. The special advantage of this business is that even if people like to eat sweets or not, they have to buy them based on beliefs and traditions. When a person is going somewhere in his kinship, the first thing he thinks about is which sweets he should take for them. Since our country India is a country full of diversities in living, food, etc., it is not necessary that the sweets sold in North India will be sold in South or West also. Rather the truth is that here depending on the states, such as Bengali sweets, Gujarati sweets, Kannada sweets, etc. are prevalent. 

That is to say, depending on the state and location, the entrepreneur needs to sell different types of sweets to the customers through his Sweet Shop.

How to Start Sweet Shop Business in India

Although starting Sweet Shop Business on a small scale is a very easy process, in this the entrepreneur has to rent a shop in a good location i.e. in a crowded place. After that, the work of making sweets has to be started by hiring confectioners, helpers, etc. But if the entrepreneur wants that stays in this business for a long time, then he has to do all the work step by step after thinking very carefully, the details of which are as follows.

1. Research on Demand and Supply

In whichever area the entrepreneur is planning to open Sweet Shop, he first needs to do research on the demand and supply of sweets in that area. And if a sweet shop is already running in that area, the entrepreneur should also try to find out whether his customers are satisfied with it. And whether the shops available in that area are able to meet the demand of sweets in that area or not. If the demand is more and the supply is less then there is a golden opportunity for the entrepreneur to set up a new shop. Therefore, it becomes very necessary for the entrepreneur to do research on the demand and supply of sweets first.

2. Select Location for Sweet Shop

No matter how good a confectioner you may be or no matter how good a confectioner you are. That is to say that no matter how good and delicious sweets you make, but if customers have trouble finding your Sweet Shop. And if your sweet shop is not visible from the main road then it can be a big loss for your business. 

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for an entrepreneur to have a sweet shop at such a location from where the customers can see it well and they do not face any kind of problems in reaching there. Generally, congested areas, posh areas, where various companies have offices, etc. are considered ideal locations for such a shop. 

Therefore, while selecting the location, the effort of the entrepreneur should be that he should choose a location from where he is likely to get a maximum number of customers and there is no lack of infrastructure there.

3. Franchise or Own Business

To start Sweet Shop Business, the entrepreneur has two options, the first option is to start this business by taking the franchise of a famous sweet house. So the second option is to start your own sweet house. Keep in mind that if the entrepreneur takes the franchise of a famous sweet house, then he does not need to do much marketing because people already know about that sweet house. 

But the company which has provided the franchise to the entrepreneur has to give some percentage of its profit to the entrepreneur. There are many such sweet houses like Sangam, Anand Bhawan, Kanti Sweets, etc. that offer their franchise to aspiring entrepreneurs. But keep in mind that if the entrepreneur wants to start his own sweet house then he may also need people to develop quality local sweets and some new sweets. So that his business can get a new identity in a very short time. 

Therefore, the entrepreneur also needs to decide how he wants to start this business. 

4. Fixing Furnishing Of Sweet Shop

After this, the entrepreneur has to complete the work of electricity, kitchen setup, and other furnishings in the rented shop. Generally, a Sweet Shop consists of several large counters with mirrors inside which the sweets are displayed, these have mirrors on both sides where there are glass bands on the front and there are sliding glasses on the back so that They can be used as doors and sweets can be easily removed and placed in the counter. 

Apart from this, grooves made of glass and wood are also made on the walls of the shop, in which usually printed empty boxes of sweets are kept. If the entrepreneur wants, for this work, he can take the help of a carpenter who has furnished any other sweet shop in the past. Or if the budget is more, the help of an architect who has proper experience in designing sweet shops, etc. can be taken.

5. License and Registration

By the way, there is no need for any kind of license and registration to start a Sweet Shop Business at the local level i.e. small level. But since this is a catering business, so the entrepreneur must get the FSSAI registration done, if the entrepreneur’s turnover in the initial phase is less than 12 lakhs, then this registration can be done online easily by paying a fee of only Rs 100-150. is. 

Apart from this, the entrepreneur may also need GST registration, etc. in the future. And if the entrepreneur wants, then the local authority like Municipal Corporation, Municipality, etc. can also find out whether he does not need any kind of license and registration from them to start this kind of business.

6. Appointment of confectioners etc.

Even if the entrepreneur starting Sweet Shop Business is himself a confectioner, but he will have to hire some employees. Yes, if the entrepreneur himself is a confectioner, then he may need two or three helpers who can help him in his work and can be his substitute in the coming time. But if the entrepreneur is not a confectioner himself, he may need to appoint one or more confectioners and may need to appoint two or three helpers. 

However, the entrepreneur should understand one thing very well that every confectioner cannot know how to make all kinds of sweets, so the entrepreneur should appoint the same confectioner who knows how to make almost all the sweets according to his menu.

7. Marketing of Sweet Shop

However, there is no doubt that it will not be possible to have a meeting of an entrepreneur doing Sweet Shop Business with individual customers. But if you are in an area which is full of industrial units and offices, then you can contact them there on festivals like Holi, Diwali. Because at present the tradition of distributing sweets by the company to the employees etc. especially on Diwali has gone on. 

Apart from this, some small and big programs are held in these offices from time to time, so keep in touch with them constantly and try to know their sweets requirements and offer them sweets at a little cheaper rates than others because they can get hundreds of boxes at a time. May need to buy. Apart from this, the entrepreneur should try to make the information of his offer and product accessible to the people through posters, pamphlets, etc., especially on festive occasions.

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