Small Business for Women under 10,000 Rupees

Hello friends! Do you want to do a Small Business? Are you tired of your job? So this article is very important for you. Business is such a profession. Which is a craze among the people of every generation. For some years in India too, more interest is seen in youth than in a job. and even nowadays women are into the business than a job so this can be a great article for women who want to start their own Small business. 

Friends, I am going to tell you how to start your own Start-Up Business? If you want to do business then you should go for a small business initially because there is a lot of risk in business. and even 

In business, you have to struggle more than your job and you do not know whether your business will be successful or not. Friends, as you know, you have to invest to open a Start-Up Business.

Therefore there is more risk, so you have to start with a small business where there will be a minimum risk.

How to do small business for women?

Friends, I am going to tell you about 10 small businesses for women they can start without any problem. So read this article carefully.

1) Buy and sell an online small business for women

Small Business for Women under 10,000 Rupees

Friends, if you want to work from home, then it will be very good for you. This is very simple. In this era, every person now has his own personal mobile phone.

Use your mobile phone. Friends, as you know nowadays people are very busy so they do not go to the market for shopping. They do not have much time to go shopping, so they do online shopping at home.

There are many Apps or Websites for Online Shopping. You can register there and then you can sell your product or you can also sell the product of that company.

For example, you can sell your product on your Whatsapp group. You have to post photos of your products along with the price and then you can sell it, it is very easy and you can do it in your free time.

Attract Customers to Your Products and Make Money You have a slight risk in this work because the product you sell should not be Faulty if it is found to be Faulty then you lose your customers.

You can create ads for marketing of products, then you will provide more information to people about your product. This Technique is very helpful in selling, you can post your Ads on Websites. You should try this

2) Dropshipping can also be done by women to start their own business 

Small Business for Women under 10,000 Rupees

Friends Drop Shipping is a great way to earn money. What to do in drop shipping? Many people do not know about drop shipping.

Friends drop shipping is an online business in which you can take an item or product from any platform and then you can market that product. This means that you can do the product marketing of other product from your website.

Just like you can do marketing of Aifa’s products on your websites, you can earn lakhs of money by marketing those products, you do not need to invest money in it, you will not pay the cost of any product. You do not need to pay Delivery Charges.

It is not risky, it is very easy and safe.

3) Tuition / Coaching center this is the best business for women 

Small Business for Women under 10,000 Rupees

If you are educated, you can do this Chota Business at home. If you have a place to open a coaching center then you can also do it outside.

If you want to do business at home, then it will be very good for you. You can do this business without investment with anyone and you can do this job with job also.

Then the risk is very low, you can also publicize your coaching center. You can also use different social media for the advertisement of your coaching center.

With this, more and more students can enroll in your coaching center, in this way you can do your small business.

4) Tailoring business for women and ladies 

Friends, if you want to do sewing business then you are reading the right article.

Friends, if you have an interest in tailoring, then you can do your passion with profession. Every city needs a good tailor. The trend of designer clothing is getting higher. That’s why everyone wants designer clothes.

Friends, you do not need to invest much in this. So you have less risk in it.

5) Tiffin Service by women this business is also good for women 

Small Business for Women under 10,000 Rupees

Friends, this is perfect for Business House Wife and for those who cannot go out of their house but want to work and earn money.

For the purpose of working friends, people come from the village and live alone in the cities, you can give tiffin to those people. With this you can work from home, you do not need to go out.

This is an easy way to do business and that too without investment.

6) Snacks corner (Small Business For Women )

Friends, you can open your own breakfast shop. As you know the lifestyle of people has become very busy. They do not even have time to make breakfast in the morning.

They go for a very early morning job. They do not have time to make food, so this small business is very beneficial for you. With this you can earn big money.

7) Jewelry making small business for women

Friends As you know jewelry is very popular among women in our country. Different jewelry is seen in different states.

You can make jewelry at home and sell it. Many women use duplicate jewelry for daily use, for this you just need some material which can be used to make jewelry.

You can do this at home and sell it outside. You can sell it to Direct people or you can make your sales to any jewelry shop or jewelry businessman, you can earn millions of rupees from it.

8) Juice center small business for women

Friends, people are getting health conscious nowadays. Drinking juice is very healthy for health. You can open your juice center. You only need a machine and some fruits. You can sell different juices of different fruits.

Your Juice Center will do well in the summer season. You do not have any risk in this business, you can do this business very easily.

9) Tea Stall business for women

Friends is the most popular beverage in India. Every person in India drinks tea. People drink tea anywhere and anytime.

The tea business runs well at any place. You do not need to invest much money for this. All you need is the tea ingredients. In this you can earn more profit than some money.

10) Cooking class small business for women

Friends, now I am going to tell you about cooking classes. You can also earn well in this. This work is best for House Wife.

You can teach people at home and start your own small business. If you do not need any investment in this, then the risk will be reduced.

If you have any other place to start your business then you can do otherwise you can make Cooking Videos on YouTube.

For this you just need to make your official channel on You Tube. In this way also you do your own business.

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