Mobile Shop Business In India In Small Space

Mobile Shop Business In India In Small Space

 New smartphones are entering the market day by day and people want to buy a new phone by changing their old smartphone. If someone has a damaged smartphone, he needs a new phone. There are about 400 million Smartphone Users in India which are increasing day by day and it is estimated that by 2022, their number will cross 65 million.

Considering the demand and sales of mobiles, doing business of a mobile phone can be very beneficial. If you want to open your own mobile shop then this post is going to be very beneficial for you because today in this post we are going to tell you how to open a mobile shop. Here we will tell you some tips that you can follow to open a mobile shop.

What is the future of mobile shop business?

If you look at the future prospects of the mobile shop business, it looks good. There are some reasons behind this. Today, India is the second largest mobile phone user in the world. China comes first. That today mobile phones have reached a lot of people

Now the question may be rising in your mind that when everyone has a mobile phone then who will come to buy new phones, and how the business will run, it is not a matter of whether everyone has a phone today or not Everyone has got used to mobile phones, without it one might not be able to imagine life. By the way, there is no connection between life and mobile phones,Yet it is a major part of people’s lives today. Now you also know that most new inventions are happening in the field of mobile phones today. Every day some or the other phone is launched, even with some new technology.

So today no one wants to run their phone for more than 1 year because by then a better new phone comes in the market, and people start getting attracted towards that new phone. Here it is important to understand that people call Not just to meet their needs, but for their hobbies, this is the reason why people form the basis of mobile shop business.

What you need for a mobile shop business

First of all, to start a mobile business, you need to get the license for the electronic store. You can apply online to get it. You will then need a shop to sell mobiles. But remember these shops should be in your running market.

At the same time you need to make tables in furniture, counters for you, glass boxes etc. to keep the phone safe. You will now need mobile goods from whichever company you want to sell. Along with this you will also need a computer for your account book etc. This is good if you buy it.

In addition, you should also install CCTV cameras to maintain the security of your mobile shop. You also have to have one or two workers according to your job and to tell customers mobile and consult in a better way. After all these arrangements you can start working.

Investment to do mobile business

In order to estimate the expenses incurred in the mobile shop business, we have to look at the expenses divided into different parts. At the same time you may lose many of your customers

When the customer arrives and does not get the goods he needs, he gets the feeling that not all the goods are available in this mobile shop, no matter how big your shop is, The customer will definitely think before visiting your shop again

Now let’s talk about the total cost, then it can cost you around Rs. Can also cost around 40 to 50 thousand

We tell you directly in simple words that if you want to start a mobile shop, you have to invest Rs 4 to 5 lakh. If you can’t make arrangements for this, you can also get a loan from a bank at a lower interest rate. In addition, the company whose mobile you want to sell also helps you for the mobile business.

Which company’s mobile is good to sell?

In selling, you can sell all kinds of mobiles. Which may have Chinese and branded mobiles. But it would be better if you sell good brand mobiles. You better keep more mobiles of all the good companies like SAMSUNG, MI, NOKIA, JIO, MOTOROLO, SONY, OPPO, VIVO. Because it is important to keep only those mobiles which have more sales.

If you want to sell only one company’s mobile, you can contact the company related to it. In addition, there are many mobiles that are sold only online, so you can sell them too.

How to increase mobile shop sales

To increase the sales of mobiles, be sure to put up posters and advertisements of whatever brand of mobiles you sell outside your shop. At the same time, you can sell mobiles by giving discounts or offers on the occasion of Diwali and festivals. By doing this you will be able to increase the sales of your mobile.

With this you can keep all kinds of recharges which you can easily do online. In addition you can also do mobile repair work together. For this you should hire a repairman. Starting mobile repair work together will also increase sales.

Also you provide good service to customers. Make sure to give them the bill by giving them proper information about warranty or guarantee etc. By taking care of all these things, your customers will be satisfied with you and will like to buy mobiles from you.

What is its location for opening a mobile shop?

There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to the location of a mobile shop, for example if you start your shop in an area where people are not in a good financial position to change their mobile phones. , Then your sales will be less so the location should be chosen very thoughtfully, where there is more traffic and people understand the importance of technology.

At the same time, if you have your own land, you can set up shop there, but in most places, it is seen that mobile shops are mostly opened on rent. The reason for this is that in rental shops, Choose the one that is best for your business and it is also very easy to change the location of the mobile shop whenever you need.

To start a mobile shop business, a room of 10 by 15 square feet is fine. Then comes the decoration of your shop in which you can get some essentials like good chairs, a nice piece of furniture, ac etc. Is

Use Glass Furniture for Mobile Shop

You may have seen Glass Counter in many shops. Before opening the shop, you have to make a Glass Counter in which you will keep the Mobile Phone. You also have to make wall mounted furniture with glass in the front. You have to have a Computer System or Laptop and a Printer on the counter. So that you can print the bill and give it to the customer.

How to Market a Mobile Shop Business

To make your mobile shop business successful, it is also important to do a successful marketing. Nowadays, the competition has increased a lot, so whenever you start any business, you must invest something in its marketing. You can also promote in many ways

As you can print and distribute the paper if you want, with the advent of technology today, you can use many new technologies for your business, including facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp, etc. You can use it in your city’s FM channel. The more people your business reaches, the more likely it is that your customers will grow.

Open Mobile Repairing Center with Mobile Shop

If you are opening a mobile shop, make sure to open a mobile repairing center with it. With this, your customer will not have to go anywhere else for service if the mobile is bad. This will require two people in your shop. One is the repairman who will repair the mobile and one is the one who will sit at the counter and deal with the people. You can Hire a Staff to do mobile repair. If you want, you can give him a monthly salary or put him on commission.

Provide finance facility

There are a lot of people who want to get a new Smartphone but they do not have full money. They want to pay the rest of their money in installments. In this case, if you provide finance facility for mobile, then it will be convenient for customers. After buying the phone, customers will start deducting installments from the bank.Another plus point of finance is that people also like to get an expensive smartphone according to their hobbies, as they do not have to pay all the money at once. If you provide Mobile Finance facility then you will have more phone sales from your shop and you will also have higher profit.

Select the right Brand and Products

Market Research is required before starting any business. It is important for you to know which brand of smartphone is most used in the market. Keep the range of Value For Money Smartphone as much as you can. You can keep products like new launches and better brands in your mobile shop. If you provide the right mobile phone to the people in the market, then after a few days your mobile shop will start running and you will also be able to earn good money.

What will be the monthly earnings from the mobile shop, what will be the profit

In mobile business you will have less profit in the beginning. But when your business starts doing well in a few months then you start getting good profits. Before you know the monthly earnings, you need to know how much profit is made by selling mobiles and other goods.

If you sell a charger from a company then you get a profit of Rs.100. If you sell a smartphone you can get a profit of Rs.1500 to Rs.2000. Profits can be 100% in local charger, it can be up to Rs

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