Procedure to Start a Goat Farm Business Complete information

In countries like India, the animal husbandry business has been running for centuries. Animal husbandry has been the main source of income in rural areas. One such is very popular, one of them is the goat farming business. According to a report published by the Government of Rajasthan, the total number of goats in our country is about 12 crores. India accounts for 20 percent of the world’s total goat population.

Which is a huge number. Goat is a versatile, simple, easy to adapt small animal in any environment, which is liked by everyone due to its lifestyle and food habits. So let’s know about the goat farming business. From here you will get to know what is goat farming, how much it costs (Goat farming investment), where are its training (Goat husbandry training), government schemes and loans for goat farming (Goat farming schemes and loans), or How much can you earn from this business:

Goat farm business plan

Goat farming is such a business that gives more profit with less investment. Along with this, it provides a good environment for the animals. In today’s era, people follow many animals, whose feed, water, and living arrangements are very expensive for them. On the other hand, goat rearing is a cheap and sustainable business in which you can take maximum profit due to the low cost of rearing. The business of selling goat rearing can prove to be beneficial for you. Profits can be earned from the goat farming business in the following ways: (How to make money from goat farming?)

  • By selling milking goats,
  • By selling goats as meat,
  • From the income received by wool and hides,
  • By selling goat’s meringues as manure.

Goat farming Total investment

To start goat farming, you will need at least Rs 3,00,000 to 4,00,000. With which you will be able to take care of the shed for the goats, their feed and water, and their care. This cost (goat farming investment) will mainly come to you in buying initial goats, building sheds, buying fodder for goats, and labor costs. You can earn more profit than your cost from this business.

Land Requirement for Goat farm:

Land Should Be Big Enough so that Goats can freely Move from one place to place with proper ventilation and that area must be Wet and Hygenic

Goat farming training

Humans have always been following animals and are doing it even today. To raise any animal and bird, one has to learn to take proper care of its living and food. Similarly, for goat rearing, it is very important to take care of goats properly. Although goat rearing is mostly done by the people of the village, now it is becoming very popular in the cities as well. For this reason, the demand for its training (goat farming training) has increased a lot. It is very important to know any business to do well. This is also applicable in the business of goat rearing. To get complete knowledge of goat farming, training is very necessary.

There are many training institutes in India for goat farming training, where you can get proper information about goat farming by getting admission. There you will be fully taught about the breed of goat, their diet, and how to take care of them properly. Along with this, you will also be told to get proper profit in goat farming. The best training in goat farming in India takes place at the Central Goat Research Center (CIRG – The Central Institute for Research on Goat). This training center is in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. You can apply for training by visiting its website. There you will be given the email address and phone number of the center mainly you can contact there. Some of the details of the Chief Training Officer are as follows:

In this training, you will have to spend from 6,000 to 10,000 rupees, which will also include food and lodging arrangements. These institutes will teach you goat farming both theoretically and practically.

Goat farm subsidy in India

To promote animal husbandry, many schemes are run from time to time at the government level (government subsidy for goat farming). People can determine their income by rearing animals. Apart from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, people of a general category can also take advantage of these schemes.

If the cost price of rearing 40 goats and two goats is 4 lakhs, then 50 percent i.e. Rs 2 lakh subsidy is payable from the government, and Rs 1 lakh subsidy is available for rearing 20 goats and 1 goat. On the application of the interested candidate, the subsidy will be payable by the Animal Husbandry Department and if you are starting your goat farming business even after taking a loan, then put the documents in your nearest bank with the correct information, then you will be given a subsidy by the government. You can get complete information by visiting the website of the Animal Husbandry Department of your state.

Goat farming government schemes for goat rearing.

State governments are running different schemes for goat farming. It is a centrally sponsored scheme for animal husbandry, which was implemented in the year 2005-06 of the 10th Five Year Plan and 2006-07 in the year 2007-08 of the 11th Five Year Plan in 100 selected districts of the country. Different districts have different benefits from different schemes. These schemes are run by the state government. We can understand this here with the example of the Rajasthan government.

Rajasthan government goat farming scheme:

Goat farming amountInterest free loan amount
1.00 lakh50% of the plan cost (maximum amount 50,000)

Farmer's Contribution Interest free loan
Bank loan amount
10% 50% 40%


Tips for goat farming in India

Goat farming is a very easy business, but we have to take special care of many important things in it. These are something like this.

1. The first thing to keep in mind for goat farming is that they should keep goats on solid ground where there is no moisture. Keep them in a place that is ventilated and clean.

2. Be sure to include green fodder in the fodder of goats. Green fodder is very beneficial for goats.

3. Keep the goats away from the rain as constant drenching in water is harmful to the goats.

4.  Three things are very important for goat rearing:

  • Money: Nothing happens without money and in the same way money is very important for goat farming. Even if you start small.
  • Place: Choose a good place for goats, but remember that if the place is your own, then it will be better, which in common language is called Bada. They require 1 to 2 acres of land. Goat rearing on rent or rent is not proper and is very expensive.
  • Patience: You need to have patience or patience in this business. You cannot make profits in this immediately, for that you have to wait for 1 to 2 years. It also depends to a great extent on the breed of goat, in how much time you start making profits.

5. Goat rearing requires close attention to goats. If you take good training, you will understand at a glance who is sick and who is fine.

6. Goats need to be taken care of. Whenever she is sick, she first stops eating and drinking. In such a situation, keep taking veterinary advice as well.

Choosing the right goat breed

There are 20 established breeds of goats in India. The special thing is that many times more goats of the nondescript breed are found here than the number of these breed goats. While choosing the right goat for goat rearing, keep in mind that whatever goat breed you choose, it should be able to adapt to the environment where you live. Choose the right breed of goats according to their location so that they can adapt themselves to the environment. Below are some state-wise breeds to help you.

Uttar Pradesh (UP) West Bengal
Barbari, JamunapariBlack bengal
Goat Farming business IdeaGoat Farming Business Idea

Good Transportation:

A market near the farmland will be best, as it will help you to sell your products easily and buy necessary commodities.

Where and how to build a shed for goat rearing

While making a shed for goat rearing, some special things should be taken care of, such as building a shed for goat rearing in a hard place where the water level does not reach much. Rain is not good for goats. Build the shed in a space which is in the middle of the fields. You will have to spend at least Rs 20,000 to build a shed and you will need at least one to two acres of solid land to build it.

While making the shed, keep in mind that according to the state in which you are rearing the breed of goats, the environment should be suitable. If the environment is not favorable, you can do a lot of damage. Choose a suitable safe for the shed where even the shadow of wild animals cannot reach it.

Fodder for goats: how and where to take them:

You can manage the fodder for the goats by yourself. Goats can also be given green leaves, green grass, sardine, and bran as fodder. By the way, goats should be grazed in open space for 7 to 8 hours. If you do not have your farm, then you must give them three loads of food a day. You can also find out the age of goats by their teeth. A 4-year-old goat has all the teeth.

Goats Vaccination and deworming :

Goats should be vaccinated, mainly because of the fear of four diseases. Vaccination and Deworming of Goats Some of these diseases and their vaccination are as follows:

  1. BPR: Which is given to a goat once in 3 to 4 months
  2. Itrotoxemia: This is given 21 days after the first vaccine, then every month.
  3. FMD and HS: These vaccines are given at two to four months of age, then again after 4 to 6 months.
  4. Godpox: This vaccine is given every 3 to 4 months.

Goat reproduction

The breeding period of goats is from September to March. Goats have a lifespan of 8 to 12 years. Fertility is more in female goats at 11 to 15 months and male goats at 8 to 12 months of age. The gestation period of a goat is 146 to 156 days. The time of arrival in heat is 18 to 22 days and the cycle of stay in heat is of 12 to 36 hours. The right time to conceive is 12 hours after the heat.

Where and how to sell goats

Sell ​​the goats to the right customers at a reasonable price. Provide customers with complete information about the breed, size, and age of goats. Goat farming is done for their meat, hides, milk, wool, and manure. These are bought by most merchants or you can sell them to butchers. You can also sell them directly in the market and butcher house. Here you will get more value. Sometimes traders buy them at a lower price and sell them at a higher rate in the market, so if you sell them directly in the market, it will be more beneficial for you.

Advantages Of Goat FarmingDisadvantages Of Goat Farming
Minimal Space Is Required: Conventional System:
Feeding Needs are Less: Insufficient Knowledge:
Multipurpose UsageInability to Select Correct Breed:
Low Maintenance: Getting Started with No Prior Experience:
Numerous Breeds Are Available; Inadequate Veterinary Care:
Market is ready to go: Some Areas Have Marketing Challenges:

Why Goat Farming is Profitable

1. Goat Products are Healthy and Easily Digestible:

Goat items, for example, milk and meat are nutritious and effectively absorbable as well as an extraordinary wellspring of ordinary pay for poor people, landless and minor ranchers. It contributes hugely to the country’s economy and public pay. Its meat and milk are without cholesterol and are effectively absorbable. Goat milk is utilized for making various sorts of food sources. They can create milk, meat, skin, fiber, and fertilizer simultaneously.

2. Simple Maintenance and Less Capital:

Little estimated creatures, goats are handily kept up with and minded by ladies and kids. For being an effective goat rancher, it is necessary to do some normal errands like taking care of, draining, and being mindful. These errands don’t need a lot of hardware, capital, work, or difficult work. Their arrival of speculation proportion is additionally awesome. As goat cultivating business is truly beneficial, thus numerous administration and non-government banks are giving credits for beginning this business.

3. Try not to Require a Huge Area:

Goats don’t need an immense region for lodging because of their little body size. They can undoubtedly impart their living spot to their proprietors or/other animal creatures. Adding to it, goats are entirely appropriate for blended cultivating with other homegrown creatures.

4. Great Breeders:

Goats are agreeable and adorable, however, are superb raisers as well. You will be shocked to realize that they arrive at sexual development inside their 7 a year old enough and bring forth kids inside a brief time frame period. Additionally, some goat breed produces many children per joke.

5. Less Risk:

It is great to realize that there is less danger even in dry season inclined regions for goat cultivating. It isn’t accurate in some other domesticated animal cultivating businesses. Goats can be drained as frequently as required. This additionally forestalls refrigeration expenses and milk stockpiling issues.

6. Equivalent Price in Market:

Do you realize that both male and female goats have practically equivalent worth/cost on the lookout? Well Yes! It is valid. Additionally, there is no strict untouchable against goat cultivation and meat utilization. In this manner, business goat cultivating business has fostered an expected method of work for jobless individuals.

Their meat has immense interest and exorbitant cost in the neighborhood and worldwide business sectors. You can likewise think about sending out your items to unfamiliar nations for additional benefits.

Great Adaptability and Less Prone to Diseases:

Goats are particularly fit for embracing themselves with practically a wide range of agro-climatic conditions a lot. They can even bear high and low temperatures all through the world and live joyfully. Adding to it, they can endure the blistering environment more than some other creatures. Infections are additionally less in goats when contrasted with other homegrown creatures.

8. Best Milk Producers:

Because of this quality, goats are prevalently called the “temporary mother of humans”. Their milk is considered the best milk for human utilization than some other types of domesticated animal creature’s milk. The milk is a minimal expense, nutritious, healthy, and effectively edible. Truth be told, all matured individuals from kids to old can without much of a stretch overview goat’s milk. Goat milk likewise has lesser unfavorably susceptible issues. It is likewise utilized as an Ayurvedic medication for individuals who are ailing with diabetes, asthma, hack and so forth

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Q: How much can you earn from a goat farm?

Ans: From Goat Farming, you can easily earn up to 20,000/ Goat (From Full Grown Goat)

so if you sell 30 Goats then 30*20000= 6,00,000/month

Q: How much does a goat farmer make a year in India?

Ans: Goat Farmer Earns  ₹ 7,200,000 in India


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