Top 27 Best Recycling Business Ideas

We are going to give many ideas of recycling business, so that you can also think about this business and earn profits.

    1. Recycling of Aluminum Cans – 

    Aluminum is a metal that is recycled on a large scale all over the world. For this, aluminum cans, industrially generated aluminum waste and household aluminum waste are used for recycling. And this is a very profitable business.

    2. Recycling – 

    Battery can be divided into many parts like lead-acid battery, carbon battery, alkane battery, NRHM battery, LCD battery, lithium ion battery and zinc air battery. There is a good market.

    3. Cartridge Recycling Business – 

    This recycling business is also a profitable deal, in this you give your customers the ink and toner cartridges by refilling them, thereby freeing them from buying new items. It is also important from a natural point of view, as it reduces the e-waste on the land. With this, a cartridge can be reused 3 to 4 times.

    4. Recycling of Construction Waste –

     Wood, iron nails, screws, waste from the dismantling of old walls, old floors and tiles, electrical wires from old houses, old pipes and other waste from any construction Used as construction waste. They can also be recycled separately.

    5. Cooking Oil Filtration and Recycling Business –

     Most of the hotels and restaurants want this service. In this, you have to collect such oil from various hotels and restaurants and then remove the impurities from it and make it useful for reuse.

    6. E-Waste Recycling Business –

     Right now e-waste recycling is a globally considered issue. So there is a lot of scope in this business. But for this you will have to do a separate setup, but it will be a profitable business.

    7. Recycling of Scrap Gold – 

    You can get gold for recycling from old computers and many other electronic items. If you want to come into this business, then you can also contact other companies, so that you can get sufficient amount of recycling material. This business can be a profitable deal for you.

    8. Paper Recycling Business –

     This is a very good business idea from the point of view of keeping our environment safe. In this you can recycle old paper and make it a reusable paper. This will reduce the cutting of trees for making paper, as well as you will also get good profit in this business.

    9. Plastic Recycling Business – 

    When we collect old plastic from the market, it is made of different things. For this business of yours, you have to first separate these different plastics. Now you can start your business by recycling this plastic.

    10. Tire Recycling – 

    You can start this business by collecting old tires from vehicles. Car and truck tires are made up of rubber, steel, synthetic and natural fibers and all these materials can be recycled.

    11. Used children clothing – 

    The length of children grows very quickly, so for this reason their clothes become unusable very quickly. You can buy these clothes from people and clean them and sell them again. You can also use online marketing for this and along with this you can also sell old toys, books.

    12. Business of selling old wood by recycling (Wood recycling) – 

    You can get waste wood for your business from various sources like old furniture, construction waste, wood found in the shade of trees. You can also earn good money by recycling it.

    13. Garbage Recycling –

     This is a very low cost recycling business that can be started as compared to any other recycling business idea. For this, you can collect waste from homes and other public places and make profit by treating them.

    14. Business of Recycling Glass –

     Glass is a material that can be recycled 100%. And this business of recycling also keeps the environment safe.

    15. Waste Collection Center (Collection and sales of factory waste) – 

    The business of buying different types of old junk and selling it at the appropriate place is also a profitable deal in today’s time. In this situation, you can do various means like buying junk and old and unused junk from homes, collecting material when old houses and other buildings break down, etc. And then you can separate it and deliver it to different recycling centers at slightly higher prices and earn profit.

    16. Car Recycling Business (Junk car recycling) –

     You can separate many items from the old car and sell it for recycling. There is a lot of demand for this business all over the world, and in this way, renewing old stuff also gets rid of the waste growing in the environment.

    17. Packaging Material Recycling – 

    Thinking in general terms, packaging material does not seem like a huge business prospect. But when you focus your attention on this, you will understand that due to the growing online business nowadays, every item needs packaging to reach the customer, so how much is its scope. And when this packaging material is recycled again, there will be freedom from the waste growing on the earth.

    18. Book Binding (Home Based Business with Book Binding and Repair Services) – 

    By binding old books and bringing them back to new condition, it is called Book Binding. And the best thing about this business is that it can be started with very little investment. If you want, you can start this book binding business from your home, you just have to take training in book binding.

    19. Recycling of sawdust – 

    We get wood sawdust as a result of cutting, grinding and other processes for various purposes. This wood is used in various other businesses and it is also useful as a fuel in some places. There are many profit potentials in this business.

    20. Rubber Recycling Business –

     This business is profitable for those who are interested in the business of making disposable cups, plates and spoons. There is a lot of profit potential in this business as well.

    21. Cloth diapers service –

     In today’s time diaper is a very important thing, every mother uses it for her baby. You can start the business of making diapers by collecting old clothes and earn a lot of profit.

    22. Carton Box or Cardboard Recycling Business – 

    In this business you have to collect old used cardboard and recycle them and make them fit for use. There is no doubt that this business is a profitable deal and you will not have to invest a lot to set it up. This is a medium investment business.

    23. Polythene Recycling Business – 

    Polythene is such a thing that pollution is increasing in the whole nature, as well as eating it leads to the death of many organisms. To deal with this problem, the business of recycling of polythene is a very successful business, in which old polythene is melted and converted into new.

    24. Medical Waste Recycling –

     Many hospitals and clinics need other institutions and people to help preserve things like human organs, syringes, blood and needles. Even today many people are earning money from this business.

    25. Recycling waste water – 

    Waste water can also be recycled and made usable again. Machines are used to recycle water. This business is one of the very successful businesses in such areas where there is a shortage of water.

    26. Recycling plant – 

    This is a profitable deal, but you have to set it up in such a place, where people come and sell old goods themselves. Then you recycle it and make it reusable and can be made available in the market.

    27. Scrap Metal Recycling business

    If you are thinking of starting with a low cost business, then you should focus only on collecting and selling scrap metal. Scrap metal is the metal that is thrown away after using it once. Which you pick up and use in your business.

    The cost of starting it is around 1 lakh 30 thousand. In this business, you can get raw mall almost for free, just once you start your business and gradually keep increasing the level of your business.

    However, in the scrap metal collector business you will need a pickup, truck or utility trailer, net and tie-downs, as well as some basic equipment and personal protective equipment such as gloves and safety shoes.

    Scrap metal can be easily obtained from home owners, repair projects and other sources. After that it can be converted into bricks and sold easily to other companies at the highest prices, this business is the best among all the recycling related businesses.

    In this way, you can not only recycle old things through these businesses and make them reusable, as well as you can also reduce the waste growing in nature. In this way your environment protection through this business The place will also have an important place. In today’s time if you choose any of these business then you will definitely earn profit in your business, but for this you have to first get complete information about your business and start this business only after proper training and setup. is.

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