LOOK OF KIA K8 Interior and Exterior Design OF KIA K8

 KIA K8 Is Different From The Current Model

The look of the new  KIA  K8 is different from the current model. The company claims that the new   KIA  K8 is stronger and more stylish. Its design and styling are inspired by  KIA‘s  Sedan in the global market. Inspired by the Sedan in the market.

 New Delhi South Korean carmaker  KIA  Motors has unveiled a new model of its premium MPV  K8. The company has released official photos of the 2021   KIA   K8 MPV, which has revealed its design details. The new   KIA  K8 will be launched in the international market later this year or early next year. It is expected to be launched in India in the year 2022. KIA   has called the new   KIA  K8 a ‘grand utility vehicle’. It has a longer wheelbase than the older model, which will give it more cabin space. The company claims that the new   KIA   K8is stronger and more stylish.  The design and styling of the New-Generation   KIA   K8is inspired by   KIA’s  Sedan in the global market. The front gets   KIA  ‘s signature ‘Tiger Nose’ grille with chrome and diamond pattern, angular headlamp, LED DRL, faux skid plate, and lower air intakes with chrome finish. In addition, the tall bonnet and short overhand are also among the major changes made at the new KIA K8.


KIA K8 Interior

Talking about the rear look, slim LED taillamps have been given on the rear side of the new  K8l. Both taillamps are connected to a long LED light bar. Just above this, Chrome Accent is given, which goes from the rear window to the rear side window.


 How Will Be the interior Look OF KIA K8?

  KIA   has not yet shared a picture of the interior of the new   KIA   K8and its details. However, pictures of its interior were leaked recently. The leaked photos have revealed that the new   KIA   K8will get a 3-spoke multi-functional steering wheel and dual display. At the same time, most of its features are expected to be derived from the current model, including dual sunroofs and other features including a seating arrangement.

OFFICIAL Look OF KIA K8 Interior and Exterior Design Of

 Engine options For KIA K8

The new   KIA   K8 is expected to get a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, which generates 277bhp of power and 421Nm of torque. Apart from this, a 1.6-liter hybrid engine can also be offered. It may also come with the existing 2.2-liter diesel engine in select markets.

 New Delhi, Auto Desk. 3 cars of   KIA   Motors have been launched in India. Talking about the MPV segment, it includes the   KIA   K8 which is a premium multi-purpose vehicle with a lot of space. Let us tell you that the next-generation model of this car is going to unveil on February 23 and before that the company has released a teaser of the 2022  K8l. The bold design of the car can be clearly seen in this teaser, which suggests that the car will be launched in the market with major updates.

OFFICIAL Look OF KIA K8 Interior and Exterior Design Of

 According to the information, this premium multi-purpose vehicle will be launched in the market with 7- 7-seater and 8-seater option. Let us know that the teaser of this car has been shared with the Twitter handle of   KIA   Motors America and this car will be unveiled through a virtual event. If we talk about the design, then the teaser image is not completely clear, but still, the design of the car can be understood. Along with this, it looks very stylish due to the LED DRL appearing at the front.

 South Korean carmaker Kiya Motors launched its premium MPV   KIA   K8in the Indian market earlier this year. The company introduced this car as its second model, which is loaded with the best features. The biggest USP of this premium MPV is that the car is very luxurious from the inside, due to which it caters to the needs of all passengers in the car. This car has been well-liked by the people, given the amazing cabin experience of Kaya  K8l.

 But let us tell you that the best, more than premium, premium luxury. Yes, and this is where DC design works. You must have heard the name of DC Design, which is very famous for the customization and modification of cars.

OFFICIAL Look OF KIA K8 Interior and Exterior Design Of

The DC design firm in Delhi, the country’s capital, has customized a Kiya   KIA   K8and taken its premium experience to a different level. The four-wheel-drive car has been transformed into a luxury hotel room by DC Design.

 DC Design has customized the cabin of this car to give it a completely futuristic design. Without a doubt, this customized   KIA   K8can be directly compared to a luxury hotel room. Two new Captain seats have been installed in this car. Both these captain seats can bend up to 165 degrees and can be electronically controlled. Along with this, support has also been given for cuffs and feet as well as side flaps. Apart from this, a 32-inch smart TV has been installed in this customized KIA K8.

KIA K8 Interior

 This is the second generation model of   KIA   K8. Earlier in February 2020, the company launched the first-generation model of this car in India.

 New Delhi

  KIA   Mortas has launched the teaser of the Next Generation   KIA   Carnaval MPV. This car will be launched in the last quarter of this year. The new MPV will replace the existing   KIA   K8model in the Indian market. The company launched this first car first-generation model in India in February this year, which received quite a good response in India. Now the company is bringing its second-generation model. The design of the new   KIA   K8will is quite different from the ongoing model.

  KIA K8 will launch in March

 The first-generation model of the   KIA   K8 was launched in February 2020. The   KIA   K8 has power sliding doors for the second line, which makes it feel somewhat like a minivan. It has   KIA’s signature grille at its front. The looks of the   KIA   K8sold in the international market are quite luxurious and premium.

 What’s new in the new KIA K8?

 The company plans to roll out the next-generation model of the new   KIA   K8 with the new design language. The company has named it ‘Synthetic Architecture’. The stance of the new   KIA   K8is much higher than before, which is why large wheels have been used in the car.

KIA K8 Interior

 New Delhi, Ankit Dubey. Talking about luxury, especially in the southern Indian state of Hyderabad, you cannot ignore the Taj Falaknuma Palace. Last week,   KIA   Motors India introduced its second car,  K8l, in a royal style in the city of Nizam, which we also did a test drive in Hyderabad.

The company says that it will give birth to a new luxury MPV segment and is to be launched in the Indian market on 5 February. Well, the demand for luxury MPV is very less in this country and whether   KIA   K8 will entice people with a new segment or not. We have brought all these things for you in this review, so let’s know what   KIA   K8 has to offer.

  K8 was the company’s first product in the Indian market and came with a bold design. The company has also tried to define this design in  K8l. The front look of the   KIA   K8has given the company a tiger-nose grille, as well as chrome on the grille, headlamps and fog lamps,

 Due to which it looks very premium MPV. The best look in the front of the vehicle gives its headlight, which is quite large and it gets LED daytime running lights, projector lens units. At the bottom, there are LED fog lamps with ice cube shapes on which C-shaped chrome bezels are used quite well. From the side profile,   KIA   K8 looks quite long, and here too the company has given special character lines. It is 380 mm longer and 180 mm wider.


OFFICIAL Look OF KIA K8 Interior and Exterior Design Of

At the same time, its wheelbase is about 310 mm more than the Innova but its height is given a little less. The   KIA   K8comes in a boxy shape and the company has also used chrome on the side door heels. Apart from this, it has been given large 18-inch alloy wheels which are premium chrome units. Comes with a sputtering finish and is only present in its top variants. The rear profile has been kept simple due to an MPV. The company has given Fox skid plates at both the front and rear, giving it an urban presence.


  KIA   Motors is calling its   KIA   K8a luxury MPV and this is also true as it does not get many features less than a luxury car. The driver seat company is electrically adjustable and its seat height is very high, due to which you can easily see the entire view of the roads and being wide, the car has a lot of space between the driver and the passenger. The layout of the dashboard has also been given very well and at the same time, the company has given two glow boxes here, In which there is enough space to keep the same. The biggest drawback in this vehicle has been seen that there is no cooling feature in the arm storage and any glow box. The company has given an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system here, which comes with features like navigation, radio, climate control, vehicle telematics. Along with this, it is also equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The company says that wireless connectivity can also be provided in the future. You in the car Roof-mounted one-touch buttons are also provided for steering mounted controls, cruise controls, wireless charging, and rear doors.


The plastic quality in   KIA   K8is also very good and the seats are also very comfortable. However, here too the company has given the driver site seat electrically adjustable. In the co-driver, you will be able to manually adjust the seats. With this, the vehicle has a ventilated seat for the driver only.

 Like with other features, the company has given Harmon Kardon’s sound system in the top variants. In addition, it also has a UVO Connect system in the form of 37 connectivity features that you can connect to your smartphone and smartwatch. In the car, the company has also given a smart purifier that you find in the  K8.

 The seats in the second row are also very comfortable and the company has also provided a 10.1-inch entertainment screen here, in which you can watch songs and movies through your YouTube and USB. In addition to its seven USB ports, the company has also given a charging point for charging laptops.

 The rear seats have been given very well by the company, that is, you can hide them and get 2,759 liters of boot space. They come with foldable features and due to their length, you get 540 liters of boot space with the third row, which is considered to be the biggest USP for this vehicle. We ran the top specification Limousine variant which gets 7 seats.


And in this, the company has given captain seats in the second row and it is present with a 2 + 2 + 3 layout. Along with this, you also get Nappa leather in the top variants, which makes the cabin much more comfortable and premium. There are sufficient legroom and headroom for the second and third lines, and most importantly, the company has also provided a panoramic sunroof in two parts. On the second line, you also get extra support on the legs to give a luxurious feel.


”  KIA   K8 comes with a large ratio and it would not be right to ignore its width before driving” This is what I was thinking before driving. But as soon as you sit in the driver’s seat, you forget that you are driving a long car. While driving you feel like you are driving a Sedan. The   KIA   K8has a 2,199 cc CRDi BS6 engine, which generates 200 PS of power and 440 Nm of torque. The engine looks quite powerful, especially when you accelerate at 1700-1800 rpm and it picks up speed quite easily at 2600 rpm. The vehicle weighs around 2.2 tonnes and looks quite light on open roads. At low revs, it catches quite well. However, on traffic-filled roads, you feel the steering a little heavier at a speed of 30-40 kmph, meaning that the weight of the car starts appearing on the steering. But on open roads, its drive quality is much better.


KIA K8 Interior

  KIA   K8is being launched as a completely knocked down kit in the Indian market. The company will launch it during the Auto Expo on 5 February 2020. We hope that   KIA   can keep the price of its Toyota Innova Crysta between 28 to 32 lakh rupees. The   KIA   K8 will prove to be more beneficial in the Indian market for those looking for a premium MPV for the entire family. It gets a lot of features, comfort, and a powerful engine.

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