Read These 12 books if You want to start a business?

Read These 12 books if You want to start a business? 

Read These 12 books if You want to start a business?

Here I have bought a list of books 12 Book If You Want to Start a Business which will help you to start your own business. Read up before launching your big idea · Best Overall: Will It Fly? · Best Guide to Branding: Crushing It! · Best for Managing Business

1. How to Start Your Own Business: And Make it Work Book


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About Book:-

Discover everything you need to know to turn your big idea into a thriving business with this unique visual guide.

Get professional business advice in the palm of your hands. This uniquely visual guide equips you with everything you need to know about making your start-up stand out from the crowd.

This visual reference book is packed with:

– Practical, authoritative information on the skills required to run a small business
– Easy-to-understand graphics
– No-nonsense advice and jargon-free language
– Insightful and inspiring quotes from the most successful minds in business

Clear and practical, authoritative advice come together to make this book a must-have resource in every budding entrepreneur’s library! The easy-to-understand page layouts and bold, explanatory illustrations help demystify complex topics such as securing finance, establishing an online presence and managing finances.

This entrepreneur book gives you all the tools you need to understand how a modern start-up works and then start your own. Whether you’re a CEO or an aspiring entrepreneur, the information and advice in How To Start Your Own Business can be applied to anyone.

A Simplistic Business Breakdown

This comprehensive guide to starting your own business acts as an invaluable blueprint for your path to business success. It’s the ultimate gift for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of business management.

Complete the Series:

This guide to setting up a small business is part of the How It Works Series from DK Books. Expand your knowledge about business and management even further with How Business Works and How Management Works.

2. World’s Most Popular Books to Achieve Success and Build a Fortune (Set of 4 Books) 

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About Book:-

World’s most popular books to achieve success and build a fortune (set of 4 books). 1) How to Win Friends and Influence People. 2) The power of your Subconscious mind. 3) think and Grow Rich. 4) The richest man in Babylon.

A Product For Brighter Minds

The set of 4 famous books that focus on teaching concepts concerning success is definitely a read for a brighter mind and a brighter future. They not only aim towards making your mind full of ideas but also help with better personal development.

Fine Paper Quality

Each book uses a fine paper quality that provides a lightweight and smooth feel for your convenience. The sturdy quality of the books is the result of each page that is crafted with expertise and added with precision.

Ideal For Everybody

The excellent book set is a perfect product for everybody who is interested in reading. It provides ideal reading material for people of different age groups to have some personal and social developmental skills.

About The Authors:

Napoleon Hill: Napoleon Hill was an American writer who authored ‘Think and Grow Rich that was an excellent self-help book of all time.

George S. Clason: George S. Clason was an American writer famous for his book ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ that gained much appreciation for being one of the greatest self-help books of all time.

Dr. Joseph Murphy: Dr. Joseph Murphy was an Irish-born American Author and New Thought Minister. His book, ‘The Powe of your Subconscious Mind’ remains one of the greatest books worldwide.

Dale Carnegie: Dale Carnegie, the author of ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People is an American writer and lecturer who expertise in the area of writing about self-improvement and interpersonal development skills.

3. Zero to One: Notes on Start-Ups, or How to Build the Future Book

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About Book:- 

 What Valuable Company is Nobody Building?

The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. If you are copying these guys, you aren’t learning from them. It’s easier to copy a model than to make something new: doing what we already know how to do takes the world from 1 to n, adding more of something familiar. Every new creation goes from 0 to 1. This book is about how to get there.


‘Peter Thiel has built multiple breakthrough companies, and Zero to One shows how.’ – Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla

‘This book delivers completely new and refreshing ideas on how to create value in the world.’ – Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

‘When a risk taker writes a book, read it. In the case of Peter Thiel, read it twice. Or, to be safe, three times. This is a classic.’ – Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan

About the Author

Peter Thiel is an entrepreneur and investor. He started PayPal in 1998, led it as CEO, and took it public in 2002, defining a new era of fast and secure online commerce. In 2004 he made the first outside investment in Facebook, where he serves as a director. The same year he launched Palantir Technologies, a software company that harnesses computers to empower human analysts in fields like national security and global finance. He has provided early funding for LinkedIn, Yelp, and dozens of successful technology startups, many run by former colleagues who have been dubbed the “PayPal Mafia.” He is a partner at Founders Fund, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm that has funded companies like SpaceX and Airbnb. He started the Thiel Fellowship, which ignited a national debate by encouraging young people to put learning before schooling, and he leads the Thiel Foundation, which works to advance technological progress and long-term thinking about the future.

This is one of the prime reasons that make this book. Not only best practices, frameworks but also the context has been set in a very neat manner that makes it very effective and engaging.

Articulation style:

Thiel has also managed to articulate whatever he wanted to convey to the audience in a very effective manner. Especially for wannabe Entrepreneurs, the book is an ideal launchpad and benchmark to vet their current efforts against.

Frameworks and Tools:

The book also provides a lot of frameworks & tools that are very analytical and provides a lot of depth in terms of suggestions as well leading to a lot of introspection as a reader.

Thiel has got it to bang on so far as a co-founder, Venture Capitalist and he continues his golden run. I would highly recommend it to all Entrepreneurs and Wannabe Entrepreneurs. An excellent way to learn from the very best in business.

4. How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market: An Easy-To-Understand and Practical Guide for Every Investor Book

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About Book:-

Pros: of Book 
– Approaches the basics in a clear and easy-to-comprehend manner
– Covers key ratios & parameters to evaluate companies and build a robust portfolio
– Provides a practical guide for identifying quality stocks, with examples from the Indian market
– Does not hesitate to take a contrarian view & critically review the role of brokers and stock advisors
– Does not go very much beyond basic screening techniques for identifying quality stocks
– Minor thing, but the book has plenty of spelling & grammatical mistakes

Hundreds of books are there about “”How to make money from stocks?”” Still 80% of small investors suffer loss in the stock market. Why?

Plenty of free trading tips are available across Television and Internet; still, maximum small investors are unable to earn significant returns consistently from trading. Why?

Why maximum individuals still consider the stock market as a place for gambling?

Investing in high-quality business (stock) at the right price and holding them for a reasonable period is the only way for wealth creation. Written in an easy-to-understand and simple language, this book will guide you on how to select fundamentally strong business, when to buy and sell stocks, and above all how to minimize or avoid loss in the stock market.

1. How to avoid loss in the stock market?
2. Stock Market is NOT risky at all
3. First step of picking winning stocks
4. How to evaluate management?
5. Valuation – It matters much
6. When to buy and when to sell
7. Do’s and don’ts to avoid loss in the stock market
8. How to construct your portfolio?
9. Is it required to follow an equity advisor?
10. Quick formula for picking winning stocks
11. Little bit of myself – Important Lessons to be learned

The book ends with a small note “”Life is not all about the stock market and money”””

5. The Ultimate Boutique Handbook: How to Start a Retail Business Book

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About Book:-

You want to open a fashion truck?
Here’s how!
You won’t open a boutique?
This is the book for you!
And most importantly, are you trying to decide between a fashion truck and a boutique?
Read this book and get all the information you need to make the right decision for you.

Written by the award-winning owner of The Fashion Truck, Emily Benson, The Ultimate Boutique Handbook is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide of how to open a boutique of your own. Ms. Benson’s 12+ years of experience in the retail world will be passed on to you through stories and advice on how to deal with the ups and downs in the start-up and operation of your boutique. This is the only book in the world that will give you the full details on how to open a mobile retail shop, from build-out to scheduling. After reading this guide, you’ll have the knowledge and the confidence to build the store of your dreams!

The Ultimate Boutique Handbook includes:
– How to define your target market
– How to select a location that works for your boutique
– What to consider in deciding between a brick and mortar store or mobile boutique
– What and where to purchase products for your boutique
– How to make the most money on the products you sell
– Budgets for startup and ongoing costs
– How to set your business up with insurance and credit card processing
– Developing a professional brand image for your boutique
– Fixture layouts for both brick and mortar and mobile boutiques
– Insider tips on designing your fashion truck
– Plan an opening event & get press for your boutique
– Operating your fashion truck- getting permits, power, and building a schedule
– Resource guide with all the websites you need to get started FAST!


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About Book:-

Test your talent skills before starting a business

How will you generate great business ideas and test out these

Make a winning business to plan to convince investors and banks

Finalizing business and trade names and registering these

How to arrange finances to start the business

Hire the best people, best premises and have the best systems

How to get revenue through great marketing and sales to get break-even fast

Manage finances like a money guru without being born in a business family

Learn to forecast and deal with every business crisis

learn why business fail and how to avoid these pitfalls


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About Book:-

Mr. Bhupendra Pal is a real example of dedication and hard work. He worked not only to survive and feed his family as maximum people do but also to achieve a significant benchmark in his life.

He first understood the power of network marketing and then gave his 100% to the business.

Breakthroughs came in his journey, but he never got affected because of the strong “Why” in him.

His attitude is to work with full interest and dedication, which made him tackle all the problems and difficulties with a smile—starting from 2008- to date.

In the coming pages, we will know about the family background of Mr. Bhupendra Pal and his life journey till now.

The journey from a ‘Wrist-watch to BMW.’

I am thankful to Sir that He gave his valuable time and helped me to complete this book. This book will motivate those who want to achieve something in life and create a benchmark.

This book will tell how anyone who follows a few success principles can become a seven-figure earner in network marketing. Anyone from any background can become a Network Marketing Superstar, who reads this book and works on it wholeheartedly.

ü    High Income

ü    Right values & skills

ü    Popularity, and

ü    Great Personality

Above are the few outcomes that one can develop after reading, and implementing the points, shared in this book.

This book shall be a life-transforming experience for all.

8. The Everything Guide to Starting an Online Business: The Latest Strategies and Advice on How To Start a Profitable Internet Book

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About Book;- 
Online retail and trade is growing rapidly every year and starting an internet business is an appealing prospect for budding entrepreneurs. Whether they’re thinking about a full-time online consulting business, a specialty retail site, or just a page to sell crafts on the side, readers will find all they need to get started. From developing an idea to sharing it with the world, this expert guide provides information on:

  • Determining what kind of business to create

  • Developing a smart business plan

  • Planning and maintaining a significant online presence

  • Transitioning from brick and mortar retail to the virtual world

  • Using vendor sites like Etsy

  • Promoting the business with social media and other online tools

About the Author

Randall Craig is an experienced Internet entrepreneur, consultant, and executive advisor. He has founded and sold several successful online startups, held a long-time position at a “big-four” consulting firm, and was an executive at an American public company. Craig has been advising on web strategy since 1994: he put the Toronto Star online, along with the Globe and Mail’s GlobeInvestor/Globefund, several financial institutions, and about 100+ other major organizations’ internet-based businesses. He lives in Toronto.

9. Unleash Your Business Online!: 15 Step Process to Unleash Your Business Online! Book

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About Book:-

Our Readers are loving this book!

The quest for knowledge, making a difference and a never-give-up attitude at this age is commendable and something to learn from. Readers can be benefitted developing a foundation, Creating an idea and a toolset to leverage them and become successful, online- Ganga Charan Gopisetty, Chief Architect-SAP 

This book is going to be useful for those who are still working traditionally and haven’t taken their business online. This is also for those who have expanded digitally but still facing issues in making it big. A lot of new ideas to learn- Sagar Ruparelia, Ofin Legal Private Limited 

You bring optimism which enhances creativity to a great extent. I would love to recommend this book not only to entrepreneurs but also to non-business minds. They are going to love it because of your out-of-the-box thoughts. These make you unique- Dr. Mittal Jain, a Physiotherapist. 

About this book!

Every business owner is struggling to grow its sales when it comes to Online Business. COVID-19 has forced everyone to transform their business digitally.

Business Owners will be able to create a strong Brand Online.
Entrepreneurs will now be able to get access to Strategies that can help them grow their Business Online.
Get Instant access to Growth Hacking techniques.
Entrepreneurs will be able to use Digital techniques to Automate their Business.
Entrepreneurs will be able to build a great Sales Funnel.

What are you waiting for?

10. Above and Beyond: How to Build Impactful Businesses Hardcover Book 

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About Book:-

  Above and Beyond is a wonderful creation that describes more than its title. It is a must-read for those who are looking further than just leading a business successfully, towards building enduring institutions.

The authors through live examples drawn from their vast experience having worked together in building an institution, and later helping many others to do so, have shown that this is possible with care and concern for people while encouraging and supporting them to take on challenges without any fear.

Truly insightful and inspirational.”

M M Murugappan

Executive Chairman, Murugappa group

Above and Beyond: How to Build Impactful Businesses, Where Everybody Wins! begins at a point where most management books end—profits, shareholder wealth, and success. 

According to the authors, truly great organizations do not stop there; they leap to the space beyond excellence. This leap itself is powered by a foundation of solid values, a goal towards a common good, and the realization of a larger purpose, which helps the organization make a significant impact on the world outside.

11. First 1000 Days of Startup: Decoding Finance for Entrepreneurs Book

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About Book:-

Don’t you think it would have been great if someone whom you trust could be with you from the very first day of your entrepreneurial journey? Finance is regarded as the lifeblood of business, and believe me, with every passing milestone of your business, you will realize this fact even better. This book shall prove to be a long-term knowledge partner in your growth trajectory. Small and medium businesses (SMEs) always face difficulties, at least, in the initial one to three years to have a full-time finance resource to bounce off your idea, process, and vision. This book will always be there as your financial advisor as and when you need it most

12. The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life Book

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About Book:-

Part manifesto for mastery, part playbook for genius-grade productivity, and part companion for a life lived beautifully, the 5 am club is a work that will transform your life. Forever.

Legendary leadership and elite performance expert Robin Sharma introduced The 5 AM Club concept over twenty years ago, based on a revolutionary morning routine that has helped his clients maximize their productivity, activate their best health, and bulletproof their serenity in this age of overwhelming complexity.

Now, in this life-changing book, handcrafted by the author over a rigorous four-year period, you will discover the early-rising habit that has helped so many accomplish epic results while upgrading their happiness, helpfulness, and feelings of aliveness.

Through an enchanting—and often amusing—story about two struggling strangers who meet an eccentric tycoon who becomes their secret mentor, The 5 AM Club will walk you through:

■ How great geniuses, business titans, and the world’s wisest people start their mornings to produce astonishing achievements
■ A little-known formula you can use instantly to wake up early feeling inspired focused and flooded with a fiery drive to get the most out of each day
■ A step-by-step method to protect the quietest hours of daybreak so you have time for exercise, self-renewal, and personal growth
■ A neuroscience-based practice proven to help make it easy to rise while most people are sleeping, giving you precious time for yourself to think, express your creativity and begin the day peacefully instead of being rushed
■ “Insider-only” tactics to defend your gifts, talents, and dreams against digital distraction and trivial diversions so you enjoy fortune, influence, and a magnificent impact on the world

These 12 Books will Help You to Start your Own Business If you want to start a business?

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