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What is blogging?

Blog means a type of website that people use as a digital diary and on this, they share their experience, thoughts, and information with people through text, images, videos, etc. The blog was initially called Weblog.
What is a blog post? The content of a blog is called a blog post. And a blog can contain many blog posts. Blog posts are shown in order by date of update, in which new posts are shown first and old posts are shown later.
Blogs can also be kept private so that other people cannot see them. But most of the blogs on the internet are public that anyone can read.
A blog is run by one person or a team. Now the big companies have entered the world of corporate blogging and they share a lot of content on their blog and they have a whole team of many people for this work.
Blog posts can be shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
Most blogs have a comment section below every article (post), in which any person can express their opinion about that content.
Now blogging is seen as a business and people have started making careers in it.


How to Start Blogging with WordPress.com

In today’s time, everyone wants to do part-time jobs to earn some extra money, people often work for money but the job is right for those who have their full time. Is, but there are also many people who want to do the part-time job because they are busy doing their essential work for half of their time but they also want some money in their spare time. Students and Housewives are some of the people who keep searching for online part-time jobs, although there are a lot of part-time jobs available online like Survey Jobs, Data Entry Jobs, Translator Jobs, and many more jobs today we will do that part-time. Talking about work, which has become very famous in the recent few days is Blogging, In today’s society, the trend of blogging is increasing very fast, according to a report, every year, 2 lakh students are starting blogging, from this fact, it is known that how much trend it has come, well the topic is back to the same. How to start blogging?

How to Start Blogging

Things you will need to start blogging are:

1. A computer/laptop

2. Basic Internet Connection

3. A Domain (Domain Name)

4. And a Basic Hosting Plan

(Note: You can also use Blogger for Free Domain Name and Hosting, read this post “How to start Blogging with Blogger.com without any investment“)

How to Start Blogging

Domain Name:

Domain Name is the identity of any site like you just visited this site, you must have seen in the address bar of your browser, Businessideasss.com is written, this is our Domain Name, similarly, you can also buy your Domain Name. Godaddy from companies like BigRock here. You can also go to Blogger and get a free domain. But I will advise you to buy a top-level domain for yourself, because in the future when traffic will start coming to your blog, then you will need complete control. Your own domain will be the best for this on your blog.

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Web Hosting:

Web Hosting can be difficult to understand for some people. But it is very easy, I understand it from this example, like suppose you bought a plot on which you built your house, added a lot of things but there is no benefit of that house until it will have a correct address, If someone has to contact you, then he will come to your address, if you also have to invite someone, then you will give him your address. If we see this thing in the virtual world, then the domain is the address that you can give to people to invite them here, Likewise, web hosting is your house here where you keep adding your things here. You can take Web Hosting from any Hosting Provider, in the same way, I would recommend Godaddy’s Web Hosting because their service is very good compared to the rest of the Hosting Provider.

Buy Cheapest Web Hosting 


How to set up a Domain with web hosting??

A lot of people get in trouble here. If you have taken web hosting from another hosting provider, then if you are a newbie then you may face a little problem.

But at the same time if you buy web hosting and domain from the same service providers then it automatically, in this case, GoDaddy itself connects the domain to your web hosting.

But there is no problem where you have purchased web hosting from another service provider. But you do not need to worry because we are here telling you the whole process of setup it with the domain. We want to explain this through an example.

Suppose you bought the domain for yourself from GoDaddy. And web hosting you have taken from hostgator.com. To set up your domain with web hosting, you have to go to your domain name provider and make some changes on the domain name server (DNS).

Along with this, you also have to make some changes to the c-panel of your web hosting. To go to the C panel of web hosting, you must first log in to your web hosting provider ie in this case we will be on the c panel of Hostgator. As we have shown below.

On the C panel, you will find an icon that will be written as an addon domain. You click on it. With clicking, a new window will open in front of you. Where you have to enter your domain name which you bought from another domain provider here from Godaddy. As shown in Fig.

After entering the domain name, you click on Addon domain. In addition, you create FTP A / c with this domain name. Which will help you to log in later on your FTP account.


The entire process given above is for web hosting from where you can get more than one domain hosting. That is, you will use it on shared hosting / multiple website hosting.

Why you should not create a blog on a free blogging platform?

I would say without any crossroads that you should create a self-hosted WordPress blog.

You see how successful a blogger is, whose blog is being hosted on a free blogging platform, or have you ever seen the name of a big blog like this.

1) You do not have control over your content: A company providing free blogging platform can close your blog at any time due to any reason. Do not believe me then read this.

2) Your blog’s web address becomes too long and complicated to remember: like Businessideasss.com will be memorized rather than comfortably. of www.Businessideasss.blogspot.com.

3) You will also have difficulty with the advertisement: With most free blogging platforms, the biggest problem is to earn money from your blog, they make this thing very difficult.

Don’t misunderstand me, but if you want to make your blog successful, then start blogging on a self-hosted WordPress blog right from the beginning, if still for some reason you cannot start a blog on a self-hosted WordPress blog, then no one can You can do it as well, but after some time it will be better to migrate to WordPress.

But if you want to look credible and build your audience and earn money. So you need your own blog, with your domain name, with your hosting. Similarly, you will be able to control the rules and your content for yourself.

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If I were you, I would start with a self-hosted blog from day one with your domain name. Creating a self-hosted blog is very easy and much cheaper than you think.

How to choose a great domain name??

If you already have a domain, scroll a little and read the second paragraph below.

I often see that the new blogger makes many mistakes while taking the domain name, always remember that your domain name should have all these things, only then take your domain name.

Easy to remember: Never take any rubbish domain name, which is hard to speak or never take a domain name that has a lot of dashes like ‘my-name-is-don.com’ to anyone who has such a domain name Will not remember but something like ‘Businessideasss.com’ makes it easy for you to remember and will come right on your tongue.

Unique and descriptive: Your domain name should display the thing you want to write about or the subject on which you want to create your blog.

Trusted: Domain extensions such as .com, .in, .net, .org, .info etc are very popular. People often think about a website before ‘.com’. Never use domain extensions like .rocks, .biz, they are less used, difficult to remember and also not reliable.

Log in to your new account and install WordPress.

Shortly after taking your domain name and hosting, you will get an email in which you will have information about your Cpanel Hosting Panel, you have to click on the given link and log in to your Cpanel, after logging in you already Written script can be installed

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

As soon as you go into your Cpanel you will see that option will be available softaculous or installation, you have to click on this option and go to the blog option and click on WordPress, you will be able to install WordPress in your blog,

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How To Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

Log in to your blog and check your new blog.

After you install WordPress, you will get an email, which will have your login information, you will have to click on the given link to log in to your WordPress blog, that link will be there. www.yourblog.com/wp-admin You will have a screen show in which you will have to enter your username and password.

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

Too much. congratulations You have learned to create your own WordPress blog. You automatically installed WordPress and set up your blog. You must have gone to society how easy it was.

Change your blog design, how to shape your blog.

In this section, I will tell you how you can improve your blog. I will tell you the basics of WordPress and you will know how easy it is and how enjoyable. In this section you will learn all these things:

  • WordPress will be familiar with Dashboard
  • Change blog design
  • Installing new plugin/feature
  • Making your blog search engine friendly

If you have set up your blog, now you will learn to use WordPress. I assure you, it’s very easy and fun

Understand WordPress Dashboard.

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

When you first go to your WordPress dashboard, it will look something like this.

We have broken the tools given on the dashboard into different parts so that you have an easy understanding.

“Dashboard”: This is the place where you will be able to monitor all your posts, comments, pages, as you can see on the screen, you can also write a quick draft, but I will show you how to use the dashboard correctly. Will tell

“Posts”: This is where you will be able to write posts for your blog and will be able to edit your old or new posts.

“Media”: This is where all the images, videos, audio you put will be available. You can also edit everything you have entered by going to this section.

“Pages”: This is where you can create a permanent page for your blog. Such as services, contact us, and all these things can be managed.

“Comments”: Here you can manage the comments made on your blog.

“Appearance”: Here you can change your blog’s theme, layout and also make changes to them. I will tell you about this section in detail in the next paragraph.

“Plugins”: This section is what makes WordPress so special, the plugin is a small software script to add any extras like Google Analytics, SEO by Yoast, etc… It makes your blog user friendly and better.

“Settings”: This is the last section of the dashboard, here you can manage your site name, title email address and other important things.

Change the Theme and Layout of your blog

If you want to make your blog successful, then it is very important to have a good look at its theme and layout, your theme should be responsive so that any person who visits your site whether, on desktop or laptop, smurf one or tablet has access to the site. There is no problem while doing it. Millions of themes for WordPress are ready, all you have to do is go to the theme and search for the theme according to you, although this task may seem easy you are also very difficult because we do not find the theme of our calculation many times. While searching the theme, keep these things in mind:

  • The theme suits your subject, such as an image theme for an image blog, a clear theme for a Causal blog, a sports theme for a sports blog.
  • Theme responsive.
  • There is no restriction on customization.
  • The theme should be clear and fast loading.

I find the option of feature filter very right. To search the WordPress theme, you can search the theme as per your convenience, once you like the theme you can install it. The install option will show you while keeping the cursor over the theme.

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

After installing the theme, you have to activate it, this way you will be able to install the theme of your choice.

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

Install new plugins and add new features to your blog

As I told you earlier that plugins are small software in WordPress, which you install to give extra features to your blog. You can do some such things through plugin:

  • Add contact form
  • Spam comment reduction
  • Making Your Blog SEO Friendly
  • Add photo gallery

Many more things.

Installing the plugin is very easy, you have to click on the plugins and press the button ‘Add new’.

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Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

After this, you can search the plugin for anything by using the keyword.

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

When you find the plugin, click on the install button given on it and activate it later as we did while activating the theme.

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

Note: Before installing Plugin, do a little search on Google, and read its reviews also because some plugins are not right for your site, it weakens security and other important things.

Make your blog search-friendly

There are many ways to make a blog search-friendly, which is a completely different topic, but making our blog search-friendly here means correcting its permalinks and removing spam comments.

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

Many people approve spam comments on their blog, most of these comments are sent by bots who advertise a service or product. You should not approve such comments and delete them.

To manage the comments, you should go to the section in discussion in the settings and manage the comments accordingly.

Add new users

If you ever need to change your information or add a new user, then you can manage all this by going to the user’s option.

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

To add a new user, click on the option of ‘Add new’, then you will see that there are many options in the new screen like first name, last name, etc. You have to fill all these options and in the last ‘Add new user’ Button has to be clicked. In this way, you can add any new user.

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Note: Before adding any new user, think about its role, each role has a different meaning. Know the roles well before allocating the role to any new user.

“Subscribers” can only manage their profile, cannot update or change content.

“Administrators” have all the rights to manage the blog in their own way, they can do everything that is available in WordPress.

“Authors” can only publish their blog posts and edit them apart from this.

“Contributors” can only write posts but cannot publish them.

“Editors” can manage or publish posts, they can also manage posts of any other user.

How to add blog posts or pages

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

By now you must have understood how easy it is to manage WordPress. I congratulate you that you have come this far, now in front of this I will tell you how you can write posts on your blog, and also how to publish them, in this section, I will tell you:

  • How to write a post or page inside WordPress.
  • How to insert images, links, and headings in a post.
  • Some tips on how to write a great article.

How to write a post?

To write a post, just move the cursor over the post button and click on ‘Add new’.

The next screen will look something like this to you.

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

You have to write the title of your post in the box at the top and the rest of the content in the big box below. You can save your half-written post in draft at any time, which you can edit and publish in future, for this you will have to click on the Save draft button in the box on your right side. With this, you can also schedule your post or such that the post should be shown only to your friends.

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

How to Add an image, video, audio, or any file in wordpress.

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

To add an image, video, audio or a file to your post, you have to click on the Add Media button, you will see two options in the media library (where the images or files you have already uploaded will be available), The second option will be upload, from where you can upload by selecting images or files. Once the image uploaded by you is shown on the media editor, you can insert it in the post.

How to add link

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

Adding links with other sites is a great way to share content or to interlink your content.

To add a link, click on the icon that looks like a chain, you will see that after clicking, a popup screen will open where there will be many options, you have to insert the link in the URL and the text in the link text above which you will put the link is.

How to add header and do text editing.

If the post starts with headings and bold content, it serves as a reader’s attention again.

Add headings

Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

To add a heading, click on the drop-down menu, which is on the left side, you will be able to add the header according to your own.

Edit font

You can also change the text bold, italic, underline or color of the text in the WordPress editor in just a couple of clicks:

To bold “B”.

To italic “I”.

To underline “U”.

“A” in the drop-down menu from where you can choose the color of the font.

As you can see how easy it is for anyone who has ever worked on Microsoft Word.

Make your blog successful

As you have now setup your blog, now you have to make your blog successful so that you can generate revenue from it as well. To make your blog famous and successful, you need to:

  • Connect your blog to social media sites, and integrate your Facebook / Google Plus page on your blog.
  • Gain backlinks by commenting on good blogs.
  • Wrote guest posts on good blogs.
  • Go to the forums and contribute and give a link to your blog on the signature.
  • Leaving the ID of the old G-Mail, create your professional ID with your domain name.
  • Share your content on sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon.
  • Go to some good directories and register your website.

How to Create a Blog on Blogger Complete Guide for Beginners

How to Create a Blog on Blogger– Hello Friends, you all must know that Blog is the best medium for online earning because you can place Ads on Blog and do Affiliate Marketing. With this, if you have a website that you want to promote on the Internet, then blog can be very beneficial for you.

Blogging is a very good medium to build your identity on the Internet and earn money on the Internet. Today, millions of people do their online earning by creating their own blog on the Internet. “How to Create a Blog on Blogger”
Therefore, if you also want to do online earning, then Blog can be the very best option for you. You have the two best platforms for blogging. 01- Blogger and 02- WordPress.
Most of people think that to do blogging, they have to learn Coding and only then they will be able to create their own blog on the Internet, so if you think so, then let us tell you that Blogger and WordPress are two platforms where you can do without Coding. As soon as you learn, you will be able to create your own blog and earn Earning from that blog. So in today’s article, we will learn how to Create a Blog on Blogger, from which we can create a Responsive Blog on Blogger.
How to Create a Blog on Blogger
To create a blog on Blogger, you can also create a blog for free, but if you want your blog to be ranked on the Internet, then you also need a custom domain. First we tell you what are the things you need to make a blog on Blogger and why?
How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money
01- Blog Topic– To create a blog, you need a topic from which you can publish articles on that topic and publish it on your blog. If you have a good topic then it is a very good thing, but if you have not decided on any topic yet, then you can read our article Best Topics For Blogging or YouTube.
In this article, we have told about some very popular topics, so once you see that article and decide the best topic for your blog.
02- Gmail Account- To create a blog on Blogger, you must have a Gmail account from which you will be able to create your Blogger Blog and after creating a blog, your Gmail Login Id and Password becomes the Login Id and Password of your Blogger…
03- Custom Domain– As we just told you that if you want your Blogger Blog to be ranked on the Internet, then you need a Custom Domain. Which you can also buy between Rs- 130 to Rs- 150 from GoDaddy or Bigrock.
04- Responsive Template- Blogger provides you Free Template but if that Template is a very old model then you need a Responsive Template for your blog. You can also download Responsive Templates on the Internet for free.
05- Social Media Accounts– When you create a blog, the information of that blog is only for you, so you need that more and more people know your blog and visit your blog so that the traffic on your blog will also increase. it happens.
How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money
To create a blog on Blogger, first of all, you have to take the custom domain and theme of Blogger and when your blog is created, then you can add Custom Domain and Responsive Theme to your blog, so first of all we can free on Blogger. I will learn how to create a blog. “How to Create a Blog on Blogger”
Blogger Sign Up
To create a blog, you have to create an account on Blogger. For which you first visit the official website of Blogger. To visit Blogger’s official website, you search www.blogger.com on your browser and open the official website.
Blogger Login Google Account
After opening the official website of Blogger, you click on the option of “Sign Up” or “Create New Blog” available on Blogger.
Start A blog with GoDaddy In $1 and Generate $1000/Month [2021 Guide]

Now a page will open in front of you like the image given above, in this page you have to select your blog name (Blog Name), Blog Address, and Template.
01- First of all, enter the title of your blog in the Title box.
For example- The title of our blog is “Business ideas for profits “, thus you should also enter a title for your blog. To enter the title, you use only one to two words because if you enter a longer title then it will not be better than SEO’s Point of View.
02- Now you have to enter a web address for your blog. Because this Web Address Blogger provides you for free and you have to add a custom domain to your blog later, so you can create your Free Blog from any Word.
When you enter some words to create an address, do not use Space or Symbols between the words.
03- Blogger provides you free templates, some of which are available only when you create an account, you have to select one of these templates.
When you have set these things up properly, after that you click on the option of “Create a Blog”.
In this way, your Free Blog gets created on Blogger.
Blogspot Sign in Old Account

Now if you already have a Blogger Blog and you want to create another blog on your same account, then you do not need to create an account on Blogger again. To create Blogger Blog from Old Account, you follow the instructions given below.
01- Sign in your Old Account– Firstly you open your Blogger Account and open the Dashboard.
02- Click on New Blog Option– After login to Dashboard, you will see the name of your old blog showing up above in the Left Side Bar, then you move your mouse over your Blog Name, then a small List Open in front of you Will be there and you will get the option of New Blog, you click on the option of that new blog.
03- Create your Another New Blog– Now you have to select your Blog Name (Title), Blog URL (Address) and Template and your other blog will be created on your old account only.
(How to Create a Blog on Blogger)
Blogspot Website
We all wonder if we can create a website on Blogger?
Let us tell you that Blogger is a Blogging Platform and you can only create Blogs on Blogger. But by using Responsive Templates, you can give your blog a website-like look, but it will remain a blog, so if you want to create a website, then you have to use WordPress. “How to Create a Blog on Blogger”
Blogger App
A lot of people wonder if he can blogging from mobile, then yes you can blog from your Android Phone as well. Blogger’s app is available on Google Playstore, you can download that app and blog on your Android Phone itself.
For proper blogging on a mobile phone, you can also use some extra apps so that you will be able to do blogging easily and at the same time you will get a lot more ease.
We wrote an article on Best Blogging Apps for Android Phones, in which we have shared some important Android Apps for Blogging with Download Link, you can see that article one by one and download those apps on your Smart Phone so that you You will be able to blogging on your Android Phone only.
Blogging for Money
Many people are also confused about whether they can do online earning using Blogger, so let us tell you that you can easily put Google Adsense Ads on your blog and articles to do online earning. And you can increase your Online Earning.
To make online earning from the blog, you have to make your blog popular so that there can be a lot of daily traffic on your blog and your online earning can be done.
Best Language For Blogging
Which language is best for blogging and which language can be more earning if you create a blog?
First of all, you can use many languages ​​to create a blog because Google Adsense now supports many languages ​​and almost all languages ​​on the Internet also have Searched.
Now to earn the second question, which language is more best, then we will suggest that if your English is good, then you should create your own blog in the English language so that you can get Worldwide Traffic because there are so many countries where But you get very high CPC (Click Per Cost).
But if you create content by targeting a specific country, then you should create your blog in that language, the most searched language in that country or the language on which the competition is less. How to Create a Blog on Blogger
For example: In India, now most people use In Hindi Word after any Keyword and the number of Hindi Blogs is less than English Blogs, then the chances of success of Hindi Blogs are more according to English Blog then you in Hindi You can also do online earning from that blog by creating a blog on Topic.
In Conclusion 
How to Create a Blog on Blogger- Blogger is the best platform to do online blogging, on which you can create your blog for free. We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to easily create your Blogger Blog and can also earn online earning from your blog.
How to Add Domain to Blogger?

If you want to give a new identity to your blog, then you have to know how to add a custom domain to Blogger. If you do not know how to create a free blog, then you must read this article.

You must be thinking that if we have created a blog for free, then what is the need for the domain in it? So first you know what the domain name is? Blogger, which is a product of Google, gives you a chance to create a free main blog.
This does not mean that you run your blog in it only. A free blog comes with a sub-domain name.
Let me tell you what a sub domain is. When you buy a domain name, you can make many more domains by using it. If your main domain is the father, then all the sub-domains are his child.
Benefits of Using Custom Domains

There are many advantages to using a custom domain name in Blogger. If you want to know, blogger is giving us a domain for free, then what is the need to add a domain. So let us know about its consequences.

1. Professional Look: A sub-domain is very large, and you cannot remember it quickly. So it will give you a professional look and will be able to remember others as well. 

2. Alexa Ranking: If your domain is xyz.blogspot.com and someone from India opens it then it will open in Xyz.Blogspot.in. Similarly .blogspot.us in America and .blogspot.pk in Pakistan. There is a problem in this that you will not be able to increase your blog’s Alexa Rank quickly.
3. Search Ranking: If someone searches something in Google and your blog’s name comes in .blogspot.com, then most people do not visit the same link. So from this, the ranking of your blog is also reduced by search results.
4. Adsense Approval: It does not matter whether your custom domain or your blog is in the BlogSpot domain. You can get the approval of Adsense. Blogger is Google’s product, so there is no problem with it. But if you add a domain, then it increases the chances of getting your account approved in Adsense.

How to Add Custom Domain Name on Blogger 
It is very easy to add custom domain name to Blogger. If you have a free blog and you want to add your domain name to it, then follow it.
Part 1: Add Custom Domain

1) Open blogger.com in your computer’s browser and login with your Gmail account.
2) Here, on the blog on which you want to add your custom domain, go to Settings.
3) Here you have to go to the Publishing section and click on the Custom domain option.
4) Now you have to enter your purchased domain here. Your domain must be in the format www.your-domain.com. After adding, click on the “Save” button.
5) Now you will get an error message, “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain.” On your domain registrar’s website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs: (Name: www, Destination: ghs.google.com) and (Name: p347obi343af, Destination: gv-gijycixq3d4waw.dv.googlehosted .com). See https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/1233387 for detailed instructions. This means that your domain’s DNS (Domain Name System) has not been set to blogger. Here you will find records of 2 CNAMEs, which you have to add to your domain.
The entire process of setting up DNS is described in the video above. If you still do not understand, then follow Part 2.
Part 2: Verify the DNS
Your work with Blogger has just finished. Now you have to go to Godaddy and add CNAME.
1) Go to Godaddy.com and log in to your account.
2) After login, click on your profile and select “My Products”.
3) In the next page, click on Manage All next to Domains.
4) Here you will get the list of your domain. The domain you want to add will get 3-dots next to it, select it and click DNS.
5) In the DNS Management page, you will see the link of ADD below, click it.
6) Now you have to select CNAME in Type and add Part 1 given CNAME. Similarly, you have to add both CNAMEs.
Part 3: Enable Redirection
1) Now come back to the blogger, save it.
2) You will see the option of Redirect domain below. Enable it
You can try to enter your domain address. It will open properly without www and without www. I could also tell you the manual process, but it is the easiest to add a custom domain name to the blogger. If you need any help or information related to this, you can ask me.

If you have a question, then you must tell us in the Comment box, we will try to reply to your question as soon as possible by giving you the answer.

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