What is Facebook, Facebook Marketing, Facebook ads, and How to become Facebook Marketing Expert

What is Facebook and How do you run Facebook?

Do you know what Facebook is? There is hardly any online user who has not heard Facebook’s name before. Many of us are Facebook users for many years, but even today there are people for whom this platform is completely new and unfamiliar. So it is important that they should be told about what is Facebook Messenger, what are its main features so that they can use it properly.

It is very important to know how Facebook works. Well, the simple answer is that its working is very simple which any user can understand. Any user who has a Facebook account can voluntarily connect with any user and can share content with them.

In this process, “Friend request” is sent by the user and which is later accepted by the receiver (recipient user). This friend request is like an invitation. It is a double-side feature that provides all users with this opportunity, so that they can accept friend request if they want to or not. It depends on them.

Since the beginning of Facebook, it has been growing all the time and more and more people are joining it. Apart from this, Facebook is always improving its mechanisms like privacy and content management, so that the experience of the users is good. As of now, Facebook has more than 2.3 Billions registered Facebook users.

The reason for the increase in so many users are the great features of Facebook and also the pages which are constantly uploading quality content in Facebook. So today I thought, why not give all the information to people about what Facebook is and how to run Facebook so that all new and old users get to learn a lot from it. So let’s start without delay.

What is Facebook – 

Facebook is a very popular and free social networking website. It allows its registered users to create profiles, upload photos and videos in them, send messages and be in touch with their friends, family and colleagues. This site is absolutely free to use, and it is available in about 37 different languages ​​to use.

Facebook information

  • Marketplace – By using this, members can post, read and respond to classified ads.
  • Groups – Members of this group can interact with each other, who share any common interests. In such groups, they can talk about common interest. These Groups are either public and then private. Everyone can join in public, while only you can join in private.
  •  Events – These allow members to publicize an event, to invite guests and to track who is going to attend.
  •  Pages – They allow one public page to be created and promoted around a specific topic to create and promote members.
  • Technology’s presence – This allows members to see which of their contacts are online with whom they can chat. With this you can stream live video which is called Facebook Live.

History of facebook – when did facebook start

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, who were then students at Harvard University, then designed a web site that students could use to stay in touch with each other, where they share all their photos So that we can meet and meet new people as well.

He named this website the facebook.com, and it was also very popular at Harvard Campus at that time.

He had created a website whose main intention was to create an online directory of all new students in the university. At that time the membership of this website was only with Harvard Students.

But in a very short time, its popularity became so much that other college students also had to include it. At the same time, the number of total users of Facebook reached 1 million within 1 year.

Later its membership became open to all those whose age is more than 13. According to Facebook’s Press Room, this social networking site has more than 100 million active users.

Facebook is a privately owned company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA. Mark Zuckerberg, when he was 24 and a Harvard drop-out, was ranked 785 in Forbes magazine’s list of billionaires, then his net worth was approximately $ 1.5 billion.

How to use facebook

Facebook is designed primarily for college students. Therefore its primary users are students only. So let’s now know about some basic features of facebook:

  •  It uses a profile picture for identity.
  •  There is contact information and About You space to increase your life with each other.
  •  Wall – This is a place where your friends can post publicly comments (a digital bulletin board).
  •  Status update – This is a tab where you tell your friends about yourself and what you are doing.
  •  News Feed – There are regular information updates in this topic about your friends, groups that you joined, applications or friends that those people added, along with that if anyone changed anything in their profiles, then that feed I can see.

 This is a space that is used for uploading photos and videos.

But Facebook has many other features that you cannot see in any other social software sites, they are also customizable and you can add as many applications as you want.

Along with this, Facebook also adds many such features from time to time, which you can easily use in your profile.

How to delete facebook account

Let’s know today how you can delete Facebook account.

Once you delete Facebook account means that your account will be deleted forever. Then later, even after trying, you will not be able to bring it back, nor will you ever be able to open it.

Whereas if you deactivate facebook account then it is temporary delete, while you can recover it from back.

If you really want to delete Facebook account then click on this link below –

Procedure to delete Facebook Account: –

When you press the delete link, you are asked for the account password. At the same time, you will also be given information that if you do not log your ID for 14 days, then your account will be closed Permanently.

At the same time, if you click on it, then your account will be closed immediately. Therefore, before clicking delete once before deleting, understand the thinking well.

Note Whereas if you feel that you have accidentally deleted your account by mistake or in anger, then you can log in with the same ID / Password within 14 days of deleting the account, you can start your account back

What is Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing means that you can stay in contact with other people. And to create a Facebook page for communication or promotion, and to use it properly. With Facebook, you can attract people to your side. Facebook is so important that companies, or organizations (NGOs) that promote their product or their goods on the Facebook page and get good profit. And at the same, they could provide services to companies and provide good service to them.

There are millions of people on Facebook, and a lot of people use it correctly, and some people are wrong. And every Business Man should use it. It is just like a web page, rather it is easier to create it. If you want to talk to people far away from you, then they can also do it.

If you want to lead a brand, you can do that too, if you want to get employment or if you want to work on your own, then you can do that too. If you want to subscribe then you cannot find a better platform for you. This can be a great opportunity for you.

By this, every type of brand can be extended, such as: –

  • Restaurants
  • Food ingredient
  • Electronics
  • household items

With this, you can convert your friends into your fans. In this, every day new news comes, advertisements for new things come. You can make as many friends as you want. You can also earn money from it. You can increase familiarity with famous music cars, writers, personalities.

It includes a lot of people. Mostly it is 18-37 years old. You can also access your goods to the markets through Facebook. And it can be propagated and communicated from everywhere. We can post it in different ways. Facebook pages are linked to Internet’s webpage. So it is very important to know about both the pages. You can share many types of information on your Facebook page. The only difference between a webpage and a Facebook page is that your fans are made on the web and your friends are made on Facebook. All people should invite us to come to it. People should be attracted to it.

How to become Facebook Marketing Expert

Facebook (FB) is not only a social media network today, now it is also the world’s most popular online market, from which crores of people are shopping everyday. In this case, if you want to create Facebook marketing expert or want to hire, then there is absolutely the right place for your brand.

Almost anyone in India may or may not have something, but there will definitely be a Facebook profile and there will be many of us who have been using this for more than 8 years. But right now there are many such features of Facebook that you will not know about and you will never have to use them.

We are going to bring you such Facebook mysterious features that can make you Facebook marketing expert and this office, job and money can become everything for you.

Everyone has a Smartphone and Jio SIM is installed in everyone’s phone. Internet is with everyone, but most people use the phone and internet to share videos, posts like, others, not to make something of their own. Making Facebook marketing expert has become a big thing, but if you only have a smartphone, then you can earn a good income with these best Facebook income tricks.

If you want to make Facebook marketing master, then you have to look at it as a marketplace, not like a social networking portal. Here is the top 10 basic step that you will become a Facebook marketing expert in 10 to 15 days.

Step 1. Learn

Before doing any work, it is very important to know how that work is done. Creating Facebook marketing expert is a big thing and there is also competition in it, so you must first Learn how the other marketer works.

For this, using http://www.facebook.com/search, monitor popular pages, groups and analyze their content, keyword, post thoroughly.

If you want more information about Facebook marketing strategy then you should follow the social media influencer pages with it, FB is a marketplace where there are more than 2 billion users, in such a way it provides such resources for the interest candidate itself so that He could reach as many people as possible.

Facebook Blueprint – This is an FB program that can empower your social media marketing skills and make you a marketing specialist of Facebook, Instagram, Audiece network and Messenger.

There are more than 75 free courses available here and for this you will also get Facebook certificate which will prove helpful in running client aquisition – Start free facebook blueprint course

Step 2. Best Practice

All the big brands, they always keep engagement with all their audiece whether they buy products / services or not. Facebook has 5 best practices that you will always have to keep in mind if you want to become a well know Facebook marketing expert.

According to the Post Every Day – Facebook marketing consultant, more like, Share, Comment and Engagement were seen on the pages on which 3 to 5 posts are done in a day and similar pages are kept in popular across facebook section. In such a situation, to maintain engagement, you have to do a post at least daily.

Focus On Audience Engagement – There are many like, member on your page, group but they have no response to your post, poll, question, then it will not benefit you, so you have to focus on whoever is associated with you. You keep the engagement.

Call To Action – When you share a post, tell your audience in abstract terms what to do? Like, like this post, share, comment or watch this video.

Oversell Vs Undersell – If you post too much related to sell, service, then your engagement will be broken and if you reduce it further with the audience, then you will be at a loss. Therefore, the whole timeline will have to be made that when you will have the right to sell your product.

Work with style. And make it fun – Never forget that Facebook is a social community and people do not always come here to buy or learn anything. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary to make entertaining posts according to the subject.

Step 3. Learn FB Functions & Features:

Like I said so far, perhaps you consider it a social community but it is beyond your thinking. Some of Facebook’s functions and features are such that by learning about them, by understanding their technique, they can take their skills to the next level.



Facebook network

Open Graph


 Step 4. Content Calendar

I have many such blogger friends who often say brother today I have no idea to write a post, this is because they do not have any plan, strategy for their post – in this case it should not happen to you, so you can use Facebook post Let’s make a calendar. for example

On which day you have to post the product or service link.

Which blog content to post.

Poll, Question when to post.

When to post photo, video.

Step 5. Run Paid Advertising

To increase Sell to promote Page, Product and Services, it is necessary to run Facebook compaign periodically to increase Engagement and to become a Facebook marketing expert it is very important that you know about Ad management and analytics. Be aware and you will get to learn it in Blueprint.

Friends, these are the five basic guidelines that will make you a facebook marketing expert and you can do your own or another’s brand promotion on Facebook better and increase conversion and if you want to Hire for your brand then You have to check these skills. Share this post as much as possible.

Facebook Marketing advantages And Disadvantages 

Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc.) is always very beneficial for businesses whether it is small business or big. Since its launch in 2004, people have embraced the FB very positively. And this thing gives many businesses the opportunity to attract their vast proportion of customers through Facebook marketing. But with the multiple advantages of Facebook ads, there are many challenges too. Today we will learn about the advantages and challenges of the same FB marketing here.

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

The number of users on Facebook, especially in India is very high:

(The number of users on FB is quite high, especially in India)

Undoubtedly, FB is the largest player in social media with 2.41 billion user account. And of these, 241 million is from India only, which makes us its largest user base. This platform gives you multiple platforms for marketing in the form of pages, groups, and ads. FB page is one of the most popular way to represent an individual or a business.

Average time spent on Facebook is high:

(People have average time spent high on Facebook)

One of the major advantages of FB is that at present time 80% of internet users use it. Even 65% of 65+ years adults. 80% of teens also check their FB feed first as soon as they wake up in the morning. And 96% of users access it on mobile. Now because of all these information you know that your maximum audience is mobile users, then you can curate your content accordingly and in that way your chances of gaining the attention of your customers will also increase significantly.

Extremely useful in increasing brand awareness and educating new customers:

(Increasing brand awareness and educating new customers is extremely useful)

Facebook ads will significantly build your brand awareness. This is a very good way to tell people what you have to offer. The more people become familiar with your brand, the more chances there are that they will purchase your product at the time of taking the decision. Facebook advertising also helps a lot in your customer attribution. And this is also very important because every time your audience interacts with your business, the chances of them getting converted will increase as much.

Can be used for engaging and targeting potential customers:

(It can be used to target and engage potential customers)

Facebook ads have a unique facility that allows you to target potential customers on the basis of demographics and interest. This enables you to retarget those customers who visited your site earlier, so that you can narrow your target audience effectively. Facebook advertising can boost your website traffic and it is more beneficial than other sources in many ways.

Advertisement on FB is highly targeted, cheap and fast, and results are easily measurable:

(Advertisements on Facebook are highly targeted, cheap and fast and their results are also easily measurable)

Facebook advertising is a most targeted form of advertising. You can advertise your business on the basis of age, interest, behavior and location in people. Along with this, Facebook advertising is quite fast, and it drives immediate results. You can reach thousands of people simultaneously in a single day, due to which it is also one of the cheapest form of advertisement.

Technological requirement / skill requirement (Facebook marketing can be very complicated):

A Facebook marketing challenge that frustrates many business persons is a gap in lack of technological know-how. There are many CEOs who started their career and business long before major technological challenges, due to which they do not have the right knowledge about it or there are many who lack technical knowledge. In such a situation, when he consults his colleagues, his friends in the industry or / and analyst report, he gets varied response and mostly incomplete knowledge from different sources.

Still, many people are not on FB or are not very active on it:

(There are still many people who are either not on Facebook or they are not very active on it)

You know it’s a fact that around half of the world’s population is not present on FB. In India too, this number is around 1 billion people. There are many people who do not like to keep their profile updated after creating an account on it, there are many others for whom it is not necessary to create an account on it. Apart from all this, there is a significant proportion of the world who have not yet had access to internet facility. Due to all these things, Facebook marketing benefit may not make your B2B marketing and sales campaign.

Creation of goals and strategy:

(Creating Goals and strategies)

Goals and strategy decide that you give your brand an opportunity to showcase the product to the right audience for you. It may be that you know what and why you want to accomplish, but without a strategy you have a very difficult plan to achieve your goals without a specific plan or say roadmap.

Creating regular and diversified content:

(Creating regular and diversified content)

Content plays a very important role in Facebook marketing. It does not matter what kind of ad format you choose, but the content is very essential for marketing. It can also be text-based, visual or audio, but it is important that you should be regular and diversified. And even more important, your content should be inlined with your brand values ​​and Facebook marketing goals. If you do not have content, then you have nothing to amplify it and people will get tired of your sales message and special offers very soon.

Gaining customer attention:

(Gaining customers’ attention)

There are many different types of posts on FB. There are some who can annoy the audience, and there are some who can engage them. Some may not even reach the audience because it has brought a lot of changes in its news feed. And not only that, there are thousands of brands on FB who are competing for the attention of users. Because of this a lot of noise is created which makes it even more difficult to stand out of your business whether your content is appearing organically in your audience feed or in paid capacity.

Here we told you about the advantages of FB as well as the challenges associated with them. But one thing is clear that Facebook is very important for marketing and especially for small businesses. This gives these small businesses a chance to compete with the big brands and create their own markets.

What is Facebook Ads and how to advertise on it?

Do you know what is Facebook Ads and for what purposes Facebook Ads are used. When you run Facebook, you see ads in the middle or in its video feed, and through this advertisement, Facebook earns money.

You must be aware that Facebook is a very large Social Networking Platform with millions of users. According to a survey, in the first quarter of 2020, the number of Monthly Active Users on Facebook was around 2.6 Billion. Apart from this, Monthly Active Users also live on 1 Billion on Instagram.

Instagram is also a Social Networking Site of Facebook company and you can run your ads on it too. In this post we will learn how to run your ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

What is Facebook Advertising 

As we know that Facebook’s user base is very large, on which there are crores of users. And you all know that where there are more people, anything is advertised right there. If you understand in easy terms, Facebook Ads is an online advertising company on which we can advertise any of our products or service.

The advertiser who does the advertising is called Advertiser and advertiser has to pay some money to Facebook to advertise. On Facebook, you can edit many things such as your website, applications and games, and if you want to sell a product or service, you can also sell it.

With the help of this, you can make your Facebook page like, increase your brand or online store to as many people as possible. In this article of Facebook Marketing, we will understand it very well through Video and Link.

How to Promote Business on Facebook 

If you want to increase your business or you have started a new business and you want more and more people to know about your business, then Facebook Ads is absolutely perfect for you. In today’s time, Facebook Ads are given great importance to promote any business.

You can run your ad on both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, because while creating Ad in Facebook, you have the option to run your Ad on Instagram as well. If you are new in Facebook Ads, after reading this article Facebook Ads in hindi, you will easily learn how to create Facebook Ads and run it.

Whether your business is online or offline it does not affect if you feel that by advertising on Facebook you can grow your business, then you can use Facebook Ads. For example, suppose you are running a Coaching Center and want people up to 30 Km to go and join your Coaching Center.

So in Facebook Ads, you can run your Coaching Ad by setting that location, so that only people from that location will see your Ad and your cost will also come down. You can also put a Call Now or Message button in your Ad so that the user can call or message you for information about Coaching.

How to run Facebook Ads – How to Create Facebook Ads 

The first step of this is that first you choose the purpose of your marketing, that is, what you want to market. After this, you have to create a Facebook page related to your business because through this you have to run an advertisement. Make Facebook page according to your business and include some information of your business in your page.

In the second step, you have to make your budget. Meaning how much money you want to spend on your Ad. It is good to run an ad over a fixed budget.

Once the budget is formed, you can put the same amount in your Ad Account using your Debit Card or any Online Payment Mode. Click here to know better about marketing on Facebook on the official website of Facebook – Facebook Marketing

After this you have to create Ad and in this process you may need some technical knowledge, but you will put a video in the below, which you can easily create Ad by looking at it. The interface of Facebook Ads is quite simple, which you can also create a video without applying a little understanding.

Choosing Audience is the most important point at the time of Ads Creation. If you have chosen Audience according to your business, then the performance of your ads will be quite good. On Facebook, you can choose Audience according to their location, Interest, Behavior, Gender, Age. Click on the video below to see the video of Facebook Ads Creation 

Submit for Review

The last step of Facebook Ads is to submit Ad for review and after that it can take about half or an hour to get your Ad Approval. In this process, Facebook officials check your Ad Manually and if your submitted Ad is not as per the Advertising Policy of Facebook, then they can also Reject it.

Track your Ad Statistics

You can see your Ad’s Performance Report by going to the section of Statistics. In this, you can see how much Impression occurred, how many Likes have come, how many people have clicked on Ad, from which place more Impression has come, etc. Apart from this, you can also see how much money you have spent on a conversion.

What to do if you do not have Facebook Ad Approve 

While advertising Facebook, it should be absolutely careful that your advertisement does not violate their advertising policy. All your advertisements should be according to their own guidelines. For this, you can read Facebook’s Advertising Policy. In this, you also have to keep the name of the Facebook page, which should not contain any misleading, scams.

Apart from this, the format of your ad should also be fine, now whether it is a video or an image. Also, if possible, do not post any objectionable posts in your page. And give some important information related to your business in your page.

How to choose Facebook Ad Objective

Sometimes it also becomes a problem, how do we find out the objective of our business and prepare Facebook Ad accordingly. Like if you have an App, then it is decided that you want to increase the install of the App and also want to increase the Awareness of your App. It is explained with the help of some points below –

Brand Awareness – With this you can tell more and more people about your company or brand.

Reach – In this, you can reach a product or service or any specific information to the people.

Traffic – If you have a blog or website and you want more people to visit this website, then you can choose this section.

Engagement – With this tool you can increase Like and Share on any of your Facebook Post or Facebook Page.

App Installs – From this section you can promote your application or game, so that more people will install your app.

Video Views – If you want to increase the Video Views of YouTube Channel or any other Video Sharing Platform, then you should use this tool.

Apart from all these, there are many other types of Ad Format that you can use to increase your business. You can understand from the image of Facebook Ads given below –

Different Type of Facebook Ad Objective

Do Facebook Ads give good results?

There is no doubt that Facebook Ads give good results. Sometimes we get a better result than expected. So far, I have run Facebook Ads a total of three times and I have got very good results in a very low budget. If you are a beginner in Facebook Ads, then in the beginning you should spend less money.

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