How to start wheel chair manufacturing business.

Business is also born based on human needs, if we talk about wheelchairs, then they are used to take people who have lost their ability to walk due to an accident, illness, or any other reason. . That is to say, a wheelchair is one of the assistive devices used to enhance and enable the individual mobility of a disabled person.

Therefore, it helps people with mobility impairments to enjoy their human rights and live in a dignified manner. Wheelchairs help motivate individuals with mobility impairments to be productive members of their community.

Because for people who have difficulty walking, that is, their feet are unable to support their body due to some reason, a wheelchair helps meet their environmental needs in addition to their physical lifestyle. And a wheelchair also enables such people to enjoy better health and social and economic welfare.

Since people who are unable to walk are also able to walk due to the use of a wheelchair, so they can easily participate in their various activities like study, duty, and social and cultural activities. There are many such people in the country and the world for whom the wheelchair designed, suitable, and fitted proves to be helpful in their inclusion and participation in society, and due to this, they can take the first step in this direction.

Wheel Chair Sales Potential

Our country India is a country with a large population, so there is full potential for selling almost all types of products here. As far as wheelchair is concerned, in a country like India, thousands of people are unable to walk every day due to one or the other reason like accident, disease, old age, etc. And some people are unable to walk from birth.

For all these people the only and safe means of meeting their individual needs is a wheelchair. However, training in how to operate a wheelchair safely is also provided by health care workers to persons with disabilities.

Presently there is an increasing awareness among people about how to use a suitable wheelchair which is why personal assessment, fitting, and training are also increasing continuously in this direction. Its optional protocol was adopted by the United Nations Assembly to secure the fundamental rights of persons with disabilities and provide them with fundamental freedoms.

And because every nation around the world is committed to protecting the interests of the disabled available in their country. Therefore, the Central and State Governments encourage the production of any such product which is capable of helping these people in any way.

How to Start an Wheel Chair Manufacturing Business

How to start a wheelchair manufacturing business?

An entrepreneur may need to take a lot of steps to start Wheel Chair Manufacturing business. entrepreneur may need to create a business plan and project report. And then there may also be a need to arrange finance through loans etc. from banks or other financial institutions, it may take less than a month for the entrepreneur to manage the finance.

Apart from this, it may take up to two months to complete the procurement process for power connections and machinery equipment, one month for the purchase of raw materials, two months for electrification for machinery, etc., trial and commercial production. It may also take a month. In this way, it may take 7-8 months for the entrepreneur to start the Wheel Chair Manufacturing Project. Next, we know in this article how an aspiring person can start a wheelchair manufacturing business.

1. Prepare the Business Plan

An entrepreneur starting a Wheel Chair Manufacturing business first has to prepare his business plan, which is generally called a business plan. It is a written and very important document in which all the current things related to the business are mentioned, along with the future challenges and goals of the business are also mentioned.

And even the complete plan information about how those goals will be achieved is also in it. Perhaps this is the reason why this business document is also called its roadmap. With the help of his effective business plan, an entrepreneur can attract investors for his business, and even banks and financial institutions can easily provide loans to him based on his business plan. Keep in mind that the business plan of the entrepreneur should not be imaginary but practical, only then it will prove to be effective.

2. Manage Finances

However, the cost of any project depends on the production capacity of the project and the type of product produced. But looking at the machinery, equipment, raw material, land, building, etc. used in Wheel Chair Manufacturing Project, it can be said that it is a business that can cost crores of rupees.

So it is almost difficult for any entrepreneur to manage such a huge amount from his savings. This is the reason why the entrepreneur may need to manage finances from formal sources to start this type of business. An entrepreneur can apply for a loan from any bank or other financial institution.

3. Obtain License & Registration

For Wheel Chair Manufacturing Business, the entrepreneur may need many types of licenses and registrations, the list of some major licenses is as follows.

  • There may be a need to register your business with the Registrar of Companies, initially if the entrepreneur wishes, he can register under the Proprietorship. By the way, a private limited company can also be a good option for this type of business.
  • GST registration can also be easily done online sitting at home.
  • There may also be a need to take factory or trade license from the local authority like Municipal Corporation, Municipality, etc. of the area where the entrepreneur is doing this business.
  • Apart from a PAN card in the name of the business may also be required to open a current account with the bank.
  • No Objection Certificate from the Pollution and Fire Department may also be required.
  • Many schemes are run by the government from time to time for MSMEs, to take advantage of these, the entrepreneur may also need Udyog Aadhaar registration and MSME data bank registration.

How to Start an Wheel Chair Manufacturing Business

4. Manage the land

Since Wheel Chair is a big product in itself, a large space may be required for its manufacture and storage. In this way, to start this business even on a small scale, the entrepreneur should have at least 2000-3000 square feet. space may be required.

For this work, the entrepreneur can take on rent or lease any non-agricultural land where there is proper arrangement of electricity, water, road, labor, etc. Can set up this business unit. Rent of land and building may vary based on city, location, etc.

5. Manage Machinery and Raw Materials:

Before purchasing machinery and raw material, the entrepreneur has to choose a supplier which will be better for the entrepreneur not only in terms of price rates but also in terms of supply. For this, the entrepreneur can ask for quotations from different suppliers and analyze them comparatively and select a good supplier. The list of major machinery and equipment used in Wheel Chair Manufacturing is as follows.

  • CNC Bending Machine
  • CNC Pipe Bending
  • Situ Welding Machine
  • tig welding machine

You can read our article What is CNC Machine in Hindi

Raw material list for wheelchair manufacturing business

  • mild steel pipe
  • wheel
  • rexine sheet
  • fastener
  • welding rod
  • packaging material

In addition to machinery and raw materials, the entrepreneur also needs to hire some employees to start a wheelchair manufacturing business. In the initial phase, the entrepreneur should employ fewer employees so that he is not obliged to get ESI and EPF registration. Initially, the entrepreneur can run the business by employing 8-9 employees.

6. Start the Wheel Chair Making Process

Although no special technology is adopted in the wheelchair manufacturing process, it is generally made by cutting and bending mild steel pipe or sheet. First, the drawing of the type of wheelchair to be made is done and then the sheet and pipe are cut by the hydraulic press as per the instructions available in the drawing.

And then the mild steel pipe or stainless steel pipe is cut into the required size as per the specifications. Stainless steel sheets are used to cover mild steel pipes and then they are attached to the pipe with the help of LN bolts, that is why holes need to be drilled to fit the bolts in the pipe followed by tapping. The process is carried out.

Wheelchair Manufacturing companies


    Prasad Surgicals And Healthcare Equipments.

    Prasad Surgicals and Healthcare Equipment i.e. HealthcarePraaa is a medical equipment supplying company from Pune, India. We deal with all types of Rehabilitation Equipments, Suction Machines, Hospital Furniture, Wheelchairs, and Homecare Products.

  2.  InvacareInvacare strives to offer the best medical care to people in need. It is one of the only companies on the list of wheelchair manufacturers that focus on delivering products that enhance the life of patients.

    3. Ottobock

    Ottobock is considered to be the most loyal partner for athletes participating in the Paralympics. It is the global market leader in the prosthetics segment – making it the flag bearer of the wheelchair manufacturers.

    4. Permobil

    Permobil is the leading provider of complex rehabilitation wheelchairs in the world. It has been offering its products and services for more than forty-five years now. Due to its strategic presence, it has managed to become a prominent name in the wheelchair manufacturers’ listicle.


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