Shutter Manufacturing Business.

You will often see that in all the shops available in the markets, shopping malls, etc., only the shutter is used on the main door. People may not use  Shutter as the door of their homes, but shutters are used in every shop whether it is available in a local market or any shopping mall.

Some people think that shutters must be manufactured by big companies, which is not true, but most of the companies related to shutter manufacturing come under micro, small or medium industries.

So people who want to start their own business in the manufacturing sector, but do not understand which business to do, then they can think about starting  Shutter Manufacturing Business. Before we discuss the process of starting this business, let us know what is a shutter.

What is  Shutter

If we talk about  Shutter, then they are manufactured from steel sheets and strips. And they are extensively used as flexible doors in warehouses, shops, workshops, etc. The shutters are very easy to open and close, so they do not obstruct any kind of movement, even in some places where vehicles need to be checked before arrival, these  Shutters are used. is used.

Since the shutters are installed in such a way that they require only wall space, the entire floor space is left as is. Perhaps this is the reason why they are very much preferred for shops. Being made of steel sheets, they are strong and last for a long time.

Product and its uses

 shutters are not only used in shops, warehouses, workshops, sheds, etc. but they are also used extensively in offices and residential buildings. They are constructed from carbon steel, which is why they are very strong as well as protect shops etc., and are very long-lasting.

Because it is hung from the top and side of the door, it can easily open and close, that is why people prefer it.  Shutters are generally made of steel strips of 24 or 26 gauge. The width of these bars can be 50, 75, or 100 mm.

Marketing potential and problems

There is no doubt that  shutters have now become an integral part of protective door systems for a wide range of applications. This is the reason that people often use them only in buildings with commercial activities such as shops, warehouses, offices, etc. They are also used in vehicles such as trucks and other goods vehicles.

However, the demand for  Shutter is high when it comes to the construction of commercial buildings, shops, and offices. Construction work in India is progressing at a very fast pace. Therefore, the chances of selling the shutter have also become more, although the shutter should also be tried with a new design according to the interest and choice of the people.

License and Registration for  Shutter Manufacturing Business

Though  Shutter is still manufactured in India by the unorganized sector as well if you are thinking of starting this business for the long term. So the entrepreneur may need the following licenses and registrations.

  • Firstly the entrepreneur needs to register under any one of the Proprietorship, One Person Company, Partnership Firm, or Private Limited Company.
  • After that the entrepreneur is also required to do GST registration as a tax registrant.
  • If the entrepreneur wants, he can also get the enterprise registration done to get benefits as an MSME enterprise.
  • A No Objection Certificate may be required from the State Pollution Control Department.
  • The quality control should be as per ISI standards IS 6248.

How much land and workers are needed?

Entrepreneurs can start  Shutter Manufacturing Business on a small scale also, and for this, the entrepreneur may need 700-900 square feet of space. That is because it may require building workshops, offices, etc., in addition to storing raw materials and manufactured goods.

As far as the workforce is concerned, the entrepreneur needs both skilled and unskilled workers to do a small-scale  Shutter manufacturing business. Overall an entrepreneur may require 7-8 employees to start this kind of business.

List of machinery and equipment

The list of machinery and equipment used to start the business of making  Shutter is as follows.

Hand shearing machine with 300 MM long blade capable of cutting up to 6 MM plates

Double Pillar Type Hand Operated Screw Press No.10

Spring Coiling Machine

pillar drilling machine

wheel capacity bench grinder

Capacity Welding Transformer

Testing and Testing Equipment

Other Tools

Raw material list

  • Mild Steel Strip 18-22G
  • Spring Steel Wire 3-6 mm dia
  • mild steel tubes and flats
  • Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, etc.

Manufacturing Process

The steel strips of the required width are taken in the form of coils and put in a roller-type sheet forming machine.  shutter profiles are prepared in this machine. And in the  Shutter Manufacturing Process, spring steel wires are inserted into a spring coiling machine to form a spring, which is the spring on which the shutter rolls.

Press brakes and hand shearing machines are used for frame fabrication i.e. for making the frame of the shutter. After that, all the components of this frame are painted with red primer

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