Tiffin making cottage business

According to a survey, most Indians prefer homemade food in their daily meals, and at the same time, most of the people in our country migrate from their residence due to many reasons like education, jobs, and business. Tiffin Service Center targets these people, who stay away from their home for education, job, or any other purpose and are unable to eat their homemade food. You can start this business from your home in a small way. It is also a very good business for businesswomen.

Types Of Tiffin Service

Getting people to their place Tiffin – 

In this kind of Tiffin service, you have to prepare food and deliver it to your customers yourself. This tiffin service is mostly selected by the college-going students, as they leave for their college early in the morning, then the facility given by you is helpful to them at such a time.

Providing food to customers at their own place –

 in such a tiffin service you will also need a place where you can sit and serve hot food to your customers. This service is chosen more by the customers because through this they get hot food available.

Things and Equipment Requirement for Tiffin Making Business:-

Before starting every business you have to do some pre-preparation, some pre-equipment is required. In the same way, you will have to manage something similar in advance in this business, so that you do not face any problem in your business. The essential equipment required in this trade is –

Cooking utensils for Tiffin Making Business –

Tiffin making cottage business

 If you start this business, then utensils for cooking are the most important thing. Although you can also use utensils in your home, if you supply more tiffin, then you will have to cook more quantity, for which you will have to arrange large utensils.

Tiffins for Business  –

Tiffin making cottage business

 Another essential material for you in this business is tiffin. In these tiffins, you provide food to your customers at their place. If possible, you should choose a modern and attractive tiffin, so that the customer can be attracted to your tiffin.

Aluminum foil box – 

If you do not want to buy tiffin or you are not comfortable in the initial purchase, then initially you can buy aluminum foil box and pack food on them.

Table and chair – 

If you provide food to your customers at your place, then you will also have to arrange a table and chair to serve them sitting.

Utensils for serving food – 

Because you will have to serve organized food daily to many people, for this you will also have to make separate utensils.

Arrangement of essential ingredients for cooking – 

You will have to make food available to many people every day, for this you will also have to arrange food, oil, gas cylinders, etc. to make food so that you can provide food to people at the right time.

Registration and licenses For Tiffin Making Business:-

For this trade, you will need the following registrations.

Shop Act License – 

If you start your business in a shop, it becomes necessary to get your Shop Act license.

FSSAI license – 

If you start any kind of food business, then it is necessary for you that your food is of good quality and it is not harmful for anyone. And to ensure this thing you are required to get a food license, it gives authenticity to your food after checking its quality.

Trade License – 

A trade license is a license granted by the city municipal corporation, which is required for any type of trade.

Fire NOC –

 If you use something in your business that uses fire, then it is mandatory for you to get a No Objection Certificate from the Fire Department.

Society NOC –

 If you start your business in a society, then you have to take permission from your society. And if your society does not have any problem with this, then it gives you a No Objection Certificate.

If you want to start this business from home in a small firm, you will not need so many licenses.

Menu For Tiffin Making Business :-

Tiffin making cottage business

The menu of tiffins you serve depends to some extent on your area and the food there. By the way, it is mandatory to give you dal, rice, vegetables, roti and salad in tiffin. Some people provide carnivores in special tiffin on Sundays, one day a week. Even if you only provide vegetarian food, then it is mandatory to provide you some special food once a week.

How to decide Tiffin Price

Now the question arises that how much should you keep the price of your tiffin, for this, you will have to do research in your area and find out the price of other service centers nearby and decide the price of your tiffin accordingly. By the way, if you want to calculate the raw, then currently the price of tiffin is around 2000 rupees.

Target Customer (Target Customer) – Your target customer in your business will be as follows.

Students staying away from home for education – Nowadays, in many cities, students stay away from their homes and take education. In this case, food like home is their biggest need and for you, these are your target customers.

Bachelors living outside the home for jobs – 

Many people have to live in the unknown city away from their home and family for the purpose of a job. In such a situation, these people depend on these Tiffin Service Centers for their food and this can be your target customer for you.

Job women – 

Women who go out to work and do not take time out of cooking in their busy routine, you can also make them your target customer.

Schools and Colleges – 

Many schools provide food to their students in the school itself, so if you take a contract here, then it can be a good business scope for you. Apart from this, you can also take a canteen contract in college.

Investment in Tiffin Center

If you make tiffin from your home and supply people to their house, then you only have to buy some tiffin or aluminum foil box and buy the same for cooking. It will cost you very little. You can start your earning by applying only 5-10 thousand rupees.

Apart from this, if you serve people food at your place, then you will also have to buy a place, table, chair and utensils and your investment will increase. In such a situation, you have to spend about 50 thousand to 1 lakh.

Profit in Tiffin Making Business 

This business is a profitable deal, in which you can earn up to 40% profit. For example, if you supply a Tiffin 2000, you can save up to 800 rupees. In this way, your overall earnings in this business depend on the number of tiffins you have supplied.


If you are thinking of starting this business, then it will be good for you, that you start it near some school, college, so that you get good business from students. Apart from this, you can also start your own Tiffin Center near an office area, here you can earn a good income by supplying lunch to the working people.

Risk in Tiffin Making Business:-

Like every trade, there are many risks in this trade too, which you have to take care of so that you do not have to face any big loss. The risks involved in this trade are –

Eating Test – 

Many times it may happen that your food test is different from your customers’ test, in such a situation, your business can read the loss. To tackle this situation, it is necessary to do good research before starting your business.

The price of competitor’s tiffin –

 maybe your competitor supplies food at a lower price than you, in such a situation it can prove to be a risk for you.

The risk of cooking food is expensive – 

maybe things like pulses, rice, and vegetables can become expensive in the offseason. In such a situation you will have less profit at this time, so you have to be prepared for this situation.

Scope of improvement

Feedback from customers –

 Customer is paramount in any business, it cannot be a force for anything and it is mandatory to take care of its test. If you take feedback from your customers once a week or once in 15 days, then it will be helpful for you to improve your business.

Adding food items to your menu – 

If you add food to your menu in addition to the menu, it attracts your customers and helps in expanding your business.

Use of modern tiffin –

 If you use modern plastic tiffin instead of normal tiffin for your customers, then it will add charm to your business.

Keep changing your menu – 

If you give the same food to your customers every day, then your customers will get bored with it, so it is important for you to keep changing your menu.

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