Yewale Tea Franchise Is profitable Business and Yewale Tea Franchise Total cost

Journey Or Story Of Yewale Tea 

We are originally from Oscar. This is our small village in Purandar taluka of Pune district. Only two buffaloes at the door. Our father ran the whole family on their milk. The father’s policy is not to measure sin. They poured water into the milk just to make tea. Making tea is his old hobby Besides, the experience of working in a tea shop was with Gathi. With the help of a partner, our father helped MG in Pune. He rented a shop on the road and started selling tea. The main capital of this business was the milk we had left! Later, the same business took off and 4 more buffaloes came to the house.

But in the real sense, ‘Yevalya’s Tea’ started in 1983. We set up our own shop in Varsha Apartments in an area like Salisbury Park in Pune. For that, we had to break our mother’s ornaments, but this ‘Ganesh Amrutatulya’ connected us with the people of Pune.

At that time, the taste of this tea started lingering on the tongues of the people of Pune, and with the changing times, along with the tea, Khari, Biscuits, Nanakatai, Cream Roll also became ‘nectar-like. While this first business of tea was boiling on the steam of progress, in 2001 our father Shri. Dashrath Bhairu Yewale le passed away. In the spirit of preserving the heritage even if the Aadhaar is gone, we members of the family stood up for this nectar-like work. The father had one last wish. She wants a product in your name that will last forever. It was our responsibility and duty to fulfill this desire. Once we learned from Anna, in the early days, people used to come to ‘Ganesh Amrutulya’ just to taste our tea. In the course of time and in the taste of other foods, this taste remained behind the times.

When we realized this, we decided to focus only on the taste of tea. We entrusted ‘Ganesha nectar-like to our chefs who were instrumental in our growth and we went out for research! After many experiments, it finally ‘tasted like nectar’.We got into this business with the determination to find it and keep the same taste everywhere. That was the year, 2017. We chose Mitra’s Bheli stall on the premises of Bharati University in Pune and it was launched in Pune, ‘Yewale Tea’

Along with quality tea, we started offering cleanliness, kindness and courteous service. The people of Pune started liking this ‘Yewale le Tea’ and seeing it, ‘Yewale le Tea’ has started appearing in different parts of Pune. In the next 5 years, we, the Yewale  family, are trying our best to get the answer that ‘Yevale tea’ is the favorite tea of ​​Punekars.


Yewale Tea Franchise

How Yewale Tea earns 12 lakhs per month


In this article, we will learn about Yewale Tea’s business, its business model, and Yewale Tea Franchise. Starting from a simple tea hotel, today Yewale  Tea has become a famous Tea brand. In just a few short years, Yewale Tea has become a talisman for tea lovers. Here is all the information you need to know about Yewale Tea franchise.


1. What is the future of the tea business?


Now forget the days when people used to say that the tea business is a low-profit business. Today, many tea brands have made this tea business with a turnover of crores on the strength of good taste and the right business model. And if you are going to start or are thinking of starting a tea business, you have made the right decision. Today, tea is consumed in every household. And tea is also a favorite drink for most people. Moreover, tea is an exciting drink.


So the tea business is a great business opportunity to make good money from a simple business. The tea business is a never-ending business. This business has good profit and good future. You can also expand your tea business a lot. You can also offer different flavors of tea to the customers. Such as jaggery tea, basundi tea, etc.


2. Why should you take a  Yewale Tea franchise?


If you are thinking of running a tea business and you are looking for a good tea franchise, Yewale Tea Franchise is a great option for you. Yes, but you have to invest a little more. But Yewale Tea Franchise’s brand is just as big.


1. Yewale Tea-like tea brand is famous in India. It is also planning to make Yewale Tea Franchise an international brand soon. Also, the Yewale tea business is growing rapidly in India.


2. The monthly income of a company like Yewale  Amrit is Rs. 12 lakhs. Which is too much.


3. There is good transparency in the business model of Yewale  Tea and its business. And you need less paperwork to start this business with Yewale Tea Franchise.


4. If your Yewale tea outlet is in a good strategic location, then your business can grow even more.


Yewale Tea Franchise

3. How much does Yewale Tea Franchise cost?


To get Yewale Tea Franchise, you need to invest a total of Rs. 13 lakhs. This amount is made up of the cost of everything in the franchise.


1. Yewale Tea Franchise charges you a fee to set up your outlet. It is also called a franchise fee. And this fee is Rs 3 lakh.


2. You set up your Yewale tea outlet but you have to decorate that outlet well. This is because the customers are also impressed by the entire interior decoration of the outlet. The cost of designing a good interior for the entire outlet is around Rs 4 lakh. This includes hardware, electric works, decoration, etc. Have you seen the statue outside the Yewale  nectar-like outlet holding a tea kettle? Yewale Tea Franchise also takes the cost from you.


3. You will need Rs. 70,000 for various kitchen appliances.


4. For some other equipment like fridge, billing counter, milk heating machine, milk cane, cooler, etc. you will need Rs. 4 lakhs.


5. Every business needs good advertising and marketing to succeed. For all this, Yewale tea Franchise will charge you Rs. 1,50,000 (one and a half lakh).


6. There are other things you will have to pay for. Such as software, CCTV installation, Wi-Fi, billing software, LED TV, etc. will cost you 93 thousand.


7. For more housekeeping and other goods, Yewale Tea franchise will charge you Rs. 67,000.

Apply For Yewale Tea Franchise 


4. What kind of license do you need to get the Yewale Tea franchise?


Yewale Tea Franchise

If you are going to start a food business in India, you will need a license. You cannot start any food business without a food license. The FSSAI Department has asked everyone to strictly follow these rules. So to get Yewale Tea Franchise you need the following license.


1. Firm Registration: –


The first and foremost step of any business is that the business has to register its firm i.e. company. And all these procedures are simple. You can also get help from your CA for this. This process is available online as well as offline. The registration process starts from the MCA website. (Ministry Of Corporate Affairs).


2. GST Registration: –


The Government of India has made GST compulsory for every business. You can get GST Certificate by visiting GST Official Website. If you do not know how to perform all these procedures, you can seek the help of your CA.


3. FSSAI License (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India): –


The FSSAI Department closely monitors all food-related products. So get the first FSSAI Certificate to start any food-related business.


4. Trademark Registration: –


Trademark registration is not mandatory but having one is good for your business. A trademark is one that protects your business name, logo, etc. But you are taking Yewale Tea Franchise. The Yewale company has already registered its trademark. You’re just taking their franchise and doing business with them.


5. How much space is required for the Yewale Tea Franchise.


You can start Yewale Tea Franchise in a rented space or even in your own space. However, when you apply for a franchise, you will have to show the valid documents of the place. For Yewale Tea Franchise, you will need at least 250 Sq.ft to 350 Sq.ft of space. But one thing is for sure, there should be some space in front of your outlet so that customers can stand there. Also, if they have cars, they will park them.


6. How to choose a place?


Your outlet should be in a strategic location, ie in a place where there is a lot of traffic, such as colleges, cinemas, railway stations, shopping markets, outside the office.


7. Training of Yewale Tea Franchise


Every franchise owner gets training from Yewale Company. In this training, you will learn how to give tea to customers, how to maintain hygiene, how to make tea and how much spice to add. Etc. are trained. There is a difference between the tea you make in the beginning and the tea from the Yewale company. But this problem is also solved by Yewale ‘s Advanced Expertise Team.


8. What are the qualifications to get Yewale Tea Franchise?


Like you know that Yewale Tea Franchise is just a tea shop. So you don’t need to have higher education or technical education to run a business. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And you have to be polite to your customers.


9. How to Apply for Yewale Tea Franchise.


The Yewale  Tea brand is now online. They also have their own official website. You can apply for the franchise from their website. After launching the Yewale website, you will get a link to apply for the franchise. Clicking on this link will open a form. Basic Detail is requested in this form. Such as your full name, email address, and your mobile number.


After filling in all this information, you will need to confirm your mobile number. And for that, an OTP will be sent to your mobile. You can confirm your mobile number by entering that OTP.


You will then receive a notification from the Yewale  Tea Team and they will negotiate further with you. Just make sure that the mobile number you are going to submit must be active. And if you have any problems with this online process, you can contact their head office directly.


Communication Detail: –


Yewale Tea official Website: –

Yewale Tea Office Address: – Flat No. 101, 1st Floor, Silver Point, 20/1, Katraj – Kondhwa Road, Kondhwa, Pune – 411046

Yewale Tea Contact: – Email: / +918181800800


Yewale Tea Franchise

Some questions about Yewale Tea Franchise

1. Who owns Yewale Tea Franchise?

Navnath Yewale le is the owner of Yewale Tea Franchise Company.

2. Is Yewale a Profitable Tea franchise?

Yes, you can make millions a month.

3. Will you get a loan from Yewale Tea Franchise to start a business?

No, Yewa Company will not provide any kind of loan to take their franchise. You have to arrange all the investments yourself. If you feel like it, you can apply for MSME Scheme under the government scheme.

4. Will Yewale Company give you Territorial Rights?

When approving your franchise, the Yewale company will see which Yewale’s other outlet is closest to your outlet. So you don’t have to worry about Territorial Rights.

5. Can you renew your Franchise Agreement after it expires?

Yes, you can renew your Franchise Agreement after it expires. Contact the Yewale team for more information

6. How many years is the Agreement Period?

The Agreement Period of Yewale Tea Franchise is 5 years.



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