Vestige Marketing Business Plan. Vestige Business Plan Complete Information.

 You will all be well aware of MLM multi-level marketing or network marketing. Vestige Marketing is also a multi-level marketing company. Currently, it is one of the few companies that operate internationally. This company is currently known as my vestige. The company started in 2004 with fitness products. If we classify MLM companies on the basis of revenue, then Vestige Marketing is a company that is among the top hundred companies.

Vestige is a shining name in the Indian network marketing industry, as more than a million people are associated with it. And according to one figure, its annual turnover has crossed $ 194 million. In today’s time, any customer can easily buy the products of this company online from the official website of the company and other e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

So today, through this article of ours, we will try to know about Vestige Marketing Business Plan in Hindi. And not only that, but we will also try to know about the product of the Vestige, the Vestige Income Plan, the competition its advantages and disadvantages.

Vestige Marketing Business Plan. Vestige Business Plan Complete Information.

But before that, let’s take a look at the company profile of this company.

Vestige Marketing Company Profile

Company Name – Vestige Marketing Private Limited.

Company Identification Number – U51909DL2004PTC126738

Start of a company – 2 June 2004

Directors of the company – Gautam Bali, Kanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood

Head Office – A-89, Okhla Industrial Area Phase – 2nd New Delhi 110020

Product – Health Care, Personal Care, Agriculture, Home Appliance

Company website –

About the Vestige Company

Vestige Marketing Private Limited The company started its journey in the year 2004. At present, the company has become a leading direct selling company in world-class wellness products. This company is growing at an unprecedented rate every year. This growth rate itself tells the products sold and their quality. Also, how sustainable and rewarding is the marketing plan and management of the company, is also proved by the growth rate of the company. Vestige is expanding its range of wellness new products every year. It is an ISO 9001-2015 certified direct selling company.

This company helps in providing world-class services to its customers. This company has been ranked 30th among the world’s top direct selling companies in the list of Global 100 Direct Selling Company in 2020. It is the only Indian company to have this recognition. The Vestige Marketing Company offers its members opportunities to provide life leadership on their own terms and believes in making them financially independent and empowered in their lives. This company is spreading the money for the idea of spreading the wealth with wellness. The company contributes immensely in enriching the lives of its members.

Vestige Marketing Business Plan.

The business plan of Vestige Marketing is similar to that of other direct selling companies or MLM companies. Any person of any caste, gender, age, religion, background, and qualification can join this plan of vestige.

However, joining an MLM company does not require any educational qualification. Even an illiterate person can join such a company. But a person joining MLM requires many skills such as communication, leadership, and the skill of connecting people. So let us know how any interested person can start their own vestige business.

How to join Vestige? (How to Join Vestige):

Vestige Marketing Company does not offer an online joining option which means that the online option cannot be used to join it. Those wishing to join this company can join it only by going to their nearest Vestige branch.

If you are over 18 years of age and are willing to join the Vestige, then you will get an existing Vestige direct seller near you or in your friend circle. You can connect to his downline using his sponsor ID. In order to receive your payment, you may be required to provide a valid identity card and details of the bank account to the company.

Here we would like to advise you to join it only by using the sponsor ID of a direct seller who will be able to provide you more information about the Vestige Marketing Plan in the future. Many people only join the downline of people they know without knowing whether the upline has complete information about the vestige or not.

Keep in mind that Vestige does not charge any joining fee but the joining person is required to purchase at least one thousand rupees (30 Point Value) products. After that one person becomes a direct seller of Vestige after purchasing and joining a thousand rupees 30PV. Also known as Vestige Associate or Distributor.

How to Earn From Vestige:

As far as making money from vestige is concerned, this is the question that has brought you to this article. Yes, friends, people want to know Vestige Marketing’s business plan because they really want to earn money from Vestige. Any direct seller from Vestige by buying the product in two ways and by joining others under his sponsor ID and purchasing the product from them. So let us know how can a direct seller of Vestige earn money in both these ways?

1. By purchasing the product –

Buying a product from Vestige is also a part of the earnings. Every Vestige seller gets any product of Vestige at a lower price than its MRP at a Yankee distributor price. And at every purchase, the direct seller is awarded point volume (PV) and business volume (BV) on behalf of the company. Point volume and business volume accumulate are counted as separate earnings.

Apart from this, when the direct seller buys the company’s products at the distributor price and sells them at MRP, he still makes a profit.

Example – Suppose a direct seller buys a product of vestige for Rs 100 at distributor price and gets 20 BV on it.

And further sells the same product to someone else for Rs.120 MRP, here is his retail profit of Rs.20 while the 20 BVs received will also be converted as earnings.

2. Join people

Actually, joining people is the best way to earn money from an MLM company. Under this process of Vestige Marketing, a person has to join people in their downline and thus the larger form of downline is called a network. And this is the beginning of this network marketing.

A direct seller employs another direct seller in its downline. And encourages the direct seller involved in their downline to join the direct seller in their downline. That is because all the people involved in the direct seller’s downline, buy the product. Then the direct seller is earning. As we have already said that people get PV and BV on every purchase. This PV and BV downlines help the upline to earn money.

Example – Mohan joins Vestige as a direct seller. Now he joined his friends Sohan and Rohan in his downline. Mohan did not earn any kind due to the joining of Sohan and Rohan.

But when Sohan and Rohan bought the Vestige product, Mohan would get a commission on the product bought by his downline.

Because when Sohan and Mohan bought products, they earned BVs. And at the same time, Mohan received GBV (Group Business Volume). GBV is a leadership bonus.

Vestige Marketing Income Plan :

There are seven planes available to earn money in Vestige marketing.

  • Savings on usage.
  • Accumulative performance bonus.
  • Director bonus.
  • Leadership overriding bonus.
  • Car fund
  • House Fund.
  • Travel fund

Saving on Consumption:

Savings on usage means that savings. Which is the difference between a distributor price and MRP to a distributor. This is to say that in this, the direct seller distributes the products of Vestige at the distributor price. And sells them out on MRP. The distributor price is always 10-20% lower than the MRP.

Accumulative Performance Bonus:

Accumulative performance bonuses depend on the BV and PV points earned. The amount of BV and PV is determined on each Vestige product. You can see the list of how many BV and PV are fixed on the product.

Example – Suppose a 100-rupee toothpaste provides 60 BV, and a person buys 10 kinds of toothpaste, thus earning a total of 600 BV. The performance bonus up to 8000 BV is 5%. Thus, 5% of 600 BV is 30. This means that the person earned Rs. 30 on the purchase of 1000.

Director Bonus:

After earning 160016 BV in the Vestige, the Direct Seller becomes a Bronze Director. And his director bonus starts.

When someone becomes a director in one’s downline, the upline direct seller becomes a silver director. The level of director in Vestige Marketing is as follows.

  • Bronze director.
  • Silver Director.
  • Gold director.
  • Star Director.
  • Diamond Director.
  • Crown Director.
  • Double Crown Director.
  • Universal Crown Director.
  • Double Universal Crown Director.

Director Bonus can be extracted by the following formula.

Director Bonus = Director Bonus Point Value × Points × 18.

Director bonus point value can be extracted by the following formula.

DB point value = 14% of the month’s PV of the company / total director bonus point collected.

In Vestige marketing, points in the Director Bonus are calculated as follows.

PGPV (Personal Group Point Value) × Fixed%

Fixed% downline may decrease from top to bottom.

LOB Leadership Overriding Bonus –

The leadership overriding bonus begins when the direct seller reaches the silver director level. But only when there are at least PV 40s and GPVs greater than 5625.

  • Leadership overriding bonus can be calculated as follows.
  • Leadership Overriding Bonus = 15% of Company’s Monthly PV / Total Leadership Overriding Bonus collected.

Travel Fund, House Fund, and Car Fund.

Car travel, travel fund, and house fund are 5%, 3%, and 3% respectively.

These are all calculated through a point-sharing system. The travel fund is for the silver director and above. The car fund is for the star director and above. And the House Fund is for the Crown Director and above.

Travel Fund Points = 3% of Company’s Monthly PV / Total Travel Fund Points collected.

Car fund point = 5% of the company’s monthly PV / points of total car fund collected.

House Fund Points = 3% of Company’s Monthly PV / Total House Fund Points collected.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vestige Marketing –

There are many benefits of Vestige Marketing, so there are many disadvantages.

List of benefits

  • Vestige is one of the most renowned and large MLM companies in India.
  • It is product-based and its products are quality.
  • The company provides good support to its direct seller.
  • This provides a lot of learning opportunities.

Disadvantages –

  • Like other MLM companies, Vestige Marketing also has a very low success rate of 0.04%.
  • The income plan is very complicated to understand.
  • Product prices are a bit expensive.

FAQ (Question / Answer) –

Question – Does Vestige charge a joining fee?.

Answer – No, Vestige does not charge any joining fee.

Question – Is 30 PV purchase mandatory?

Answer – Yes, to become a direct seller any person has to make so many purchases that he can earn 30 PV. Only then can he start a business with it.

Question – Is there a policy to return the product of the vestige?

Answer – Yes, any Vestige Marketing direct seller can return the product within thirty days, subject to the rules.

Question – Is Vestige a legal company?

Answer – Yes, Vestige is an Indian legal MLM company.

Question – Should I Join Vestige or Not?

Answer – If you want to start an MLM business, Vestige can be a great option for you. But keep in mind MLM is not easy, here more than 99% of people fail.

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