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 How to start pickle making business – India is a country where pickles are eaten in every house. Here pickles are mandatory to be placed on the menu of each party, pickles make the taste of food more delicious. Keeps a different place Different types of pickles are found in each house in India, but little in the city Even today pickles are made in every household in the village and pickles are also kept safe for a year, seeing the fame of pickles is the business of pickle making, if it is familiar with the good method of making pickles, then the marketing of pickles is very The most important thing in pickle making will be developed is the method of making pickle, the more people will like pickle, the more sales of pickle will be, the following things should be kept in mind for pickle making business…

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What is Pickle Making Business:-

Pickle making business is a small and home-based business that can generate good profits by putting the least cost. The most important thing in pickle making business is to make pickles with a good method, so the pickle making method should be good In order to entice customers to pickle, any customer will buy pickle from any merchant only if he gets some different taste and different method in pickle, profits are made by selling pickle in pickle making business.

This business can be started at home with one or two people. As the business progresses, the number of individuals will continue to increase. One of the advantages of pickle making business is that pickle can be made easy for any fruits and vegetables. Can be made from and can make good money by selling these pickles, more and more women prove to be effective in this business,Because by making pickles at home, you can earn money by making pickles and selling pickles in your neighborhood. The best and easiest business in small business is pickle making.

How to start a pickle making business –

To start a pickle making business, first of all, make pickles in the house and feed the pickles to the neighbors and take their feedback, so that people will like the pickle of any method. New methods of making pickle should be used. The method of pickle which has been liked by the surrounding neighbors should be tried to advance the pickle making business through the pickle of that method. Must do from

Selection of place for pickle making business –

Pickle making business should start from home. When the business starts growing, then you can think of taking this place by taking a separate place and for this pickle making business, there should be an area of ​​900 sqft for pickle making business, pickle drying, pickle packing There is a need for open space for doing etc. In order to keep the pickle from getting a lot of trillion, the method of making pickle requires very cleanliness, only then the pickle remains intact for more days

Materials for starting pickle making business –

To start pickle making business, all fresh fruits and vegetables including mango, lemon, carrot, chilli, radish, zamikand, garlic, jackfruit, parwal, bitter gourd, etc. mustard oil, spices, vinegar, fruit-vegetable cutting Vegetable cutters, some big and small boxes and big cans to pack pickles

Pickle Making Method

The most important thing in pickle making business is the method of making pickles, if the method of making pickles is good, then the business of pickles flourishes well. There are thousands of ways to make pickles in the Indian environment, as many ways to make pickles as home. Some methods are as follows: –

Some pickles are made in a very simple way like putting onion and ginger in peel vinegar and placing it in the sun after 2 to 4 days. This pickle is included in eating pickle of carrot, radish and chilli, turmeric, mustard and Salt is added to food after drying in the sun for a week

In mango pickle, rye, mustard, turmeric, salt and chilli are mixed with ground mustard oil, after that the mango is filled with spices and then the pickle is dried in the sun for 20 to 25 days and then Afterwards mango pickle is kept in a box and mustard oil is poured over it. This pickle is ready to eat after 1 month

Lemon pickle is the easiest of all, the lemon is first dried and then salt is added to it, then the lemon is kept in the sun for 1 month. The older the pickle, the more delicious it is It is possible to add lemon pepper pickle as per taste.

All these are peeled and dried in the pickle of jackfruit, parwal and bitter gourd and then a mixture of rye, turmeric, mustard and salt with oil is added to these vegetables and after mixing all the mixture it is dried in the sun

Where can I sell pickles –

Promotion of pickle should be done in the nearby market first. To test the pickle, first of all, you should send the sample to all the market for the pickle, those who will like the sample, they will surely come to order, hotel, restaurant, hostel, canteen of colleges, school Pickles can be easily sold in canteens, general stores, government and non-government canteens etc. and the marking of pickles can be increased.

Some Types of Pickles –

It is very important to have pickle type in pickle making business as customers always find different types of pickle types of pickle – mixed pickle, mango pickle, lemon pickle, carrot pickle, coconut pickle, green and red chili Pickle pickle, garlic pickle, jackfruit pickle, ginger pickle, bitter gourd pickle, pickle pickle, potato pickle, radish pickle, etc. is the type of pickle of any fruit and vegetable in Indian environment. The taste of one pickle will be different from the other.

How much does it cost to start a pickle-making business – (Investment)

To start a pickle making business, it will cost at least 40 to 50 thousand, the smallest beginning of this amount. Bringing fruits and vegetables in 5 / – to 10 / – thousand, oil and spices in 9 / – to 10 / – thousand, big cans and big utensils in 4 / – to 5 / – thousand. To pay 1-2 servants in the beginning, this cost will be a good start for the pickle business. The businessman should increase the number of servants as well as increase the number of servants as well as purchase the pickle making machine to come In the future, the business level of pickle should increase and the profit should be double or triple

What will be the monthly profit in pickle making business – (Profit)

In the pickle making business, it can be doubled by putting a cost of 40 to 50 thousand, in the first marketing, the entire amount of the cost will be recovered and after that only the profits will be profitable. This small business will work hard and innovate Through this, a big business can be made, this business will get profit every month and profit will also increase.

How to get License for Pickle Making Business – (Licence)

License is required for pickle making business. To start business, license can be obtained from Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI). This license can be applied by filling online form

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