What is Youtube, how to start online business on Youtube?

If we talk about Youtube in today’s Era, then everyone knows it very well, from children to old because it is the best platform to watch videos from any Category online.

What is Youtube, how to start online business on Youtube?

On Youtube, we can watch videos on any Topic for Free. When you are watching videos on Youtube, then the question must be coming in your mind that after all this hard work on youtube, who will put the video? Who gives us the money?

There are some questions related to Youtube like:-

Can we also make our channel on this for free? 

How to create a channel on what is youtube? etc 

 So read this post completely because in this post I have explained the answers to all these questions step by step.

If you also want to create your own YouTube channel? And wondering how to make it? How to do online business on youtube?

 So this post is for you only, it will be very better for you. We need to know about them before doing any work. Whether it is online business or offline business, we should get information about both of them.

That is because when we want to start any work, we gather information about it in advance, So that that  will help us later and can do better in it and soon we get success in that work. So let’s talk about how to do online business on youtube? First of all, we know what is youtube? How does it work?

What is youtube?

Youtube is a Social Video site. This is such a platfrom where you can watch the video for free on various types of topics. Also on this you can also create your own Youtube channel and upload your video in Free on Youtube and can reach your video to millions of people.

Youtube was launched on 14 February 2005 by the US (US). The founder of Youtube is Chad Hurley, Steve Chen & Jawed Karim. It was created specifically for Video Share to YouTube. But now it has also become a means for people to do business.

Required things for business on YouTube?

By the way, you probably know that Youtube is a Free Platfrom where you can share Unlimited Video in Free. In this you do not need any Charge nor do you need to buy Hosting in it.

But, if you are thinking of starting a good business on this, then you should have some important stuff for it only then you will be able to manage youtube well. So let’s know about those essentials

  • Email Account
  • Mobile & Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Video Editor Apps / Software
  • Office Setup
  • Topic Knowledges

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