most successful small business ideas

 If you are looking to start your own Small Business then I’ll give you a list of the most successful Small Business 

Here is the List of Most Successful Small Business Ideas

1. Soap making industry:-

Soap making industry

  Soap Making industry Is the Most Successful Small Business ideas because soap is used in everyday life from morning washing face to evening cleaning utensils 

2. Printing work:-

Printing work

   As you all Know Paper is very largely used for various types of work from school to Multinational company So printing work is the second largest most successful small business ideas 

3. Bangle making industry:-

Bangle making industry

The bangle is widely used in Indian culture bangle are mostly worn by women and ladies to make them self look more attractive 

4. Small Sewing Business:-

Sewing Small Business

You can get a good income by sewing clothes sitting at home. You will need a machine for these. You will get this machine easily in the market for 3 to 4 thousand rupees. Sewing on this machine can earn from 700 to 1000 rupees per day. Skill development by the government to teach sewing work Under this training is also given. Apart from this, tailoring training is also provided by some NGOs.

5. Henna Business:-

In Indian culture, the tradition of applying henna in marriages and all other celebratory programs has been going on for centuries. There is no need to buy a machine for this business.  

6. Beauty & Makeup Cosmetic Industry:-

   Nowadays due to western civilization its demand is increasing day by day. By joining this industry, you can get good profits. 

7. Small industry for making both plates:-

8. Cow, sheep, and goat rearing:-

    Good profits can be made by rearing cows, sheep, and goats. Milk can be sold by buying good quality cows. Apart from this, you can also earn money by selling curd, butter, ghee, and buttermilk

9. Ice Cream Making Industry:-

Ice cream cottage industry
You can start this industry with less capital than sitting at home. For this, things like milk and milk powder, cream, sugar, butter, and eggs are required, besides color powder and flavor powder are also required which are easily available in the market.

10. Pickle Industry:-

Many kinds of pickles like chili, mango, olive tree, amla, etc. can be made and sold. The business of ethics can be successfully done with low cost and great effort. 

11. Poultry Industry:-

Poultry industry
A new dimension can be given to employment through poultry farming. Help is given to get started. You can get a good income by raising good quality chickens on this farm. A good breed is considered a boiler hen. For these, grain, water, and cage have to be arranged. Starting from 20,000 to 50,000 rupees, good profit can be made from this business.

12. Papad making cottage industry:-

Papad can be prepared at your home and sold in the market as a skilled businessman at good prices. Papad is used in making and eating vegetables. It is prepared by moong dal, urad dal. This industry can be made a good business by selling papad in the market

13. Furniture making industry:-

Home furnishings such as chairs, tables, beds, and other small wooden furniture can be prepared and sold at reasonable prices. This small business, accomplished by artistry, abounds in dividends. It depends on you how much you invest to buy wood.

14. Spice Industry

Spice making industry
Various spices can be prepared and sold in the market such as chili, turmeric, and coriander, etc. The industry is able to meet the costs and everyday supplies in the kitchen. For this business, you need a small grinder to grind the spices. The more marketing you do in the spice making cottage business, the greater the profit.

15. Restaurant and Bakery Corner

16. Sari and cottage clothing business

17. Pottery Industry

18. Pickling Industry

19. The work of making incense sticks

20. Tiffin making cottage business

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