Leather belt making business. Leather Belt Making Business Plan

 If we talk about Leather Belt, it is a major product used on the waist, yes the belt is used on the waist as a garment. And it is worn by people of almost every age group. By the way, it is generally used on the pants so that the pants remain firmly in place at the waist. But currently, it is used as a fashion item. Therefore, if we talk about the belt, it is a fashion item as well as a functional value item because it is used to keep the pants tight at the waist. This is the reason that they are constructed in different lengths and widths depending on the waist and age of the people. Although belts are also made from many materials such as synthetic leather, resin, textiles, and other materials, leather belts are being discussed here. The leather used can be plain or chrome tend. And it is usually black or brown in color but can be molded in many colors to suit customers. And in these belts many attractive design buckles are used, they are different and fit according to the customer’s choice. Leather belts are more comfortable and durable as compared to normal belts so they are also more expensive than common belts. But due to its long-lasting quality, it can be seen as an economical item. Since the making of these belts means that their manufacturing process is very simple and easy, so aspiring entrepreneurs can start the leather belt manufacturing business as a cottage industry.

Leather belt making business. Leather Belt Making Business Plan

Sales potential

As we have already mentioned that Leather Belt is more comfortable and longer-lasting than the belt made from other materials. This is the reason that the demand for leather waist belts is increasing at present. It is quite popular among children and youth who wear western clothes more. This type of belt is not only popular among men but also children, old and young, it is quite famous among all age groups. India is a majority country, so it is a big market for every product, but there is a huge demand for products made from Indian leather in outside countries as well. Therefore, if the entrepreneur wishes, he can also export his product to outside countries. Apart from this, there is neither a shortage of skilled workers nor raw material to do this kind of work, so the aspiring entrepreneur can easily start such a business.

Products and their applications (uses of leather belt):

However, there are no two opinions in the market that there are belts made from not one, but many types of leather, so Leather Belt can be quite confusing for anyone. When we are talking about belts, different types of belts are described in them, which vary in quality and price. All these belts look like a simple strip of leather that is buckled but there are very few ideological differences in their construction, meaning that the process of manufacturing is almost the same. As far as the leather belt is concerned, its strength, durability, flexibility can vary at different levels depending on the quality of the leather used.

Types of Leather Belt:

As we have also mentioned in the above sentences that there can be many types of Leather belts, the following is a brief description of some of these types.

1. Synthetic Leather Belt:

If we talk about the synthetic leather belt, there is no leather in it. It is made of a polymer that gives a feel of the appearance of leather. And the manufacturing process of such a belt is also very simple as it does not use leather, so it is also economical to buy. And it is made in many colors, designs, and patterns. Such belts are a good choice for those who want to see different belts in their wardrobe as per their choice. Although they are not very durable if they are not being used continuously, they can last for years.

2. Bonded Leather Belt

If we talk about genuine leather, the Bonded Leather Belt represents one of the cheapest genuine leather belts on the market. Such belts are made by using the useless scrap of leather as raw material. In this, a piece of leather is made by sticking small fibers of the leather, and from that, a belt of this type is made. This is the reason that such belts are available in the market as the cheapest alternative to genuine leather belts.

3. Genuine Leather belt:

Such waist belts are made of genuine high-grade leather, the leather may also be used to make this type of belt, but it is only used to make a few layers in the middle of the belt. The outer layers of such belts are made of top-grain leather which increases its strength and durability. These types of belts are also cheaper than belts made from top-grain leather only. And if proper maintenance of this type of belt is done, it can last for a long time.

4. Full-grain leather belt

The Full Grain Leather Belt can also be called the highest grade leather belt because it is made from top-quality leather, and it is found only on the upper skin of animals. The layers of this belt may contain blemishes but are included only and only to increase the attractiveness of the belt. This kind of belt is unmatched in strength, flexibility, and durability but may also cost a little more than others. This belt is the choice of those who believe in quality, not quality.

5. Formal and casual

By the way, Leather Belt is used by most men in formal clothes, so there can be some personal rules for choosing a good belt. Generally, most men choose the same color, contrast, tone belt as the color of their shoes. And this formal belt can be about 3 to 4.5 cm wide and up to 3 mm thick. As far as the Casual Belt is concerned, it is not necessary that this belt should be made of the leather itself, rather it can be made from any material. But even then, some people in this category prefer leather-made belts.

Essential Machinery and Raw Materials

The machinery used in Leather Belt Manufacturing can be easily purchased for Rs 1-2 lakhs. And its availability is also easily available in places where people are already starting this kind of business. So let us know which machinery is used in this business.

  • Strap cutting machine
  • Upper Leather Skiving Machine
  • Leather Sewing Machine
  • Side creasing machine
  • Hand tools

The list of essential raw materials used in Leather Belt Manufacturing is as follows.

  • Chrome tend upper leather
  • Split upper
  • Clasp
  • Thread, solution, etc.
  • Packing material

Raw materials can be purchased easily from local markets.

Leather belt making process:

To start leather manufacturing business as a cottage industry at a very small level, the entrepreneur does not have to have any kind of license and registration, but still the entrepreneur must know from the local administration about that area-specific I do not need any license, permission, registration, etc. to do this kind of work. In this manufacturing process, the leather is first selected by which the entrepreneur wants to make the belt, after that the belt is cut into different sizes with the help of a strap cutting machine. And it is slanted from the edges and the leather lining is cut into the required shape. The diagonal edges are then folded and the lining is then attached and the belt is then stitched with a sewing machine after pasting the belt. In addition, in the Leather Manufacturing Process, the excess of the lining is trimmed properly and then buckled on the belt depending on the design. The belt is then thoroughly inspected and then sent for packing.

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