Top 11 Best Highest Paying Jobs

Are you also looking for Highest Paying Jobs, as far as a job or job is concerned, every student starts worrying about it after the completion of his studies. But as far as school education is concerned, generally till the tenth standard, the child studies with ease. After this, he has to choose the section for his further career, according to the plan, such as art, science, commerce, or any vocational course. And it is often seen that generally, parents want to choose such a career for their children, which will bring happiness and prosperity to their life.

And there is no doubt about it that when it comes to a good career, it is based on the salary you get after working in that career. That is, it is a real truth that in this world there is hardly any tool that gives more motivation than money. Even today, we see a direct example of this in our lives, every day. When many students choose their careers on this basis. Because in that particular career one gets more salary than others.

The real purpose of writing this article of ours today is that students or people, who are searching for Highest Paying Jobs i.e. highest paying job. Through this article, they can get information about it. Although it is also true that the list of Highest Paying Jobs keeps on changing depending on the time and situation.

For example: When the Internet was not spread so much in the world. So at that time, not a single job related to the internet will be on that list. But due to the change in time and situation, today internet-related jobs may also be included in the list of Highest Paying Jobs. This rule applies to every sector.

Things to note for Highest Paying Jobs

Salary or salary in any industrial sector depends on the knowledge, experience, training, and educational qualification of the employee. That is, the person who has more educational qualifications, more knowledge, more experienced, and has also received training, then he is considered eligible to get a higher salary. But there are many industrial sectors in which it becomes difficult to increase the salary after one level. And the starting salary is also less in them. If you ask a person who wants to get a job about the best job i.e. good job, then probably his good job will mean the Highest Paying job i.e. good salary.

But getting a good job does not only mean getting a good salary, but there are many other factors too. Career growth, job security, and the reputation of a person are also considered while assessing a good job. But a good salary is paramount in all of them. There is no doubt about it. This is the reason that people are often searching on the internet through keywords like Highest Paying Jobs.

And it is also true that different salary is fixed in every industrial sector. Therefore, it would not be right to compare the salary of the people associated with any different sector. Although here we are talking about some such professions, which offer a good salary.


1. Doctor and Surgeon Highest Paying Jobs:

Medical professionals, such as doctors and surgeons, are offered good salaries by hospitals, and other health institutions. And this is the reason that doctors and surgeon professionals, even today, get a good salary. The profession of doctor and surgeon also comes in the Highest Paying Jobs, because here the proportion of doctors based on population is very less.

The specialization areas within this domain are also in high demand. Apart from this one needs to be even more skilled to become a surgeon etc. And this is the reason why they are given even more salary. Presently the professionals associated with the medical field do not like to go to the rural areas for work.

Starting salary: 10-12 lakhs per year

Medium Salary: 24-30 lakhs per year


2. Data Scientist

Companies are currently investing heavily in big data. This is the reason that today this profession called Data Scientist is included in the list of Highest Paying Jobs. Big data is extremely important for resolving consumer complaints and enhancing the performance of a product or service. This is the reason why companies want to make data-based business decisions. And they have to take the help of a Data scientists in this work. That’s why companies are hiring data scientists on a large scale.

Due to all these reasons, there is a possibility of hiring a Data scientist in the coming years also in big companies. And too in comparison to other professionals associated with the analytics industry, they are also likely to get 36-40% higher salaries. After acquiring various degrees and experience in Data Science, the salary of a Data Scientist can increase even more.

Starting salary – Rs 7-8 lakh per year

Medium Salary: 12-15 lakhs per year

Senior Level Salary: 21-25 lakhs per annum

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science,
  • Mathematics,
  • Statistics data science certificate
  • project experience

3. Investment Banker:

If we talk about investment bankers, they work with financial organizations to raise capital, through equity financing or loan management, etc. The investment banker has to work in a very fast-paced environment. And the decisions taken by them can make or break a financial organization. Due to such an important responsibility on them, their demand is also very high. And they are counted in the Highest Paying Jobs only. Their job is to check the stakes and work out a deal that suits them. This profession is also included in the good-paying job.

Starting salary: 9-10 lakhs per annum

Mid Level: 15-16 lakhs per annum

Senior Level: 25-26 lakhs per annum

Education and skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance,
  • Economics,
  • Mathematics etc.
  • Master in relevant field
  • analytical skills
  • deep market knowledge
  • great communication skills
  • leadership skills

4. Software Engineer

Although there is no doubt about it, in the case of software engineers, here, every year, millions of software engineers are born. Who is providing their services But despite this, this market is so big that all software engineers get employed here. big tech companies are investing. And the number of software engineers that are being outsourced and sent to foreign countries from here has never happened before.

India’s famous tech city, Bangalore alone, has become the major city employing software engineers. International projects at home and abroad, and a stable domestic market ensure that money will always remain in this area. Therefore this profession is also included in the Highest Paying Jobs. And a 4-5 years experienced software engineer can easily earn 10-12 lakhs per year salary.

Starting salary – 5-6 lakhs per annum

Medium level salary – 12-15 lakhs per annum

Senior Level Salary – 22-28 lakhs per annum


5. Highest Paying Jobs in Commercial Pilot

By pilot, we mean the pilot who flies an airplane. The pilot has always been counted as one of the best professions. This is such a profession, is considered to be a good-paying profession not only in India but all over the world. Big airline companies, provide very good salaries to their pilots.

Not only salary but many other facilities are also provided. Flying and traveling for a long time, however, is no easy task. So the pilot needs to be physically fit at all times.

Commercial Pilots Can Get 16-24 Lakh Per Year Salary By Doing These Highest Paying Jobs.


6. Chartered Accountant:

Chartered Accountants are better known by their short name, CA. Their job is to see the financial problems of the company, organization, and small and big industrial units, and make them able to comply with the tax rules. However, many companies employ chartered accountants in their finance departments. And auditing companies employ them in a big way.

Apart from this, experienced CAs are resolving finance-related problems of different companies, as consultants, not working in any one company. But it takes many years for a CA to become an expert and master them in all kinds of domains.

This is the reason, naturally, an experienced CA is paid a hefty salary for his work. This is the reason that this work is also included in the Highest Paying Jobs. In the initial phase, this salary can be 6-7 lakh per year. And with increasing experience and expertise, it can even go up to 15-20 lakhs per annum.


7. Artificial Intelligence Professional (Artificial Intelligence Highest Paid Job)

Artificial Intelligence Professionals, if we talk about it, their job is to enable Artificial Intelligence, i.e. artificial intelligence in the machine. That is, their profession is to enable machines with artificial intelligence in every way. His main tasks include understanding, creating, and programming algorithms of artificial intelligence. And as far as India is concerned, there is a huge shortage of such professionals.

And there is no doubt about it, if the demand for the thing is more and the supply is less, then its demand has to increase. This is the reason that this type of profession also comes under the category of Highest Paying Jobs.

In the initial phase – 10-12 lakhs per annum

Medium level salary – 15-17 lakhs per annum

Senior Level – 22-26 lakhs per annum

Education and skills

  • Graduation in Computer Science, Mathematics, etc.
  • Course in Artificial Intelligence from a recognized Institute
  • programming skills
  • analytics skills
  • robotics
  • Statistics

8. Marketing Professional

About how important marketing is for any business, we will publish a separate article soon. Now let’s just know that marketing is very important for every type of business. That is to say, marketing is a major tool for any business strategy. And as the marketing platform is being digitized rapidly at present, which is opening more avenues in this area. That’s why companies are looking for marketing professionals who are well-versed in new marketing strategies.

So such people, who have creative thinking, and their creative thinking suits the brand building company better, then it can be a way for those people to get a good salary. Currently, there is a good demand for digital marketing professionals. This is the reason, it is very popular among marketing students as well. And currently, MBA in Marketing, and Digital Marketing courses help job seekers to get not only good jobs but also Highest Paying Jobs.

Starting salary – 5-6 lakhs per year.

Medium level salary – 8-10 lakhs per year.

Senior Level – 15-25 lakhs per annum.

Education and skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing, Advertising, Communication, etc.
  • Certificate course in Digital Marketing.
  • Interpersonal communication skills.
  • Creativity and Imagination.
  • Information Technology Skills.
  • Negotiation and Influence Skills.
  • market analysis

9. Highest Paying Jobs Cyber ​​Security

Today, i.e. if we talk about the present, the online presence of almost all types of business is available. That is to say, almost all types of business are available online at present. And so they are also at risk of damage to their online assets. Almost all businesses take the help of cyber security professionals to protect their valuable digital assets.

Whose responsibility is to protect the company’s digital assets from damages of any kind. According to the current report, cyber security professionals, at the experienced and senior level, earn around Rs 30-40 lakh per year. Which is similar to the salary offered in Highest Paying Jobs.

Salary at the initial level – 5-6 lakhs.

Medium Level Salary – 10-12 lakhs per annum.

Salary at senior level – 30-40 lakhs per annum.

Education and skills

  • Graduate in Mathematics, Computer Science, etc.
  • Certificate of Cyber ​​Security Course.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Technical information.
  • Computer forensic skills.
  • Security information.

10. Machine Learning Professional (Machine Learning Highest Paid Job):

Machine learning, if we talk about it, has created a storm in this modern era, by designing more solutions for the consumers. Professionals in Machine Learning are providing a lot of help to brands and companies in making decisions based on data. And data-driven decisions are tailored to the customers.

Thereby, business risks can be reduced to a great extent. This is why machine learning experts have proven to be a very valuable resource for companies. And in companies, their demand is increasing year after year. A certificate, or degree, in machine learning can play an important role in your career growth. And can help you get Highest Paying Jobs.

Starting salary – 5-7 lakhs per annum

Salary at medium level – 15 -17 lakhs per annum

Salary at senior level – 20-25 lakhs per annum

Education and skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence or Computer Science
  • Certificate Course in Machine Learning
  • computer science knowledge and programming
  • probability and statistics
  • Software Engineering & Systems Design
  • problem-solving and data analysis

11. Cloud Computing Professional

According to one figure, the cloud computing industry has crossed the $4 billion mark in 2020. And at present, there is a huge demand for Cloud Computing companies etc. this demand is also expected to continue to grow.

]it has become so that the demand for qualified candidates in this field is not being fulfilled. And the price of that thing, whose demand is more than the supply, only increases. So in cloud computing, a degree can increase one’s salary by more than 60%.

Starting salary – 6-8 lakhs per annum

Medium level salary – 12-14 lakhs per annum

Senior Level Salary – 28-32 Lakhs per annum

Education and skills

  • Computer Application, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
  • Certificate Course in Cloud Computing
  • programming skills
  • database management skills
  • Linux Skill
  • Knowledge of artificial intelligence or machine learning
  • Serverless Architecture Knowledge

In the above, we have presented a list of some of the jobs in which a good salary is being offered to the candidates. However, this trend keeps on changing due to changes in technology, timing, etc. So the job which is included in the list of Highest Paying Jobs today doesn’t need to always remain the same. Change is the eternal law of nature and it happens.

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