[Top 15] Money Earning Apps To Make Money From Mobile

Friends today let’s talk about the Top 15 Money Earning apps from which you will be able to earn daily, in today’s date everyone has a smartphone. This is a good way that you can make a business of earning money online from your mobile.

Whenever you have free time, you can open these apps and download and earn good money. The thing is, how much can you earn from this app? So the amount of time you will spend on these online money-making making apps is more than that.

There is no limit, you will be able to earn more than 1 lakh, that too in a day, and there is no age limit in it, anyone from children to old people will be able to earn it.

And she gives 100% Money. I have also verified myself, and I earn daily from an app. The bow is also a secret method, without doing anything.

After doing that, you have to register and leave, and earning will be done automatically and money will be deposited in your bank account. And no one will tell you this nor will you get to read it anywhere. That is why read this article completely to know it for free.

[TOP 15 ] money earning apps

1. Zebpay App

Zebpay is an Indian Bitcoin Wallet and is also one of the Top 15 Money Earning Apps. Nowadays the trend of Cryptocurrency is going on. In such a situation, if you want to invest money in bitcoin, then Zebpay App is best for you. That’s why download the zebpay app today.

After downloading it, you can register from your mobile. With the help of this app, you can buy or sell bitcoin. This is a very good app for you.

If you share with your friends and family, and they create an account with Zebpay from your link, then you get Rs.100.

At any time you can invest your money in it and you can withdraw it at any time which is a good thing. And you earn money just sitting at home. If you want to invest in bitcoin, then this is the best app.

Download Zebpay App

2. CashApp – Cash Rewards App

cashApp is an offer-based payment Top 15 Money Earning apps. Here you are given a simple and easy task.

And after completion, the points Milenge which you get later on Paytm, you can take to the bank account. Bonus mileage as soon as you sign up on the cash reward app.

And this bonus will be 10$. Then after that, you have to go to your profile and click on refer id. If you put 8L11BK in the Refer Code, you will get a bonus of 5$. In this app, you will earn points by playing games.

And as soon as you cross 3000 points, more new offers are available. Examples: download Indian money earning apps, complete survey, money earning apps on google play, apps to earn money fast, and money-making apps in India.

Download CashApp

3. Bazazi now App

BrainBaaziye is one such money-earning app that is a fun online how to earn money app with the help of which you can earn money by playing quizzes and Top 15 Money Earning apps.

This is a live quiz show app. In which you are asked a question every day. And after giving the correct answer, you get its money, after installing this app, you use this code dev087 so that you get an extra life.

Download BaZazi App

4. NewsDog App

NewsDog is a news and video app. In this, you can earn money by reading the news and inviting friends. First of all download the NewsDog app. Sign up with Facebook or email id.

You will get Rs 50 as soon as you sign up and you will also get 100 points. And whenever you read and share any news, you will get 50 points.

And whenever you invite friends and they use this app from links then you will get 4500 points. Along with this, you can earn money by writing news yourself.

Newsdog’s payment method is Paytm. When you get 200 points in your account then you will get paid.

Download NewsDog App

5. Foap App

If you are interested in photography then it is as if this app is made only for you. This is the best way to convert your passion into money.

Download this app and register by login in with your Facebook account. Then complete the setup of your profile. After that, you upload your good photos to sell.

Here whenever a buyer likes to buy your photos, the amount will be transferred to your bank. Also, here you are given missions as a task.

Which is related to the photography topic itself. Each mission has its amount. By completing this you can earn money.

Download FoapApp

6. Slidejoy App

Have you ever thought You also get money for the screen lock of your mobile?

So slide joy is a screen lock app and it becomes a money earning app with your security.

After installing this app you will have to log in with your email id or Facebook.

After that, whenever you open the screen lock, you will be shown some ads, and these points will be deposited in your account.

When you deposit 1000 points in the Slidejoy app, you get 1 $ for it.

Your earnings from Slidejoy will be transferred to your PayPal account. Later you take it to the bank account.

And slide joy also has a referral program so that your earnings will increase even more.

When you will share your referral link with friends, after that when any app from this referral link registers its account with download.

Then both you and your friend get 100 – 100 points.

Download Slidejoy App.

7. mCent App Browser

mCent app This is a browsing app and also gives you the opportunity of earning karne. Whenever you do surfing using it, you will get Points.

And you can recharge from these points. This is the best recharge app. Whenever you want to use the internet, do not use any other browser.

Rather use the mCent app browser. And you share this app with your friends. And when he registers with your link then you get 9000 points.

Download the mCent Browser App

8. Earn Money Online App

Earn Money Online is such a money-earning app, in which you get a chance to earn money by watching videos. so this is also the Top 15 Money Earning Apps

In, first of all, you have to install an earn money online app. Then register with your mobile and email id and create your account. After this, if you watch videos one after the other, then you will get points, if you invite your friend then you will get 250 points for free.

Earn Money Online app makes your payment on your Paytm wallet. Later you transfer to the bank.

Download Earn Money Online App

9. Databack App

This app is amazing, I would say it is not a money-earning app but an app with internet data.

With the help of this app, you get back as much data as you use in your browser.

After which you do not have to worry about the end of the data. First of all, you install this app. As soon as you install it, you will get 5 MB of data for free.

As you browse through this app. For example, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Uc Browser, then whatever data is wasted on it, you will show it in the account of the databack.

When you reach up to 200 MB, you will get the option of Recharge, with the help of which you will be able to recharge 2G, 3G, or 4G on any of your networks.

Download Databack App

10. Viggle App

Viggle is such money earning app, in which if you are fond of TV then tell me then this app is right for you. In this, if a new reality show has been launched or if a cricket or football match is going on, then you have to predict who can be the winner. And if your Prediction is coming right then you can earn a lot of money with Entertainment.

Download Viggle App

11. Google Opinion Reward App

This is one of the highest-paying apps from Google SO we have kept this app in the top 15 money Earing apps. In such a situation, you do not need to take any tension whether you will get money or not. You have to fill out online surveys.

Your opinion is taken in this. In this, you are asked 10 or 20 questions. You have to complete all these. After filling, you get as many reward points as you have.

You can use this Rewards Point to buy Google’s products such as Playstore’s Paid Products games, movies, apps, and ebooks. And this money is available in Dollars. After that, you can transfer it to your bank account.

Download Google Opinion Reward App

12. Google Pay App

Friends, Google pay’s Tez app is such money earning app that will help you to Earn Money from Home and Provides a way to earn.

Because in this app money is transferred directly to the bank account. Google pay is a (Tez app) Upi Wallet. Which only came last year.

With its help, you can send money to friends or relatives. In this money is bank to bank transfer. So you do not need to add any money to your wallet.

Nor do you have to pay money to transfer. It’s free. Whenever you send money to someone, you get a free scratch coupon.

You can scratch them and win up to Rs.9000. Along with this, one more coupon is available for Rs.1 lakh. Which is available only once a week.

And the rest of the coupons 5 are available in a week. Google has specially brought this app because digital payment is very less in India.

To promote the same, it also offers a chance to earn a lot of money with the service, which is a very good thing. To earn from Google Pay App, download the app from the download link given below. After downloading you have to do a transaction as soon as you open the account. Even if you do Rs 1 it will work.

After that Rs 201 will be added to your bank account. You transact with your family or friends and you will continue to get a scratch coupon.

You can win up to Rs 1 lakh from this. And whenever you successfully invite your friend or family by clicking on invite friend and earn money, then both of you will get Rs. Get 201.

As soon as your first transaction is done, immediately you and I will get Rs 201 in the bank account. You can earn from Rs 201 to Rs 10000 by just doing refer par from the Tez app. So to get Rs 201 now click on the link given below.

Download GooglePay App

13. Groww App

Friends, this is the app about which I told you. This app is better in the list of all apps So we have Kept it in the Top 15 Money Earning Apps. Yo, let me give you a little information.

Very few people would have heard about mutual funds. Groww company has allowed you to invest in mutual funds and shares very easily, that too absolutely free.

As soon as you download it, you will get Rs. If you get 500 then download now

Download Google Pay App

14. phone App

How to earn money from PhonePe is a UPI-based app that is an Online Wallet and this is Top 15 Money Earning apps. In this app, you get lots of cashback offers. All the recharges I have done to date, whether it is Dishtv or Mobile, they have done all on Phonepe and I have got more than 50% cashback on every recharge.

After installing Phonepe first, you have to register by your mobile number. And the registered mobile number should be linked with your bank account.

After registration, you will have to link your bank account. When you click on the offer section, here you will get many offers for you.

Apart from this, you can earn money by referring your friends on Whatsapp, Twitter, or any other social media accounts.

If someone refers to your link then you and your friend both get Rs 100. And in this, when you do a money transfer for the first time, then you will get a cashback offer of up to Rs 1000.

Download Phone Pe App

15. MPL App

Friends, MPL pro app loot ( Mobile Premier league ) is one such ipl play game and earn money earning apps. You can win money by playing Mobile Games and this app is Top 15 Money Earning apps.

Me too for Timepass Temple Run, cricket match, Dr. I play games like Driving, Froty Ninja, Candy Crush. All these types of games are in this Mpl app.

You will get money directly in Paytm or Bank. Therefore it is necessary to have a minimum of Rs.10 in your MPL WALLET account. These are very reliable Paytm earning game apps. Pays you money instantly. Signup and get Rs. How to get 9 Bonus?

1. First of all download the MPl App. Whose Downloading Link is given below.

2. Now install MPl App.

3. Open the MPL App, and sign up with your mobile number.

4. Verify the OTP.

5. Now enter the MPL App Refer Code. is given below.

6. If the option of mpl referral Refer Code is not coming, then simply click on Claim Now. And enter this refer code.

7. Congrats Now you got Rs.9 + 30 Token Coins. money earning  game download

Download MPL App

So friends, hope you have liked the information about money-earning apps. If there is any problem with money-earning apps then definitely ask comment below. I will try to answer every question you have. Do share this article with your friends.

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