What is Fssai License or food license in India

 What is Food License and Why is it necessary For business in India 

Fssai is a type of license that is for the business of a food or beverage. Just as a person needs a driving license to drive. This proves that it is perfect for driving. Similarly, the Fssai license also provides the business of food or beverages that the food item is completely safe.

what is food license in india


 Today, in this post, we will know what Fssai License is and why it is important for the business.

What Is Fssai (Food Licence) 

Fssai License, whose full name is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), was established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. which aims to test food/beverages and for food items Providing the right standards and control the manufacture, purchase, sale, etc. of food items.

Why is it necessary to have Fssai (food Licence) in a Business?

On the other hand, before starting a business, it is not necessary to get a license for your business, but later when the government officials start raiding and the business starts getting damaged or the business is on the verge of closure, then give enough. It is done. Industry experts say that before entering any business one must understand the necessary registration and license related to them and try to live up to the standards. After this, whatever problems will arise, they will bring legal solutions with them.

If you do a business, then you should never think that you are alone, if you think so, then it will be your mistake, friends. The world has moved ahead in every business. You will not leave people around you, I mean today not everyone is happy to see someone’s progress, so it is very important to have the necessary documents i.e. the license for the success of your business.

Do I have to get a Fssai License (Food license) if my business is not very big?

Although it is not mandatory in India to get the registration of the state directorate of industries of small scale industries ie small scale industries, if there is a person who wants to step into small scale industries, and if he wants him to get some incentives under government-driven schemes If you get benefits, you should get registered in SDI. Apart from this, licenses may have to be taken from both the state government and the central government to produce certain fixed items.

Of course, whether Laghu Udyog is registered or not, it is mandatory for the state-run rule laws to follow that industry well. Therefore, it would be better to step into small-scale industries only after getting registration.

How much will it cost to register for a Food license?

It is mandatory to get a license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSIA) at a turnover of more than Rs 12 lakh per annum. Only registration will have to be done for this turnover. Their fees vary according to product category, turnover, and safety factors. Can be seen on the authority’s site. Fssai.gov.in


Please Note: License/Certificate can be applied for a maximum period of 5 Years.
Central (1 Year) Registration (1 Year)
New Application Rs. 7500 Rs. 100
Renewal Application Rs. 7500 Rs. 100
License/Certificate Modification Rs. 7500 Rs. 100
what is food license in india



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