Yewale Tea franchise cost ??

               As you all know Tea or “Chai” is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured or fresh leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to East Asia. After water, it is the most widely consumed drink in the world. and now this drink is more profitable rather than any of the other business as per reports in India people drink  1 billion kilograms per year even you can earn by taking the Franchise of best well know brands of teas like. Yewale Tea franchise cost ??


Tea Franchise In India has Huge Profit?? Top 3 Tea Franchise in India


Top 3 Tea Franchise in India or In Maharashtra


1)Yewale  Tea Franchise:-

                       You can get the Yewale Amruttulya Franchise either by visiting the head office or you can also apply online for this golden business opportunity. If you get shortlisted for the yewale chaha franchise then the yewale franchisor will call you for further procedure. Yewale Amruttulya has as many as 30 branches only in Pune. 

Yewale Tea Franchise Total Cost 

Required details for Yewale tea franchise

  1. Required Shop area: 250 -300 square area with good outside space.
  2. Franchise Fee: 300,000 Indian rupees.
  3. Investment Amount : 1,300,000 Indian rupees.
  4. Monthly expected Profit: 100,000 India rupees.
  5. Franchise terms: 5 Years.
  6. Store timing: 5 AM to 10 PM All 365 days.

2) Malhar Amruttulya  Tea :-

                        Malhar Amruttulya is one of the Prominent chains of tea shops in Maharashtra & Currently looking for investors who interested in buying Franchise of Malhar 
Required details for  Malhar Amruttulya  franchise
Shop Area Minimum 150-200 sq. ft. area with ample standing space
Shop Location: Market Area, Station Area, Adequate parking space (Crowded area)
Total Outlet Setup Investment 4,50,000 To 5,50,000 /- Rs
Franchise Fees 1,50,000 /- Rs
Gross Profit Margin 40%
Marketing / Advertisement Fees Nil
Franchise agreement Term 5 Years (Renewable)
Require License Shop Act, FSSAI, Fire NOC, local Authority license require if any
Store time As per location demand
Staff Training MANDATORY, Complete Training will be provided by Brand

3) Premacha Chaha Tea Franchise

                     ‘Premacha Chaha‘ is a concept of all those who serve tea with love & so our concept is to serve with love.By operating 200+ Franchises across Maharashtra, Premacha Chaha is … in this new business model & here began the era of Premacha Chaha 
Required details for Premacha Chaha franchise



Other States


150 – 200 Sq.ft.

150 – 200 Sq.ft.

Setup Cost

07 Lakhs

07 Lakhs

Franchise Fee

02 Lakhs

03 Lakhs

Marketing Charges

15 Thousand Yearly

15 Thousand Yearly

Total Investment

09 Lakhs

10 Lakhs


10 to 14 Months

10 to 14 Months






4) Chaha House Franchise:-

                         Chaha House is not just equivalent to ambrosia (Amrut Tulya) but also a great place to experience the taste of different teas and buy any quantity of tea and tea powder you like. For the last fifteen years, we have transformed into reality the concept of delivering various types of tea and tea powder to the households

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