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How to start Tobacco industry making business. How to Start Tabacoo Making Business in  – Do you also want to start your Tabacco making business and many questions are arising in your mind related to it like how much investment will be taken in this, how much profit will be received in this business. What things will be needed to make Tobacco, what machinery is needed for this, What is the method of making Tobacco, what license will be required for this, you will get answers to all such questions in today’s article, so we request you to read this article till the end.

Machines Required for Making Tobacco 

Although Supari Vibrator Shifter Machine, Blade Supari Cutter Machine, High-Speed ​​Automatic Pan Masala Packing Machine, Supari Drying Oven are required to make Tobacco, we suggest you make Gutka without these machines in the initial stage. Pan masala can be made. In the initial stage, you will only need a packaging machine for the packaging of Tobacco made only, which costs about 1 lakh 15 thousand rupees. As your business grows, you can buy semi-automatic and automatic machines.

Process of Making Tobacco

The process of making Tobacco is as follows.

  • First, the betel leaves are separated from the twigs.
  • Now the wet betel nut inside it is removed.
  • Later these betel nuts are boiled in red color.
  • After mixing the colors well, they are dried.
  • After drying, the betel nut is cut into small pieces.
  • Later, kattha, chuna and other things are added to it.
  • And lastly, the glass powder is added to it.

License and Registration are required to make Tobacco

  • Udhyog Aadhar: To start this business you need to take Udyog Aadhar.
  • Municipality Certificate: For your business, you will also have to take the necessary certificate from the business department of the municipality of your city.
  • Fssai License 

Investment and Profit to Make Tobacco

To start this business, you may need an investment of 1.50 lakh to 3 lakh. If you take automatic and high-speed machines, then your investment can increase. Talking about the profit of this business, then you can get profit from 10 percent to 25 percent in this and it keeps on changing.

Space Required for making Tobacco 

Although in this business you will not need much space in the starting stage, yet it will be good if you have 500 square meters to 1000 square meters space. If you start a business with all the machinery then you will need 2000 square meters to 3000 square meters of space.

How many people will be needed in the Tobacco business

  • Skill Worker: Friends, in this business you will need 1 skilled worker who can run a packaging machine. They will also have to be given the training to operate the machine.
  • 4-5 workers: For harvesting the betel nut, soaking it in the required material, mixing the required material in the betel nut, for drying the betel nut, and for another process you also need four to five workers. Will have to
  • 2-3 Sales Men: You will have to hire two to three salesmen to supply your product to the wholesaler and retailer.
  • 1 Back Office Executive: You will need a back-office executive to be able to do all the paperwork and data entry of your business. If you want, you can also do this work yourself.

Packaging of Tobacco

Friends, in this business, you must pay attention to the packaging because what is seen is sold, so if possible, use high-quality packaging material and make good designs and if possible, register its trademark.

Marketing of  Tobacco

  • Small Posters on Retailers Shop: Friends, you should make posters with stickers of small size for your product, and whenever you go to give your product to the retailer, then definitely put a poster of your business on his cabin or shop. This method of marketing can prove to be very effective in the Tobacco business.
  • Hoarding: You can also market your products through hoarding in your local area where there is a crowd of people and people come and go.
  • Newspaper Marketing: You can also give aids to your local newspaper for your products.
  • Local TV Channel: If you want, you can run your Tobacco advertisement on whatever local TV channel is in your area.

Loan for Tobacco Business

  • MUDRA Loans: The full name of this scheme is Micro-Units Development and Refinance Agency and under this, you get a loan of 5 lakh to 10 lakh without any security.
  • MSME Business Loans In 59 Minutes: In this scheme, whether you will get a loan for your business or not, is decided in just 59 minutes. Under this scheme, you get a loan of up to 1 crore.
  • Stand-Up India: Under this scheme, SC / ST category and women are given loans ranging from 10 lakh to 1 crore.
  • Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme For Micro And Small Enterprises: This is also a scheme of the Government of India and in this up to 5 lakh is given to the entrepreneurs.
  • Business Loan from Bank: If you want to do this business then you can also take a business loan from any bank, in this, you can get a loan from 5 lakh to 15 lakh and you will have to pay 10 to 15 percent interest.

Where to sell Tobacco

  • Online: You must have seen that in today’s time every brand of Tobacco is selling its products online on Amazon, Flipkart, on its own website, and on other platforms, in the same way, you can also sell your product online very easily. You can sell it as a pack that will contain 40 to 50 small sachets.
  • Retailer & Wholesaler: You have to supply your products to the retailer and wholesaler also. Retailers and wholesalers sell your Tobacco, so you will have to give some percentage of your profit to them which can be 10 to 20 percent.


Q. How is Tobacco made and?

Ans: Tobacco is made with the help of betel nut, clove, cardamom, other leaves.

Q: Which is the most expensive Tobacco in the world?
Ans: RMD

Q: How much investment can one start the business of making Tobacco?
Rs 1.50 lakh to Rs 3 lakh

Q: From where to buy the necessary materials and machines for making Tobacco?

Q: How much profit will be made from the business of making Tobacco?
Ans: 10 percent to 25 percent

Q: How many people will be needed for the business of Tobacco?
Ans: 1 skill worker, 4-5 workers, 2-3 salesmen, and 1 back office executive

Q: Where did you sell Tobacco?
Ans: Online Retailer and Wholesaler

Q: Where to market Tobacco?
Ans: You can use small posters, hoardings, local newspaper marketing, and local TV news channels at the retailer’s shop.

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